So THIS Is How Wesley Snipes Ruined His Career

There was a time when Wesley Snipes mixed his acting skills with his impressive martial arts moves to dominate the genres of comedy, action, and drama. These days, he is no longer the leading man in blockbuster films, and he wasn’t even asked to reprise his role in the reboot of Blade. Here's why.

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100+ comentarios:

JP Mackey
JP Mackey:
Dang, Wesley. If you want to date outside your race, don’t diss your own race of women while you’re at it. 🤦🏾‍♂️
A B:
Isn’t it ironic how he claim “Being targeted for his race” but he’s known to say such negative things about black women? I don’t feel sorry for these pseudo black men that pick and choose when they want to be black. Arrogance is his failure
Shenyae T
Shenyae T:
He felt so comfortable speaking bad about Black women in a magazine. I have no respect for him.
I was always wondering why we don't see him in movies like we used to.
Diana Prince
Diana Prince:
I’m not shocked. His ego has a lot to do with how his career turned out.
Loving Lynn
Loving Lynn:
What I can state is that I am not surprised about what I just watched. People need to realize that a lot of these black men just want to project their childhood traumas or emotionally detached black mothers on us "sistas". I am so sick of hearing that all black women are loud, overbearing, and emotionally detached from "brothers". At this point, all I could do is laugh at these sad, lost "brothers". If you want to date outside your race than fine. Just stop dogging EVERY black woman. It is sick, untrue, and tiring to keep listening to.
Date whoever you love, but it's the badmouthing of black women for me..too bad all the self hate didn't help him
Talisha Bailey
Talisha Bailey:
Such a copp out. Quick to talk bad about your race especially towards black women but quick to pull the racist card when things don't go your way.
Carroll Linda
Carroll Linda:
It is really sad that Wesley feels this way about black women. However, what's more disturbing is that his view of black women is shared by many more black men ; professional and non professional. .Where Wesley is crude and arrogant, others are able to sugar coat their views. At least he doesn't leave one guessing.
Donia Donnell
Donia Donnell:
Nope, I don't feel sorry for him, because, once you dissed Black Women, you just cursed yourself. 😎
Tomie Uzumaki
Tomie Uzumaki:
I didn’t know about his comments about black women. Noted 📝
I’m Me
I’m Me:
Oh so it was okay for him to speak his mind against black women but when it was done to him he was offended 😂😂😂
William Riley
William Riley:
How can anyone respect someone who publicly degrades members of their own group and expect people inside and outside of that group to respect them. I really hope Wesley eventually learned that important point.
If sowing and reaping was a person...Wesley mocked black woman..then he cries discrimination..smh
Jaida Marié
Jaida Marié:
It’s weird how he like to use his race as an excuse for the hurdles in his life but doesn’t date black women 🤔
tia poteat
tia poteat:
That “self hate” is REAL!!
Just shows how powerful black women are ... our support is second to none.. you respect us and we will back you up. Nobody is more loyal than a sista...oh well...His loss (tate diggs too). Great video keep em coming xx
I remember those comments about sisters. Career took a nose dive. Now he wants acceptance from the very race he rejected. I'll stick with Denzel and Will Smith, who have 10xs more class.
Carlita Cosmetics
Carlita Cosmetics:
He always had a big ego and black women were completely aware of how he felt about us. He's always been a turn off.
Dan Suti
Dan Suti:
There is only one Blade and that will always be Wesley Snipes. He is making a comeback already. A true legend
Sadly he got in his own way. I'm sure he's learned a lot. He's a very good actor so hopefully he will find the right roles that will revive his career.
Yonie 💋
Yonie 💋:
Date whoever you want “I GUESS” 🙄 but leave Black Women out of it!!! 😒
I don't feel sorry for him. You can have your preferences but dogging blk women will get you know where fast. THEY gave him the same energy he gave us sooooo oh well.
Tanya Laing
Tanya Laing:
He forgot where he came from, that's why he is in the state he's in,
Dismiss Detractors
Dismiss Detractors:
And, let's not forget, he, allegedly, was the one that hit Halle Berry so hard that it caused her to go deaf or partially deaf in one ear. The alleged assault was not caused by the singer Christopher Williams.
