Sloane Stephens vs Serena Williams | US Open 2020 Round 3

Sloane Stephens takes on Serena Williams in Round 3 of the US Open 2020.

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Quarmaine Stephenson
Quarmaine Stephenson:
Olympia is so cute
Mihai Rotunjanu
Mihai Rotunjanu:
I hope that Williams will win the tournament !
I am from Romania,but I Have been folowing her since I was 5 years old,She is amazing,she work so hard to win her 24'th grand Slam title at 39 years old ,and that's why,I hope that Serena will win !!!🤗🤗🤗
KC Nwokoye
KC Nwokoye:
Serena's game is built around her serve. When her serve is working and her first serves and aces are firing, she feels confident to do other things. Guys we all love Serena so no negativity. She has achieved everything there is to in tennis and has a full life. She has a loving family. So now it will take much more to motivate her. It's hard to be motivated to win another slam and do all the training and play all the tournaments that will prepare you. You can see Kim Clijsters came back and lost in first round, same with Azarenka who is just playing well again. Serena came back after complications to her health and suffered injuries while back and her first slam back was Wimbledon final and she's done it 4 times since so she's not lacking motivation or not working hard, there's a piece to the puzzle still missing. Maybe she'll find it and maybe not, either ways, she's done it all and will remain a Legend for generations to come.
Alexandre Santana
Alexandre Santana:
Serena still got it
The last two sets. Vintage Serena: problem solving, moving her feet, court coverage, serving well, not giving up. Just amazing to witness. However, she needs to START LIKE THIS moving forward. An in form player will capitalize on a weak first set and win the match. Goodbye Sloane.
Dante J
Dante J:
Problem solving at its finest
Xiao Chiao
Xiao Chiao:
That first set got me thinking: "Of course Sloane flops throughout the whole year against 99% of the top 200 but decides to show up when she plays Serena"
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs:
I watched most of the first set and pretty much counted Serena out of the match. She was spraying errors left and right. Much to my surprise, I saw the score line at 4-1 in the 3rd set with Serena leading. Is there some magical switch the girl turns on and off? When she's firing that serve, she is one tough broad to beat!
Mark Sam
Mark Sam:
Serena’s serve was the factor in set 2 and set3. If she keeps serving well her ground strokes will approve
Marq Coleman
Marq Coleman:
I watched this match and I was impressed on how Serena stayed focused and fought. She didn’t get over dramatic like she has been lately and was able to close the match. I hope she can maintain her composure and win the next one against Sakkari. She usually doesn’t lose twice to the same person back to back.
Tom O Mahony
Tom O Mahony:
What a match. Sloane was absolutely amazing in that first set. She showed that 2017 form. But Serena was just to good in the end.
greg blyde
greg blyde:
pure vintage refusal to lose performance. all those 3 setters are paying off. so so good in sets 2 and 3
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Serena had me scared there. Dont be messing my feelings. Im glad she won. Go Serena. Keep on going one match at a time. Yeah!!!!!!!! Go Queen!!!!!
And Olympia is soooo [email protected])!😀
Coin Collecting With Tyler
Coin Collecting With Tyler:
This woman is just a pure genius and legend! She drops a set and then says “ okay Serena lets go!” And the. She wins two sets in a row!
go Serena! Go!
Lincoln Baldonado
Lincoln Baldonado:
Sloane played like 2018 her in that first set
Ayden Anthony
Ayden Anthony:
These highlights really don't do justice, they aren't good enough.
Danger Russ
Danger Russ:
This was a great match to watch. I was nervous for a second for Serena. They are both great players. I wish they would’ve met in a later round.
Rose Fendi
Rose Fendi:
I hope Sloane can learn from Serena, she need to have that fighting attitude and no one will touch her.
Joseph Nickell
Joseph Nickell:
The Queen wins again. And Damn does she look good!
Titus Tsiri
Titus Tsiri:
Waiting for the day Sloane really play her best tennis every match through out the grand slams
Jason toby
Jason toby:
Her performance in the third set reminded me a lot of 2013 level
Top spin Forehand, reliance of the depth of her shots and attacking at the right moment.
Please play like this for the rest of the tournament.
btw, Sloane was so sweet at the net. Love my SW but still hoping Sloane gets her game together and wins a few more slams (after Serena is done, lol).
Sloane played so crazy in the first set, I was so impressed. Let's go Serena
Sloane looks a bit lazy on 2 3 set
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
Serena giving me Roger's heart attacks, thank God she pulled through, 1st set was terrible, don't know if she was nervous af, or just was not timing the ball well, and couldn't find her range, but it was looking pretty bleak! Thank God, tennis IQ clicked, and saved her in 2nd set, what a massive upset this would have been, God saved Serena!
