Shaq, Kenny and Chuck React to the Ending of the Denver Nuggets-Washington Wizards Game | NBA on TNT

After the Denver Nuggets lost a close game to the Washington Wizards, the Inside reacts to Denver's final 4-on-1 possession in the closing seconds.

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100+ comentarios:

rolitzki bentizki
rolitzki bentizki:
"they all were dumb as a rock"
Malik Samari jones
Malik Samari jones:
You know it's a bad play when the argument is: "three players were really dumb." "NO, FOUR players were really dumb."
Joshua Frick
Joshua Frick:
This play is a perfect example of how player's mentality has changed.
Andray Anderson
Andray Anderson:
Kenny: “we can disagree to disagree.” 😂
Rob Liberachi
Rob Liberachi:
That play was inexcusable, you learn this type of thing in elementary.
Scy11a 87
Scy11a 87:
Jokic in the backcourt be like : it’s not me. I aint got nothing to do with those 4 clowns
Aaron Long
Aaron Long:
I believe the term of art is, "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory".
I love when Kenny asks ppl questions and wont let them answer...
Y’all don’t be mad now! That’s the league we have to live with these days. All 4 guys stop at the three point line on a FB! 😭😭😭
It’s going to be a 3 on 1, tied game with 8 seconds left, for the championship in the finals and a team is going to go for a fadeaway corner three with a defender on their back. All because the nba is addicted to the 3 point shot
Hank Hill
Hank Hill:
*Kenny & Shaq arguing*
*Ernie just chillin*

Barkley: “They were all dumb as a rock” 😂
Jayeson Mack
Jayeson Mack:
Actually this play represents everything wrong with the NBA and this brand of Basketball 🏀
Official MBM Gang
Official MBM Gang:
I understand totally what Murray was doing, he’s a 3 point threat so Beal had to leave the paint open to help on a potential game winner, you would think one of those 3 professional basketball players would’ve thought to just cut to the basket though.
Cory White
Cory White:
Actually Kenny isn't wrong but in the context of that play Jamal stopping drew the defender and opened the lane for an open layup.
“They all were dumber than rocks.” Charles Barkley

Seth Manford
Seth Manford:
Chuck : we’re not going to celebrate dumbness around here. 😂
Legend has it that Kenny is still running away from Shaq's yes or no question
Warren Sapida
Warren Sapida:
I can’t believe that’s what they got for their last shot. It was an open lane for a layup.
C D:
All players run the 3 on 2 drill when they were 6 year old kids - inexcusable to have all 3 players ahead of the PG on the break and stop at the three
Jamal didn’t stop, he was looking for the cutter
Jason Tan
Jason Tan:
Shaqtin of the year play right there by the Nuggets
Elijah Reed
Elijah Reed:
Why do I feel like lost in all of this, even Steph Curry somewhere shaking his head
Kenny: He should not be stopping there, there's nobody guarding him!
Beal: from now on, my name is Nobody
Mackolm X
Mackolm X:
What if He stopped because he thought one of his teammates would exemplify a higher IQ?
King Juli en
King Juli en:
"you live by the three, you die by the three": C. Barkley
Bl Ump
Bl Ump:
“We ain’t celebratin dumbness around here.”

