SHAQIRI NEEDS TO START! Aston Villa 1-4 Liverpool Match Reaction

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44 comentarios:

David Sturch
David Sturch:
Those kids had no preparation and didn't know they were playing the game until last night. If that was the performance tonight it would be worrying if the first team had been playing.
Daniel Frosh
Daniel Frosh:
Feel like Shaq is more effective as an impact player, bring him on at 60 mins. When he plays the whole game he seems to have less influence.
Frankie Shankly
Frankie Shankly:
Its going back now, everybody talking about the best team ever.. Ridicilous, we need to win more :)
Regal Riker
Regal Riker:
Great shout. Shaq has had a handful of impressive cameos this season, he's come on during deadlocks and changed the game. Today his directness made a big difference, he deserved his two assists. Of course people will talk about Thiago, but Shaq deserves praise too. Up the Reds.
Frankie Shankly
Frankie Shankly:
Its all about Klopps management against the "smaller" teams
John Crawford
John Crawford:
As Villa fan I wouldn't be too harsh on Liverpool. Last year when we played your kids we didn't humiliate them. Liverpool returned the favour.
S L:
Wish Klopp learn something from the game. In first half, even Villa young players can stand against the Liverpool regular team.
I’ve always loved Shaqiri ever since he scored that amazing bicycle kick in the Euros and was hyped when I knew he was coming to Liverpool. It’s nice to see him playing well again, so I don’t understand why he’s not being played when he’s been the man to pick out the killer passes in the game’s he’s been involved in. An example of that was the pass to Jota in the West Ham game. If he does play v United it’d be sweet if he pulled the old boy classic bicycle kick out of the locker again.
grim jimbo
grim jimbo:
Shaq always has a good game against the manc shite hope he starts Craig
weena boy littlewang
weena boy littlewang:
We need to talk positive and hope that trickles onto the team via a supportive fan base who have nothing but good to say abt their/ our team.
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton:
I think shaq should 100%start but sadly I don't think klopp will start him against United in such a big game hell probably use him against Burnley but shaqiri Deserves more game time
We need 3 defenders signed this month.
Gordon sinton
Gordon sinton:
Piss poor salad doesn’t want to be there loyalty is a thing of the past LFC need a CB Williams is too slow for today’s strikers
Frankie Shankly
Frankie Shankly:
Start with the top, our best games are againts the top rivals !!!
Marvelous Mike
Marvelous Mike:
neco williams more solid defensively than trent
Angels Dance
Angels Dance:
We need Jota back as soon as possible. Every team sees Mane as our DANGER MAN
It was needed win especially playing Man. United next game. It a boost of confidence after 3 poor performance in the last three games.
Aidan & Connor Holland
Aidan & Connor Holland:
No way they FINNALLY got revenge
That was an interesting point about Salah not being the same since being injured by Ramos.
Big shaq and Thiago won us that game we don’t make those changes second half we go to extra time
Chikabika 1
Chikabika 1:
Good video Craig and i agree with you ,shaq and Thiago need to start
How did Rhys and Nat make it through the youth ranks with their lack of pace?
John Kelly
John Kelly:
Rhys Williams is too SLOW. He's simply not good enough. There's a reason why he was at Kidderminster last season.
R G:
Rhys Williams is NOT the answer, he’s slow and he’s not exactly an imposing figure in defence. He will be horribly exposed against an above average striker, not to mention guys like Son, Zaha, Sterling and many others in the Premier league.
Shaqiri should be starting the game, or if possible, coming on early in the second half. Thiago is a definite as well, he is pure class with his passing ability and creativity. This might sound controversial but I think Hendo has been ineffective lately, even though I realise how important it is for him to be on the pitch. Gini too is a vital player and should be linked more with the front 3 as he’s got the ability to score more goals, which can only be positive for the team!
We are really missing Virgil and Diogo!
John August
John August:
Neco had a good game Shaq motm
grim jimbo
grim jimbo:
We should have played like villa pulled are pants down last time we met!!! Ohhh wait they feckin did.
David B
David B:
I'm a Villa fan and really enjoy your channel I really enjoy your honest evaluation of the games.
Bruno Dacruz
Bruno Dacruz:
Very poor first half . We were to passive .it should have finished 1-8. We need to stop crossing binto the box . Salah needs to step up despite scoring.

We did exactly the same thing that we did against West Brom score the goal and then we allowed Aston villa into the game and they grew in confidence.

Williams is still learning his trade so I would bash him too much .we need to learn to defend better.

