Serena Williams vs Victoria Azarenka | US Open 2020 Semifinal

Serena Williams takes on Victoria Azarenka in the semifinals of the US Open 2020.

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Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens:
I didn't think Azarenka had a chance after that first set. What a comeback!
Чилаут Мэн
Чилаут Мэн:
Азочка молодец, Жыве Беларусь!
Залетайте вечером на стрим, спою вам перемен 🤘😃
A R:
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better
Vika is a resilient warrior, a great champion and an amazing person.
We knew she knew she was in trouble when she faked the ankle injury. Typical serena, she will always find a way to diminish the win for her opponent.
How could she possibly have lost? She was playing for women’s rights and equality. Oh well.
Serena screaming so loud during her volley, she was still screaming while Azarenka was returning her shot. That’s a violation right ? Distriburbing the other player.
It's been so long since Azarenka's been in a GS final. It's definitely going to be an interesting match.
Cam Miles
Cam Miles:
2:36 how is shouting like that not considered cheating 😂
Ken Truitt
Ken Truitt:
The drop shot they showed ... Williams gets to it *then* lets forth a loud, aggressive scream in Vika's direction. Hindrance.
Hart K
Hart K:
Serena : I’m a mother, my body isnt the same as before
Vika : Hold my beer 😁
What a killer instinct she had at the end. This was a great match.
Atty's Thoughts
Atty's Thoughts:
Serena has lost most of her athleticism. She's relying too much on power.
Incredible dig and turnaround in that 2nd set and just so clutch throughout the 3rd. Well done Vika, thoroughly deserved this win.
Ronaldo Sanchez
Ronaldo Sanchez:
So happy for Vika. she's had her struggles on and off court, and she has shown so much resilience to keep fighting for her tennis career. surprised and delighted to see her this deep in the tournament!
1835 Commission
1835 Commission:
I like how the highlights show literally two seconds of the victory for Azarenka. If Serena had won it would have been another full minute of celebration, commentary on her being a mother, how amazing she is, how she is the most wonderful sportsman and human being in the entire world who ever lived. Instead it's the racket tap, one second, then fade to black. Cool.
Steve Han
Steve Han:
Serena looked gassed at the end
Kampu Put
Kampu Put:
Serena is making sustained grunts while the ball is in motion. Especially on the net. More like long screams.
Lor Mon
Lor Mon:
After serving only one ace, Vika closed out the match with 2 more straight Serena a dose of her own medicine.
Anne Neville
Anne Neville:
When Serena starts to grunt, it means she is struggling. If she wins easy, she never grunts
But Serena won on stronger decibels.
Henry Pham
Henry Pham:
Am I the only person who feel cringe when Serena play?
Really hope Azarenka get the champion
:((( she deserves way more than that
Ali Ridwan
Ali Ridwan:
Finally Azarenka beat her.
Karan Sandhu
Karan Sandhu:
Faking injury to derail vika's momentum and gather some breath and shouting way after hitting the ball which is hindrance, such a sore loser. Let's see what excuses she gives at the press conference.
Awfull screaming and grunting. I miss Steffi Graf....
Bob Cat
Bob Cat:
Well, after two heartbreak losses in the US Open finals to Serena and going 0-10 against Serena in grand slam matches, it's nice to see Vika finally win one. Would have liked to see Serena get to 24, but congrats to Vika for the victory.
kencilly kamanga
kencilly kamanga:
I love Serena but for Vicka to reach the finals I want her her to lift the trophy. Congratulations vick
I can't even get half way through a 3 minute highlight video because of the noise. How does anyone manage to watch an entire match of this?
Sha Sha
Sha Sha:
One mother was Enjoying , while one was chasing ( record )
Moral - Enjoy what you do.
Quốc Khánh YT
Quốc Khánh YT:
Three words..... WELCOME BACK, VIKA! 🎊🎊🎊
Anthony D
Anthony D:
That injury time out wasn't even subtle. Fake, fake, fake.
Fully expected a Serena-Osaka rematch — will be rooting for Azarenka on Saturday now 🙂
The best grand slam women's semi in many years!
