SPURS CHAT: Full-Time Thoughts: Everton 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur: Kane Brace, Spurs Still 7th

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* Chris Cowlin talks to Spurs fans Dave, Jason and Mike about Tottenham's game against Everton in the Premier League
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Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin:
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Andrew Bloomfield
Andrew Bloomfield:
You need to get Mike on more often he’s a great addition
Derek Dange
Derek Dange:
"I can't do the impossible with this shower of ******s"
"Sit tight - see what you can do with them til the end of the season, and we'll give you some money to buy three or four good players"
Dave Hotspur
Dave Hotspur:
These Spurs chats are much, much better than watching Tottenham now. jose seems clueless.
Thank you so much for doing these Chris. COYS!
Playing Lucas; a Brazilian international RF as a LWB was just comical - was so angry I had to laugh
Neil Matthews
Neil Matthews:
I think Sonny is afraid of getting injured prior to a summer move..his new contract is still on the table unsigned.
If we were top of the table and the club in harmony, that contract would be signed.
Tony Wade
Tony Wade:
Loved the show last night the opinions of the guest were spot on .
Being a Tottenham fan for so long I'm upset with the way we play, the good news is no more Marino let us go forward and be Tottenham
Chad Mercer
Chad Mercer:
Good point regarding the season tickets - Kane can’t budge until those sales come through. Bloody Levy.
Got cup final tickets. Suddenly hit me I’m not even looking forward to it. Unbelievable situation, couldn’t imagine this ever happening. Jose has killed any joy i got from watching Spurs. I tried so hard to like him, but enough is enough. I want him out.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Harry Kane loves Spurs, moving, he thinks if he does, he'll have let down the fans! As much as we all love to see him stay, surely he has proved he really fights for the jersey! Lamela comes in and doesn't pass to Son, why is that? Doesn't Mourinho see that?
Equality Peace
Equality Peace:
I feel so so sorry for Kane what must be he thinking . He gives everything for this team and maybe if the other players had the same desire as Kane we wouldn't be in this mess. I really can't see him staying at spurs . If he goes I wouldn't blame him. The guy deserves better then this . If Kane goes the only thing we will be good at is finishing in mid table . We have serious problems at this club from the owners to the manager. Huge change is needed at this club. Do we honestly believe we are going to beat Man City playing like this. We need to get realistic. Time for Jose the board and levy to go !
Jamie pretty
Jamie pretty:
Shared with the UNOFFICIAL Manila /Philippines Tottenham Hotspur Supporters club FB group COYS
Stephen John Hurlow
Stephen John Hurlow:
Another shocking performance! That team is no longer trying. It's easy to see that they've stopped playing. They should be ashamed to wear the shirt. I wish Harry all the best wherever he goes because he's far too good for that team! I can't see the Spurs defence keeping out City, although they did when we beat them 2 - 0 before Xmas and with the same defenders. I just hope the score isn't an embarrassing one like the City vs Watford FA Cup final.
Vernon Go
Vernon Go:
Agree with the American, we are so shit this season that winning the league cup would be undeserved. I wanted to win it knowing we're competing, but shoo, gloss will be wiped off the trophy yet its an if and only if we turn up on the day for a short lived high...
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Spurs don't have to destroy the current squad to rebuild! Spurs needs to rebuild from a strong position!
Emanuel David
Emanuel David:
Levy appointing Mourinho as manager was done in haste: Arsenal were interested in him and Levy figured I’ll get there first.His short sightedness has backfired .
Redblood Redblood
Redblood Redblood:
American is bang on !
Biff Grimes.
Biff Grimes.:
There seems to be the same pattern as at the end of Poch's era players not performing .No point bringing in a new man if we keep the old wood time for a clear out of very well paid under performers.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Players must be held accountable! They can't pick and choose managers at the club, they get paid to play! Before we know it , club may be forced to change managers all the time like now if Mourinho goes, whom, of note will the club bring in??
Alex Stylianou
Alex Stylianou:
Tuchel figured it out in a couple of weeks when he went to Chelsea..a Chelsea side that was on the floor under Lampard. Chelsea and more specifically Abramovich show big balls when they need to make decisions and thats why theyve been so succesful over the years..nobody thought Chelsea had a prayer of getting into top 4 but look at what a top coach can do with a group of players who are struggling.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
City are now concentrating on Champions league and we shd capitalize!
Equality Peace
Equality Peace:
From champions league final to Carabo cup final if that isn't going backwards I don't know what is
Equality Peace
Equality Peace:
I wouldn't blame Harry if he left . I'd applaud him for the life service he has given to our team . He deserves better then this rubbish he is playing with . Jose has a lot to answer for. He has destroyed the soul of this club with his negative football. He has lost the dressing room and players don't want to play for him anymore.
