Southampton vs Chelsea | Premier League LIVE WATCHALONG

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Welcome to the Younes Talks Football channel! The channel where I discuss all things football (slight bias towards Chelsea) with 100% rawness and honesty! I say it like it is so you know what you're getting with me! This is the place to have fun, bring positive vibes and discuss football from a new perspective. Welcome on board this journey...

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20 comentarios:

This is the chelsea we want to see....
Chirag Kamath
Chirag Kamath:
Alonso - 37:30
Mount - 45:56
Timo - 50:58
Kai (Unlucky timo) - 1:00:39
Timo (Unlucky NG) - 1:36:26
Maise - 1:41:28
FT - 2:20:00
lowkeysava 785
lowkeysava 785:
Mount looked like the sterotypical russian in a tracksuit with that haircut and was balling today. Mason Molotov. Man was explosive
Mohamed Gassama
Mohamed Gassama:
Timo is unlucky to score but he is very instrumental in our games...who else notice that in our last Realmadrid game???

He has chasing power plus more
Shawrya Mehrotra
Shawrya Mehrotra:
That’s why I always back MOUNT.
True Chelsea baller💙
Sharique Hammad
Sharique Hammad:
this victory was much needed
King Temple
King Temple:
Well done boy's
So happy for Mason, Alonso and Timo
Cake - Brawl Stars
Cake - Brawl Stars:
1:37:07 that rap tho 🔥
Kodiba Ythonger
Kodiba Ythonger:
Southampton paying the debt they knew nothing about...🤣🤣
Freddy Guevara
Freddy Guevara:
Love the goals but is Southampton hope we at least get some confidence back and not get destroy in bernabeu
Man i would have celebrated this victory like crazy but the Madrid scars were too heavy to let me free .
Colton Simmonds
Colton Simmonds:
Got to put 'Real To The Sword'!!!
Colton Simmonds
Colton Simmonds:
We have 'No Choice We Have To Just Go After Real From The The First Minute; Just Batter That Door Down'!!!
Joe Aniekan
Joe Aniekan:
Real Madrid should be scared
Colton Simmonds
Colton Simmonds:
Chelsea cannot see Liverpool & Manchester City go through to the next round and we are not through, let's go out there tonight and 'Make History Once again By Suffering Together and Kicking and Killing Real'!!!
Badou Me
Badou Me:
Never grow your hair Mount
Samad Ali
Samad Ali: