Southampton 3-1 Sheffield United | Premier League EPL Highlights

Two minutes of match action from Sheffield United's final game of the 2019/20 Premier League season against Southampton at St. Mary's. John Lundstram scored for the Blades but the Saints took the 3 points with a Che Adams brace and a goal for Danny Ings.

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15 comentarios:

Sad way to end the season but still a great season
Sheffield is Utd
Sheffield is Utd:
That’s that season done.. let’s build on it !!!
Jay O'Neill
Jay O'Neill:
Very disappointing end to the season

Letting Ravel Morisson go was the worst decision Chris Wilder could have made as it completely destablized the squad

Ravel Morisson and Leon Clarke were like brothers and their experience and flair was motivating the rest to keep their standards up or be out of the team

The second Rav left, Lundrstam dropped off

George baldock was playing so well when Ravel was praising him on social media saying he was "the best right back in england"

Billy Sharpe was really disheartened when Ravel left because Ravel was like protege to Billy
They used to practice finishing everyday after training, linking up in an attacking midfielder striker combo or two striker combo for the hell of it

Sure, osborne and besic and freeman came in at times,

but selling Ravel ruined the whole season and Chris needs to finally man up and admit it

Nearly every match he played he made a number of key passes or assist

If Ravel comes back and United make a few clever transfers theyre in for top 4
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers:
Bournemouth gone.... Need to go and drag Brookes back to the lane.
Debarshi Pandit
Debarshi Pandit:
I feel Danny Ings found his Daddy Yankee: Che Adams 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Crj De
Crj De:
I want you to come Back Che
a 101
a 101:
Love ❤️ Sufc
P P:
after the 0-9 game Southampton are a different team.
Warsame Adam
Warsame Adam:
Great season unbelievable achievement 👏 New season starts in just couple of weeks. Com'n SHU
David McGoldrick
David McGoldrick:
Fantastic season Blades well done 👍🏻
cory Fulton
cory Fulton:
As a Liverpool fan another bad day at the office what a premier league season its been you fully deserved break from the premier league next premier league season will start in September the 12th 2020-21
Pandemic Prisoner
Pandemic Prisoner:
Had chances to be 2 or 3 up. Second best after the first half, soft penalty made the scoreline look worse.
jamalul ikhsan
jamalul ikhsan:
What's Happen Sheffield?
Jackie Evencho
Jackie Evencho:
Sheffield united has come to sleep.Stupid Shelfield United.Cluster falls next year.
Chris Lemuel Paz
Chris Lemuel Paz:
Let Ravel Leave Was The Worst TBH But Still The Loss Doesnt Matter Bcz Buying Some Good Players Will Let Us Having Top 5 or 4......or 6 but You Know I still Love this Club And Bring it on Next Season