Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Roger Federer | Australian Open 2019 R4 Highlights

Highlights from Stefanos Tsitsipas and Roger Federer's match in the fourth round of the Australian Open 2019.

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This guy makes me question every single decision in my life right now, holy shit he's 20 and he beat Federer. I'm 19 and fooling around
Ege Tavsanci
Ege Tavsanci:
Tsitsipas lost the 1st set because of a random idiot who yelled “out!” at 1:48
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Tsitsipas beat Federer at his own game. Star is born.
Raffay Tarar
Raffay Tarar:
Tsitsipas has got a well rounded game, good baseline control, deep strokes when needed, terrific single handed backhand, and superb volleying.
Surely the future of Tennis.
Elshan A
Elshan A:
Strange feeling to watch a player that once played against me in several U14 and U16 tournaments now winning against Roger.
The future of tennis has finally arrived!!!! GO TSITSIPAS!!!!
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh:
It is like federer playing another him so similar
Shreyes Sridhara
Shreyes Sridhara:
I may be a Federer fan, but this could be the 'Change of Guard'
l c
l c:
It's like watching Federer playing against his younger self! Amazing to watch
agi c
agi c:
This match reminds me of younger Roger Federer against great Pete sampras and won after hard fought match. Like that match this young man played a wonder ful game against Federer. This may be a rise of another legend in men's single championship. Hats of to this young man. I am a great fan of Roger. And I like the way tsitipas played. Would like to see more matches of Roger against this young man.
eribaldo Yes
eribaldo Yes:
Overwhelming to see emotional Tsistsipas´s brother, Petros.
Well done Stefanos!!! Keep going, you’re doing great!
Why am I feeling Stefano's could become a great player.. does anybody feels like that??
dor ryoku
dor ryoku:
1:49 moments like this make me despise having a live audience in the stadium
Whu Haq
Whu Haq:
Who came here after 'casey neistat' made a video about him?
Miguel Velasquez
Miguel Velasquez:
Tsitsipas is great player

