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Here's Official LEAKED Teaser Trailer for Marvel Studios' upcoming crossover movie SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (2021), which is a 'Live-Action' version of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018), where all the characters from previous Spiderman films are coming back to join Tom Holland's Spiderman in an epic crossover 'Mini-Endgame' event!
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The inspiration behind this video:

The trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has leaked ahead of Sony officially releasing it. Spider-Man: No Way Home is the highly anticipated third entry to the Jon Watts-directed trilogy. Tom Holland returns once again as Peter Parker, and the sequel also has Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange in a leading role. Spider-Man: No Way Home releases this December, but surprisingly, Sony has yet to really kick off its marketing push.

Disney and Sony have provided a few updates in the past year, making fans even more anxious for the first trailer. Reports have run wild that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are returning in the sequel since No Way Home will be dealing with the multiverse. That has yet to be confirmed, but a few other big names are returning for the sequel. Alfred Molina is returning as Doc Ock, who last played the character in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. A villain from Garfield's series is also making a comeback, with Jamie Foxx being cast as Electro. Other characters like Charlie Cox's Daredevil and Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin have also been rumored for Spider-Man: No Way Home, but if those casting rumors are true, they probably won't be confirmed until the movie premieres.

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Screen Culture
Screen Culture:
SM: No Way Home • MULTIVERSE OPENING SCENE ➡️ https://youtu.be/HDZWVO_ym04
Saikath Ghosh
Saikath Ghosh:
Fans : we want the no way home trailer!!!
Sony : No way ya'll will get a trailer any soon!!
Leakers : Fine I will do it myself!!
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia:
this is probably the ONLY time your title isn’t a fucking lie, respect for that
VeNoM Oasis
VeNoM Oasis:
Screen cultures’s nexus event was releasing a legit no way home trailer
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja:
we can finally rest and watch the sun rise on a peaceful planet
Ashley :
We should’ve known Strange would be just as chaotic as Wanda and Loki in the multiverse lmao who were we kidding
Shawn Naissant
Shawn Naissant:
Sony: “OMG!! The No way home trailer got leaked somehow”
Us and Marvel: “ I missed the part where that’s my problem”
So as far as I know I think Dr.Strange most likely used a spell to make sure that everyone forgets that Peter is Spider-man then maybe that’s where the multiverse problem comes in, and I know damn well current Spider-Man won’t be able to beat Doc Ock, Electro, and Green Goblin, so he’s definitely gonna need some “help”😉. We will get Andrew and Tobey because of the villains, Doc Ock (Sam Raimi Trilogy) Electro (TASM Trilogy) Green Goblin (Sam Raimi Trilogy). If this is right than this will be a very interesting movie.
Doc ock: Hello peter

(chills) : but to which peter is he talking to
Robin Berjer
Robin Berjer:
This is the hero we didn’t deserve but we needed.
Not sure ?
Not sure ?:
Can't wait to see it with the cgi complete
Waseem Abbas
Waseem Abbas:
you can notice spiderman looking all confused on top of a train, shortly after it seems like spider-man has the doc ock arms! i got goosebumps even tho it’s 144p 😂
Acey Flamez
Acey Flamez:
The way it’s looking Spider-Man definitely needs help…. 👀🕷🕷🕷
Simon Ďuran
Simon Ďuran:
RIP Wasilla Lmouaci and her career as a VFX artist.
Bisher Dokkmak
Bisher Dokkmak:
It looks like this is real, but remember that this is far from being the official one, it still needs to be OKed by a lot of people before the VFX and rendering are finished and it's production-ready... There's still I'd say about a month or more before Disney releases the official one
Saikath Ghosh
Saikath Ghosh:
Man finally after an eternity we have the real trailer for no way home!!!!
Ethan Henrichs
Ethan Henrichs:
That plot leak that seemed the most credible looks very close in this trailer. Especially the court room stuff.
Boiled Cabbage
Boiled Cabbage:
The fact that they still used Alfred as the actor for Doc Oct made me pee my pants a little.
This is interesting can't wait to see the video in its entirety.
I sense that this is just another plot from Sony to boost the hype lol
Plot Twist: this was Sony staff 'leaking' the trailer to build hype for the movie. They probably went over budget and now need as many people to see the movie as possible
Finally... after so FREAKING LONG... we got it. THE TRAILER.
Reminds me of that one Batman the 90s animated series episode where Bruce is in a dream/ Else world where he is a separate person from Batman and all the 'what ifs' that could happen because of it like his parents still being alive or he still has his girlfriend etc.