L Ll
L Ll:
Serena Williams!
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
This is exactly the type of match Serena needed to play to win this tournament. She problem solved and gained momentum by serving and moving better in the 2nd and 3rd set. #24 here we come!
Atua Tofaeono
Atua Tofaeono:
Congratulations Queen Serena!
You’re the Greatest ❤️🙏🙏
Keep going 24th here we come❤️👏🙏💪🤛❤️
Dario Barba
Dario Barba:
This highlight is so bad. No one break point or key point showed. Just random normal point. WTF
Marilla Williams
Marilla Williams:
Remember who you are. Serena you are a good person such a big heart ❤ you deserve this win!
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez:
Kind of cool they shake rackets instead of hands
I actually think these two are pretty well matched. Sloane has only just scratched the surface of how good she could be. In the end, Serena was just too consistent!
Liam Laing
Liam Laing:
We saw some of Serena's best point, but also her worst. Hopefully she finds her mojo more quickly!
Sloane is like a running back who gets you two yard even if you need 9 yards, she will only get her two yards . Never enough effort in her.
Mandeep Sandhu
Mandeep Sandhu:
Everything is fine..if Serena's serve is good....
Lincoln Baldonado
Lincoln Baldonado:
wonder if serena can beat Sakkari after losing last time
Ganjah DaHood
Ganjah DaHood:
0:17 What’s Serena saying? 🤔
Camron Moody
Camron Moody:
Serena’s serve dictates the way she’ll play a lot she has to land a lot of first serves but great job Queen SW 🎾💕!!
Moor Moorish
Moor Moorish:
We love our sisters, they both played well, it could have gone either way.
Finn Klein
Finn Klein:
Sorry, but it looked like Stephens just gave up while playing. There hasn’t been any emotion from her while hitting a few balls I a row in the net. But congrats to Serena.
MissTee TL
MissTee TL:
I was watching this Saturday. I thought Serena had lost. Imagine my delight! 🤩
Roe Roe
Roe Roe:
One thing i was happy about is she was able to hold her serve after she broke sloane. She hasn’t been doing that. Besides the first set she looked really good on serve.
andrew laidley
andrew laidley:
Sloane stephens played well, serena is just a legend
Excellent problem solving Serena, but you've got to do that FASTER. Clean it up sooner and keep those feet moving! You don't always have to go for the power shot.
Valerie Swe
Valerie Swe:
Watching this makes me miss tennis so much :(((((
prem malhotra
prem malhotra:
Once the goat, always the goat.

All hail my queen.
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
Even though she lost Sloane is back baby
Sloane was right, this match was definitely lit 😂
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Sloane completely faded in Set 2 and 3.
I love SW but if we're honest, another top player who is able to keep their level consistent would have capitalized on her errors and suspect movement and eked out the win. Serena raised her level in the last two sets but Sloane simultaneously went away. Some of these girls won't give you an opportunity to get back in. To win, Serena has to START well - serving well and not allowing herself to be dictated to as she was by Sloane in the first. Still behind her - always.
Keith Estraiër-Coetzee
Keith Estraiër-Coetzee:
Kaman Queen Serena! Well done, Sloane :)
Rashawn Campbell
Rashawn Campbell:
I'm not gonna lie in that first set... Serena was making me think of her age in tennis.......... glad she was able to pull through.
That's Rich
That's Rich:
This is basically how all of their matches go. Sloane comes out the gate strong, she then goes away and Serena takes the 2 final sets.
Stephanie Ransom
Stephanie Ransom:
She still not going to win us open now I'm just waiting for it 😁
Jason Wong
Jason Wong:
Sloane might’ve lost here but she’s clear I starting to regain her form. Excited to see what she does at the Frencgh
Angie S
Angie S:
Congratulations Serena Williams great 👍🏼 job
Steroid Serena still at it!
Terrence Dube
Terrence Dube:
Second set Serina opened serve with 2 aces and l knew Sloan was already spooked
やっぱ すげえわ 。
Я думал Серена не соберется и проиграет... не угадал)
S M:
I really love the hunger in Serena Williams to always improve
Ranch Dubois
Ranch Dubois:
I love Serenas grunt! Get it girl 😈
mike jones
mike jones:
i'm rooting for the girl
Comeback after the first! Focus!
Let me guess, white lives matter?!🤔😂 Jokes to a side, this 3rd round result for Stephens is a great result, considering her last periode of tennis, where is lost to amateurs like Fernandez or Zarazua
Κώστας Αργύρης
Κώστας Αργύρης:
Serena gave her beautiful daughter a greek name and now she is playing a Greek... again
باللغه العربيه استخدمو المترجم

سرينا هي ملكة التنس واحببت التنس بسببها
Adi 83
Adi 83:
So happy cause my Queens are back again. Seren & Vika 👍👍👍👍🇮🇩🇮🇩
Mr. Goodbar
Mr. Goodbar:
Serena once played linebacker for Tuskeegee.
Siyabonga Mchunu
Siyabonga Mchunu:
Sloane is honestly a bit of a mystery to me....
Babar Ali
Babar Ali:
Mama 😅😅😅😅
Soham Prasad
Soham Prasad:
Serena's biggest disadvantage is her movement. Watching her play is like seeing a tank: powerful but bulky. Players who know how to take advantage of this have a guaranteed win.
Guy Ss
Guy Ss:
They seemed to be tired or just lazy to run?
B M-Y:
Is she wearing Maria's AO dress??
Aaron Keane
Aaron Keane:
Hopefully Kenin batters her in the semi final. Far more likeable person
Marie Jones
Marie Jones:
Girl Serena did not tell you it was going to be all right did not tell you it was well girl I told you you can do it I know you can do it and you did it. Grace Grace to You. God Bless you and your Beautiful Family.
Daws10 1
Daws10 1:
This is a GREAT starting point for Sloan. Having confidence in her game to not loose to people she shouldn’t loose too. She will make her way back into the top 15 in the world. I’m so proud of Sloan for her to come out like this she balled out. 2017 form in first set ridiculous. I’m so happy for Serena she is going into the second week with a big boost. I loved there healthy smiles at the end of the match because it was such a great match.
suraj amom
suraj amom:
I’m shocked she came back and won. She’s been losing these types of matches so often lately.
Joffrey Salme
Joffrey Salme:
What a game!!!
Garry Galloway
Garry Galloway:
Battle of the bad weaves.🤣🤣🤣🤣
I can not believe that two multi millionaires can have such bad hair.
Neither Tyra or Naomi have this issue.
Leonard Allen
Leonard Allen:
I've been playimg tennis about two years now. My serve is strong and my groundstokes are powerful. I feel at this point I could beat Serena in straight sets. In fact I did, just two months ago. She couldnt stop crying, which I thought was an overreaction, even for a two year old. I love playing tennis with my neighbors kids 😊
Subhasini Waikhom
Subhasini Waikhom:
Serena go ahead
Welshy King
Welshy King:
Much better footwork and timing of the ball strike as match went on. Excellent as Serena had not won vs Stephens for a while. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Коля Пердюков
Коля Пердюков:
Serena needs to ask Sloan how she lost weight.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora:
Watching Serena beat such a dangerous opponent while her precious Olympia cheers her on is beyond awesome! C'mon SERENA!!!
Siren Thelxiope
Siren Thelxiope:
I hear applauding.....but I don't see anyone clapping?
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android
Playlist Channel on Youtube I Love Selfie w Android:
She beat her.
Jonathan Rice
Jonathan Rice:
She needs to avoid long matches like this if she’s to win the Open. They tend to cost her later in the tournaments.
dominic spiller
dominic spiller:
Serena is playing nothing like what will be required to win this tournament, hopefully she gets better
Messi 528
Messi 528:
Now that she won this match
I am sure that she will win us open this year thanks to her determination
Mark my words
When the win comes, return to that comment
Patrycja Lee
Patrycja Lee:
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Mabiaki Zathang
Mabiaki Zathang:
Serena go go go
Big win for Serena. Still not convinced she's going to go all the way but this is a match she probably would have lost in the last few years...
Lysse Millien
Lysse Millien:
Congratulations Serena. I am very happy that you win . keep practicing. Move your feet faster. You can do it .YES .YES .YES. GOD IS GREAT.
Madchen Lear
Madchen Lear:
Sloane fell off for who knows what reason. Serena's "uped level" wouldn't have had an effect if Sloane played like the 1st, especially if she got a break and held serve. It was gifted, but I don't see it happening again with these players left.
England Calling
England Calling:
As someone who follows tennis closely I think Venus or Coco might prove too strong in the later rounds.
Don Emigholz Jr.
Don Emigholz Jr.:
Does women's tennis check for performance enhancing drugs??
Serena took the advice she gave Sloane, "smooth"
Yasssssss so close to #24