Asiah Walker
Asiah Walker:
When Black women pull our support it matters… don’t play with us
Lavender Sunsets
Lavender Sunsets:
I notice a pattern here. These men do not like themselves so any woman who is dark reminds them of their upbringing or themselves. First Taye Diggs now Wesley. And when Wesley got successful this was the rise of ds men being considered handsome and ideal. Now I've always liked ds men since I laid eyes on Big Daddy Kane. But you can't give love if you don't like yourself. If he's happy with Asian women that's great. But I don't understand why bw are always coming up as the reason why.
Faye Vids
Faye Vids:
When you get famous, remember to stay humble…
He went to Vibe magazine and said, " he didn't like Black women, Vibe posted the story and he was done, done. Signed sealed and delivered by the sistas he claimed to hate. Well, Becky and Lin Foo didn't give a shuck about this Nikka. Me singing, hit the road Jack, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, hit the rode jack.
Why does everyone think the dislike against Wesley is about him dating outside his race, that is so far from the truth. The problem is he took his black azz to a national magazine and degraded and spoke ill of the black woman and in all these years his black azz never apologized. So that is the problem.
Hey Y'all
Hey Y'all:
I definitely see why he fell off. He thinks he can say and do whatever he wants and when he has to deal with the consequences, he says it's someone else's fault
The reason behind his dating preferences is self hate. He stereotypes his own people.
Be a Doll
Be a Doll:
He really is 🤢🤢🤢 and funny how his type loves the "oppressors" daughters, but claim racism is holding them down.. Please 🙄
It’s always funny when Black men insult Black women until their career gets affected.
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.
Stephanie O
Stephanie O:
I remembered seeing BW at the courthouse in support of Snipes with his tax-evading self. BW gotta cut that out.
Ferocious Cherub
Ferocious Cherub:
Self-Hate is something else……🤦🏾‍♀️
Thank you for reminding me why Wesley's received well-deserved karma for his career. I've tried to separate the art from the person given his comments and will no longer do so regarding Black women. I don't care about BM/BW dating IR; just don't disparage each other based on race.
Britt Lyle
Britt Lyle:
When he was 15, Snipes was in a program I ran called "Struttin' Street Stuff". Based in Orlando, the summer program was made up of kids who put on shows in the downtown part of the city. I remember when the checks to pay them came in, his was never there. Although I made out the time sheets and submitted them at the same time, his would always be a few days late. Once I gave him a ride home when his check didn't come to explain to him that I wasn't the cause of the delay and gave him a 20 dollar bill. He was always sad and hurt by the delay. I remember his sad eyes. Later on in time, I was surprised and proud to see the success that he had in film. He is also a 1983 graduate of my high school alma mater, Jones High School. He came from humble beginnings and it's not hard to see how that kind of success can make you lose yourself. Much luck in the future Wesley.. "There's one for whom we toil......."
Ex Smith
Ex Smith:
Nah Blade trinity wasn’t his fault . The director lied and tried to limit his role in favor of Ryan Reynolds . Which is why that film flopped tried to make blade into a comedy !
I'm glad he hasn't had a hit role. That's what he gets. Not just for the black woman comment but the way he treated others he worked with as well.
Oh really Wesley?! That’s how you feel 😕
His wack mindset aside, he did his thing in “True Story”.
Ashlee Jade
Ashlee Jade:
How’s Wesley going to have an issue with white actors being casted/favoured over him, but then go and marry a non-black woman and say what he did about black women? Make it make sense. Sounds like a loss brother to me 🤷🏾‍♀️
Labels and Life
Labels and Life:
Bravo black women… let’s continue to de-throne these type of entertainers, allow their “preferences” become their fanbase.
Miss A
Miss A:
strange how some ppl scream racism when their feet are held to the fire but do nothing for their race. cant be black just when it suits you and watch all the injustice done to our ppl from the sidelines. dont really care who he goes to bed with. i care who he stands with and it aint us.