A R:
I'll really love to see Vika winning on Saturday, after this win (over Serena as well as her past demons) she deserves to win the championship.
Phúc Nguyễn Văn
Phúc Nguyễn Văn:
I love both Osaka and Vika but somehow I want Vika to win the final 😭😭😭
Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma:
Gotta love Vika's energy and body language ❤️
Jamie Leroy
Jamie Leroy:
Azarenka’s ooooo ooooo ooooo would really put me off if I was a tennis player..
Haha not sure if that is tactical 🤣
Great match though ladies!
Taylor Pack
Taylor Pack:
I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t play serena like this. Hit shots side to side and run her all over the place.
serena tried hard breaking her rythm at deuce with that fake glad she lost

man those grunts get louder and louder when losing
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Osaka tried to avoid getting injured by Azarenka in Cincinnati and here we are seeing an Azarenka Osaka final at the USO. I’m sure Osaka is nervous and VIKA has a super push of confidence
P. O.
P. O.:
Shame you have to watch this great tennis with the sound off.
I predicted as much. Serena was not playing too well against Pironkova, she just overpowered her. I suspect that match took much power out of Serena.
ECK Basketball
ECK Basketball:
I’m so surprised Serena lost. What a match tho.
The athleticism is depleted and relying too much on power....
I'm still gonna be a Williams fan forever.
Beatrice Angela Erbite
Beatrice Angela Erbite:
It was a treat watching this match. Both impressive. Welcome back, Vika!
Krishnasai Chalasani
Krishnasai Chalasani:
0:02 This is the first time I have heard Azarenka not sounding like a rooster lol
Peter Fox
Peter Fox:
Had to watch this muted. Torture.
Mikko Kärkkäinen
Mikko Kärkkäinen:
What a wonderful victory for Azarenka !
King Bouleé
King Bouleé:
I’m really proud of what Serena has accomplished at the US Open this year. She started out extremely strong but Azarenka played an amazing game and was able to get the job done. Really wanted to see her in the finals but it is what it is. French is right around the corner!
FCUSA forever
FCUSA forever:
Azarenka sounds like a nintendo tennis character
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
Battle of the moms. Vika comes on top. They used to play 3 set thrillers even at their in 2012 and 2013.
Boyi Yang
Boyi Yang:
really high quality tennis from both players, yet lack of sportsmanship when Serena called medical time out during a game at deuce with at most minor injury. Even if you injured a little bit, at least call it at the end of a game at least to show respect to your opponent. BTW, that was so fake. You are 39 now with 23 grand slams, no need for that kind of trick.
Edwin Paul
Edwin Paul:
This Will be a satisfying win for Azarenka.... Hope she goes the one better n clinch the title...
Get paid the same as the men for doing less work (3 sets).
Interesting to think Osaka pulled out of the final of Cincinnati because she didn’t want to risk getting hurt playing Azarenka before the US Open. Now she has to face Azarenka in the final of the US Open. I’m rooting for Vika but it should be interesting.
ShockWave ZERO
ShockWave ZERO:
Too much ego hitting. A lot of unnecessary errors as a result.
Luis Novelo
Luis Novelo:
She screams to try to intimidate when she’s losing, she calls medical timeouts when she’s losing, she argues with the chair umpire when she’s losing, she fights with the line judges when she’s losing. Horrendous sportsmanship! - BRAVO VIKAA ! ! !
Лана Сурская
Лана Сурская:
Бесконечно можно смотреть на три вещи: как горит огонь, как течёт вода и как гоняют яжмать. Желаю Виктории и Дане взять то,что они заслужили. Привет из России)
A B:
Жыве Беларусь!
Belarussian Lives Matter!
Can't believe Azarenka "Kooooooooo" is still around... Hard to focus on the game when she keeps beating that grunt on my head.
mat k
mat k:
That medical time out ahaaaaaaa 🤭
First time in a loooong long time the women's final it's actually more attractive than the men's final. There, I said it.
