Sinopharm Vaccine (Possibly Very Expensive)

Sinopharm Vaccine

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Inactivated virus based vaccine.
More than a million doses were administered by November 2020
Capacity to deliver 1 billion doses in 2021
Does not need cold-chain storage
Approved by UAE, Bahrain, Pakistan, and China
Two jabs needed. Almost 20 days apart.

Bloomberg vaccine tracker

BBIBP-CorV is the vaccine by Sinopharm. A state owned vaccine company from China.

Getting the two jabs

Two dose regime lesser than $145

Vaccine Efficacy is 79.34% according to the company

Pakistan approves Sinopharm vaccine in addition to AstraZeneca and Sputnik V

Does not need cold chain storage

Looking beyond COVID-19 vaccine phase 3 trials

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Integrity Shines
Integrity Shines:
At least Sinopharm is using a known technology and people have more comfort level . Is there a reason this technology cannot be used in Western countries?
Dr. Syed, thanks for your analysis. There’s breaking news tonight out of Manila—and controversy. Why would the Philippines’ FDA approve the Sinovac vaccine for some groups but not others? And why would China donate 600,000 doses of a product they’re selling at such an expensive price elsewhere? ( )
The Artificial Society
The Artificial Society:
It seems like a great vaccine. Sad that we will never get it in US.
Sonia Heenan
Sonia Heenan:
Dr Been, have you got information on CureVac covid vaccine? I understand that they did not use foetal cell lines in the production or testing of this vaccine. Do to moral and ethical reasons, I am reluctant to take the other vaccines that are not currently available. Thank.
Mark O'Cain
Mark O'Cain:
I'm still a bit dubious as to whether I would roll my sleeve up for this vaccine. I'll go with one that has more reliable trial data available.. China doesn't like Australia terribly much at the moment so I assume we won't see it here anyway.
I heard someone report that restrictive changes were made relatively recently determining who is being tested. When I heard this I immediately thought that this is going to effect the totals and I questioned whether anyone was going to take this into consideration. I would have to undertake a search to try to locate this information again. And given the fluctuations in testing and even data reporting, accurate results should be adjusted to correct for such variables.
Kanacho Min
Kanacho Min:
Correct me if I am wrong, a couple of papers I read in the past said that one of the issues for this inactivation method is that the the chemical inactivation process can affect the structure of the S proteins so that they will no longer maintain at prefusion conformation. US vaccines such as Pfzier, Moderna, J&J and Novavax all use a 2 proline substitution technique in their mRNA sequence designs in order to make sure that the S protein produced by ribosomes maintain at prefusion conformation.
Exploring Dimensions 4 All
Exploring Dimensions 4 All:
Thank you! I'm in Cambodia, and that's the one that has come here first.
Lesa M
Lesa M:
What should people with many severe allergies and anaphylaxis history do rehardi g vaccination?
Amir kahelou امير كحيلو
Amir kahelou امير كحيلو:
Why didn’t the US developed inactivated virus vaccines?? Since it’s an old technology and we know more about the side effects of this technology!!! I really would love to know the answer
Crow Go
Crow Go:
News out today, Senegal paid $3.7 million for 200,000 Sinopharm doses. That's about $19 a dose.
István B.
István B.:
What is your opinion on the RaDVaC open source, intranasal spray vaccine developed by citizen scientists?
Sonali Gupta
Sonali Gupta:
Thank you for the video on Sinopharm vaccine. Unfortunately, most western media are biased against vaccines produced in the East. I have received both the doses of Sinopharm in the UAE (21 days apart- this information is easy to find) and the side-effects have been negligible. Inactivated virus is a tried and tested technology and the world can benefit if the media is a little more fair towards vaccines produced elsewhere (not U.K or U.S). India produces 60% of the world's vaccines. If we go by the population of India and Chine alone, we know they are doing something right. Vaccine, production, distribution is becoming very political which will only lengthen this pandemic. Equitable distribution is the key and vaccines like Sinopharm that do not require sub zero temp storage are needed for the rest of the world. Thank you!
Cases are dropping because of new guidelines from CDC and THE WHO, in effect lowering the CT threshold of the PCR tests. Anything over 35 is meaningless.
Does anyone know the difference of sinovac and sinopharm vaccines?
Kunhimoossa Parappummal
Kunhimoossa Parappummal:
Cost appears a bit exaggerated
It is comparatively cheaper to any other vaccine
Pascal Pascal
Pascal Pascal:
Chinese get approval in nepal
source :
Kathmandu post arjun poudel Google
aiman sahar
aiman sahar:
Very much informative
Christine Karas
Christine Karas:
Thank you.
Maryesta Durtche
Maryesta Durtche:
Twitter took video down!
Pascal Pascal
Pascal Pascal:
vaccin and geopolitique....
Efficacy / Vaccin
----- - ------ - ---------------- - ------
95% - Pfizer-BioNTech
95% - Moderna
92% - Sputnik V
50.38% - Sinovac China
to 91.25%,
89.3% - Novavax
70% - AstraZeneca/Oxford
66% - Johnson & Johnson
-- ------- - -------------- - --------------

A simple comparison of the known vaccines on their efficacy , details not included
Carol R.
Carol R.:
Yep..herd immunity! The power of corporate immunity! I knew it! Gald I was right..not that I wanted anyone to be expised to this horrible thing..but reality is that the immune system is a very complex..and yet resilient thing cteatedby God to protect His creation..
Sinopharm vaccine will theoritically probabily end up the best vaccine against all variants (mutations).
AdvSandeep Kapatkar
AdvSandeep Kapatkar:
Very Costly - china should be selling with guarantee indemnity and insurance of any future china viruses
Dr. Drake Ramoray
Dr. Drake Ramoray:
first of all, greetings and salutations to dr been and everyone here! this is by far the best medicinal lecture series on youtube, so dont take to heart my comments below, as they arent directed to dr been himself ♥

so im listening to this on a chinese headset 3 months old. left side doesnt work already. actually the only thing from china that lasted more than 3 months is the corona virus itself (which is a solid proof that china didnt actually create it). so i assume the vaccine has similar reliability and i would prefer not taking it before its heavily tested

oh and speaking of testing, is there a single 1st world country that approved this? cause i heard that in china itself the CCP members use the western vaccines and give the homemade crap to the plebs. i mean half the countries on the tester list are in massive debt to china due to one belt one road initiative and have to do it, pakistan is (too) friendly with china due to relationship with india, and serbia (my country) has a leader that calls winnie the pooh his "iron brother", regularly kisses the chinese flag, and makes sure every newspaper calls pooh "the great man xi jinping". im not even kidding, i can take a pic of the newspapers. so no wonder we are the lab rats

tldr: dont trust china, china is asshoe