Stephanie Beatriz Talks "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" First Impressions, "Encanto" And Other Firsts

One of our favorite “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” alums and star of Disney’s “Encanto,” Stephanie Beatriz, stopped by to tell us some perfect and hilarious stories about her first times. So watch the video to hear all about her first day on “B99,” how she (almost) met Dolly Parton, and more! #StephanieBeatriz #Encanto #BrooklynNineNine


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 2
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 4
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FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" - Season Four
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2019 American Music Awards - Roaming Show And Backstage
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 8
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2021 Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye Concert
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"Tick Tick Boom" New York Screening
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Celebrity Sightings In New York - June 26, 2019
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100+ comentarios:

I can't imagine how painful it was for her to maintain Rosa's voice
Vinícius Souza
Vinícius Souza:
I'm actually shocked to hear her actual voice. I also couldn't believe she's Mirabel. What a great actress.
Its like Rosa mocking us all through the entire video by showing her bubbly personality😭😂
Deepali Singh
Deepali Singh:
she deserves an award for portraying Rosa
Wiley Coyote
Wiley Coyote:
Her real voice will never NOT slightly freak me out. 😄
Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?
Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?:
God, I loved her as Rosa in B99. Can’t wait to see her in Encanto.
A A:
When I hear her talk I think she's putting on a voice and she isn't 😂😂 She's amazing as Rosa.
Abdullah Alshehri
Abdullah Alshehri:
Plot twist
She is repeating what Gina is telling her through hidden earpiece
Jesus Christ, if this is her real voice/personality I just gained a whole lotta respect for her Brooklyn 99 performance
I thought that her B99 voice was her actual voice in real life lol. I love actors who have this superpower along with actors who can hide their British, Irish & Australian accents and do different American accents is so cool to me too.
stephanie is such a good actress ahd i absolutely adore her energy!! im so excited to watch encanto and i cant wait to see her in so many more things
Stephanie Beatriz is my celebrity crush. I adore her. She's gorgeous, seems so sweet and fun and she's so, so talented! She was amazing as Rosa and I love her in Encanto and In the Heights. I can't wait to see where her career takes her next!!
Steph is an amazing actor, and I’m glad that she played a character that was bi- and I believe she I also openly bi herself. If I would meet her, totally couldn’t talk because I would be so nervous lmao. We love you Stephanie!
2:47 I don't think any of them could've foreseen Brooklyn Nine-Nine lasting as long as it did. Stephanie was so good on that show and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does next!
Allison Poynor
Allison Poynor:
It’s really freaking hilarious how everyone in the comments is talking about how they are surprised to hear her real voice cause of Brooklyn 99 but now there’s tons of us who only know her voice from encanto and it’s so recognizable. Haha
Mackenzie McAnear
Mackenzie McAnear:
OMG her voice! It’s so odd hearing her outside of her role as Rosa
Robert Fraser
Robert Fraser:
1:24 It might not be "wild and crazy" but if ever I would recognize her on the street I would start singing: "Rosa...Rosa Rosa...ROOOOOO--sa...."
Happy Tobus
Happy Tobus:
I’m not used to her being calm. Rosa has given me too many high expectations. But for real, she’s so sweet.
Tim Gildersleeve
Tim Gildersleeve:
Adore her. She's the gushy center of Rosa.
Stephanie is special. Her soul radiates and shines just from interviews, her energy must be even more vibrant in person.
Rewatching B99 I never realized she used her team voice in S1 but also I hate that I still get thrown off by her actual voice - icon
Maria K
Maria K:
The SHOCK I experienced whenever I heard her real voice was huge! Love this woman!
When she described the cast of bb9 I realized how all of them put their passion and personality into their characters cuz she described their characters personality
watching her grow from guestroles on jessie to this has been such a beautiful journey to follow- i grew up with her and im so proud of her
Rochely Ramírez
Rochely Ramírez:
I love that she can do any role in a incredible way.
Alex Rose
Alex Rose:
I was smiling throughout the whole video and I didn't even realize! She is an amazing actress.