Maa kheru Men Metu
Maa kheru Men Metu:
My person was a Wesley Snipes big fan. Especially since I found out that he was once a student of our African Ausar Auset Society International.But, his disrespect to African Goddesses and his drag queen role and also all the mix scene with colonizer women has changed my loyalty to him.The Ancestors are disappointed with him also. Shame on you.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith:
There's no denying Wesley Snipes was the man back in the nineties and early 2 thousands. drop zone, murder at 1600, Rising sun, The fan. Plus appearances in other movies like down in the Delta, and waiting to Exhale. He wanted to do black panther after blade but I'm glad he didn't because the special effects just wasn't there at the time. Love him or hate him you got to give him his flowers
Richelle Miller♉
Richelle Miller♉:
As a whole blessing of a black woman, Wesley wasn't for me or my friends or family members for that matter.. He really wasn't a head turner for me, but give me my husband, Allen Payne, Larenz Tate & Blair Underwood I'm too good 🥰❤
Foreverr CocoChenel
Foreverr CocoChenel:
It sounds like he was treated unfairly the same as he was treating black women unfairly. Judge lest you be judged.

The irony played right out in the front of the public. The black woman is probably blamed for the course of his life. I was telling my son •what you give is what you get”. The universe response accordingly.
Ruthie Nelson
Ruthie Nelson:
I was wondering what happened to Mr. Wesley Snipes. Experience is our best teacher. I wish you well in your future endeavours.
Wow, I'm shocked about the comments he made about black women 😔 I remember Passenger 57 was one of my favorite movies growing up.
Deon Jones
Deon Jones:
“Wesley was in some deep doo-doo” 💩 I found that line soooo funny I had to replay it 🤣
Sem Ha
Sem Ha:
The usual suspects: unattractive and of a darker complexion. Wesley Snipes, Taye Diggs, etc.
Usually, you don't hear such nonsense from the attractive one with a darker complexion like Blaire Underwood. Attractive men are for the most part not insecure like the unattractive guys like Wesley Snipes. When the kind of Wesley Snipes become famous, they start to be arrogant and feel a distant towards their own people, especially women.
I have been alive for 39 years and I can tell you this. When someone discredits their own race to praise another, they always end up unhappy... #TRUESTORY
Ms. Penny Isaac
Ms. Penny Isaac:
It’s amazing to me. Black men love yts (men and women) until they’re reminded by yt men that they’re still black and will ALWAYS be... then you start hearing them weaponize their race and complexion when things aren’t going their way. What happened Wesley??? I thought you liked being around yts better because you know how to laugh at their jokes and you know how to sit when you’re around them. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now it’s woe is me, I’m a black man. Boy!!!!! Pleaseeeeee!
Godiva Nubian
Godiva Nubian:
At the end of the day, dont bite the hand that feed you! When will they learn?! Welp oh well!
Dana Angela Alexis Miller
Dana Angela Alexis Miller:
Dang so he’s technically broke. And probably had to pay a lot of money for his lawyer fees.
Marj Roberts
Marj Roberts:
Another AHA moment= you got issues Westley... and of course blame the black women we carry so much crap already we are not the problem,
Sherry Rene
Sherry Rene:
Wesley rub people the wrong way in the bussiness I read somewhere that he was a lke turner when it came to his personal life with women. 👀👀👀
Lavonne Thompson
Lavonne Thompson:
Actually he was blacklisted let’s just keep it real He’s a damn good actor
Lashonda Davenport
Lashonda Davenport:
Black, when convenient. Got it. I hope he found himself and found no one cares who you love and all women have value.
Joyce Terrell
Joyce Terrell:
When he said he didn't like Black women. We were done with him. I
don't care who he is with. It was a
Matter of Respect. What color was
his Mother? I rest my case.
j Florexil Erk
j Florexil Erk:
White women should have been offended by his comment because it seemed like they were being his little puppets & despite of being called difficult there's no "Blade" without him.🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
I like snipes and I remember when I thought blade was the best movie on earth but I did always hear that his ego was terrible. So I’m kinda not surprised how it played out. But even woody harellson confirmed that snipes was using a scammy tax service because they had approached him about it too but he declined their offer. Now if snipes knew what was going on behind the scenes with those tax people or not will always be a mystery.