Chris, there are two ways. Levy backs up Mou for another transfer and really back him up or otherwise he needs to sack him. If he backs him up with proper players he will deliver trophies 100%. Otherwise let's wait for other 2 years to get another manager to come and rebuild and hope he can make something happen. Since Mou is already being at the club for 18 months, stick with him for another transfer and give him what he needs and he will deliver. Simple!. Mourinho is not the only problem and he can actually be the solution for a lack of trophies
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Spurs players were losing balls willy-nilly. Hard to try and think as to what was going thru the players minds, very bad display.
D F:
I still remember Spurs sell Siggy for Davies. That's pretty much sum up how poor Spurs do transfers under Levy.
D F:
I feel Levy is waiting for final league position and CC final to make a decision on Mou. In other words he have no idea what he is doing.
Family Read
Family Read:
We gotta do everything we can to keep Kane.
We will not get another striker that will score the amount of goals he does.
If he goes,we are done.
Are people not getting this
Stephen Young
Stephen Young:
Kane and loris the only ones worth anything tonight. The other players should be ashamed did they know that players in white were on there side?
Roy Ferguson
Roy Ferguson:
I keep saying it, why is the GoalKeeper Captain, give it to an out field player to kick ass.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
There's talk of Sarri, Nuno, Scott to come and coach at Spurs??
Neil Matthews
Neil Matthews:
The players gave up on Pochettino, the players have now given up on Mourinho.
Half of the players are stale or poisonous, they need to go along with Mourinho.
Mourinho has had quality players in the past, apart from Kane and Son, he doesn't have that at Spurs and the board will not pay the cash for the top players.
Bruno Fernandes, Milan Skrinnar, Paulo Dybala..add Kane, Lloris and Son and you have the core of a great team.
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes:
You can't expect a world class keeper to do a world class job without a top class defence and midfield when you do have a top class attack you need 6the same all round I'm afraid not just a couple in midfield and in defence it does not work and it shows it so Mr levy and Joe Lewis need to change there ways If Tottenham are going to win trophys otherwise it will just carry on the same way.
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Felt Mourinho shd've played Dele Alli and Bale today. Today's formation was atrocious to watch!
Barry Bradshaw
Barry Bradshaw:
Discussing who, as fans, we would want to replace Jose Mourinho my choice has to be Eddie Howe. He is available, English, relatively young, performed wonders with Bournemouth. From Daniel Levy's point of view he would also be affordable. Comparing who else is available to me a no brainer.
Sabbir Mohammed
Sabbir Mohammed:
Jason is spot on... The manager and players have given up on each other! Alli is too good to be on the bench. How he can't get a game with the rubbish out on the pitch!
m Sulyvanh portos
m Sulyvanh portos:
Anyone knows about bergwin.. Injured please ?
Denis Oleary
Denis Oleary:
Poor team selection again. Big difference when Moura and Lamela came on. We also hit the woodwork twice.
Barry Etheridge
Barry Etheridge:
Jose spends money he doesn't build a team so why come us and on the subject about money Lewis has billions in the bank do what chekski, man city, man Utd do and build a team that can win things
AL Frederick
AL Frederick:
LOL...I tell you what...i rather be in a position to fight in a Carabao cup final than in a relegation fight battle !!! YES it's been an disapointing league season but i think J. Mourinho still need time to sort the matter out because certain players are still not up to par. Mourinho wasn't up and shouting from the sideline because judging from his quiet demeanor he has made changes and have seen all these players played over several matches already and know the hand that he has been dealt with. Last season is old news being in the last champions league final is ancient news now. No matter what formation Spurs play its the players that are making the mistakes and if Mourinho keeps adjusting the team or not he will still get the blame for something. It shows how unappreciated us fans are. Its no miracle success thats coming in a 24hours much less 18 months. Its a matter of time and continue hard work and belief. Onward SPURS !!! 💯💢💥⚽️😇
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes:
Leve and Joe Lewis are the problem I think Jose gas not enough quality players only the few.
8.55 hit the nail on the head
Big T
Big T:
Get belsia in I’ve been saying it for ages ,, he’s style of play with better players is a no brainier
Danny Gray
Danny Gray:
Atleast with Dulux sponsoring y'all, ya can gloss over these shit performances. To be fair though, that was NEVER a penalty for Everton.
El Ingles
El Ingles:
The one thing we cannot afford to do, is become stupid like the Woolwich fans. The football I see, is that the squad is not good enough. We cannot carry on from our past, into the future. This group of players let down Potts badly, he eventually got fired. Mour needs to sort this squad out, the mistakes are not the managers. Let it be said, Potts was no fool, but he left a broken man. It,s 5 out 5 in. or 6 out 4 in.
