Seven goals shared ⚽ | Manchester United 5 - 2 AFC Bournemouth

See all the goals as Manchester United won 5-2 over AFC Bournemouth at Old Trafford.

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Yxng Doney
Yxng Doney:
I felt so bad for this commentator he really was so excited when bournemouth went 1-0 up and to then see them get battered 🥺. Im a united fan but i just feel bad

(Edit:Thanks so much for all the likes 😘🥰)
Joshua Grant David
Joshua Grant David:
Greenwood is just 🔥
Silas Lee
Silas Lee:
Lads, we don't want to go down. We need some more ambition, some more confidence
Not here to make fun, I hope you guys survive this scramble
Georgiadis Shilisia
Georgiadis Shilisia:
1:31 Nobody noticed Pogba pointing De Gea direction for the penalty?
Abu Khan
Abu Khan:
How is Bournemouth's channel trying to make this game seem even

"7 goal shared"

Pff. Man U absolutely thrashed bournmouth
Anson antony jose
Anson antony jose:
As a United fan I really hope Bournemouth stay up...I love Eddie Howe and his side.Go cherries !!
Lads. Come on. We can stay up with a bit of ambition, let's get some fight going
I’m a united fan and I just came here to see the fans reactions but anyways it was a good match. GG
Mike Karuma Boss
Mike Karuma Boss:
Oh greenwood you beauty
Frogallin 1
Frogallin 1:
First decent performance since the restart. Not gonna lie that United team was 🔥🔥 today. Unlucky with some chances but if we can keep these kind of performances up we have hope 🙏.
UTC! 🍒🍒🍒
Damn,you can already make a compilation of Maguire being owned. Against Partizan in Belgrade(Soumah),against Wolverhampton,this one...
Home Of Gamers
Home Of Gamers:
Glory Glory Man U✌
Abdiwahid Ali
Abdiwahid Ali:
Hope Joshua King enjoys championship football
.. Always had his cup final vs Utd.. What a prick😂😂😂😂
Ahmad Nurdinsyah
Ahmad Nurdinsyah:
Bruno is the penalty taker and he hadn't scored in this match by the time it was given. He gave it to @marcusrashford because he hasn't scored since the restart. Great team spirit.
gave us a brilliant fight today, hope you lot stay up
~United fan
Neps Tuber
Neps Tuber:
Mason greenwood 🔥🔥
Liam Le carpentier
Liam Le carpentier:
7 goals shared lol