Betty Jones
Betty Jones:
The IRS is like that annoying ex that won't leave you alone. They do not play and use celebrities/rich people as examples.
Hip-Hop Jewels
Hip-Hop Jewels :
If he appreciated his early support from the black community, with us going to see movies like New Jack City, we could bail him out with some urban films to keep him with steady work. But, when his head got swole and he was fitting in with the white crowd in Hollywood, he turned his back on us. Now, we've moved on. Too bad Wesley, karma is a beyotch.
Nicole Nikki
Nicole Nikki:
Black men can date who they want ,just why do they have to slander black women and make disgusting generalizations in the process? Then turn around and get mad because others generalize and make negative statements about them! All based off of ethnicity...and anyone who seems to have the same "types" when dating need to analyze themselves on why they keep choosing the same "types" that share those negative characteristics. By the way the treatment is different when it comes to black women. Black men seem to treat other types in a different way, almost like it's done how a lot of black people treat "others" compared to each other.
Valerie Irvin
Valerie Irvin:
I loved his movies back in the day, but his way of dating and lifestyle was his choice.
Punky ReggaeParty
Punky ReggaeParty:
Once again, untreated trauma and self sabotage at work. Thank you, RRG.
Sasha M
Sasha M:
I don't get why ww are always comfortable with bm talking ish about women of their own race. For me if a wm would do the same it would be a 🚩 to an automatic deal breaker.
Vanessa Turner
Vanessa Turner:
I remembered meeting him in the early 80s at a club in Beverly Hills he was just starting out he was very sweet kind and polite came over to our table I should say my girlfriend dragged him over to the table trying to make a love connection he bought us drinks chit chatted with us it was a very nice evening we did not exchange numbers but the evening was fun years go by and I did have the magazine from Ebony and read what I read and was absolutely shocked every time when our people get more than two nickels to rub together to make a dime they want to run somewhere else and create a Wonderful Life for the other person place or thing instead of Their Own so at the end of the day whatever bed he made and he sleeps in he deserves whatever backache he gets I guess he must be happy he found the perfect other culture that stuck with him all these years and they have children so obviously he found what he wanted
Mary Watkins
Mary Watkins:
I actually loved Wesley's performance in "To Wong Foo..." It's one of my favorite movies. That said, Wesley should know better than to make those comments about black women. You'd think a DWB episode would knock some sense into him.🙄
Vegan 4lyfe
Vegan 4lyfe:
I just can’t get over Wesleys drag queen role with Patrick Swayze it was tooo good of an act!! I can believe he isn’t a fan of the sistas!! 😩
Ramon Hart
Ramon Hart:
Years ago, I got a phone call from a family friend that Wesley Snipes was the mystery lover who BUSTED actress Halle Berry's eardrum during an argument
Sky Blue
Sky Blue:
Self hate is real. Black women continue to prosper.🙌🏽 ❤
Gotta still respect Wesley he was a black action star in a time when there were not too many black action stars. I hope he makes a comeback and gets back on his A game. I understand what he means about some bw being argumentative but he shouldnt put that label on all bw. I don't mind dating outside my race but its definitely not because I hate bw. I think I know what he meant but maybe he worded things wrong.
L H:
RRG is a mind reader and tea server. Wondered about Wesley just Wednesday after watching White Men Cant Jump and here comes the video.
Colleen Duke
Colleen Duke:
Fantastic documentary on one of my favorite, New York native, stars. He is human and people live, make mistakes, they grow, and they learn and change. Humility is the end product of living your life well. His honest insightful comments on who and why he dated whom he dated was very enlightening and I could see his point, exposing the cultural qualities he preferred romantically and not really having much to do with physical race. However, he had to come to a reckoning, ultimately, with the reality of racism.
Charlene McKinney
Charlene McKinney:
I Respect Wesley as an Actor, on a Personal level my Mother had a House and his Baby's Mother and Son Jelani rented a Room from her she was Struggling and he's Physically Abusive as well.
