Seven Minutes Of Ryan Garcia's Greatest Moments In The Ring

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100+ comentarios:

Moayed Hassan
Moayed Hassan:
This is the guy jake Paul wants to fight? Logan going to be filming another dead body at this rate
Who鈥檚 here after he knocked out Luke campbell
His combinations are slick, quick, heavy, intuitive, not rehearsed. That's a concern for everyone else.
Jake may be able to beat you tuber boxers but he won鈥檛 beat ryan garcia I鈥檒l delete my account if I鈥檓 wrong 11/28/20
Dylan The Cloud
Dylan The Cloud:
Jake doesn鈥檛 have the footwork to fight this guy
J Salcedo
J Salcedo:
Imagine Jake Paul catching one of those would be so satisfying
NoVeM UnDeciM
NoVeM UnDeciM:
The first guy is the epitomy of the crying guy with a smiley mask meme.
Mike Jimenez
Mike Jimenez:
鈥渋 may not speak spanish, but i got that mexican blood in me鈥 same ryan, same
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez:
POV: your watching this after the Luke Campbell fight
Clay M
Clay M:
6:40 Logan Paul is excited cuz he just saw a dead body in the ring
Jesse James
Jesse James:
I gained so much respect for Ryan Garcia after seeing the way he handled Rodriguez's taunts. He kept his poise and let his fists do the talking.
Underrated YT
Underrated YT:
4:21 Ryan out there he rocking itachi on his shoes
Chris Luebbers
Chris Luebbers:
Ryan Garcia Vs Tank Davis... That should show Ryans true colors
Outback Boyz
Outback Boyz:
Fly like a butterfly sting like a bee he took those quotes to heart
Louied420 Chavezzz
Louied420 Chavezzz:
All bad When you hear the Mexican music in the background 馃槀
Gabe W.
Gabe W.:
Give him a couple years and he鈥檒l be really dangerous, he鈥檚 still sloppy
The second guy's dodging was freaking amazing.
Baby Playmaker
Baby Playmaker:
When Ryan opponents start gaining confidence for some reason he gets mad and just turn into a totally different monster.
m c
m c:
The first guy is the type of person who call you cheater when he's losing in a videogame
Bebe Ngoruw
Bebe Ngoruw:
who's here after Garcia liver shot to luke馃
Adam Benamir
Adam Benamir:
The People that paid to go there be like: Oh come on man we leaving now.
qex ktw
qex ktw:
6:40 literally my reaction lol
Rhimeir Williams
Rhimeir Williams:
4:06 my guy did a split馃槀馃槀
Alfredo Trujillo
Alfredo Trujillo:
"I may not speak Spanish." Never too late to learn my guy.
"Your supposed to count to 10 and he did", bro hop off the mic xD
Tristan Triton
Tristan Triton:
6:40 The same face he's going to have when Garcia knocks his brother out.
Did anyone else realize that he has itachi from naruto on his shoes at 4:23
Philly ReD 215 FTF
Philly ReD 215 FTF:
I actually really like this kid, when he smells blood it's over ... no hesitation, full on attack
Can we give Lopez some love? Though he lost, he weathered all those punches like a trooper. I'm amazed he stayed on his feet for as long as he did.
Ickeyy Mason
Ickeyy Mason:
Yeah Jake wouldn鈥檛 last one round with this guy馃ぃ
He鈥檚 needs to fight somebody the caliber of Haney, Davis, Lomachenko, or Lopez to prove himself.
脡rick Pereira
脡rick Pereira:
4:21 o ryan usando o tenis com a estampa do itachi
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un:
He鈥檚 crazy talented and not even in his physical prime yet
Jotesh Kumar
Jotesh Kumar:
Who here after he knocked out Luke Campbell?!
Ur mom Calls me daddy
Ur mom Calls me daddy:
1:46 he literally made him cry
Arty Munoz
Arty Munoz:
6:30 why鈥檚 the ref pulling his shorts like that? Lol
Rhimeir Williams
Rhimeir Williams:
4:56 it been about ten seconds and he is already on the ground
Ur Dad
Ur Dad:
Imagine being a pro boxer, and losing to someone who looks like a 13 yr old lol馃ぃ
Bruce Gillett
Bruce Gillett:
The sickest part about his career is 鈥淓l Rey鈥 Vicente!!

