Sloane Stephens vs. Naomi Osaka | 2022 Indian Wells Round 1 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Sloane Stephens vs. Naomi Osaka at the Indian Wells Master.

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Oats & Goats
Oats & Goats:
6:07 best rally of the match. you can see what these two are capable of's so crazy to think this is a match between two players who are about rank 80 (before Sloane climbed up just recently)
timat H.
timat H.:
As much as I want Naomi to win, I just love seeing her play. Hopefully she stays healthy this year and gets plenty of matches in
This match was so awesome-- great to see both players playing so well. Happy to see Osaka back in form.
Despite the windy conditions, this was a great match and a challenge for both players, hope to see Naomi thrive this Indian Wells.
Channita LANGSY
Channita LANGSY:
Happy for Naomi, she seems happy and less stressed, good to see her back on track, that's was a really good match
the real naomi started to show up in that 3rd set! if she plays like that she’ll have a good shot at this indian wells 😊
I’d love to see a career rivalry between these two. These were very windy conditions, which isn’t surprising for Indian Wells, yet they both showed great power and a great match
David Turco
David Turco:
That is a crazy match up for a first round. Too bad one had to lose. Slonane is getting so close to being 'back'.
Eduardo DedosRock
Eduardo DedosRock:
Grande Osaka! Es una gran alegría verla jugar nuevamente, su juego es hermoso. Sigue así Naomi!
Peter Sneddon
Peter Sneddon:
So unfortunate that these ladies had to play each other in the 1st Round - it could've gone either way! This match deserved to be The FINAL! Great stuff by both women!
Josh Milton
Josh Milton:
Sloane’s point at 6:41 🤩 The best point of the match!
Wow that was a good match from both players!I'm seeing some of the old Stephens there!Naomi's game is looking very good!🙌🏿
i am SO SO HAPPY Naomi kept her fighting spirit up after loosing the opening set! the windy conditions were crazyyy. fav match up so far 🧡
I'm rooting for Naomi to win Indian Wells this year!
Louis de Miguel Ozanne
Louis de Miguel Ozanne:
the wind today was insane, when it kinda stopped in the 3rd set, the level was so high and they were playing so good (especially Osaka). Sad for Stephens but so happy for Naomi.
John Rain McManus
John Rain McManus:
Really happy for Naomi, but really impressed also with Sloane's totally gracious moment at the net after the match. You can't fake character like that.
This could be a great rivalry with entertaining matches. I really hope both of these ladies get back their mojo. They are both very talented.
Great contest from Sloane, and what a way to win a first round match against a strong opponent for Naomi. Great patience and composure from both players in this match.
Allen Joseph
Allen Joseph:
Congratulation naomi, naomi can be unbeatable if improve her serve, after every powerful forehand and backhand get to the net and finish the point. Naomi is a wonderful player, amazing to watch. Welcome back phenom. Make them feel your presence. Respect stephens.
Neivaldo Duarte
Neivaldo Duarte:
Jogo bom, hein!? 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Marq Coleman
Marq Coleman:
What a match! Well done to both ladies. Let’s go Naomi!!
Lisa Lish Joehari
Lisa Lish Joehari:
Way to go Naomi!!!
Six Degrees of Gaming
Six Degrees of Gaming:
I thought Sloane was gonna win as she was in really good form. But Osaka showed us that form may be temporary but class is permanent. It was so windy out there. Osaka's sheer power was on full display here. She did look rusty here but when she's on hardly a few could stop her.
Itsme Forsure
Itsme Forsure:
Sloane has to pickup the pace on her groundies to compete with the better players. She shows she can, but then goes back into soft groundie mode. It sucks seeing the wind playing a roll in the match, but it could have gone either way.
Andrea Bioko
Andrea Bioko:
7:16 nothing feels better than a backhand winner 💪🏾🔥
Andrés Pérez
Andrés Pérez:
Go Naomi! 💪
Oh what a great match both ladies hitting the ball really well .
I love them both
Llanira M I
Llanira M I:
Naomi knew how to adjust and get back into the match after that strange first set. She makes me happy that she was able to keep a cool head and positive to continue fighting. I see a change in her, I hope it continues like this.
Chuck Lee
Chuck Lee:
I was really looking forward to this match up, but the hyper windy conditions prevented a showcase of great ball striking and letting the players play and hit out :/
King Bible lessons
King Bible lessons:
Well played by both! Anyones match 🙏🏽❤️🤯
Miista F
Miista F:
Tough match cause of the wind for both despite that osaka found a way to win
Ilja Lapato
Ilja Lapato:
Both are great players!
"Steady strokes set to play or win, couldn't outmatch cleaver selection and drive of Naomi, this match".
Brandon Y
Brandon Y:
Go osaka!! Take the title again! I really think she can do it
What i liked most ..Stephen's smile while shaking hands 😊
Awesome, both ladies played well!
Andrea Bioko
Andrea Bioko:
6:08 rally of the match 🔝🎾🌴
B. Harris
B. Harris:
Sloane is on her way...Great job Champ
Anthony C
Anthony C:
Tough first round!
Sean Peters
Sean Peters:
Such a good match!
Imchen kar
Imchen kar:
I like to see more of Osaka....I hope she plays more tournament....miss her on tours coz she doesnt play much like other players....
Sofa Kulit
Sofa Kulit:
I've said it....and im gonna say it again....sloane is beautiful.
Vikramaditya Kaushal
Vikramaditya Kaushal:
Great win for naomi
Gabriel P J Gervais
Gabriel P J Gervais:
No doubt Osaka is not the player most would want to meet in Round 1. Let's see how she progresses.