I'm very interested now with the fact that they will be talking about his new life with his secret identity revealed. Also Doc Oct coming back makes me happy 😊
Justin Harry
Justin Harry:
Mcu “we aren’t releasing the trailer yet”
Marvel fans “fine I’ll do it myself”
Ameer Masmali
Ameer Masmali:
That’s crazy 😂
Hmm Macs
Hmm Macs:
Sony be like Spider Man: No Way, Homies!
LBJ Media
LBJ Media:
I hope they release the entire movie like this.
Those are some green goblin grenades in near the end
The Goat
The Goat:
Can we start a trend where one person keeps recording a recording of this trailer on their phone and then another person records a recording of that recording on their phone and the cycle keeps repeating itself?
Amber lynn
Amber lynn:
Is anyone else crying with happy emotions during this?😭🤣❤
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips:
Sony and Marvel: You’re not getting the trailer!

Leaker: I’m gonna put some dirt in your eye
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas:
Everyone that says "if UFOs were real we'd have footage of them that isn't so shitty" here ya go :)
Veo Que Estás Gastando Tu Tiempo Para Leer Mi Completa e Innecesariamente Largo Nombre De Usuario
Veo Que Estás Gastando Tu Tiempo Para Leer Mi Completa e Innecesariamente Largo Nombre De Usuario:
I just love the inseption vibe on this
Seeing Doc Ock back is just........ words cannot describe how amazing this movie will be!
lachlan Beaton
lachlan Beaton:
Please god please let Tom, Tobey and AG team up to fight doc-oc and Willem as goblin 🤞🤞🤞
cody russell
cody russell:
Honestly wanna watch the entire movie with unfinished cgi just like X-Men origins lol
This is a very deep trailer, something I expected but was curious to see how they’d pull it off.
Kyah Goold
Kyah Goold:
Ok could we maybe take a second to appreciate this person putting they’re necks on the line to do gods work 😂🙏🏻
Jay Diagram
Jay Diagram:
Bro, those were definitely Goblin bombs near the end!
BOI YOU • 16 years ago
BOI YOU • 16 years ago:
This is the best quality I ever seen in my entire life.
Rich Schroeder
Rich Schroeder:
And the vertical recording of a landscape trailer 🤣
when you don’t give the people what they want they will find a way to get it themselves
JayJay Bulldog
JayJay Bulldog:
It felt like forever but I legitimately can’t wait no longer for the REAL trailer to drop!!!!!!
"What was your Nexus event?"
"I dropped the No Way Home trailer"
2K Therapy
2K Therapy:
Screen culture, thank you for the consistent uploads. 🔥 You're the best
bách phan tại
bách phan tại:
Mad respect for you guys! :D
Forza Pizza 🌌 2.0
Forza Pizza 🌌 2.0:
These guys are perfect ones to post the actual one cause marvel and sony won't expect them to post a real one like they always do lmao
Sony : Why You Ruin de Suspense? We were going to Release it by tomorrow... 😭

Fans : You should have thought of that Earlier! 😎
Mazin Osman
Mazin Osman:
"Hello Peter" BROOOO DOC OCK, WELCOME BACK. ITS HAPPENING. IM HYPED. Hopefully something is released at CinemaCon today.
left toe
left toe:
Vulture and Mysterio are confirmed to be in as well because of the lego sets being leaked, so I wonder how everything is gonna come together.
J Garcia
J Garcia:
Me: 😯😯sees Doc Ock
Also me: *does Bully McGuire dance, ready to relive my childhood*
Sheriff Woody
Sheriff Woody:
I swear if Sony doesn’t release the trailer...
Dr. Octo: Hello Peter... 🔥🔥🔥🔥
2:46 Do you think he still remembers his defeat ? by going into the water with his life's work?
Jose Antonio Delgado
Jose Antonio Delgado:
Excitement oozing through my pores.
DayShift NoWknd
DayShift NoWknd:
All that was needed was Shatner screaming “KAAAAAAAAHN!!!”
adrenaline tutoriais
adrenaline tutoriais:
Caraca esse é mesmo o trailer!!!
That camera was rocking and rolling. Thanks though
Prokopovich Andrey
Prokopovich Andrey:
Ну, что ребят? Как вам?
Вроде бы, будет даже очень интересно.
К слову, было интересно посмотреть как трейлер выглядет на этапе утверждения (без эффектов)^^
Angel Vandash
Angel Vandash:
The guy who filmed with his phone to show the trailer leak (not finalized) is going to be fired from Sony Picture. And he must have already lost his job at the company by now.
Finally screenculture has something real 🤣
Press Mute
Press Mute:
The trailer and effects need work. That’s must be why it’s taking so LONG… but we can appreciate this.🙏🏻
Faroazan Deen
Faroazan Deen:
You mess with time, it tends to mess back. You'll see.
How was the ancient one able to finance the wizard operations?
Zamir Affandi Zakaria
Zamir Affandi Zakaria:
You guys got some moves
Everyone: excited for Tobey Maguire
Me: Ecstatic for the Bruce Campbell cameo
Captain Studios Anims YT
Captain Studios Anims YT:
Finally Screen Culture Upload A Real Trailer 😂😂😂