S. M.
S. M.:
Bale Left and has 5-6 trophies
Walker Left and has 5-6 trophies
Modric left and has 5-6 trophies
Why shouldn't H. Kane leave...!!??
S. M.
S. M.:
It was absurd 4 Midfielders could not hold on to ball even one-two passes , and Evertonians take the ball back I counted 26 times, 8 times just in last 2 minutes.......What the heck? Mourinho does not know how to structure a team. he is a Phony and all his trophies were lucky or with superstars.
Martin Hawkins
Martin Hawkins:
this football is pure garbage thanks a lot anybody who backed Jose :(
Denis Oleary
Denis Oleary:
Jose's treatment of Dele, Winks, Bale, has realy disrupted the team spirit. Under Poch we had the youngest, fittest and best spirit in the leauge. The amount of games won late on was unbelievable. Poch's biggest mistake was playing Kane in the finale. Regarding signing Bale and Harte was a mistake, all publicity stunts. How many more combinations at the back can he make?
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Don't see any joy in Kane being injured??
Ben Gunn
Ben Gunn:
Jose must be in the money taken from the Russian and man u he is racking it in
Joking apart his style of holding on to a lead just isn't the Spurs way
I would rather go attack in the traditional spurs style of play and lose 3.4 than this old dino tactics because we would win most of the 4.3 games
Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller:
Everton fan here. Please buy Michael Keane from us , just think of the assists!!!!. Two mid table teams playing a predictable draw , neither of which deserve European football. Roll on the end of the season.
Henry Sagoe
Henry Sagoe:
Spurs 1 saints 1 & Cup final city 3 spurs 1
Martin Bryant
Martin Bryant:
Jose has been failing for years look.at.his last three clubs sacked sacked and sacked
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
We'll finish 4th!!
Xander XEventz
Xander XEventz:
Leaders recognise leaders. The leaders of the locker room backed Jose. So wouldn't the flip of the coin be the mentality of others is the problem not Jose or the leaders in the locker room 🤷🏾‍♂️
Junior Jones
Junior Jones:
Cause jose dont care bout tottaham
Paul Hill
Paul Hill:
Same old Spurs.😠
Chris you keep saying mourinho was bought in to win trophies, are you happy with the tin pot league cup , after being in the champions League final ,come on
Ecky Thump
Ecky Thump:
Crap about spurs fans wanting Mourinho to stay what planet are you on.
Mister M
Mister M:
Jose out!
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
We'll win both games, 3-1 vs Southampton, 2-0 vs City
New manager next season , Gerrard, Nagelsmith, even Graham potter.. we are fucked keeping Jose. He's ruined Dele n Stevie Berguin ,..Kane n sonny look lost . New manager asap ,it's obvious the team have downed tools 100%
Alex Stylianou
Alex Stylianou:
Il be fuming if hes still manager by the time the cup final comes round..hes so washed up its painful. Was once great, when football was in a different era..like Van gaal, Capello etc. Just because someone was great once doesnt mean they always will be.
Peter Mensah
Peter Mensah:
OMG: You guys are beyond rediculous, you really want Jose out...! No wonder THFC has not won anything in 20yrs. You guys keep talking about Poch, but you've all forgotten something, take 5/6yrs out of the age of players at THFC now and you'll realise most of the current players are aged. Jose builds teams from the defence, did THFC give him the defence to build from? The answer is no. Instead of supporting the Team and the manager we keep on complaining all the time.....it sucks guys, there are lots of games to play for and other teams can lose points too. You Chris keeps questioning the managers selection all the time, that's gross man. If any of you at the panel wants Jose's job then take it.....👀. Jose plays Tanganga, Rodon and Davison and you all complain he should have played Dier, Alderwireld and Aurier... OMG, Jose cannot win. Now some of you talk about Pogba, but ignore players like JT, Lampard, Essien, Drogba, Ronaldo, Ibra, Ramos, Sneijder, Milito, Eto, etc, etc....please open your eyes, just check Twitter about What Man United players wrote when Jose left. Look at the bigger picture if THFC is not prepared to build a winning team then forget, sack Jose and spur us this boredom. Do you know how to build a winning team? Go check City when Pep arrived or Liverpool when Klopp arrived. We have something called Desire, Effort, Mentality, Aggression, Fighting Spirit, Hunger in football, do you see that in all of the current players.... 😱? How many of our players can get into the Teams above Spurs now in the Premier league table today, let's be honest based on my list, think about it..... 🤔🤔
Win kim kunyak
Win kim kunyak:
Trophyless for more than a decade because spurs management and fans keep supporting the useless players but keep changing the Coach... And all of the sudden you blame jose for spur trophyless for more than a decade..... Mark my word if jose can't fix this problem, nobody will be