I remember what he said about black women. Not cool, Wesley. He’s worse than Taye and MBJ by far (not defending them of course lol).
clarion tundidor
clarion tundidor:
i love Wesley snipes. He is still a great actor. He'll be just fine. Much respect Wesley.
Lady Eboni Rose
Lady Eboni Rose:
How are you going to disrespect the core audience of Vibe + Ebony magazines (i.e. black people = your own people) ????
The epitome of arrogance, smh 🤦🏾‍♀️
Glenn Norman
Glenn Norman:
It's too bad what happened to Snipes. Till this day Blade is still one of my all time favorite movie franchises. In fact, I have the series on DVD and a Gold Blade tattooed on my right arm.
Mignon B
Mignon B:
It's sad he don't understand what he said hurt his career besides the issues with his fiances. Because he felt he had roles going on, and he couldn't be touched. Now, he has been through some things and wants to be accepted by the black community. Yes he's back getting roles but apologize
Mookaron Tha Don
Mookaron Tha Don:
Damn, I didn't know Wesley was on it like that. No wonder he lost everything. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Khiry Jones
Khiry Jones:
When you become difficult nobody wants to work with you
kennedy faith
kennedy faith:
it’s funny how black men will fight to be seen as human & deserve the same respect as their oppressor, but see black women just how their oppressor sees us. you’re still “just a nigga” to them like we are to you.
Dana Vixen
Dana Vixen:
The police brutality situation echoed the scene in Jungle Fever. Disturbing. 😔
Blade was incredible.
This makes a lot of sense.
I don't think Ali will do the role justice
His vid... Although' the player 'was not a sitcom
He is a great actor.
Renée Lea
Renée Lea:
I don't GAF what anyone says, I love Wesley Snipes & always will! I personally think this opinionated, dark skinned black man who was on top, pissed someone off so bad in their industry that he set out to ruin him. You have to look in between the lines.. first they messed with his money not paying him, THEN they came after him for money that he didn't have. They further used his blackness against him so his own race would turn their backs on him. They've called him a crackhead in so many words, gay you name it.. He still gets up, chases his dreams & dose more & had more then most who condemn him. Not me. I wish him nothing but the best. 🖤✊
Couldnt pay his taxes? Why he aint get them white and asian women to help him out? Guess they wasn't THAT compassionate *Nene voice* GETCHO TEAM TO HELP YOU OUT, YOU RIDIN WITH THE WRONG TEAM! You are the one losing houses and cars sweetheart!
Ron David
Ron David:
I met Wesley in June '85 when we filmed "Wildcats" together in Chicago I was an extra on the team & he was one of the principles with lines even then i could see a little arrogance in him as i sat with him at lunch but he was nice enough to offer me his lobster that was against his religion while Woody Harrelson on the other hand also his 1st film was more joking & friendly i would talk more with him hard to get work as a black actor in the 80s but after i saw Wesley in BAD i knew he was well on his way
Cadillac Deville
Cadillac Deville:
Hey BOO 💕☺️, yes he did it VERY easily. His personal life is just 😒🧐🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ as well as his antics. Have THEM save his career 💅🏿
A Dose of CeeCee
A Dose of CeeCee:
●● I lived in Florida and in the same circles as him. He had a suga boogie problem for his nose & loved white women on his arm only.
Even some white ppl called that out in fl●●
Caray Johns
Caray Johns:
I was never of fan of Wesley he never came across as likeable 🤷🏾‍♀️
It’s unfortunate these happened to Wesley, BUT he’s STILL MY DAWG!!! 💯💯💯
8:23-9:05 oh how we love a mighty fall💖💖💖
Lol I've never seen any of his movies he gave me "pREfreNCe" energy. Idc who he dates I'm actually glad he doesn't like BW cause we already go through so much, we don't need ashmites adding to that stress. 🤸🏿‍♀️🧍🏻‍♂️🧍🏼‍♂️🧍🏽‍♂️
The Gworls Are Fighting
The Gworls Are Fighting:
It’s the self hate for me.. Tuh
Shenyae T
Shenyae T:
I don’t see the hype about him. He has never been attractive.
He’s Older He Wouldn’t Be Playing Blade For That Reason Alone