Future the tennis
Beth Sp
Beth Sp:
What a match! He seemed shocked he won. He looks like a very tall Jesus lol. So tall! Glad Fed managed a smile at the net. This guy looks good.
Simoun O'Brien
Simoun O'Brien:
I really like Stefanos Tsitsipas. He seems like a genuinely nice sportsman. He couldn't believe that he defeated The Greatest Tennis player of all time. I am a die hard Federer fan but I must admit, I think it is time to see the future of tennis with different stars :D!!
A legend is born.
Stefano's backhand is the next best thing since sliced bread
alep Aidiel
alep Aidiel:
I expect big things from Tsitsipas in future,living to the hype and not get carried away with it. At this point, I'm ready to let go all the Big 4. They have dominated the sport long enough. It's time for new generation to step up. It will not be easy, but they have to.
Srikanth Tupurani
Srikanth Tupurani:
Next big name in tennis after djokovic, nadal and federer. After three years he will be an amazing player.
Viktoria Korakovounis
Viktoria Korakovounis:
Μας έκανες περήφανους Στέφανο! Συνέχισε έτσι..! #greece
Eleni Lambrou
Eleni Lambrou:
Συγχαρητήρια Στέφανε ! Μας κάνεις όλους περήφανους!!!
Aa JV:
Anyone else here after Tsitsipas got beat in the first round at Wimbledon and or US Open??
The sound at 1:49 did really affect Stefanos.
Tsitsipas' reaction to winning was priceless he played great and deserved to win even though I'm a Federer fan
japa br
japa br:
My favorite players of new geration are Zverev and Tsitsipas
And a couple of months later Federer nearly wins a Sunshine Double so I guess new gen still got a lot of work to do
patrik murphy
patrik murphy:
Looks like a Joker-Nadal final to me.
Joker face
Joker face:
For me Tsitsipas will be the next n°1 ATP , he can beat everyone .
Daniel Maluenda
Daniel Maluenda:
They play in such similar ways, this was like passing the torch
Jeremy Stark
Jeremy Stark:
Beautiful tennis by both players.😎
What a fantastic game! How can anybody dislike this?
Juan Sebas C
Juan Sebas C:
Tsisipas is reality and i think he is going to be No 1 in a few. Federer great always. Great match !!
Only god (or Roger) can do that
Lennart Markovic
Lennart Markovic:
fantastic match by tsitsipas. could already see he would become great when he beat djokovic last year.
Well, 0 for 12 at break points was the crutial segment of this match.
Mohammed Irfan
Mohammed Irfan:
Don't know how Roger heals himself after the loss. For me his GrandSlam losses like this takes more than a week's time to heal & come back to normal.
AJP Aces
AJP Aces:
Tsitsipas is great 👍🏻👌🏽😀
Roshini Arunaa
Roshini Arunaa:
He deserved the victory
deepak mahajan
deepak mahajan:
Roger u will alwats be best for me. All 12 bp( across first three sets ) chances Roger wasted costed Roger this match and stefanos took his chances and won the match. It was like facing his younger version. I m happy for this talented guy bcoz good to see some player with variety playing good tennis! Stefanos is amazing to watch Personally I feel this guy is the future of tennis along with coric( yes I feel ) bcoz he has complete game and stamina for best of five. N lots of variety which will help him in grandslams.
All d best Roger. U will always be my ultimate fave. Hope u work on your return and break point conversion. U have nthng left to prove.
Juliana Vasconcelos
Juliana Vasconcelos:
The future number one, Tsisipas, sure! GO TSISIPAS. Final : Djokovic X Tsisipas
2:19 show Tsitsipas's talent
Federer can get the ball if run full speed,but he give up at the first moment.
You know it's really weird. there are many parallels between this match and Chung's match the previous year. Chung won next gen finals then reaches semis of AO by beating Djokovic in the 4th round. many commented that Chung beat Djokovic at his own game. Then Tsitisipas also won next gen finals and reaches semis of AO by beating Federer in the 4th round at his own game . really incredible. I hope the next gen keeps stepping up against the big 3.
Hussain Khan
Hussain Khan:
Federer was moving slower in this match and was doing too much unforced errors too
Raman Chandra
Raman Chandra:
And today Nick Krygios defeated him in ATP huh!!!
This is the best game in 2019 so far.
aashit rajopdhya
aashit rajopdhya:
He's slotted for morning session at rod laver let's see how he recovers against grinder agut
ranjan maithani
ranjan maithani:
2:20 that moment would have been a very crucial for a federer win
Bratin Basu
Bratin Basu:
The Greek God 🙌🏻❤
Australian open, I would love to visit you in the future :)
but until then, can you please provide 4K tennis footage in 2020?
Руслан Савченко
Руслан Савченко:
Federer did the same in 2001 vs Sampras. Karma))
Congrats to stefanos! He deserved to win. Great heart and great game. Federer though never seemed to get in a groove in that match. His footwork was way off and his shots followed in the same manner : slow and unprecise
Gisele 911
Gisele 911:
Love Stefanos !❤....Roger should give chances to the youngsters.. We need a new champion.. Not only the top 3 ! Boring..!!
_ WolfZ-
_ WolfZ-:
Where Are the greeks brothers ♥️?
Andrey Cunha
Andrey Cunha:
Wow the crowd was insane in this game.
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen:
Inspired by the popping up of Tsitsipas and Tiafoe, let's forget that Nick Kygrios, Dimitrov and other mid-age players, we need these young 20-year-old rising stars to shine.
Atharva Thatte
Atharva Thatte:
Only few men's singles matches were good at this AO2019. This was one of them.
Yashit Kumar
Yashit Kumar:
Dunno why I think Federer could have easily got this match but seems he was just not trying a bit , just tryin to play on his comfort!
Καλά είναι άμα νικάς, αλλά διόρθωσε λίγο αυτό το φλούφλικο παίξιμο, που απ' ότι βλέπω, σου ΄΄βγαίνει΄΄ πολύ.
Daniel Maluenda
Daniel Maluenda:
The future:
Auger-Aliassime (watch this guy)