Matthew Gellert
Matthew Gellert:
She sounds like an owl
Максим Куров
Максим Куров:
Эх, какая умница Вика, мужичку тяжело обыгрывать))))
Serena needs to lose 30 lbs or she will never win another Major. The fact is, she's just carrying around way too much weight.
Erxi Shang
Erxi Shang:
This was Bananas! Reminds me of Stosur vs Williams except stosur was on another planet and serena wasn't really. This match both had their moments on another planet.... I guess Vika won on fitness/consistency
serena: aawwwwgh
azarenka: oooohhh
Just Enjoy
Just Enjoy:
*were you also rooting for Serena?*
Robinson Salcedo
Robinson Salcedo:
Felicitaciones azarenka realiste un excelente juego llega ala final después de tanto tiempo
Arjun Mahendra
Arjun Mahendra:
I personally hate serena but i must point out that the way she greats her opponents after every match is very respectful
The evergreen classic " When the BULLY gets BULLIED"
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas:
Always thought that Azarenka and not Sharapova was Serena's biggest threat.
Still can't believe how paranoid people are of a virus, media brainwashing is astounding
It’s so cool the longevity a lot of these players have these days - a great era in Women’s tennis!
Kevin Chichester
Kevin Chichester:
About time Azarenka gets the upperhand over Serena, should have been a final!
Mai hu Indian
Mai hu Indian:
Serena is the biggest loser in Tennis history men/women combine..
don't get me wrong she's arguably one of the best Player ever but the way she behaves in losing efforts is pathetic to say the least,
always brings out Fake injury,
or sometimes argue with Umpires
or even linesman,
she hardly respect the winner when it's not her,
Azerenka did an amazing job here
David Price
David Price:
Serena's tennis game over the last few years has become the DEFINITION OF INSANITY!
The Flash
The Flash:
The fact that Vika wanted to retire eariler this year...look at her now 😭👏
She knew it was in.
Dejan Kalaba
Dejan Kalaba:
Moaning of those two players on an empty Centre court... Ear explosion
Peter McGreevy
Peter McGreevy:
I'm not a Serena fan but when she was running and fighting hard I had to admire her effort to stay in the match.
abo saleh
abo saleh:
It has been a while since I watched a feminine match at this level
Welshy King
Welshy King:
The one time in past few matches Serena gets a fast start, she ended up losing in 3 sets instead of winning.
Some superb rallies, grit and determination from both.

As much as I love the Queen Rena to win, I can't begrudge seeing Vika back on form doing well after all she's been through. Strong heart so very well done to her. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
I missed this, who did Serena end up blaming this time? 😅
Larry Tipton
Larry Tipton:
This had a fed nadal 2017 australian open feel to it. Vika is apparently on a mission because Serena makes you earn every inch and Vika just took it from her. Wow.
It's a battle to live or die; Aza got only half what she wants for 8 years; one more match Aza!
sol woodley
sol woodley:
kevin shelly
kevin shelly:
Wow, terrific fighting spirit and comeback by Azarenka.
Mimi Nka
Mimi Nka:
This match broke my heart 😢😭
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
I'm surprised Serena made it this competitive, given how much time she's spent on court!
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
I'll really love to see Vika winning on Saturday, after this win (over Serena as well as her past demons) she deserves to win the championship.
Hooman Seresht
Hooman Seresht:
I’m surprised Serena didn’t accuse Hawkeye at the end of being sexist/ racist/ mumist...or whatever she can think of.
Elizabeth B SoCal
Elizabeth B SoCal:
Both semis were great.
Oms tennis
Oms tennis:
this is the proof for the sport of Tennis, play with skills and intelligence, not just by power!
This was such a great match. So many intense, hard-hitting rallies.
I`ve never seen her so happy out and in the court. Enjoy Azarenka
Chris Gora
Chris Gora:
Vika’s backhand down the line was so impressive
never forget that azarenka used to be number 1 on wta ranking back then, and honestly why does she look so gorgeous on court instead of off court?? 🙄
Nayeem 69
Nayeem 69:
She lost because of her loud Screams 😭😭😭