Son Feels the Fury of Lloris at Half-Time for not Tracking Back! | All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur

Episodes 7-9 are released on Prime Video Monday 14th September!

Emotions on the pitch erupt at half-time, as Spurs' goalkeeper Hugo Lloris blasts teammate Son for not tracking back.


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#fanPD Studio
#fanPD Studio:
0:22 [SHOUTING] ??? Are you kidding me? Amazon Prime editor is *r_a_c_i_s_t.* You guys are so disappointing.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
Where are the subtitles for Son? What Son was speaking wasn’t a “shouting”
Chris Felix
Chris Felix:
I’m sure if son is not asian, Amazon will translate exactly what he said. WTF?? is 2020
Taha Sheikh
Taha Sheikh:
Lol Son is a army man raised with discipline. He will slap lloris back to his grandma's
Son is not shouting...... he just 'shoot in' 4 goals😂😂😂😂
Di Lemma
Di Lemma:
If Son's speech is translated as 'shouting', Lloris is shouting too.
Lloris: Make the run for the team
Son: scores 4 goals on a match 😂
Lloris couldn't tell anything to Kane and Alli, then attacked hardest runner instead.
Amazon: I can translate French!
Amazon: I can transcript English with a french accent!
Amazon: I can transcript English with a Korean SHOUTING.

We are disappointed, Amazon.
emmanuel asare
emmanuel asare:
Amazon are racist Son is saying what should I do I respect you. [SHOUTING] they are so really racist to Asian people
Hi ho
Hi ho:
Let’s be honest Lloris. The easiest target is sonny, isn’t it? If Kane had done what sonny had done, you would have just kept your mouth shut
jeol pan gu
jeol pan gu:
Son did nothing wrong and just played really hard.
Brandon Park
Brandon Park:
Sonny. Let's leave this damn club without interrespect as soon as possible.
0:20 "He didn't know, I did, I did run all over"
0:34 "What you mean to? I respect you.
because you said always. because you said always!"

Does fkin amazon not understand English that ordinary people can understand? LOL
This isn't shouting
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
Son is such a humble person I’ve never seen him like this. I’m not a spurs fan
Son: What’s your respect on me? I respect you

Amazon: He is ShOuTiNg
mnika voli
mnika voli:
as a korean. You guys made a big mistake Amazon. You should give an apology to Son, and all of his fans appropriately.
P. Pinchelette
P. Pinchelette:
If Son threw a punch, Llorris wouldn't have blocked it.
adadads adda
adadads adda:
hahaha son 4 goal. Amazon Perhaps be very upset Because an Asian
is hero! Hahaha!!
Sha Plys
Sha Plys:
And Mourinho is just there. He's seen worse. Ronaldo and Ramos. Imagine
AeJan AAA:
Why is Sonny just Shouting?
Amazon translated French, but Sonny's English is [Shouting]?
Amazon can't translate "I respect you." haha
R L:
Who's here after the SON MASTERCLASS?
명백한 차별이고, 본방에서는 정신차리고 자막넣었지만 손선수가 강조한 “존중” 부분은 생략했더군요. 아마존 실망스럽습니다.
Black Sinichi
Black Sinichi:
Son didn’t deserve that, he gives 100% all the time, is never lacking, he is an inspiration on and off the pitch
Juanito Jr
Juanito Jr:
Son did not SHOUT. He spoke in English. Just wow. I want to see Amazon fix this before the full episodes drop. And Amazon is being racist.

Edit: Oh wow I did not expect this to blow up lmao.
Aquiles esquivó El Madrazo
Aquiles esquivó El Madrazo:
I,m Mexican and I’m here for support son like he supported me in Rusia World Cup
Moonjeong Choi
Moonjeong Choi:
Guess spurs fans don’t want him anymore Just sell Son Let him play in another team I want my happy son back
Kim Jiho
Kim Jiho:
Lloris was blaming the wrong guy here. Moura gave a shitty pass and that's why Son couldn't track back. It would have been a total waste of energy. You gotta be running for the team always but you also gotta be smart and use your energy where it's needed most. I understand that Lloris didn't have an aerial view like we did, so maybe he couldn't see how far off the ball was from Son. But still, he shouldn't be shouting at his fellow players like that. That was not an encouragement, but rather lack of respect. It doesn't build the team in my opinion. Rather it debilitates.
How "I respect you" can be heard as just [shouting]??
bachelor pepper
bachelor pepper:
Amazon can't translate English but can translate Portuguese, Spanish, French.
아마존 국가차별함?아니 뭐가 소리치는거여 해석을 안해 ㅋㅋㅋ아마존 살망이다 다신안봐 ㅉㅉ
아마존 프레임은 한국에서 장사할 생각하지 마시길...
Where are the subtitles for Son? What Son was speaking wasn’t a “shouting”
Well,Son is a Soldier...He can defend when he is in trouble and can attack when he needs to.😂🤣Sry but it would be hard for Loris to play fist to fist against Son😂🤣
No offence😅
Lloris: Make run for team!!! -> sub: Make run for team!!!
Aurier: C'est bon -> sub : it's fine
Son: What's your respect on me?! I respected you! -> sub: Shouting
No racism? lol Is this really no racism?
shame on you amazon, that was so racist.
To the people who blamed Son.
Let's see what happens without him.
You guys have to feel how important Son is in the team.
the Sun and the Earth
the Sun and the Earth:
Son is a hard worker. He runs his legs off most of the time.
Everyday Valentine
Everyday Valentine:
Lloris made 50m run in 90 mins
Son made 15km