These guys are guaranteed future top 10.
Sakis Gontsis
Sakis Gontsis:
Σε καμαρώνουμε παιχταρά μου !!! 👏🏻👍🏻✌🏻️🇬🇷💙🎾
Gian De Rosa
Gian De Rosa:
Tsitsipas has a really good looking game. I like how he is willing to come forward, great win for him.
Bye, bye, Roger!
Peace obi
Peace obi:
Beautiful match to watch and effortlessly played by both men.
Jack Rony
Jack Rony:
may be the last time aus open saw Roger,hope he comes back but i think it will not happen sad for tennis world
Kurnia Widyatara
Kurnia Widyatara:
We are now looking at bright future of tennis..medvedev, tsitsipas, tiafoe and zverev
Magno Gonzalo
Magno Gonzalo:
Tsitsipas it's a Vintage looking tennis player.
md shoeb
md shoeb:
He is next champion well played tsitsipas.
Federer literally cost himself that match by calling for that review.He’s so honest and that’s one of the reasons he’ll be my favourite.Kudos to both👍🏻
The Punisher
The Punisher:
5:30 that shot 😍😍
yash sawant
yash sawant:
Well played young man 🔥
Tom R
Tom R:
2:17 Wow Fed would have got that easy and he knows it! What an important point
Azyz Ellala
Azyz Ellala:
5:51 The Twist of the match !
japa br
japa br:
federer is the best player for me , but Tsitsipas played better
This was just like watching Djokovic vs. Chung a year earlier. Same round, too.

Virtually exact opposite of themselves but better
Siva Patti
Siva Patti:
This guy is going to be a future tennis star🤩
Howard Fung
Howard Fung:
See a lot of Federer in Tsitsipas. I enjoy watching his game, classic but with a modern twist. Wish both them well in 2020
Tsisitpas in the thumbnail be like: 🥺👉🏼 👈🏼
Neel Pendyala
Neel Pendyala:
Federer probably thinking "Man if I was in my prime..."
Chetan Patni
Chetan Patni:
Nadal toyed with him today, like he was some 12 year old kid 😂
nurzaman abd hamed
nurzaman abd hamed:
Remember Federer fooling Andre Agassi , you get back Federer
he reminds me of Bjorn Borg sometimes ....
Tasmay Shah
Tasmay Shah:
like how there is no music
Partha Banerjee
Partha Banerjee:
I missed the match ! How could I ?
Adil Mir
Adil Mir:
That Federer forehand my word especially the follow through, Its a shadow of its old self, His all court game is not even 50% of what it was 2 years back. I hope Federer fixes this.
Was this event sponsored by KIA?
Ank G G
Ank G G:
Perhaps Men Tennis got a new upcoming talent or legend?? Time will tell. A hearty salute to Legend federer..match was great fought minimal marginal errors and of classic shots , powers, athletes, nerves, fitness from both of them. Simply superb...
Ninad Samant
Ninad Samant:
💟 him alot...iam in 💟 with his bodya and jealous too😁😁
Arjun Gunasekaran
Arjun Gunasekaran:
Chapter 3 of the rivalry today in the Dubai final..:) Hope it's as exciting as the Hopman Cup and Aussie Open encounters ..:)
Miguel Martínez
Miguel Martínez:
final ao 2019 tsitsipas vs djokovic , winner????
kec sedayu
kec sedayu:
tsi : your begen...wouwww..kereeennnnnn..
0/12 break point. fed beat himself.
You made us happy stefanos.well done son.respect and love from cyprus
I was expecting to see the full 3 hours and 58 minutes
This is Federer's Sampras moment.

A young scruffy kid beat ageing champion Pete Sampras at Wimbledon 2001 and started the swansong singing. Pistol Pete went on to win another US Open in 2002 before retiring but that lost to young Federer was the moment we knew his career was coming to end.
Manishaa Saxena
Manishaa Saxena:
My favourite moment 1:57