Jhonny Ringo
Jhonny Ringo:
Murry thought he was Curry & the other 3 thought they were Durant, Thompson, & Igoudala. They ended up looking like the 3 Stooges + Shemp.
Sergii Soshka
Sergii Soshka:
In today's NBA Kenny would be one of those 3 guys who ran to three point line and blame Murray
Jasiah Paul
Jasiah Paul:
6mins of Kenny trying to argue was useless when he didn't answer Shaq's final question 🙃
Taju Alim
Taju Alim:
I genuinely enjoy watching them argue... These guys are hilarious. They should open a barbershop or something together.
Ibiza MonteCarlo
Ibiza MonteCarlo:
That play is everything wrong with the "modern" NBA
Jumbo Kevin
Jumbo Kevin:
Ben Simmons would 100% not stop at the 3pt line
Brendon Ladines
Brendon Ladines:
When you’re Jamal Murray, DRIVE AND DISH! Could’ve got an and 1 and won like that
lofi mijo
lofi mijo:
thats some whole crew shaqin' a fool right there lol
Akshya Deep
Akshya Deep:
Any Nuggets possesion in which Jokic doesn't touch the ball is disaster😂😂
Yonas Yacob
Yonas Yacob:
S. haq:You could do that
Chuck :You can't do that 😂
Chuck: "We're not gonna celebrate dumbness around here" LOL.
Lucky Rose
Lucky Rose:
Michael Sharpe
Michael Sharpe:
"Let's leave it there, they all was dumb as a rock" 😆
rice cake
rice cake:
Shaq: yes or no
Kenny: when I was a young boy in Bulgaria...
Chris Manhoff
Chris Manhoff:
As Shaq said, "Kenny, what are you looking at?"
Marsha Julessa
Marsha Julessa:
I don't think #7 was expecting a pass at that time we all thought it was going to Porter for a layup or dunk. The key was wide open no Wiz in sight. Missed opp to tie gm. 🙄
Cody Gilstrap
Cody Gilstrap:
It's like when the buzzer went off Jamal Murray realized it wasn't a game of 2K and they had actually lost in reality
It took the ENTIRE segment for Shaq and Chuck to realize what Kenny was saying. They literally were not listening to what he was saying, that they ALL were wrong.
Vic Vinegar
Vic Vinegar:
Kenny making Shaq and Chuck seem like geniuses.
gabe scheffel
gabe scheffel:
First of all you not gonna make me run anywhere- shaq 😂 😆 😝 😆 had me crying
Toby Moore
Toby Moore:
One word....... 👉🏾VEGAS‼️👈🏾
100% not Jamal Murray’s fault . He was trying to bait Beal into preventing the 3 so that the paint is open for a layup
Ricardo Masvidal
Ricardo Masvidal:
Porter should've rolled to the basket to at least give Murray the option and give the 1 defender a choice to make but idk everyone did the wrong thing in that final sequence
Brandford Howell
Brandford Howell:
Kenny is always the voice of logic out of these combatants
Екатерина Блохина
Екатерина Блохина:
Shaq is unique 🙂💔👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
I think Magic would agree w/ Kenny. Of course, Showtime was from a fast break era instead of a 3pt era.
The Hyena Chief
The Hyena Chief:
Kenny is right on point 👍🏾💯💯💯💯💯
Coaches need to show this to young players today on how not to run a fast break.
Renon Weatherford
Renon Weatherford:
All fundamentals & practices for moments like this went out the window for the highest level of play.
Sometimes Kenny shows that he is a little bit different.
Se 2333
Se 2333:
1st time i ever seen chuck and shaq agree together on something that kenny doesn’t
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz:
Has anyone ever wondered how many rings they would get if chuck Shaq Nd Kenny all played together ? 😭 I seriously think 3 or 4
Kenny dont realize Jamal is clearly baiting the defender like literal Basketball 101
Mic LeVert
Mic LeVert:
I love this show stg Kenny Shaq and Chuck don’t ever break up
Nate Castro Channel
Nate Castro Channel:
Nah bruh shrek and chuck are trippin Jamal needed to push and not stop at the 3
Dontez M
Dontez M:
The league has fallen so much in love the other 3 pointers so this is what happens
Ziggy Doom
Ziggy Doom:
All 4 of them blew it. Its crazy how the 3 has been glorified to where nobody thought of running to the basket.
AgentCody Banx8
AgentCody Banx8:
The fact that all 4 went to the 3 point line is what makes it sadder.
Hans Da’Ghost
Hans Da’Ghost:
Chuck to Kenny: something wrong or something dumb lol 😂
Craig Siller
Craig Siller:
When Murray slowed down it made the defender come to him, which aloud for Porter to the chance to cut to the basket with nobody around him.
Jamal is not stopping if he's in a similar situation ever again, he now knows how dumb some of his teammates are.
Tony P
Tony P:
Nobody at all
Shaq: Stop It, Stop it, cut it out 😂😂😂
The league is so obsessed with the 3pt, they don't think, they just run to the 3pt-line. Unbelievable!
Acoustics And Everything Else
Acoustics And Everything Else:
Shaq’s smarter than a Rock. AGAIN. Look at how he’s all dressed up. Looking sharp.
Jeshuran Paul
Jeshuran Paul:
Kenny arguing about attacking basketball with 2 of the most dominant guys to have ever played in the league
Cartie King
Cartie King:
So glad the regular team is back
As a Nuggets fan that was just sad. I was yelling at my tv what are y'all doing (mainly MPJ) GET A LAYUP!!
Tony Tribble
Tony Tribble:
That last play by the Nuggets shows you how the game is played now. 3s or nothing, they are allergic to the paint!
This play is hilarious. They were all afraid to miss that layup at the buzzer.
Kenny if Murray pushes the ball the paint will be guarded so there's no need to push the ball. All 3 other players have space to make an unguarded layout I swear this man is on something.
Uros Marjanovic
Uros Marjanovic:
Not one of them mentioning OBVIOUS hand contact on Facundo AFTER the shot, where all of the NBA stars would get free throws.

