Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Maxime Cressy | US Open 2020 Round 2

Stefanos Tsitsipas takes on Maxime Cressy in Round 2 of the US Open 2020.

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Apple Fritter
Apple Fritter:
I love watching a 3 min highlight video....half of which is tsisisipas walking to go get his towel. Love the way he reaches for it. Pure beauty on the court.
It’s crazy that Cressy was playing #5 singles for UCLA only a couple years ago... now he’s playing a top 10 player on Arthur Ashe Stadium
Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver:
Wow a serve volley player in it
Cressy's average first serve speed: 125 mph. Average second serve speed: 124 mph. Ridiculous. His fastest second serve was only 1 mph slower than Tsitsipas's fastest first serve.
It would be great not to spoil us with the winner in the thumbnail to give us the benefit of the doubt...
David Harmsworth
David Harmsworth:
Cressy: Second serve? I don’t know her
gregorio cinti
gregorio cinti:
So bad highlight.. for half a minute I have seen players changing court and walking at the end of the sets..
Tej Patil
Tej Patil:
*Luke Allen has left the chat*
The Greek God smote the mighty serve - seriously though, Tsitsipas neutralized a very awkward opponent, not easy returning 125mph seconds. He's looking good so far
Simon Jack
Simon Jack:
That handshake by Tsitsipas is so wholesome, he is just genuinely thanking his opponent for competing well.
Charles Ma
Charles Ma:
Tsitsipas is going deep into the US open.
Suvantola S
Suvantola S:
It's impressive how Tsitsipas crept through the first set, didn't get crashed under big pressure, found the way, found the passing shot. And the third set, didn't loose himself as well, kept the brain sharp. If he keeps doing this, he can really go far in this tournament.
Austin Bond
Austin Bond:
Tsitsipas playing ANOTHER big server haha
1 Watching tsitsipas grabbing his towel for 30 seconds
2 watching them going for handschake 30sec
3 some other small things
= 1min 45 sec higlights