Sanaa Z
Sanaa Z:
Still so not used to her hearing her real voice after years of Rosa Diaz omg 😂
Yoosuf Suhail
Yoosuf Suhail:
I’m still having a hard time listening to this. Is this the same person who was in B99? If so, DAMN. She really deserves an Emmy 🔥😭
Shankar Roy
Shankar Roy:
So happy she's getting the recognition she deserves... She's so dang talented
Stephanie Beatriz is such a down to earth and very charming person, I absolutely enjoyed watching the video. I loved her portrayal of Rosa on B99 and I still remember being somewhat shocked when I realized Rosa’s voice was not her voice irl. She’s a great actress and have enjoyed her other films too, o truly wish her the best and look forward to whatever else she will be in in the future.
Stephanie is just.. The best 😂🤌🏻
I finally watched Encanto last night and I looooved her performance. she did such a great job, not just with the musical bits but giving Mirabel a funny, heartfelt, awesome personality.
i love this so much for stephanie cause she's such an amazing person and seeing her as roza, and then in in the heights and now in encanto is all just 🥺🥺🥺 i love her!!!
elias j
elias j:
I love her so much as Rosa! Now that I found out that she also voiced Mirabel... I love Encanto so much 💖💖💖 That movie will always hold a special place in my heart! We love you Stephanie!!! Keep on Believing and Keep on Going 💖🙌🏽
Mirabel Madrigal
Mirabel Madrigal:
I don’t think Steph or any of the creators of encanto know this but THANK YOU FOR MIRABEL! Seriously you have no idea how much I need her in my life! I am so lucky to say that I have the doll and call her what we know as “Sister”. #stephaniebeatriz #mirabelmadrigal #encanto
Matt G
Matt G:
I found out she was Mirabel's voice after finish watching the movie in the credits scene and i couldn't believe it because I wasn't able to recognize her, i only knew her from B99 and now seeing interviews and hearing her normal voice feels like I've been lied this whole time, what a wonderful actress
I already loved her.. I mean she is wow then I got to know she had astigmatism and she is legit almost blind and you wouldn't know from her acting. Mind blown!
Rishika Tiwari
Rishika Tiwari:
The only reason why people don't recognize you IRL is because you have such a different vibe than what they expect
Kathryn Louise Berman
Kathryn Louise Berman:
I love that her star struck moment was Dolly!
Jay Thoulde
Jay Thoulde:
Stephanie is just not onky amazing but just overall one of thecoolest people like wow her interaction with Daphnes would probably be my interaction to actually meeting her(Stephanie) if that ever happens💀
raymond sanchez
raymond sanchez:
My god she is so extremely talented. Never ceases to amaze me
Diana L
Diana L:
She's so funny irl, I love her!
She’s an amazing actress! So far removed from Rosa on B99.
Prudence Gunawan
Prudence Gunawan:
I'm so glad that she did Mirabel.... I'm in LOVE with Encanto and it wouldn't be the same if she isn't Mirabel.
Steven Pesantez
Steven Pesantez:
i looooooove their speaking voice! Stephanie seems soooooo bubbly, like I would absolutely love to grab a drink with her!
I just after some episodes of the 1st season. What's a surprise to see the actor behind the scene like this.
Apparently she did a good job acting as Rosa, a character with a complete different type of personality.
Her acting + the editing gave the character a really really attractive voice!
aadidev Kuttisseri
aadidev Kuttisseri:
I can't believe that the person who plays Rosa also plays mirabel as well. Just unbelievable
I was shocked so bad when I found out she voiced Mirabel.... and hearing her voice as Rosa... so weirdd. she's a good actress alright 🕺🏻
Houria Hammouta
Houria Hammouta:
In the pilot and a couple episodes after she still had her Stephanie high voice. Rosa is perfect.
I've only seen her in B99 and I can't believe that's her real voice 😰
Lindsay Cook
Lindsay Cook:
Encanto was so good! I cried! It was so beautiful!
Janno Meeuwessen
Janno Meeuwessen:
This is probably the one actress from who I can't Imagine her real personality outside of her Role in a movie lol
She is so different omg
frank heathersu
frank heathersu:
She’s very gorgeous AND naturally funny. An icon
Iza Bakugo
Iza Bakugo:
Wasn’t she in Modern Family? She’s Sonia Ramirez, isn’t she?
