Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Andrey Rublev | Monte Carlo 2021 Final Highlights

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100+ comentarios:

Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
What a performance from Stefanos! He has played flawless tennis all week! Congratulations to Rublev on an incredible tournament as well!
Someone told Rublev this is not a 500 event.
Wow, Tsitsipas knew exactly how to play against Rublev and executed it to perfection. He has definitely learned a lot from their past meetings.
Osung 823
Osung 823:
Fun Fact: who ever beat Nadal in Clay in Quarter Final, the guy will lose in the final
antonis tragelafos
antonis tragelafos:
It took him an hour and 11 min to beat Rublev. Boy that was fast ...Stefanos Tsitsifast.
Tiebreak Tennis
Tiebreak Tennis:
Tsitsipas is in a beast mode this week, so dominant and consistent from the baseline, I adore his game and mentality, he's a big threat for everyone in any surface, just a matter of time till his maiden Major triumph.
Varveris Apostolos
Varveris Apostolos:
Θα γράψουμε και ένα σχόλιο στα ελληνικά βρε αδερφέ .....ολόκληρη σημαία σηκώθηκε στο Μόντε Κάρλο.
Στέφανε συγχαρητήρια έπαιξες φοβερά με αυτοπεποίθηση,σιγουριά .....όπως πρέπει να παίζει ένα παίκτης στην πρώτη πεντάδα .....κράτα αυτό το ματς και γενικά όλο το τουρνουά γιατί πραγματικά δεν άφησες το εαυτό σου να χαλαρώσει ούτε μία
στιγμή ,ήσουν πάντα focus και κατάπινες έναν αντίπαλο μετά τον άλλο .......Όπως βλέπεις ήρθε η ώρα των big three .......καιρός να αναλάβει η νέα γενιά τα ηνία .....ένα μάθημα χρωστάς μόνο στον Medvedev ......η θέση στην πρώτη τρίαδα έφτασε ....σε δυο χρόνια η κορυφή .
Σε ευχαριστούμε που μαζί σου ταξιδεύουμε στο κόσμο του τέννις στα υψηλότερα επίπεδα .......όσοι αγαπάμε το άθλημα το περιμέναμε χρόνια ....
Να είσαι πάντα καλά και να έχεις την υγεία σου για να μας χαρίζεις συχνά τέτοιες στιγμές ....!!
Τις έχουμε ανάγκη ..........!!!
Apostolos Makrides
Apostolos Makrides:
those backhand shots of Tsitsipas today were nuclear weapons...
Tirthankar Sarkar
Tirthankar Sarkar:
Gotta feel bad for Rublev, but what an amazing week it has been for Stefanos. This was long overdue for him. Winning first masters 1000 title without dropping a set! Happy for him, hope he finds more success in future 👍🏻🇬🇷
Gianno Kosta
Gianno Kosta:
Congrats my Greek brother 🇬🇷 you deserve it . Greece and all Greeks are proud of you 👏
Joe Vaughn
Joe Vaughn:
This win will boost Stef's confidence moving into the grandslam, Rublev is on his way, he has been in so many finals that its only a matter of time. The French open is going to be brutal this year, so much amazing talent!
Me Myself And Luke
Me Myself And Luke:
I’m kind of sad that Rublev lost cause I was rooting for him but Stefanos deserved this one
Greek Style
Greek Style:
Bravo Megas Stefanos🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷💪
Sayonara Kitty
Sayonara Kitty:
Yeah tsitsi! Iam so excited, I just can’t hide it!! He was on fire today. Great net work today and well deserved!
Gevorg Ghushchyan
Gevorg Ghushchyan:
Congrats Tsitsipas from Armenia 🇦🇲❤✌
Nicolas Cournault
Nicolas Cournault:
Rublev kept pummeling Tsitsipas' BH and the Greek didn't buckle a bit... No slicing, just heavy topspin back at Rublev. Impressive.
He is certainly equipped to win the French Open.
Jax 22
Jax 22:
What a quality tennis from tsitsipas. Looking forward to roland garros
Mohamed Kherouf
Mohamed Kherouf:
Tsitsipas is walking on legends path...
