Shia LaBeouf on His Arrest

Shia reveals the story behind his arrest at the Broadway show “Cabaret.”

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Shia LaBeouf on His Arrest

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100+ comentarios:

The Castiel
The Castiel:
He's an awesome storyteller.
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI:
"I'm drunk enough to really care."
- That's a gem
Jason Darling
Jason Darling:
I can’t believe this story started with chasing a homeless man down a street
First Last
First Last:
6 years later, still one of the best told stories on the internet.
This is how you tell a story
Elias Chelios
Elias Chelios:
Let us appreciate the fact that he is the first drunk that is able to recall everything.
Get him on Joe Rogan’s podcast. NOW.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson:
Hollywood is crazy fake. Shia keeps it real, glad hes doing well. Rooting for him.
rude boi
rude boi:
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper:
I was literally seeing the story while he was describing it
"I give him a slap on the ass because I think he deserves it"

Jason Baker
Jason Baker:
I love the fact that he is happy to humiliate himself to tell the story. He doesn't give a shot about status. This is respect.
michael soulglo gross
michael soulglo gross:
The mark of a good storyteller : You can picture every part of the story in your mind.
Sly Filipino
Sly Filipino:
I always love how he tells stories. People call him nuts , I call him human .
Can we all just take a moment of silence to appreciate Shia's ability to tell stories?? I could listen to him all day.
Kelsi Davies
Kelsi Davies:
*alright guys lets go party with Shia LeBeouf, sounds like a good ass night*
Darth Bossk
Darth Bossk:
His childhood was carnage, and his early career patchy, but something tells me he will grow into the DeNiro of his generation.
CP3 R2D2
CP3 R2D2:
Who’s here after he’s being sued for abuse?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Jimmy really wanted this story told.
Never interrupted, even once.
J B:
Someone should make a small animated version of his arrest while hes explaining it.
Elijah Braide
Elijah Braide:
just me or was he in Rome, Ireland and NYC all at the same time
I love this guy, I could listen to him all day. I love the show he did on “Hot Ones,” great interview.
Janani Edwards
Janani Edwards:
Who’s here after the news 👀
David Carbajal
David Carbajal:
He’s literally describing his story as if he was a comedian
DR Crow
DR Crow:
It’s funny how his entire trip to the police station, he thought he was going to another party 😂
Curious Cat
Curious Cat:
Too bad he has so many issues because he is truly the living definition of a hunk and he is extraordinarily smart.
Yisroel Weiss
Yisroel Weiss:
I can listen to this guy for hours, his voice is so clear and whatever.
Daniel Basilious
Daniel Basilious:
love how his whole story is just about him harassing people and the audience loves it lol
Steve Odom
Steve Odom:
The description is exactly the way one's brain works when intoxicated.
C S:
the cops were like “are you ladies man 217”
Who else comes back here to hear this story again sometimes
Shia should do stand up in a few years.
Magdalena Sacco
Magdalena Sacco:
Jimmy: How did you end up at the Cabaret?
Shia: I got picked up by a Broadway dancer while 4 sheets to the wind chasing a mentally Ill veteran across Times Square.
Someone should ANIMATE this.
It would get millions of views.
Nic ,
Nic ,:
“Did you know there are things other than pornography in the internet?”
this guy really knows how to paint pictures with his words lol i felt like i was there
"I was drunk enough to really care"
Yea bro I feel that
RamtailtheBattler TR
RamtailtheBattler TR:
Shia LaBeouf: Is it really a good idea to drink more whiskey?

His inner voice: JUST DO IT!
Jaden Taylor
Jaden Taylor:
I remember hearing he got arrested and thought “oh no here’s another child celebrity going crazy” and after hearing the story of what happened all I gotta say is respect man. What an awesome way to get arrested😂
It's 2020, and I'm happy he's doing well.
When you ready Shia, we're here to listen and be entertained. No pressure
looking for a job k
looking for a job k:
i think it’s easier to just say you’re an alcoholic
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo:
I can tell Kimmel was really entertained, because he didn’t interrupt even once.
Morning Day
Morning Day:
" he wiggled out my Hercules's grip"
Jon Snow
Jon Snow:
I don’t know why people hate him I actually think he’s really good actor since Shia labeuf
Danny S
Danny S:
why does Kimmel always sound like he's out of breath lol
The Allen Iverson Adlib was hilarious
LT. Doge
LT. Doge:
He's telling the story like he's still drunk
Julian Vidovic
Julian Vidovic:
It starts with him chasing a homeless dude down the street and ends with him getting a mcdonalds egg sandwich in a prison cell
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy:
How was he NOT BLACKED OUT!? He sounded like he was hammered af
JimBob McDougal
JimBob McDougal:
Why does Shia seem like an older brother that I never had
Daddy & Leo Gaming Channel
Daddy & Leo Gaming Channel:
Just a great actor even when hes not acting, that's how great actors act. Paints a picture in and out of films.
Ranveer singh Sangha
Ranveer singh Sangha:
Honest , funny, and good actor
Kate Vanderbilt
Kate Vanderbilt:
This is the best story I've ever heard.
Bubba Sawyer
Bubba Sawyer:
"It could've been Alan Iverson at that point.." 😂😂
ChoeRabyang T
ChoeRabyang T:
It's all started when homeless man start running. Had he not ran he wouldn't have met that cabaret guy n then rest is HIS-story..
Schehrazad Aviya
Schehrazad Aviya:
Anybody who remembers Shia from Even Stevens knows how crazy and brilliantly hilarious he is. And how sexy he’s always been, ha! My crush since my early teens 😚 I hope he’s leading a much happier life now
Cam Johnson
Cam Johnson:
Can someone get shia a podcast where he just tells stories
I died of laughter at every new bit of the story.
Shia is truly an amazing story teller.
"And then I had breakfast. And at breakfast, what you do is you drink a lot of whisky."
This is the only time Lithuania will ever be in the world cup
WOW...What a Story.