Guess you have to put a spin on it when you get smashed
Rajat Giri
Rajat Giri:
Probably the best performance I've seen from a relegation threatened side coming to OT... It seems unlikely but i hope you guys stay up.... Or in the worst case scenario.... I hope you guys come back to the PL quickly... You deserve to play here....🙏
Zakaria Abdullah
Zakaria Abdullah:
Greendwood the phenomenom
Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan:
The title of this video is very interesting tbh. Seven goals shared. 🤣🤣🤣
I'm a fan GGMU just want to say good job and well done for AFC Bournemouth, absolutely we both have a good game by the way.... 🤜🤝👍
Bald Martin
Bald Martin:
Respect to Bournemouth you guys put in a good shift. Hope you stay up from a united fan 👍
not the best performance definitely improved then wednesday keep up the motivation boys.
Abdul Azmeer
Abdul Azmeer:
Dont get relegated ok?
Cherries 4life
Cherries 4life:
Nice to see more fight and ambition going forward. Too negative against Palace, Wolves etc. May be too little too late.
Zeeshan Siddiqui
Zeeshan Siddiqui:
MUTV commentrator shud learn a lesson from this man😑❤👍🏻
Fredy Adisurya
Fredy Adisurya:
as a United fan i just hope that you can stay in PL for next season. you gave a good fight yesterday
Dr Harrison George Obumneme
Dr Harrison George Obumneme:
A man united fan, I hope Bournemouth stays up. Love the manager. Good football.
United fan here and I really feel for Howe, Bournemouth have such a tough run in as well I don't see them surviving this but wish u guys the best of luck
Keyz HuB Media
Keyz HuB Media:
That first goal was great 👍🏼
Jesse Igwilo
Jesse Igwilo:
King will soon change his name to servant 🤣🤣
prima prima
prima prima:
SeVeN GoAl ShaReD 😆
Should change the title. When you say "shared" it means its a draw
Abeer Vlogs
Abeer Vlogs:
Being a United fan, i admire what Bournemouth has done in the PL. Hopefully they will survive the relegation battle & play PL football next season. Best wishes 😊
Ardent Ares
Ardent Ares:
Ohh greenwood you bring back hope everything you touch the ball
Laker Ludz
Laker Ludz:
Good luck staying up Bournemouth ✊🏽
K T:
I love Cherries from Japan
so I don't know much about English. that share...?
Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly:
Big brother Manchester United: Mum we shared the goals!
Master Kiy
Master Kiy:
Man United Fan but I have to give Props for Y'all! Hope y'all Stay Up. Awesome Game.
Haroon Nadim
Haroon Nadim:
Respect for putting the highlights up even though you lost
United are looking terrifying to play against since the restart. Couple of more signings snd they would destroy the premiere league next season
Inisial FCS
Inisial FCS:
Thank you Bournemouth 4-1 Leicester 🔥
Kt13 _utc
Kt13 _utc:
Come on lads we tried this hard for the years that we were in the Premier league let's keep it that way and stay in this league
Unlucky today cherries, keep the heads and go smash these last few games #CherriesStayingUp 💪🏼
It's DaveW
It's DaveW:
Smithy having a shocker and still having the nerve to gob off at Ramsdale on more than one occasion.
bryan pereira
bryan pereira:
maguire wkwkwk nutmeg lol
Ifiok Ekanem
Ifiok Ekanem:
Shared 😂
Evans Mungai
Evans Mungai:
I am a United fan.
Who had to watch an alternative highlight
Which is from Bournemouth Channel, Because sorry to say Our Commentator lacks passion and has a very Thin and boring Voice which sucks
Ayyappan Krishnan
Ayyappan Krishnan:
Bournemouth was a fun team to watch. Especially the times they have thumped Chelsea. Will miss them when they go down
Rinpuia Ralte
Rinpuia Ralte:
stanilass ends both maguire and de gea whole career at the same time
ds sanders
ds sanders:
That Greenwood slide was (fire emoji)
cristiano nascimento
cristiano nascimento:
Poderia ter jogadores brasileiro em 👀🇧🇷
Komar Brathwaite
Komar Brathwaite:
MANchester United 5-2
Faqih Allif
Faqih Allif:
Lol Maguire 🤣🤣🤣
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington:
Why even upload this?
MetroKarma3 Crewz
MetroKarma3 Crewz:
Shared unfairly ,Some Injustice here
Jit 1982
Jit 1982:
I like Eddie How. Wish he helps you guys stay up.
Ilyas Ismail
Ilyas Ismail:
Great effort lads! UTC!
A Case For God
A Case For God:
Good luck to you Bournemouth I hope you stay up!!
Minh Tú Phạm
Minh Tú Phạm:
Keep Fighting
Lemon Tea
Lemon Tea:
Maguire 😂😂
kagemanden5 ps4
kagemanden5 ps4:
Mason greenwood was here!! R.I.P
zoltán kovács
zoltán kovács:
YEEAAAAAHHH !!!!United !!United !!! Ole + the team is getting better !!! unified......
the cherries have been popped...
United fan here good match, you guys put in a great effort.
Good game lads, very good game. ❤️
isa 777
isa 777:
Trickle toes😂
Romeo Sky
Romeo Sky:
First goal, world class
Respect For All
killer.switch. tim
killer.switch. tim:
Bournemouth fc = no hope 😂
Victor Sarkar
Victor Sarkar:
Kudos to the AFC Bournemouth goalie. Made some incredible saves towards the end of the game. If it weren't for the keeper, they would have conceded 2-3 goals atleast quite easily...
-from a utd fan
Rangga Alyansa Putra
Rangga Alyansa Putra:
Imagine if United bought Fernandes early ....
Akwesi sarpong
Akwesi sarpong: call this shared....i see...all the same king did very well ...keep up lads
Dumisani Gladstone Hlatshwayo
Dumisani Gladstone Hlatshwayo:
Left Right

please leave a comment if you know whom I'm talking about
Okta Yustira
Okta Yustira:
Some clubf play better without fans on their stadium
Omar Ibrahim
Omar Ibrahim:
Muhammad Faizamin
Muhammad Faizamin:
Akida Akidas
Akida Akidas:
U guys can be proud of your performance. You gave us a lot of problems. I hope you stay up, cause you are genuinely one of the lower placed teams that play good football
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ
ɪʙɴᴜ ᴀʙɪ ᴍᴜsᴛᴀǫɪᴍ:
Gul Makai
Gul Makai:
As a manutd fan bournmouth will stay in premier league
r g
r g:
I cannot lie, this commentator is amazinggg
Pecinta Musik Rfc
Pecinta Musik Rfc:
sandeep sharma
sandeep sharma:
Accept it Bournemouth need a strikr
Troy Krentz
Troy Krentz:
Eddie Howie is a decent coach, just unfortunate that the club have got too many injuries this season.
Kevin Kermany
Kevin Kermany:
breath of fresh air Greenwood
Bugru B
Bugru B:
all goals were great but first goal was so cool
Jyno Mister
Jyno Mister:
Nemanja Matic favorite song is: Mjerkam te mjerkam from Zdravko Colic - listen to what music we love-
gafursing sengkang
gafursing sengkang:
Sebenarx yg perlu MU benahi adalah pertahananx bukanx di sektor penyerang..buktix maguier pemain mahal tapi gambang aj dilewati..bravo united
Ricardo Nicky jam
Ricardo Nicky jam:
hola buenas días México bien 👍
Ujjwal Garg
Ujjwal Garg:
Manchester united rocks.
Parents of Aaryan Singh
Parents of Aaryan Singh:
Lol 😂 united 5!!! Bournemouth 2 😂😂😂😂😂😂
official lirik Eky
official lirik Eky:
Fernandez 😍
hisyam kabbani
hisyam kabbani:
Riofajar Pamuji
Riofajar Pamuji:
Reesa Enki
Reesa Enki:
Saya suka club ini mereka kalah tapi tetap menampilkan hasil nya di chanel youtube nya.respect buat club ini salute
I wish Fraser was playing
ApdiladiF Rashid
ApdiladiF Rashid:
The New Van Persie is Greenwood💯