Shame on you Lloris
Mr. Easy Origami ART DIY: Paper Crafts
Mr. Easy Origami ART DIY: Paper Crafts:
*I am not even Korean but I could understand what Son was saying and that was not apparently just “shouting”. Also, Son does not deserve to be treated that way since he is one of the most active players.*
Wake up Amazon. It's 2020.
Water Foot
Water Foot:
amazon doesnt have their mother f
Momin Kashif
Momin Kashif:
1:07 "He wants you to EEOWOEEN" spoken like a top class manager, language of the gods
Seungwoo Seo
Seungwoo Seo:
Lloris screams: actual translation
Son screams: S H O U T I N G
Java Cerrado
Java Cerrado:
Lloris looks like overreacting. Son has not a fault. Why lloris doesn't shout to harry kane or dele alli. Son was give it all his passion for team. Like so many wonder solo goals.son is important to team better than lloris.
SB Lee
SB Lee:
Amazon = "R A C I S T"
Phil Ahn
Phil Ahn:
What a terrible show. Treating Son like a loser. I guess they dont care about Son fans!
People: What a racism channel. Be shamed amazon.
Amazon: [shouting]
jeff strong
jeff strong:
WTF. Hugo picked on and expected forward Son to defend too with pressure tactic against Son, of course he is hurt. Where is the rest of players for defensive. Hugo don't know that without Son, it's tough game all season if he gets hurt. No player play consistently as Son as attacking player.
BAND_Season [sumin]
BAND_Season [sumin]:
This channel is really awful
Can’t even translate what Son saying, what a shame
David Vasquez
David Vasquez:
I can understand Lloris’s frustration conceding a goal basically at halftime, yeah you definitely don’t want that in your mind when halftime arrives. Could Lloris approached Son differently; yes; ignoring probably 60%(or more) of the comments in this video, Lloris should have approached Son in a less angered way, saying why didn’t you went to cover(without Dele Alli lvls of drama). And to be fair Son should have made a better attempt at covering his zone, instead of watching by, and there’s no way Kane could have gotten there on time. It was fortunate for Tottenham that the shot went wide
Santiago Roldan
Santiago Roldan:
An army trained asain against a regular French and these mfs say that Son unleashed his fury 🤣
niduoe stre
niduoe stre:
Son is such a humble person I’ve never seen him like this. I’m not a spurs fan
Gavin Jin
Gavin Jin:
Amazon: [shouting]
J J:
[Shouting]..? Jesus Christ.. What a racism.. Come on Amazon :(
KEENAN Mathebula
KEENAN Mathebula:
They can make this little series with Tottenham, but I would love to see the inside of the Manchester United dressing room 😂
Dj manco
Dj manco:
Lloris running as soon as posible to go trash talk his own teammate. What an amazing captain am I right?
Santhosh Fabre
Santhosh Fabre:
Son come to Arsenal.. The dressing room here is so fun
fun fact:
That day Son was the second most active player in the field and Son participated in the game even though his arm was fractured
Francesco Leks
Francesco Leks:
The way Son gets treated by Spurs even though he's prolly the club's most important player
0:35 He was clearly saying "Where's your respect for me? I respect you!" [Shouting]? Hell NO.
Adrianne Collins
Adrianne Collins:

කාල පරිච්ඡේදයකි කල්පනාකාරී හා පසුව කතා
Sony! Hamstream injuries in this week's game... quickly recover from injuries and save difficult Tottenham...
Monalisa Tissue
Monalisa Tissue:
Why didn't amazon make subtitles about Son's comments? Was it really 'SHOUTING'? Nobody think like that. Son's English level is really good. If amazon team is not a rac__ist, make subtitles about Son's comment! Amazon team is deleting watchers' comments that including 'rac__ist' and 'rac__ism', now
Nathaniel Marcel Lai Ukang
Nathaniel Marcel Lai Ukang:
This story made me feel Spurs struggling to win.
Jae Choi
Jae Choi:
Amazon Prime will someday air Nazi Propaganda / Eugenics documentary.
Greatfeeling Entertainment
Greatfeeling Entertainment:
Son, Please change the club.....dont Play under this Stupid captain......
Krishna Kumar Singh
Krishna Kumar Singh:
Looked almost like a reality show.
Kim Juliana
Kim Juliana:
Son did not just SHOUT. He spoke in English, not Korean. I was able to understand he was talking about ‘respect’.
Amazon Prime team should’ve at least tried. Very frustrating and disappointing.
I really hope they will correct the subtitles.
Lloris, you are the one started yelling and when sonny yelled back, you act to tough as if you gonna beat him or something. This guy is total joke.
Jack Bingham
Jack Bingham:
What was he meant to do when richarlison has skill he's quick how is son meant to deal with his pace
Nina Tries Things
Nina Tries Things:
What did Son say exactly?

I just heard “What do you want me to do?” in which Lloris replied “Make the run.”

And then Son saying something about “Respect you.” ???
흥민이형 4골로 압살 말보단 행동임
Soos. Tube
Soos. Tube:
[ Racism Prime Video Sport ]

Son never said "shouting."
" What's your respect on me?! I respected you! "
If you guys don't change, racist.
"The craziest guy on the pitch, are teddy bears in real life."

🤔 ❎ Doubt
meraukePapua Dion
meraukePapua Dion:
Jose's voice was clearly heard, and perhaps son was unaware of the scene
Comments section:

90% about Amazon's racism and Son's English subtitles
10& about the actual discussion of what's happening within the video
Baek Jin
Baek Jin:
How disappointed when I saw “shouting” on son. even if my English is BAD, I can hear most of parts what he is saying. Lloris, why only to Son? if it’s for everyone. I would not also be happy if I was Son.
Seonghun Yoo
Seonghun Yoo:
Come on, Lloris. How far does the attacker have to go down and defend?
No matter how angry you are, you picked the wrong person.
그래도 영국에서 주눅들지 않고 화내는 손흥민이 한국인으로서 자랑스럽다
Amazon ruin lloris image, its that what you want?
Evan 57
Evan 57:
Mdr heureusement qu’il y’a aurier parce que je crois que son serai mort actuellement
Mark Keppel
Mark Keppel:
this is very strange. Were you guys just too lazy to translate Son's part ? Couldn't have been that much effort with as much money as Amazon have got
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel:
Me watching: Ahh... Aurier finally doing some good defending
Sphephelo Nombika Ngcobo
Sphephelo Nombika Ngcobo:
I'm disappointed with Lloris and even more with Amazon
August T
August T:
Imagine yelling at the person who always carry the team
vvii big
vvii big:
4 goals , lloris you are joke
Hj Emily
Hj Emily:
0:20 “He didn’t know, I did, I did run all over”
0:37 “What’s wrong with you? I respect you! Because you say always. Because you say always”

Really? Was it just [Shouting] ????
Davi Paixão
Davi Paixão:
O Lorris tem que lembrar que o son é do exército ksksks
I could only like this video only if Amazon Video had deliberately produced this video to assist Son to leave the team ASAP. The 'shouting' subtitle could have been considered as a mere mistake or fault from part of the Production team. I am more disappointed with Amazon (managerial level) as Amazon has been silent on this matter. Amazon should be aware that it can never be enough to insert some subtitles without any clarification or explanation. I am also UPSET that 'respect' was not subtitled, which is one of the clearest words from Son to express his position. People could have different opinions on the argument in the field between Son and Lloris, but the key point from Son is that he was not RESPECTED in the field whist respecting Lloris. IDIOT AMAZON -- subtitled as [SHOUTING] I hope to hear a formal explanation or announcement from Amazon soon.
Why’s there much shouting in the comments?
Jim C
Jim C:
This bodes well for our next game.😂
Not a Spurs fan but one thing I know is Son does not stop for the whole game.
Jieun Park
Jieun Park:
0:36 I defiantly heard Son said "What is respect on me?" Amazon needs practice listening... :(
Tapping Junkie
Tapping Junkie:
This obviously wasn't the first time Son felt that he was being called out because it's easy for them to because he is Asian
손흥민이 말하면 샤우팅이네
Son is always getting mistreated trust me this guy is gonna leave Tottenham