Sergio Pérez's Pole Lap | 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix | Pirelli

Onboard with Checo for his first F1 pole in his 215th start!

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im SO happy for him!! VIVA MÉXICO!!!
Emmanuel Valdivia
Emmanuel Valdivia:
Sector 1: He"s Flying
Sector 2: He's Crazy
Sector 3: He's Insane
Whole lap: He's an absolute animal!
Andrew Hermetet
Andrew Hermetet:
Between "Hard work always pays off" and his helmet saying "Never give up," Checo is the type of athlete you want your kids to look up to.
waran bhaat
waran bhaat:
From someone being discarded by Aston Martin in 2020 and being unsure if he'll ever return back to F1 to the selfless support role last year and now the pole position in 2022, Checo deserves this glory 🙌 👏 and his own identity in F1.
A little over a year ago this man was almost permanently out of an F1 seat. He’s out here proving Red Bull made the right choice in him and making other teams wonder why they didn’t. VAMOS CHECO!
Darius Motors
Darius Motors:
What a lap!!! Viva Mexico!!
I just love Checo's redemption story. First being backstabbed by Racing Point, then driving from the back to the front to win the race, to then joining RB, where he now really shines and has a car which he deserves. Meanwhile, Aston Martin driving at the back, like fine karma.
That last turn before the finish dropped my jaw off, it was just.... scary how precise it was
Filet minyion
Filet minyion:
0:39 insane car control, looks like he’s using the throttle and short shifting perfectly to get the car to rotate just enough without getting off the power
0:24 , 0:54 , 1:36 Checo also looks crazy fast coming out of slow corners. Everyone else looks like they are understeering bad in those corners.
Syed Ucchash
Syed Ucchash:
The joy was pure in Checo's voice after winning the pole.
Spear Dojo
Spear Dojo:
VAMOS CHECO!!!!!!!!! 🇧🇷 🇲🇽 Greentings from Brazil!
This circuit is dangerous, but the layout is one from the best ever made. So many fast corners, all chained togheter! Sergio Pulling it all togheter on a perfect lap, outstanding!
Savio Descartes
Savio Descartes:
Checo es una leyenda una verdadera bestia, sedienta de triunfo.
Channel Z
Channel Z:
Congrats for Checo! 🏁Long overdue for a solid driver who's finally getting the gear to prove what he can really do! I never doubted Sergio Perez since his days at Force India. I thought this would have happened long ago, tbh but this pole position in a truly 'clutch moment' was the result of a LOT of hard work on Checo's part.
brian mcphee
brian mcphee:
That lap is pure track memory. Incredible to watch
I am so happy for checo!!! Well deserved! VAMOS CHECO
Xiao Xiaochuan, Robin
Xiao Xiaochuan, Robin:
The hard work always pays off! Well done Checo! And well said!
Miguel Heijnen
Miguel Heijnen:
He’s one of the nicest people in F1, at least I feel that’s how he comes across. Very happy for him!! I jumped of my couch!! What an amazing lap 🤩
Edwing Eduardo
Edwing Eduardo:
Amanhã o Brasil vai ser México junto com Los hermanos vamos Checo pra luta
Samynathan S
Samynathan S:
One of the best humble driver in the f1 history
Effect Phoenix
Effect Phoenix:
Checo 2021: Minister of Defense
Checo 2022: Minister of Attack
Da Mi
Da Mi:
My hero. Seriously, after las race in Mexico, he's my hero.
Pepe Estrada
Pepe Estrada:
"the hard work always pays" one better than him to say México cabrones!!!!
Jesús Rodríguez Berriel
Jesús Rodríguez Berriel:
Amazing lap, I absolutely think that Checo has enhanced his skills for Qualy. I hope see more Checo´s Poles
Spandan Das
Spandan Das:
As a Ferrari fan, just cannot hate Checo for snatching the pole. What a lap, what a driver. He derserved this, not just for tonight but for all the years he has patiently kept at it. ❤️
Uday Subramaniam
Uday Subramaniam:
Just love this guy man, hard work pays off and dreams do come true!
We need a Charles vs Sergio lap comparison 😍 this lap was soooo unexpected and amazing to see.

They all drive so incredibly close to the barriers I think all the teams should out their drivers laps on YouTube 😍
Román Barragán Salgado
Román Barragán Salgado:
Yo casi no le entiendo a la F1, pero ver como Checo pasa casi rosando los muros de seguridad, es una Locura!
Mar Frag
Mar Frag:
"I don't always get Pole Position, but when I do, it's on the fastest, scariest, most dangerous (street) race track in the F1 calendar."
Insane lap from Checo.
Hoping for a safe race for everyone tomorrow.
He looks at one with the car so early on this season. Absolutely brilliant checo
Drew S
Drew S:
Imagine what his dad was doing after this lap! 😁
A Helder
A Helder:
This track its so dangerous, massive respect for all the Pro Drivers to run here.
Edgar Manuel Ruiz Puga
Edgar Manuel Ruiz Puga:
Outstanding lap from checo !! he is definetly getting to his top level this year !!! wow! take my hat off!!!!