"He had to spit on a cops shoe to show that hes crazy" LMFAO
Kye Chun
Kye Chun:
Why did everyone only just get this in their recommendations lmao
Imagine being in the audience to witness this live.
Shia started out as a stand up comedian when he was realllly young, so i'm not surprised he knows how to tell a legit goood funny story
Eiddob James
Eiddob James:
"Yo what you in for"
"Cabaret Homie, Cabaret"
Extraterrestrial Horse
Extraterrestrial Horse:
I didn't even wanna hear the whole story but ended up doing so twice 😂, this guy has got an amazing ability to tell stories jeez
Oo Oo
Oo Oo:
“I’m drunk enough to *really* care”
Robert Houston
Robert Houston:
You gotta love this guy.
I hope he stays out of trouble.
Bro I can't wait to see what story he'll have prepared when they arrest him because of fka twigs :D
Chelsyvmp Edits
Chelsyvmp Edits:
“My Hercules grip” haha
“I was disappointed 😂 classic
adriel wilson
adriel wilson:
Turn this into a Drunk History Episode.
Noah Suchinski
Noah Suchinski:
“I give him a slap on the ass because I think he deserves it”
Best quote ever.
Priscilla Wilson
Priscilla Wilson:
Women saying no to him? Some day they're going to be kicking themselves, that's for damn sure.
Boxing Fan
Boxing Fan:
Epic storytelling. He seems like he would be a blast to hang out with.
Is it crazy that in less than 1 minute he mentioned Ireland and Lithuania and that’s the two places I’m from 😂😂
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago
HoisinsSauceIsLiTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTtTt • 34 years ago:
It took me 5 years to realize this man is the “JUST DO IT!!!” man
I just wanna sit and talk to this man.
Dane Whaley
Dane Whaley:
Can’t blame the guy... things get out of hand sometimes...
Brandon Polansky
Brandon Polansky:
Shia Labeuoff and Lindsay Lohan are in the car...
who’s driving?
The Cops!
Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈🎁
3rd October 2020, stumble upon this video, google Shia LaBeouf - "Shia LaBeouf charged with misdemeanour battery, petty theft"
Chris Conway
Chris Conway:
Funniest thing is Lithuania wasn’t even at that World Cup
Masoom Shafi
Masoom Shafi:
Man really stuck by the Lithuania story 😂😂
Ashley Lanier
Ashley Lanier:
And the truth comes out 6 years later
super w
super w:
Jimmy did anyone tell you before that you have the most psychopathic sick laugh it's not propriet
He feels a lot more grounded than most celebrities!
Something tells me he has tons of stories like this
If Shia told this story on Fallon, this video would’ve been 20 minutes.
Sam Seo
Sam Seo:
“I tell ya, with my car it’s always easy for me to find it. It’s always on a lift. I got the only car that has more miles on it vertically than horizontally.”
Константин Обирин
Константин Обирин:
The most amazing story which I've ever heard.
I never saw an interview with him ,it was one the funniest I have ever seen
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311:
He is not faking. I can see it from his expression. This must be a legit event that took place. He must have drunk a hell lot of whiskey because there was no Lithuania in the world cup...LOL
Jeff Paggett
Jeff Paggett:
One of the best.......makes me howl every time.
Jason Wolfe
Jason Wolfe:
“ Cabaret homie “
Ben Ar
Ben Ar:
can we talk about how jimmy kimmel before the beard had the most punchable face ever
love him though
Shia Labeouf, you're my spirit animal!
Maurice Phillips
Maurice Phillips:
"Yo what you in for"
"Cabaret Homie, Cabaret"
Catherine Louise
Catherine Louise:
He was most definitely MORE than drunk.
He’s literally living the life of my gta character
Mall Crawler
Mall Crawler:
So what did he get arrested for? lol
Debo Datta
Debo Datta:
should have gotten arrested again for bating his gf