Mikey Sro
Mikey Sro:
Stefanos coming into his own. Very calm and clear mindset...No panic at all. The clay gives him more time on the returns and makes him a true nightmare to play. Well done tsitsy
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
The drop shot from Stefanos at 5:07 was ridiculous. I honestly did not realize what a fine tuned touch this guy has. So many things about his game are impressive, especially his determination.
Karan Sehgal
Karan Sehgal:
Tsitsipas Masterclasss again. Love to watch him😍
Nothing IsReal
Nothing IsReal:
Tsitsipas appears to have gained a lot in confidence, commitment and emotional stability. Congratulations for a deserved title. This means for the French Open: the game is on!
George George
George George:
rublev: Bweeeh bweeeeeeh
tsitsipas: yea fuck off
Stefanos has improved his forehand recently the commentator says ‘he’s trying to get it done right here’’. If Stefanos keeps that approach he will win majors.
He’s one of the few players that can volley!
Θεοδωρος Οικονομου
Θεοδωρος Οικονομου:
Μπράβο λεβεντιά έγραψες ιστορία
Larry D.
Larry D.:
Amazing performance from both players this whole tournament. Really happy for Tsitsipas and excited for the future!
JDeLorenzo D
JDeLorenzo D:
honestly Stef played flawless today. I don't think anyone could've stopped him. Rublev should be proud, he had a brutal draw and picked off Nadal.
Édith K. Frost
Édith K. Frost:
You can see pure joy in his face right after he won🙂
3:19 i've never seen such a perfect drop shot
Brick Squared
Brick Squared:
Stefanos' improvement in mental toughness and maturity are commendable.
Aaron Mueller
Aaron Mueller:
My brother Bweeh wasn't good enough. He will get the title next time
Doma Doma
Doma Doma:
Was Tsitsipas this good?!
I became a big fan for him now.
Lance Guevara
Lance Guevara:
Stefanos' backhand is a beast. Probably the most balanced one-handed backhand in the ATP right now
Aggelos Gkirlemis
Aggelos Gkirlemis:
Juan Antonio Quintas
Juan Antonio Quintas:
🇬🇷 Tsitsipas had already won ATP Finals that id much more than an ATP 1000.
Enhorabuena 🇪🇸
fernando g. aguirre
fernando g. aguirre:
Congrats to Stefanos, his team and family!!!!!! Love to see you smile and become a Monte Carlo Champ! Welcome to this moment and to this tennis level!!!! YOU DESERVE IT! Cheers from Maui!
George Azeh
George Azeh:
Stefanos movement is impeccable
Eric Grace
Eric Grace:
Stefanos came really plugged in today, seems to have the perfect antidote for Rublev's fire power style of game.
Man on a mission: Mission accomplished!
Konrad's Pages
Konrad's Pages:
Couldn't be happier with the result. Well done Stefanos! Nice fight Rublev.
Bamdej Communication
Bamdej Communication:
Huge congratulations on the victory! You fully deserved it. What a perfect match from your side! Respect.
Samuel Chan
Samuel Chan:
Great match for tsitsi; can’t wait for more of this match up in the future. Huge power off both wings for both players.
Stef's in incredible form.
rublev's tank of mental energy was drained after rafa's defeat
nikos GR
nikos GR:
Congrats to Stefanos all the way... Well deserved win!!
Dino Mijatovic
Dino Mijatovic:
Great form and focus from Stephanos! I hope he carries on like this for RG!
Edward Hannah
Edward Hannah:
Very happy for Stefanos but a bit sad for Andrey but he’ll win his first Masters1000 soon. But today its Tsitsipas day so bravo Stef 👏
The extra time on clay allows Tsitsipas to hit through his shots more. He looks more comfortable than on hard court.
In Monte Carlo, they were waiting for another champion.
Yes Stefanos! Congrats on the win! You deserved it so much!