Juan Carlos HF
Juan Carlos HF:
7:24 todo un par谩sito ese man..
Iffle Edison
Iffle Edison:
6:55 really 馃槀 鈥渁nother st Valentine鈥檚 Day Massacre鈥
fr fr
fr fr:
4:53 he didn't hit him?
Nathan Huizar
Nathan Huizar:
7 minutes of Ryan Garcia's greatest moments, more like all his moments in the ring considering how quick his matches end馃槀 Dude is an absolute beast!
4:23 he鈥檚 wearing itachi shoes
Gadiel Loya
Gadiel Loya:
0:43 Rodriguez was like 鈥渁yo man I can feel my legs I CANT FEEL MY LEGS MAN鈥
pzych0 mendez
pzych0 mendez:
鈥 there is a new tank!鈥
-by some hyper commentators
Arif G眉ng枚r
Arif G眉ng枚r:
Never in my life expected to see the real Ippo Makunouchi.
FL Jiinx
FL Jiinx:
Y'all seen how he be punching the pad on someone's chest imagine how it feels on their face
El Bat
El Bat:
The Garcia vs Duno fight reminds me how I used to beat the brakes off my dad.
Row Shaen
Row Shaen:
Just love the fighting spirit of this dude. I want this dude to see as the legend of boxing.
Hog Shark
Hog Shark:
The beat at the beginning of the video, what song is that from?!
Mufasa Biin Laden
Mufasa Biin Laden:
4:56 he got put to sleep and woke up in another dimension lol
Khaphung Jingdam
Khaphung Jingdam:
This 22 old dude is killing it and here I'm 23 old wasting life.
Javien Elmore
Javien Elmore:
1:47 look at all that candy!, who ever brought that is a real one.
He's talented . Once he hits his combination you know it's over .
Dawid And Ariel
Dawid And Ariel:
I loved that part with him and Oscar at the end!
Deaszl Dela Cruz
Deaszl Dela Cruz:
He鈥檚 a very efficient head hunter, i love this guy.
I would鈥檝e turned to my left and snagged a quick lollipop if I were rodriguez at 1:49
Jorge Aguilar
Jorge Aguilar:
6:06 is that Loga i see
Cult Golf
Cult Golf:
He gonna get caught one day when he recklessly throwing and someone counter
Yung Shizzy
Yung Shizzy:
He called out Tank, that's gonna be an interesting fight!!!
munyayo chupapi
munyayo chupapi:
Imagine him in his prime, his strongest times imagine.
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz:
4:37 鈥渉e鈥檚 got speed, power, looks, charisma, the whole package鈥 didn鈥檛 know I was watching the bachelor.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot:
After his last fight he's gonna need a part 2!
Desgarbado Joder
Desgarbado Joder:
2:27 as铆 es muchacho 馃挭馃徑馃嚥馃嚱
1312 laputaruina
1312 laputaruina:
7:00 the men of the back miss this moment
Hadi Shafeeq
Hadi Shafeeq:
I've been watching boxing for a long time and I can undoubtedly say that Ryan's boxing is the most entertaining
Daniel Chigurh
Daniel Chigurh:
Evolution of Rodriguiez:
1) Smile
2) Fall
3) Cry
Sam Jacobs
Sam Jacobs:
at 5:58 you can see logan in the background filming
Jericho Chua
Jericho Chua:
6:27 鈥渨hy are we here just to suffer鈥
Chelsea Nino
Chelsea Nino:
He use to be very humble now he just another boy 馃ズ
Its Volts
Its Volts:
Great boxer with a super talented skills. However I just wish that all of this wouldn't just be for an instagram post and clout
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid:
Guaranteed... Ryan's first loss is going to come from someone who can fight on the inside. He throws a lot of "air balls" in his combos. A counter puncher will capitalize.
Alejandra Noria
Alejandra Noria:
Logan鈥檚 reaction to the last fight 馃槀馃槀馃槀
6:41 when you're a psychopath who finds a body in the woods
銈汇偣S e t h
銈汇偣S e t h:
When ryan does that ssss sounds you know your career is in danger 馃槀馃槀
1:46 that sack of candies is just adorable lol
I can't wait till he gets to Devin that will be his greatest challenge yet
Johnathan Rivera
Johnathan Rivera:
When he fell he said Diablo mani Dominican voice 馃槀
Hen钮ri膰 艃orga艅 Ja膰ob
Hen钮ri膰 艃orga艅 Ja膰ob:
This guy looks like modified Joe Weller.
Hector Cardoza
Hector Cardoza:
No hablo espa帽ol pero tenga la Sangre Mexicana en mi y es lo que importa"
He's a badass fighter & represent Our Raza,Viva Mexico
James Ball
James Ball:
He鈥檒l get his bell wrung one day ,they all do 馃挭馃徎
dig bick
dig bick:
imaging doing the sign of the cross then cheating on ur girl HAHAHAHAHA
6:43 i dont like logan paul but his reaction馃ぃ
Carson Reece
Carson Reece:
Astral Meta
Astral Meta:
Greatest moments against bums. 馃槀
El Profanador De Culos
El Profanador De Culos:
Imagine starting a bar fight with Ryan, thinking he's just a 16 year old teenager that you're going to beat easily...
Voltix 脝鈥
Voltix 脝鈥:
Anyone else see those lollipops in the back of the first match
I wish I saw some Jake Paulers in the comments section who goes like "this is nothing Jake gonna knock Ryan out" 馃槀馃槀
Savinelli673 KS
Savinelli673 KS:
When i fight my grandpa i look amazing i look like a super hero
Victor R
Victor R:
6:24 im gonna take a quick nap if that's alright with you....
Deleon Duarte
Deleon Duarte:
the new King of speed and power馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟
That first guy annoys me for some reason look at his face when he gets beat on
Brian Diaz
Brian Diaz:
We鈥檒l see how he performs with Tank and Haney
Spencer Tallon
Spencer Tallon:
Logan Paul鈥檚 reaction says it all 馃槀

Kinda want to see one of those punches on Jake
Dimitur Mitev
Dimitur Mitev:
Imagine how this guy makes HJ's..
I'm looking forward to this young man's career dominating the boxing world.
Erik Godinez
Erik Godinez:
6:53 he really said that馃拃
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez:
I wanna see Garcia vs. Haney. That鈥檒l be Garcia鈥檚 first real test馃
imagine if somebody wanted to take a fight at the bar with him:)