US Open should pay me to be their editor
haroon ahmed
haroon ahmed:
Tsitsipas looks awesome to me. He is in great touch at the moment he won ATP world tour finals last year then why not US open this year
Pedro Koury
Pedro Koury:
What a short highlight. Feels like the highlight of a highlight
Helen Gaglia
Helen Gaglia:
Way to go Stefanos ! Good luck
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good match. Cressy is still impressive.
Hai La Duong
Hai La Duong:
3 min of highlights 2 min of Tsitsipas going to his towel
40 Love
40 Love:
USTA: let’s see if #168 can give #6 a run for his money
Stefanos: hold my 🍺
Rex Gonzales
Rex Gonzales:
That was (one-hand backhand-olous) incredible to send him packing Tsitsipas.. That was (one-hand backhand- olous) an incredible display of strength Tsitsipas!
It's a pathetic three-minute highlight video as it is - 25 seconds of it between 1:35 and 1:59 are Tsitsipas walking first to his towel then to his chair. The channel is trolling us.
Tej Patil
Tej Patil:
Tsitsipas playing awesome like always, but Cressey has so much potential but is very sloppy. He basically gave that 1st set tiebreak to Stefanos by unforced errors.
Charles Griffiths
Charles Griffiths:
Did they insert a recorded crowd cheering at the end?
Α Τ:
ΜΕΓΑΛΟ ΑΣΤΈΡΙ !!!!!!!! ⭐
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
Tsitsipas is getting better with big servers. Beat Isner and Opelka last week, although fell to raonic who was on a roll. And now another big server defeated in straight sets. The potential for a grand slam is HIGH!
All things Benji-Boy
All things Benji-Boy:
I would love to see a serve and volley player be a legit treat in these slams
Nico Polidis
Nico Polidis:
Is Cressy the boyfriend of taylor townsend? 🤣
Pame Stefaneeee 💪💙
Sartaz Aziz
Sartaz Aziz:
Such a BS highlights!
Mundex TV
Mundex TV:
0:50 Tsitsipas 20 secs walking highlight.
Farshad Persian
Farshad Persian:
Hope that Tsitsipas would win this tournament in this year!
Michael Viger
Michael Viger:
Can barely hear the announcer....squeeky voice, lol.
ceerw buty
ceerw buty:
Hope that Tsitsipas would win this tournament in this year!
Edwin Chu
Edwin Chu:
0:15 was that a windows error?
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar:
Such a waste of time even in short highlight
Sahil Agrawal
Sahil Agrawal:
Its really unique seeing a serve volleyer in 2020... Im gonna have to watch more of Cressy's matches
Professional Dynamic
Professional Dynamic:
Here we go the next Karlovic
seeni gzty
seeni gzty:
What a short highlight. Feels like the highlight of a highlight
Θεοφιλος Μουμτσιδης
Θεοφιλος Μουμτσιδης:
Πάμε Στέφανε! Δώσε τα όλα και σήκωσε το !!!
Teresa’s Sweets
Teresa’s Sweets:
Maxime’s play style is so fun to watch
Roi Sagron
Roi Sagron:
Tsitsipas always walk like he just got punished
afshin zyaei
afshin zyaei:
I miss serve and volley
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
Tsitsipas playing awesome like always, but Cressey has so much potential but is very sloppy. He basically gave that 1st set tiebreak to Stefanos by unforced errors.
Teragram Lawrence
Teragram Lawrence:
Doing well tsitsipas but no chance of beating novak😂😂😂
Been a fan of cressy since UCLA he's come a long way i just hope he continues to improve his game
Nice to see an offensive game!
Nico Polidis
Nico Polidis:
Cressy plays like a doubles player
Abid Ali
Abid Ali:
Just another day at work for Stefanos.
Could have seen 5 points more instead of walking
Those serves from Cressy look way faster from what the radar shows.
Kevin Stevia
Kevin Stevia:
Serve and volley in 2020? Every point? Really?
chau nguyen
chau nguyen:
did they add crowd noises?
how come cressy wasnt grunting/yelling
Cressy has the old chip and charge style, not so common on the tour anymore. Tsitsipas is simply too strong for him.
Cressy serve is Nasty!
Nick Sigalas
Nick Sigalas:
Why did he change shirt three times?
고추에 바람 불면?조세 호
고추에 바람 불면?조세 호:
Is this the highlight of tennis? Or just demonstrations of how human walk and move their body?
Tennis without crowd is dead. There is no reason to see it
Bhuvanesh 01
Bhuvanesh 01:
Basically tennis players' screaming is this loud,wow.I could see how much the crowd's presence suppressed the scream.
Oz A
Oz A:
Cessey should study how to return serve
0:06 fart
S M:
Tsitsipas might meet Zverev in QF and most definitely Djokovic in SF (Read: A super easy draw for Djokovic AGAIN with not a single player in his entire draw to challenge him). Even if Tsitsipas gets past ZverevTsitsipas, Medvedev or Thiem to grab their first major even though Djokovic is super heavy favorite.
Katerina Luna diCamella
Katerina Luna diCamella:
If Nole do not win the title I hope Stefanos will
Cressy's name and surname sound french, besides it is pleasant to have an american player playing one arm bachand.
Борислав Димитров
Борислав Димитров:
Terrible highlights
AG Tennis
AG Tennis:
Curt Berner
Curt Berner:
Whats about this f.... technical applause? Please shut up.
Shreyas Ontivillu
Shreyas Ontivillu:
whats with all those tvs called FAN cams?

are they playing recorded cheering sounds to make players feel good??

anyone clarify if u know...
Skeeter McTavish
Skeeter McTavish:
Cressy must have seen all the videos trolling him, he stopped screaming and whooping about.
Worst highlights video I’ve ever seen. Not only was it just 3 minutes long, but there’s 30 seconds spent on the celebration and about another 20-30 seconds on Tsitsipas walking after the set is over. If you’re gonna make short ass highlights, don’t try to pad them with players walking to make them 3 minutes. Just upload a 2 minute video shamelessly.
no SICK:
Какой же бесячий этот полу грек
Osung 823
Osung 823:
Luke Allen has lost her bet
Wolf team
Wolf team:
Maxime Cressy game >>> isner opelka querrey karlovic games
Why do I even watch tennis when Novak is just going to win another slam??? 😭
Chay Sayaovong
Chay Sayaovong:
Maybe American players need to start looking at Agassi and Mac...
instead of Roddick and Sampras.. every wannabe kid has a big serve and that’s it (sock, fritz, etc)... pete had a complete game... Arod could never get past federer who also had a complete game... the usta maybe mishandling these kids.. always looking for the big serve... and not the best all around player.
Angela Shi
Angela Shi:
Why does Tsitsipas always get the worst highlights?

Round 1: Show all his opponents points even though he crushed him
Round 2: Show him walking to his towel.
bp123 123
bp123 123:
Cressy has good potential he has a great serve and vollies. If he keeps working on his groundstrokes and movement he can be a pretty good tenniser one day
mediocre players
Tsitsipas is so hot
A K:
He was sm less obnoxious than usual today
Daniel Quezada
Daniel Quezada:
Cressy is a really bad tenniser