Salah needs to improve because he is getting too comfortable . Shaqiri needs to start against Manchester United .I would start shaqiri ahead of Salah because Salah hasn't been on form for a while. Firmino is also out of form

Also if we don't turn up against Manchester United I will be fumming . They need to have determination to beat manchester united . We need to have a plan instead of crossing into the box all the time . It's like we have turned into Stoke .
Mel Wood
Mel Wood:
If they play like that vs united , the undefeated streak comes to an embarrassing end ☹️
Sambradders 0605
Sambradders 0605:
Shakira taking over salah or mane????? No way 😳
Kieran Cheale
Kieran Cheale:
That was poor tonight we better turn up for United
deise 59
deise 59:
Poor defending by Rhys Williams, but a high line almost at midfield doesn't make any sense, even more so if you don't have centre backs with pace. I know some people have speed naturally, but to look so leggy at 19 yrs old. No expert on physical conditioning, but with a specific training regimen, is it possible to work on a player's sprinting technique and improve it in that respect ???
-1Ns3RT C01N-
-1Ns3RT C01N-:
Fantastic Craig, lovely to send out thoughts to the Villa staff and players. Big shout to the young team Villa had to put out.. We do have issues with regards to performances, hopefully it's a blip, and not much more.
v cxv cxvxcv
v cxv cxvxcv:
i really love some liverpool fans
mane goes 2 months without a goal no mention
salah goes 3 games without scoring hell is unleashed
no.1 most disrespected player in Europe
deise 59
deise 59:
Craig - you made a point about Salah's pace. I've seen a drop off for at least a year now. When he came to the club first, most defenders couldn't keep up with him, but watch him in 50/50 races with full backs now and he's not winning them. If it's a 50/50 race, the full back wins the ball as generally Salah loses in the physical exchanges as he brings almost nothing into the tackle. I always fell there's room for a luxury player that doesn't bring the physical stuff as long as they bring their speed or trickery or goals (Coutinho was another example) but when they are not bringing it, then they add very little to the team.
Malligrub 1
Malligrub 1:
Why not drop Salah? This season;
Salah - 23 games, 17 goals/4 assists - best in England
Mane - 23 games, 9 goals/5assists
Firmino-24 games, 5goals/3 assists
His output is about the same as Mane and Firmino combined.
Mo looks a bit jaded for some reason, maybe it's because he's carrying the attack and has to deal with the Salah rule every week, where you can apparently just beat the hell out of him and it's fine. Without Salah, Liverpool would be outside the top 4, guaranteed. Most disrespected elite baller in the world. No wonder he looks unhappy and might want to leave after all he's done for us. The criticism of him for not scoring 45 goals every year like his first is delusional. It can't be done in England. A 30 goal/year striker is virtually a myth it's so rare in England, basically just Henry, but Salah actually is that and still gets criticized for his overall performances. Shaq definitely needs to be on the field more, Thiago is hopefully ready to take control now.
mohammed alazawi
mohammed alazawi:
they were only youngsters villa , why you are happy ? if villa first team how things to become
Owen Wharton
Owen Wharton:
I honestly think we should forget about the league we couldn’t break through that team without having to rely on Thiago it’s embarrasing
grim jimbo
grim jimbo:
Patrick Redmond
Patrick Redmond:
Allison Trent Matip Fabinho Robertson Thiago Henderson Wijnaldum Mane Firmino Shaq what do u think Craig?
Siddy Fisher
Siddy Fisher:
Takeaways for me:
Jones needs to be taken out starting team completely. Hendo is out of form completely and has been playing really poorly since West Brom. His form is massively concerning and is going under the radar because of some of the others. Mo was awful and needs to sort himself out. Him and Jurgen need to have a one on one chat and find a way to get him going. Minamino isn't at the level required and no surprise to me why he isn't playing more. I can't see him being a successful signing at this point. Rhys williams (like Nat Phillips) is about league 1 standard right now, we need a CB or this league title might be gone tbh. I don't want to give any player credit tbh. All the starters were all awful even the better players. apart from Shaq and Thiago off the bench nobody stepped up enough. We were up against U-18 players, some of whom were driven to the stadium by their parents. They tired in the second half and that's when we opened them up. It was awful by Liverpool (all the starting players) and the complete lack of ideas and assertiveness in that first half was appalling. Can't say I'm going into the united game with much more optimism than I did after we lost to southampton.
Shaqiri and Thiago to start against united. Shaq in the midfield with Gini/Hendo in the 6 and Thiago. I'm dropping Hendo. And the regular front three but instructions specifically to Mo to move more centrally instead of getting outnumbered out wide.
Shookree Seeree
Shookree Seeree:
For the MU will be better for Salah to not start..let Shaq start..n if Shaq doesn't perform..then bring on Salah..
Red Richard
Red Richard:
If that would have been any full team from the premiership or the Championship Liverpool would be out without doubt , Liverpool won because those KIDS got tired.
Amgad Makarem
Amgad Makarem:
The amount of hate Liverpool fans has for Mohamed Salah is unbelievable?! You guys talk about the highest scorer in the PL and for 3 years, one who blew every record! And he also scored tonight, made an assist to Wijnaldum putting him in front of the goal and he wasted it, scored an offside goal, and what Ramos game, that’s the same guy who just scored 2 goals and assist in 33 mins a couple of weeks ago! I really wish he leaves because I truly despise Liverpool’s plastic fans.