Vagia Tsaliou
Vagia Tsaliou:
Yesssss !!!!!! 🙏🏼🇬🇷🙏🏼🇬🇷🙏🏼🇬🇷
Praveen K
Praveen K:
So happy for Stefanos. Well played all week and this big title was some time coming. Wish you many more titles to come. God bless you 🙏🏽
Congratulations to Tsitsipas on the the first Masters 1000. Gutted for Rublev.
02 Andrew Edwin y
02 Andrew Edwin y:
stefanos came out of syllabus ..well played greek god
Joe Kim
Joe Kim:
the future of tennis is in good hands with these 2 kids as well as Zverev and Thiem.
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos:
Well deserved, a true champion, with great personality and courage.
Rachmad Hidayat
Rachmad Hidayat:
Congrats Stefanos, truly deserved!! He didn't get to beat Nole and Rafa on his way to winning his first master1000, but the way he thumped the 2 players who beat Nole and Rafa, I'm pretty sure he'd win it regardless.
This man is getting better and better every day. With the absence of Federer so far, this man could be as equally pleased to watch as Fed always does.
POPPY Calliope
POPPY Calliope:
Stef what a performance. Pure poetry, lovely style!!! Cool, calm, focused and strategic.. Keep this up and you will be hard to beat.
"Fighting is a way of life" Tsitsipas FOREVER ❤️
Jay R
Jay R:
I’m happy seeing the competition among the younger players. A number of them have equal chances of winning majors
Daniel Durand
Daniel Durand:
I'm happy to confirm that hitting hard is not enough ! Bravo Stefanos !
Federico Town
Federico Town:
now Tsitsipas needs his first Grand Slam
Smoque Drey
Smoque Drey:
I stake so much money on Tsitsipas at Acapulco finals and I lost. I was so bitter but deep down I knew he is a top dawg and he has delivered today brilliantly.🤍
Sammy Al Hashemi
Sammy Al Hashemi:
The more I watch Tsitsipas the more I'm convinced how much of a beast he is. I was so wrong about him a couple years ago when he was demolished by Shapovalov.
evren gözen
evren gözen:
Rublev beat King of clay court Nadal; he made good job, Stefanos roar like giant lion with his single handed backhand that’s awesome impeccable game 👏👏👏both man played good but there is one crown reach at the end of the match 🏆🇬🇷
Hari Adit
Hari Adit:
Congrats to Stefanos for a long awaited win. Although, I do feel bad for Andrey. Wish him a title in the future. The two of them will have good battles in the future.
Daniela M.
Daniela M.:
Perfect play! So well deserved! May this be the first of many more....
Stefanos was so dominant in this final. if u have a weak serve u dont have a chance against stefanos. stefanos is having a hard time against joko and medventev for that reason.
Frank G.
Frank G.:
Amazing performance by Tsitsipas, he's reached a new level.
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
This was a tsitsipas Masterclass today ! Completly destroyed rublev and playing super agressive ! Glad he finnaly win a Master 1000 and prooves even more his skills on clay which are even better than Hardcourt
Eirini Maria Leleki
Eirini Maria Leleki:
Perfect game execution, perfect week. No ups, no downs from Tsitsipas just focused on his game. That’s what wins: talent + mental strength (consistency). For those who say he had an easy draw let me remind you that he put away with EASE those who beat Novak (Evans) and Rafa (Rublev). Great week for Rublev too who was simply outplayed in the final by the better player. Looking forward to 2021 being indeed the breakthrough year for a change in the guard. Love Roger, love Rafa but there is too much young talent out there to remain on the sidelines.
Tsitsipas, Medvedev, Rublev, Sinner, Korda, Shapovalov, to name a few. Congratulations to Stefanos for his long awaited and well deserved first Masters Trophy. 🏆🇬🇷🔥
Finesse won over power.. Stefanos game is so beautiful to watch just as it was Roger's in the past 20 years.. Smooth, almost poetic at times..
Viggo Wagemans
Viggo Wagemans:
So happy Tsitsipas won his first masters event
Teresa Virina
Teresa Virina:
Watch the whiolegame on Premier Tennis. Stephanos performance was superb. No stress, just returning balls & getting good scores. Congratulations Tsitsipas on your ist 1000 Masters win!