EDIT: Thanks For Likes

EDIT 2: 501 TO 505 In 7 Seconds? WOW!
Kyah Goold
Kyah Goold:
Damn this definitely f*cked up the sacred timeline 😔✋🏻
Danish Aman
Danish Aman:
Nice change of pace for Screen Culture from concept trailers.
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson:
We need kong, the world needs him
"That feels weird but I'll allow it"
I smell a new meme 👀
It Be Like That Sometimes
It Be Like That Sometimes:
I was extremely unimpressed until I heard “hello Peter” and it shook me to my core
Yall finally did something right for once. Bravo.
you’ll get your tobey when you FIX HIS DAMN DOOR!!
mano, se n tiver multiverso eu vo processar a marvel KKKK
I think the trailer is coming out today, definitely this week. Tom posted a thing on his Instagram story, “y’all ain’t ready”
oh my god it's legit!?!?!?!?!? I'm so happy rn oh my god i'm so happy!!!!!! I've waited so long
Jaylah Davis
Jaylah Davis:
That's the thing about leaking Barry the more you do it the less the rules apply to you
Professor Shyguy
Professor Shyguy:
I’ve watched some bootleg stuff but this is the most bootleg stuff ever.
AM Rahit
AM Rahit:
First of all, this trailer is legit 🥵🥵
Harsh Jeet Das
Harsh Jeet Das:
🔥🔥🔥 thank you brother 🔥🔥🔥❣️❤️
Cayden Thao
Cayden Thao:
Congratulations. Your title wasn’t a lie for the first time.
Finally, after all these months of
Waiting, FINALLY
Michael Brown
Michael Brown:
That was awesome
Sukotto Mate
Sukotto Mate:
Just so everyone's aware.. Leaks like this screw thousands of VFX artists and production staff. For the first time ever last year the VFX Industry has been allowed to work from home, employees can be close to their families and live in cheaper areas away from big cities. But leaks like this force big studios to clamp down with heavy restrictions. I wouldn't be surprised if this leak means thousands of employees working on Marvel shows will have to come back to the office.
Preston Cruea
Preston Cruea:
Finally you post somethings that’s real.
Dannyela Guzman
Dannyela Guzman:
Damn that’s one long trailer
Owen E
Owen E:
I wish that there was hope for things like this happening in other movies. I mean this is only possible because Sony owns the rights to the old spiderman movies
Jack Crypt
Jack Crypt:
Sony: Well now we don't have to do it!
homie grabbed his samsung fridge to record this
Jimin Fan #1
Jimin Fan #1:
And when I thought that we were getting closer to December, but we still have to wait 116 more days.
Anturangga Tantra
Anturangga Tantra:
Is this gonna be a partial adaptation of One More Day?
MaryJane Percival
MaryJane Percival:
whoever leaked is literally gonna die i swear
Sofia Russell
Sofia Russell:
Meanwhile Tom Holland:- You ain't ready!
Yes Tom! We are absolutely ready!!!!
Captain Obvious!!!
Captain Obvious!!!:
Sony: nothing is gonna leak this time

Fans: *snap fingers*
Roro Grey Shepherd
Roro Grey Shepherd:
We all know who leaked the Trailer! It's ✨ Agatha all along✨ 😭✋
Naveen Krishnareddy
Naveen Krishnareddy:
What’s “official” about a leaked trailer?!?
I hope this movie is like 6 hours long.