Eduardo Vieira Scarpa
Eduardo Vieira Scarpa:
Depois do grande fiasco no GP do Barhein, a Red Bull conquista de forma brilhante e espetacular a pole posishion com a fera mexicana Sérgio Perez!!! Parabéns pela sua pole posishion Sérgio Perez!!!
Creative Earthian
Creative Earthian:
" if I did thousand laps, I wouldn't beat this one. It was unbelievable"
Derone Charles
Derone Charles:
experience, speed, pace, consistency and class are all the things in this lap, bien hecho perez.
Amazing! So much respect for this man from last year and now.
Roy Vas
Roy Vas:
This street track is amazing, I love the flow of speed and the imminent danger of the wall. It must feel special to drive a fast lap. Congratulations! 🥳 Checo for your first pole.
Marko Gelic
Marko Gelic:
Well done Sergio, spectacular, incredible
Sam Corson
Sam Corson:
Checo has tamed the Bull, really hope he can continue this form!
Thor R.
Thor R.:
Super clean lap. Sergio is a very smooth and consistent driver. This success is well deserved.
I am a huge ferrari fan but that lap was perfect, fantastic job
Masa Máté
Masa Máté:
That second sector was inch-perfect! What a Lap! VAMOS CHECO!!!!!! 🇲🇽🇲🇽
Brooks Brumfield
Brooks Brumfield:
He got such an amazing exit out of that last turn. What a lap
Tobias Dahs
Tobias Dahs:
Still can't get over how soulless this track is ... Except for the two "hairpins" it's just S corners at various speeds. Looking spectacular on TV, but I wouldn't wanna drive it.

Anyways congrats to Checo! He really nailed that lap and it was about time he finally got that first Pole!
james pisano
james pisano:
What a lap!! That circuit is insane! Very high difficulty!
Since 2020 i'm really a big fan of Checo! Such a great driver that went from nothing to winning races in F1
The Jevi
The Jevi:
Been waiting for this, so proud of him, can't wait to see Lewis and Max get their balance right and the quarks worked out with the cars, this seasons gonna be epic.
maaaaan, this was the most exciting poles I've seen. He's flying!!!
Adam on Keys
Adam on Keys:
His lines are so clean. Seems like he strategically went slow with as wide as possible on the slow corners so he didn’t overcook the tires and they stayed at the perfect temp for the fast corners giving him excellent grip at high speeds and it worked. His wheel and throttle application was impeccably timed and smooth. No jolts in braking either that would scrub excessive tire. A masterclass. Bravo!
Raphael Pistor
Raphael Pistor:
It's insane. Even playing video games, I get cautious about going that tight on the corners and light on the breaks. Can't imagine the headspace the drivers are in to pull that off in real life.
Sebastian Perales
Sebastian Perales:
Incredible lap, I have seen it literally more than 10 times and everytime gets better, is insane how precise he was.
Beautiful! The meaning, and of course, the lap itself was incredible. ¡Viva MEXICO!
Alexandre Rohban
Alexandre Rohban:
So happy for him, he deserves more!
Great lap! Wish all the drivers a safe and epic battle during race day!
Kenzy Master
Kenzy Master:
Te mereces esto y mas! Hace unos meses estabas fuera de F1, Viva México 🇲🇽 🎉🎇
Eric Tripton - Artist
Eric Tripton - Artist:
WOW!! Go GO CHECO.... I always said put him in a great car and he will show what a beast he is...
Mark Barlow
Mark Barlow:
While I’m super bummed for Hamilton I am so happy for Checo! He sooooo hooked that lap up! That looked like a console game and not a real lap at the track it was so perfect!
I just love the pure joy in his "YEEES" at the end, can't help but smile. Great lap, already one of my favorite moments of this season for sure. Did not expect that one.
This just made my day, Checo is so underrated, what a lap
I dont get the hate. This circuit is brutally blistering. It really highlights the ability of teams to set up cars and drivers extracting every fraction out of their car. The new Monaco
carlos diaz
carlos diaz:
Y que decían que ayer tenía miedo, bravo CHECO vamos con toda !!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith:
Vamos Checo! such a great lap. I sure hope Miami is a safer track than Jeddah.. .that's a lot of speed in a concrete canyon
But what a beautiful roar does this engine have? 🏁🇲🇽🇦🇹
imagine if this season turns into a 4 way title battle betweem leclerc perez verstappen and sainz
Ross Marino
Ross Marino:
Hard work always pays off indeed. This should shut up a few mouths within F1 and even within Red Bull.
Aaron-Damon Kassner
Aaron-Damon Kassner:
Well deserved after so many years! That lap was 🔥
Uriel Landeros
Uriel Landeros:
Sooooooo Proud of Checo! What a performance to get his first Pole Position!
Mr Serrano
Mr Serrano:
AMAZING. Pole on what the last WDC was P4 in ahead of the best cars on the grid. Truly great drive by Checo.
GTi Masa
GTi Masa:
That last corner was literally perfect
Abdo vitamins
Abdo vitamins:
Incredible lap by Sergio Perez
Probably the most difficult circuit on the calendar, Checo showing his true class.
Checo was the fastest in this race. Even faster than Max and Leclerc. Amazing pace and a gap from the leaders.
jose garcia
jose garcia:
Just a stat, last time he DNFd due to engine failure he lost P3 in the last laps and won the next race on his 10th season while also earning his 10th career podium exactly after 50 years since the last Mexican to do so. Last week, he was running P3 and on last lap was out due to engine failure. Tomorrow his 11 year anniversary, driving car number 11 car and starting from pole. would be wonderful it its a great day for him tomorrow.
This lap is almost hypnotizing. Everything was so smooth
Oscar Gerardo Vazquez
Oscar Gerardo Vazquez:
Whoever can win pole position at this track can win at any other track in the season. And there is Pérez doing his job
Jose Jimenez
Jose Jimenez:
Congrats Sergio, you definitely deserve it. Hard work and perseverance always pay off!!!
I’m so happy for Sergio! A well deserved pole after so long! He definitely the second seat at Red Bull and he’s shown that Red Bull have made the right choice in signing him😁👏🏻
Extraordinario Checo: soñaba con verte firmar esa llanta, ...sueño cumplido, gracias! por este inolvidable momento.
Edward Hallett
Edward Hallett:
Such an underrated driver, what an achievement beating the reigning world champion on pure pace
Luis E Escartin
Luis E Escartin:
Oh boy I can't wait for Hakinen to tell us that only one red bull was going full throttle today, and for Gasly to remind us that he would have gotten not only pole but a super duper double pole today if he was in that red bull kappa
Ben Kaczmar
Ben Kaczmar:
The trust and confidence in that lap from checo is something else. You can see the difference it makes in being well prepared compared to someone like Hamilton who wasn’t full in.
Francisco Valencia
Francisco Valencia:
As soon as he finished the lap he knew it was an amazing one🔥
Patricia Moreira
Patricia Moreira:
AMAZING!! pure joy to watch this
Well deserved pole for him. He's really waited for a while for this, happy for him.
A animar a Fernando, a Carlos y a Checo 🔥🇲🇽🇪🇸👏
Oscar Wild
Oscar Wild:
Checo’s driving is like the song: absolutely flawless
Tinchx Music
Tinchx Music:
Impresionante!!! en ningún momento pierde grip, acelera y frena al límite máximo. Gran piloto Checo!!
Vitor j
Vitor j:
It seems like he was driving in a new way, a more intuitive way, it reminded me of Senna!
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[Soffy] H0T Girl L!ve Cam:
From someone being discarded by Aston Martin in 2020 and being unsure if he'll ever return back to F1 to the selfless support role last year and now the pole position in 2022, Checo deserves this glory 🙌 👏 and his own identity in F1.
Boyz In Pain
Boyz In Pain:
Just amazing !! Checo finally nailed it to have Pole position. Hope that he could lead the race all the way and wins !!
Jagrit Sarkar
Jagrit Sarkar:
"Checo is a Legend", rightly said.
It'll be spectacular to see max , checo , sainz and charles all fighting individually for the drivers championship 🔥
The trust he has in his car, especially in the first sector, is mindblowing. Hope to see more efforts like this from him, great job
Chris Ravenci
Chris Ravenci:
I'm just super happy for Checo ! He was so unlucky in the past but now he can potentially fight for the title !
Love seeing Checo get pole and with that even more confidence. He's a great driver, and that car looks to be one of the fastest this year so we will see some Ferrari and Redbull battles.
bataco Jazz
bataco Jazz:
¡Felicidades checo!. "Eres el mejor piloto en la historia del automovilismo en México". 🍾💐💥
Knight Lautrec
Knight Lautrec:
I'm so pleased for him! I really hope he converts it to a win tomorrow.
Checo is an animal, He nailed every corner, he's using an low-fuel setup which gives him speed on the Straights, Thats his Maiden Pole Position, Well Done Checo.