Harden built his career around it.
Raul Neto established himself with 2 feet before touching the ball again. Actually a very legal play.

I’m a Fiba ref, btw
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson:
2K A.I. Teammates be like:
Eli Kelner
Eli Kelner:
Kenny demonstrating how he had a long career by being smart and efficient. If the Jet isn’t on this panel he should be in the front office for an organization. Jamal Murray choked
Mikey Kreata Flash
Mikey Kreata Flash:
Neto play, How come Shaq was the only guy know they can save the ball and reestablish himself from out of bounds?? Kenny and Chuck didn't even know! C'mon bruh 😂😂😂😂
Heir Samurai
Heir Samurai:
lol this is literally the meta in 2k haha
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer
David Bagga Company - #WinYourSalesCareer:
Inside the nba is the Best sports show on tv. Period.
M J:
I feel like they purposefully trying to sabotage Jokers MVP season at this point lol
Brandon Banks
Brandon Banks:
I would of attach I ain’t passing idc 😭😭😂 all though Jamal stopping was smart also z the other 3 could of went to the basket literally
Duane Drummond
Duane Drummond:
thats why its one of the best shows on TV..They are all free to speak their minds
jimmy shaker
jimmy shaker:
2:39 everyone just flooding the 3 pt line wanting nothing to do w/ the layup lol. Reminds me of how my teammates in 2k run the court sometimes
Chuck lives for those moments when he has the opportunity to call people dumb.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez:
this is the best thing in a game so far
Alex Barty
Alex Barty:
I don't even watch the games anymore. I just watch these guys break down the highlights and have a funny convo during and after.
Melly Kruger
Melly Kruger:
Neto with the hoodwink I love that! Let it slide!
One of the craziest and absurd plays I’ve seen in my life of watching basketball!!!!!
Leif Lynch
Leif Lynch:
That play is exactly what the NBA is today..People don't run to the basket, they run to the 3 point line...
Justin Lui
Justin Lui:
This is why Shaq is a commentator and not an analyst. Great player. Well-paid commentator.
0kazn Uan9
0kazn Uan9:
Why is Kenny always trying to make things so difficult? Lol
That Wizards play was completely legal. The three players are applying a football rule to basketball!
Big Swank
Big Swank:
Kenny: “You think Steph Curry is going to stop there?”
Me in my head: “Yes, I think Steph is stopping at the 3pt Line.” 😂😂
The Sabanrab MME
The Sabanrab MME:
See that’s why they call him doctor O’neal, smartest guy on set 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
I ageee with Kenny!! They all stopped at the 3 point line when they were only down 2! It could have been an easy lay up to tie.
Adam Palmer
Adam Palmer:
This is the greatest example of what’s wrong with these new age players! They all would rather shoot the three than dunking that and taking a foul!💯💪