Imagine if she did some lines from ends to with the Rosa voice not in the actual movie but in the bloopers
L.A Magundayao
L.A Magundayao:
Her Actually Voice is Sooooooo Amazing
Ellie Gibson
Ellie Gibson:
This lady actually had the voice for mirabel or whatever her name is in encanto
Norkrabieng Naisuanlungban
Norkrabieng Naisuanlungban:
I have just finished B99 last week but still cant move on. To see you in encanto trailer make me so happy. Inspector Diaz.
I have left
I have left:
it feels weird to hear her real voice after watching so much B99
HOW IS SHE 40 SHE LOOKS LIKE SHES 25 HOLY COW. P.S. Love your work Stephanie!
Dragoneye025 G
Dragoneye025 G:
Listening to her real voice is so weird but I can hear Mirabels voice
Aliza Torian
Aliza Torian:
The way she said ‘Daphne I love you’ lol I can’t 😂 💀
so cute and humble! Love to you Stephanie!
Basically Bananas!
Basically Bananas!:
I love all of the films she is in like modern family, encanto and Brooklyn 99
Karen Devin
Karen Devin:
She's pretty good at doing mirabels voice
Ryan "Aviation" Reynolds:
Hearing her voice makes me feel like if this was Rosa's voice she would've ended up with Boyle.
Jemma Davies
Jemma Davies:
I literally love her
She looks like if Aubrey Plaza and kourtney kardashian had a baby😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Didn’t know she became a mom! Congratulations!
Claudia Valencia
Claudia Valencia:
She’s giving me Aubrey Plaza vibes or is it just me? 🙊 love herr
Samuel White
Samuel White:
That’s you!!!!! Omg you are my most favorite character on Brooklynn 99 you are an icon. Your range is spectacular!!
Kim Smith
Kim Smith:
This was really cute. Love her!
Chloe Young
Chloe Young:
So her real voice and personality is like Gina hahahah :)
Idk why but I think Rosa’s voice match her better. Her current voice will be a great match to mean girls 😅😅
I love her as Sonia in Modern Family.
Kovy Kent
Kovy Kent:
I still can't believe this is her real voice
I remember her from Jesse as Salma and I was surprised to find out she voiced Mirabel
Mary T
Mary T:
Stephanie Beatriz you will ALWAYS be famous .
j dfg
j dfg:
wow shes perfect - she is like a 10/10 cyborg
Nay R
Nay R:
I love her so much
Rusty "A81L1FY" Sessions:
I want to see the interview with Willie Rivera now or watch a reaction video of him watching this 🤣😂
Nasira K
Nasira K:
Need another B99 season. I miss it .
Pineapple ASMR
Pineapple ASMR:
Stop when Stephanie referred the queer kid as they I was so happy ✨✨✨
Hypernova 366
Hypernova 366:
When I started watching it almost seemed like a voice over since I've only seen her in B99
Sirius Semajo
Sirius Semajo:
Oh man! Yes to Tony Braxton’s Secrets!
CRAP Gaming
CRAP Gaming:
dude I wish disney make a sequel of Encanto
I’m glad she found something to do after b99.
Christine R
Christine R:
I am so crushing on her right now like she's a total baddie <3
Josefina Holt
Josefina Holt:
I cant Like recognize her real voice because her voice is so different in b99😭
I swear her actual voice was higher than that
Loved her in modern family
Stephanie Beatriz Is my celebrity crush 💗💜💙
rod axel
rod axel:
" Rosa, Rosa, Rosa" Doug Judy.
Sean Kim
Sean Kim:
I Enjoyed Watching Brooklyn Nine Nine It's A Very Funny Show A Girl Named Alex She Used To Watch B99.
Sean Peters
Sean Peters:
Wow i cant believe how different she is. She kind of sounds (and acts) like Gina
Does anyone know if she's the one also singing in encanto? I know Disney sometimes hire a voice actor and singer for the same role, but it's not so common nowadays. I'm curious if she really was that amazing singer!
So Rosa's mocking voice is her real voice
Prithvi Bhattacharya
Prithvi Bhattacharya:
She is sooooooooooooooooo..... SOOO different from Rosa Diaz in real life🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Proving how much of a great and amazing actress she is 😍😍😍😍