Congrats Stefanos🎉Great match
John Doe
John Doe:
The Professional Amateur
The Professional Amateur:
I'm looking forward to the development of this rivalry
My Nini Heart
My Nini Heart:
Love seeing Stefanos’ victory! What an amazing performance!!! Truly deserved ! 💯🙌🙌🙌🙌
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
Tsitsi on 🔥! Has anyone noticed how beating Rafa before the final basically guarantees not winning the title? 😂
Norman Peters
Norman Peters:
Rubles relies so heavily on power that he doesn’t change up his game even when he’s losing. He needs to be able to Change his game Mid match.
French Keyz
French Keyz:
Stratosferic Tsitsipas showing he's by far the best tennisman in the world

Happy to see him for another 15 years wrecking the tour
I’m a stefano fan but I gotta admit, Rublev’s forehand will be feared for years to come...
Thiago Ismael Luthier
Thiago Ismael Luthier:
Stefanos: It's not enough...
Third time was a charm for Stefanos Tsitispas! Congrats to finally winning his first Masters 1000 title! It seemed like a long time coming. Also congrats to Andrey Rublev for an awesome week, getting to his first. He keeps going like this he'll win one soon enough. I'm glad ATP didn't spoil it in the thumbnail this time 🙂. Looking forward to how the clay court season will pan out for these two, who are becoming great rivals.
Rob K
Rob K:
Pretty amazing time in tennis, the top 10 or even top 20 players right now are crazy good.
Tsitsipas moving so naturally on the clay, watch out for French Open!
David Tinajero
David Tinajero:
Stefanos has reached a new level
Stefanos-- Future French Open Champion, maybe multiple. Very possibly. His game is ideal for clay!
Congrats to the greek worrior:) lovely match to watch, both players showed mature attitude!!
Pavlos Poutoridis
Pavlos Poutoridis:
Congratulations 👏 Couldn’t be more happier for Stefanos! Not only because he is from my country but also because he literally deserves this tremendous win! He put so much effort and “meraki”into it. Winning this tournament is a stepping stone that unlocks his true talent by improving even more his mentality and boosting his confidence! Also great performance by Rublev this year! Can’t wait to see more matches between these two players in the future ✌️
Vasileios Thanos
Vasileios Thanos:
Μπράβο Στεφαναρα... Ακούστηκε για πρώτη ο Εθνικός Ύμνος στο Μόντε Κάρλο... Κ υψώθηκε η ελληνική σημαία... Μας κάνεις περήφανους... Ευχαριστώ πολύ τα καλύτερα έρχονται...🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Man look at the size of the Tsitsi to Rublev. He looks beast. Even without starting the match I knew he would win but I so wanted Rublev to win. Rublev's time will come. Tsitsi is scary when he is good, big serve and smashing forehand and backhand.
Steve Michael
Steve Michael:
Great week for both of them. Good quality final but Stefanos was just too strong from the get go. Very happy for him. Congratulations 🥳
Dominic Moss
Dominic Moss:
R. I. P. BWEEH tsitsipas had him figured out. Imo his lack of variation got the better of him. Still... Looking forward to what this man does in the future. GGWP Tsitsipas
Semifinal last week, this week final next master 1000 hopefully win. Congrats rublev for an amazing week, your time will also come soon
Tsitsipas was just too good today, congrats!
P Neron
P Neron:
Congratulations. Two great guys.
Le Petit B
Le Petit B:
Awesome! I was looking forward to see Stefanos win a big tournament! Good luck on the next!
Love his backhand.
Dipayan Banerjee
Dipayan Banerjee:
I would love to see tsitsipas and thiem battling in full flow on clay this season
Του φεγγαριού ο γιός
Του φεγγαριού ο γιός:
Μπράβο παικταρά!!!Πολλά συγχ/ρια!!
Συνέχισε έτσι και η κορυφή στο ranking δεν αργεί.
Εκπροσωπείς τον Ελληνικό αθλητισμό κάτι παραπάνω από επάξια!!
Καλή δύναμη,να είσαι υγιής και δυνατός και οι μεγαλύτερες επιτυχίες είναι μπροστά σου....