This must have been really tough for the Indian Wells crowd, figuring out which black woman they should heckle more.
Diepiriyegift Parisg
Diepiriyegift Parisg:
Congratulations Osaka pls keep winning
Although she won the match naomi still need to get some matches under her belt. I feel that her losses last yr before the US open and US open and this yr at the Australian open is due to lack of match play.
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z:
Congrats to Osaka!!! I hate to see Sloane exit though
I was delighted to see both ladies back, but moreso Sloane. The match you played earlier today was a sign of future expectations from you. More grits and tenacity ! We have been missing a lot of that, where the females are concerned. Thanks for putting us on notice of what to come. Hopefully, you will remain in good health. Both physically and mentally! Naomi, Congrats, as you transition into your previous self and win more games, as you did previously. God's Blessings Always! Sloane, Naomi and others!
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good battle. Great tournament outfit by Nike for Naomi.
Let's go Queen Nao😘😘😘😘
Sabrina Lincoln
Sabrina Lincoln:
Why Stephens always has a tough draw!
brian wesonga
brian wesonga:
This version of Osaka is extra motivated. She's not like Kenin who's blown away every wildcard she's been given by her first round loses
Alipo Atunkolepo Mwakanyika
Alipo Atunkolepo Mwakanyika:
Respect to both so sisterly match
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond:
Sloane can't pull the trigger anymore. But congrats to Naomi!
Noro Shut
Noro Shut:
Happy for Osaka. Congratulations
hala sabah
hala sabah:
yes good game osaka ✌️👏👏👏
Rendy Umboh
Rendy Umboh:
Love both reaction at the net…
Squid James
Squid James:
Happy for Osaka, but what a sweetheart Stephens is.
Hendrina Haikwiyu
Hendrina Haikwiyu:
i want my Naomi back, i miss that Naomi
Looks like it was a winable match for Stephens but couldnt covert key break points.
Was nice to see Osaka play and win...
Isaac Lopez
Isaac Lopez:
Love these two
Omar Essam Eldin
Omar Essam Eldin:
Bad draw sad to see this amazing player play in first round this match would be in round 16 sad for Stephens
Raneir Pollard
Raneir Pollard:
If Stephen’s takes anything away from this match, I hope it’s how much she needs to try avoiding her own slice backhand and hit her two hander! Her slice is far from a Barty slice…
Brandon Ng
Brandon Ng:
Excellent matchup!
Rićhard Khalil
Rićhard Khalil:
Awesome match-up.
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
Thanks, Sloane. Thanks for stopping by.
Mason Finley
Mason Finley:
Woooo that wind was really whipping that ball around. Nothing is more frustrating
Andrea Chev
Andrea Chev:
Congrats Osaka
K K:
Sloane has such bad draw luck although I think this one was rigged but anyway.
Well played Naomi I think she’s the one who needed this win the most cause she obvs needs points.
I hope to see them back on top soon so they can actually face each other in later stages of the tournament.
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Are you kidding? No highlights of Kostyuk vs. Zanevska it was the best match of the day and Qiang vs. Bouzkova
The conditions are just unplayable
Rafa Tennis Champ
Rafa Tennis Champ:
I hope Naomi keep on playing , her moves still rusty her serve and some forehands error..
Daquan Mais
Daquan Mais:
Both ladies are SOOO BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED - awesome match
Albert Sun
Albert Sun:
Talk about letting go of momentum, had chance to go 3-0 and end the match, lost the plot
Lets go Naomi ❤
Kostyuk-Zanevska played an incredible 3 hour match with a wholesome embrace at the end but cant find the highlights because WTA won't upload it unless big names like Naomi are involved. The other girls deserve some attention too!
Wim van de Steeg
Wim van de Steeg:
Really Love Naomi, there is nobody who can deal with her strength, so hope she can keep it up, and dont get into those mindgames again, she deserves to be on top!
Y'eah Naomi 👑 👑 👑
Gloria Nnamani
Gloria Nnamani:
🤩🥳good match both champs…Naomi 🏅
Why the hell was this a Round 1 match? These are two champions.
m changsan
m changsan:
Naomi the queen 😍
Sharan Dsouza
Sharan Dsouza:
Two of my favourites
William Yeh
William Yeh:
Osaka is OK as long as she wins. She has all the problems when she losses.
stephens needs to stop being a pusher and then she might go deep in the tournament
Riris Liani
Riris Liani:
Happy for naomi. Just play , smile dan win..
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Is it me or are they taking a long time to put up this tournament's videos. Not the WTA but all the platforms?
K. Alvarado
K. Alvarado:
This should have been a final.
Really tough
Dominic Dominic
Dominic Dominic:
The condition was terrible
Hendrina Haikwiyu
Hendrina Haikwiyu:
Women tennis: Can we have at least 3 consistent players that win trophies for five years like serena s Era
L L:
When Osaka loses or making another drama, there will be no highlights of her match. Well done, WTA!!
jay walker
jay walker:
naomi is playing with incredible strength it is as if she were a boxer she knocked sloane out
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
This wind 💨
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
revaldi zevan
revaldi zevan:
Sloane when she leads, she never push more intensity, that is why she keeps loosing even though she is leading...
What a relief the old Naomi showed up. Her first serv percentage up to 66 percent Her fight was great too against a tough tough opponent. And she is fit, easily 10 lbs slimmer than last year. Love them both but glad to see they are both regaining form.