Sketchy Things Everyone Ignores About Megan Fox

Megan Fox was once the hottest ticket in Hollywood. But after a career fumble - along with a whole lot of media around her personal life - she found herself as a sort of outsider in the industry. Even with a few attempts at reinvention and explanation, Fox still struggles to shake off the sketchy things that plague her reputation.

When Fox met her husband, actor Brian Austin Green, on the 2003 sitcom Hope & Faith, she was barely 18, and he was 30. She told The New York Times Magazine,

"I liked him right away. Everyone was around the monitor watching a scene, and Brian accidentally touched my leg. I remember literal electricity shooting through me and out [of] me from every direction. It was like magic."

Three kids and one divorce attempt later, Fox and Green officially split in May 2020. According to Green, Fox had traveled out of the country to film a movie and came back no longer wanting to be in the relationship. He explained on his podcast,

"She said, 'You know what, I realized while I was out of the country working alone, that I feel more like myself and I liked myself better during that experience. And I think that's something that might be worth trying for me.'"

But after a quick bout of professional "me time," just one month later, Fox was spotted all cozied-up with rapper and actor, Machine Gun Kelly. She captioned an Instagram post in August 2020,

"Achingly Beautiful Boy […] My heart is yours."

For his part, Green seemed to take it all in stride, and hopped on Instagram to post photos of their three sons with pretty much the same caption, except from him to his boys.

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Surprise split | 00:00
Fast romance | 1:41
Did she step out? | 2:40
Face-Swapping | 3:29
Bad press | 4:19
Transformers Drama | 5:24
The drama continues | 6:51
Did she sellout | 8:11
A confusing stance | 9:32
Left out of #MeToo | 10:30

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83 comentarios:

People hate her for being quite literally the most attractive woman of all time. Huge flex tbh.
hafsa Abbas
hafsa Abbas:
You know what's really sketchy? Nicki Swift.
aliens inthecabinet
aliens inthecabinet:
Y’all just bringing this up because of who she’s dating. Can’t let a woman be happy can ya. Smh.
megan fox is a queen and will always be. she was right and ahead of her time in almost all of these. people just misunderstood them. we all owe megan an apology
Cryptic Reaper
Cryptic Reaper:
She took a big hit after spielberg and bay blacklisted her after they were creeps
TheHoboThatLives OutsideYourHouse
TheHoboThatLives OutsideYourHouse:
I don’t believe Megan fox is transphobic. She has said it before and other people have too she had an extremely dry sense of humor.
Damiens mom
Damiens mom:
How is she transphobic yet she let's her sons wear dresses because they want to. Howwwww is that homophobic or transphobic at all? With how judgmental this channel is it makes me wonder what this woman looks like...
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
I don't think Meagan is transphobic, I think her jab was against men in general.
Ian Smith
Ian Smith:
How dare she try & express that she’s a bit of a tomboy
Gabbylane Mcmillen
Gabbylane Mcmillen:
I think that Megan fox is beautiful inside and out no matter what
Necromantic Doll
Necromantic Doll:
She's into astrology too I can't wheggehwgegwegge I would've done the same lmfao
whizzard blizzard
whizzard blizzard:
Those transphobic comments were made pre-2010, way before woke-culture. She’s learnt the hard way after finding out her son is likely to be in the lgbtq spectrum as well
Just Me
Just Me:
i agreed with everything meg said and did.. i dont see how anything was sketchy.
Hannah Wooldridge
Hannah Wooldridge:
Love how the blame is being put on a 17 year old Megan after being approached by a 30 year old man...
peachy barbie
peachy barbie:
Time to unsubscribe everyone 😀👍❤️
dusky jewel
dusky jewel:
Y’all just hate her because she is super attractive and intelligent, just can’t accept that people can be both of those things, can you?
how does a 30 year old man going for an 18 year old girl make her sketchy?
Vanessa Negrete
Vanessa Negrete:
I think it’s great that she’s happy and doing her own thing. 😊 she’s still very beautiful
These aren't even sketchy things... I love Megan Fox so stop attacking her
that transphobic thing was a serious reach, i think she was just playing into the 'cool girl' image by saying shes into guy things.
Kathleen Patricia
Kathleen Patricia:
When I saw the thumbnail at first glance, I thought it was Brooke Shields in her younger days
Not Interested.
Not Interested.:
What was the point of this vid?!
G10Gabrielle Gutierrez
G10Gabrielle Gutierrez:
Leave her be, Nicki!
Battleground Baseball
Battleground Baseball:
An add every 2 minutes? Com on
Ilah Kc
Ilah Kc:
Stuff ppl tell you on these videos aren’t true
She is the most gorgeous woman to ever enter in Hollywood. That is why she is hated because she is unbeatable competition. Plus she stands up for herself and doesnt kiss everyones ass like many Hollywood actors.
Breck Lawler
Breck Lawler:
Way too many quotes read. I felt like the video was about to be over 5 minutes before it was. But I still appreciate so much info.
Can y'all leave her and Kells along jesus
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez:
How are her comments transphobic?
Jake Tyler
Jake Tyler:
Not gonna lie Megan fox was my first crush as a little kid, I thought she was a goddess lmao.
Blushing Heart
Blushing Heart:
My girl crush her and Meagan Good ♥
Katie Merrick
Katie Merrick:
I feel like alot of these are reaching tbh.
Britt Aaron
Britt Aaron:
I ❤ Megan Fox! 🖤
I also F***ING love that her and MGK are together.
Julia Johansson
Julia Johansson:
Hollywood is a place where you have to say and make things to stay relevant. Fox is doing exactly that.
Iam Brandi
Iam Brandi:
I know she met someone new
JD Egessa
JD Egessa:
Actors are wacked out.
Lmaooo she didn’t say anything transphobic
ElizVlh XX
ElizVlh XX:
Why do ppl think she's a transgender, it will be so terrifying to be her thatt ppl r labelling her as a dimbo while she's really intelligent and woked and she's just authentic and honest.
Kambrie Rose
Kambrie Rose:
This woman had her career started by being sexualized by GROWN men at just the age of 15 and it never stopped after that. Sad to see that she had to apologize to her groomer just to get her career back and is still doesn’t feel welcome to come forward
vas happenin'
vas happenin':
my forever girl crush
the only remotely sketchy thing about her is the small gap between her ending things with her husband and getting with mgk because it implies an overlap
why mention her surgeries tho, like what’s the point of that. WHO CARES if she had anything done she looks amazing!!
Jean Dixson
Jean Dixson:
Be careful of that pieces moon
David Whitlow
David Whitlow:
Didn't she also feel electricity coming out of her when MGK also touched her hips🤔🤣
A true icon
Kim alana
Kim alana:
What’s up with all the Pisces moons I mean we’re all great but damn
Beautiful girl, terrible actress
Why did I click this? DAM you youtube rabbit hole.
Miranda Mason
Miranda Mason:
so judgmental
Taylor Elich
Taylor Elich:
Take me on a date
K Mac
K Mac:
Umm...she definitely has an Adam’s apple.
nice to see you
Tonya patriot
Tonya patriot:
Transphobic? No. Transsexual? Yea!
Kele Beck
Kele Beck:
One of the cruelest things about Megan Fox and what was done to her is the plastering of her thumbs all over the internet. She has a medical problem called brachydactyly type D and the media exploited this.
Picky Nikkis Tarot
Picky Nikkis Tarot:
“I’m not like other girls” 🥴🤦‍♀️
Anon. V
Anon. V:
“The most beautiful 18 year old” even back then that’s a stretch. She was cute but not to *that* extent.
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali:
Megan its brain
Asian Egyptian Paris French
Asian Egyptian Paris French:
U so sweet
Andrea Fleet
Andrea Fleet:
Kinda looks like she has an Adam's apple
Raven Brite
Raven Brite:
Why does this video have more likes them dislikes?!!
Benjamin Tanuwira
Benjamin Tanuwira:
How I wish I could go back to 2003
Khaleesi Panda
Khaleesi Panda:
She's a terrible actress. Very beautiful but please god you can't act
Katerina Berhami
Katerina Berhami:
I actually like her even though she gets a lot of hate. But i think it’s stupid when people says she’s the most prettiest, there’s actually a lot pretty women like Monica belluci I don’t think she’s the prettiest and it’s not really comparable everyone’s just pretty in their own way
Roselyn Campisi
Roselyn Campisi:
Rough Riding
Rough Riding:
One of them groupy broads
James Martin
James Martin:
Three kids,damn,son!,he was going to pound town!
Anonymous TM
Anonymous TM:
Swear Nicki Swift be running outta content coz this video deadass stupid ash and Ian even a Megan fan or Stan but the way Nicki reaching and OD it in this vid is crazy, moral of the story is Megan is prolly happy fw MGK somewhere doing her own shii nd makin money next!
Danny Plourde 11-11
Danny Plourde 11-11:
He does have girlish looks doesn't he manly girl 😂
It seems like she's really good at putting herself in the role of a victim.
Erik Highpitch
Erik Highpitch:
Megan Fox is goofy as hell walking around in teenage clothes dating a highschool crush. This is how an adult acts right? I'm with BAG.
r rr
r rr:
Who or what is she anyway......???
No Shit Shurlock
No Shit Shurlock:
You can’t deny she has a massive Adam’s apple for a woman...
Like so many in Hollywood,million dollar looks,but 10 cent brain.
Barbra chela
Barbra chela:
I want to hate her so much, how can she date mgk 😂 but I can't
Traci-Jean Behind Blue Eyes
Traci-Jean Behind Blue Eyes:
Why does everyone ignore her gigantic Adam's apple? I mean, it couldn't be more obvious...
Annie Jackson
Annie Jackson:
*ALL THAT WORK* done to look like Angelina Jolie & she never came _remotely_ close 😬😂😹🤣
Ang B
Ang B:
She needs a new haircut and style
Can't make a [email protected] into a house wife.
V M:
She’s a terrible mom
Yeah....her thumb
Ang B
Ang B:
Those kids are not cute