Stephen A. reacts to the Nets defeating the Lakers | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Brooklyn Nets defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 109-98.
#FirstTake #NBA

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100+ comentarios:

A month ago: Kyrie needs to retire
Today: Kyrie is spectacular
Stephen A. “Joe Harris’ of the world” Smith
Hi T1000
Hi T1000:
Why doesn't Max ever call Stephen A out for constantly switching his picks?! Especially since he calls Max out all the time
This man change his opinion every day 😂 at this point Max should just win every debate. At least he's consistent
Jblaze phamtasmo
Jblaze phamtasmo:
Very annoying that AD and KD were out. Can't wait till it's a healthy matchup.
Demi God
Demi God:
Stephen a has a new championship favorite everyday
Tayan 2000
Tayan 2000:
Stephen A is a clown I use to rock with him but he never sticks to his word
brian aguilar
brian aguilar:
He literally just said nets should be favorite to win the chip after last night 😂😭
Stephan A changes his mind about the nets after every game
Vario Felce
Vario Felce:
We'll see in the playoffs, hoping for both teams to stay healthy
Lakers fans after beating a injured heat team in the finals: let’s goooo!!!!

Lakers fans when they team lose to someone with ad out; “this doesn’t count “😂😂
Official X Jai
Official X Jai:
When the Lakers win again and the Nets choke I don’t wanna hear nothing about “chemistry “
Damon Franklin
Damon Franklin:
I love how SAS says “of the world” when talking about a specific player 😂
Jean Pagette
Jean Pagette:
SAS already changing the favorites to the nets? Talk about jumping ship
Castro The Prince
Castro The Prince:
We already know Stephen A is going to say in a super dramatic movie style voice that-" The Brooklyn Nets.... Are going to the NBA finals"
Armando Ramirez
Armando Ramirez:
Ain’t this the same dude that said Kyrie should retire? 🤨 hypocrite
Miguel Anthony
Miguel Anthony:
I’m hoping they don’t pull a Clips 😂😂💀💀💀
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf:
Brooklyn better get worried with how Stephen A starting to back them for the finals
Kenneth West
Kenneth West:
Y'all need to stop this bandwagon y'all do this every year just sitting here shaking my head
Anderson Caipe
Anderson Caipe:
Schroeder and AD were missing, so was KD. Let’s see when both teams are at full strength.
Chris Lim
Chris Lim:
I’m keeping these receipts.
"SoMeOne DrOpPiNG fIFtY"
Well SAS just said the Nets are winning it all so you know what that means....
T V:
I swear If max says “game recognize game “ again, I’m going to light his House on fire
Nas A
Nas A:
So much for kyrie needing to retire aint that right stephen A 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hicks:
Come on Stephen A. Tell us something the rest of the nation doesn't already know. We all know the only team in the NBA right now with three superstars are favorites to win the championship. I'm hoping someone stops them, that's what we are all looking for.
Hareesh Sugumar
Hareesh Sugumar:
I don’t think the media realizes that they are treating the Nets like they did the clippers last year. And we all know how that ended.
GriM LEnz
GriM LEnz:
4:16 shammet = "that was james harden step back"🔥🔥🔥
We did this last year. Clippers win one game and they’re the favorites. Nets win one game and they’re the favorites. What about the team that actually WON the chip🤦🏾‍♂️
M Charge
M Charge:
I swear SAS changes his mind every friday
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia:
Stephen A has flip flopped so many times on the Nets it’s become a meme
Troop 96
Troop 96:
SAS always gets lost in the moment. did this last year. the year before that. it’s just amazing.
Yo To
Yo To:
I didn’t even watch this yet but I already know SAS’s take about to be colder than the snow i just shovelled in my driveway.
! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Lol y’all said the same thing about the clippers last season when they beat the lakers
Jacob Thrash
Jacob Thrash:
I knew everyone was going to overreact to this game.. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Cameron Fowler
Cameron Fowler:
Stephen “the —— s of the world” Smith 🐐
Aditya Bhattacharyya
Aditya Bhattacharyya:
bro stephen a goes from saying kyrie should retire to the nets are the favorites tf
Kobe Bryant248
Kobe Bryant248:
They said the same thing with Clippers last season 😂😂😂😂
“ADs out doesn’t count”
Paul Arnett
Paul Arnett:
Easy way Durant teams another 3 stars
K Sas
K Sas:
Max kellerman with the street metaphors “real recognize real” 😂😂💤
Mr. L
Mr. L:
Lakers lose and no one knows how to act
Zi Solo
Zi Solo:
When Joe harris knocks down that banked in 3, you know the game is over
Sherzod KhanCity
Sherzod KhanCity:
Here we go again, overreaction
Zack Hayes
Zack Hayes:
Remember yesterday when he said kyrie was gonna score 50 lmfao. Stephan A is nothing more than an entertainer. This show sucks now
Steven Tipton
Steven Tipton:
They're taking way too much into this!
xristos b
xristos b:
The same man said a month ago Irving should retire 🤦🏻‍♂️
the OVERhyping by stephen A is laughable
I hope Steven a keeps that same energy 💯
Help Me Reach 50k With No Videos
Help Me Reach 50k With No Videos:
Nets won 5 games in a row without KD I can tell Nets winning the finals this year
Jay Clemons
Jay Clemons:
The same confidence was given to the Clippers last year. 🤔
Tyree Brown
Tyree Brown:
Naw Stephen A dont take that pressure off Lebron lol they’re still the favorites to win it all not the Brooklyn Nets
I Know More Basketball Than You ON GAWD
I Know More Basketball Than You ON GAWD:
Dennis Schroder: am I a joke to you?
Kushtrim Shala
Kushtrim Shala:
Still can't forget about Graymond Dreen 😂❤️ Let's keep that one alive!
AD on da Way Lakers next Champs
AD on da Way Lakers next Champs:
SAS overreacting as always.
Zeb Nicklin
Zeb Nicklin:
"Well first of all, he Kyrie should retire" 🤔 Or should I retire? Flip Flop!
The AadyLegion
The AadyLegion:
Wow SAS complementing Kyrie, thats new.
Tupac Reincarnated
Tupac Reincarnated:
Its starting to feel like Stephen A be praying for Lebron's downfall
John Gotti
John Gotti:
Why do ya do this every time Bron lose to a stacked team in the regular season. We all know it comes down to the playoffs
Itzen Orozco
Itzen Orozco:
I’m getting Clippers energy from the Nets
antonio young
antonio young:
Last night show me they should be the NBA Finals favorites lmao next week something else
Kaleb xxad
Kaleb xxad:
No disrespect Bc we all know we love Stephen A, but remember a few months ago when he was talkin bout saying “kyrie should retire, he ain’t gonna do nothing” and know “he is a top finals prospect, he has shown us his amazing abilities” 🥲
Abu Mannocchi
Abu Mannocchi:
Stephen a, talk about Westbrook’s and him getting traded to the nets. Lol
Syed Ali
Syed Ali:
"Just like me"😆🤣
Reids Review
Reids Review:
Max’s takes are more on point on a regular basis than Stephen a now
Vibz shop
Vibz shop:
Thanus vs Darkseid 💥
Devante Gatson
Devante Gatson:
Before we over react , remember KD and AD wasnt playing and dennis wasnt playing either plus the lakers will have suitors in the buyout market...blake griffin and andre Drummond
Steven La
Steven La:
molly looking nice in yellow 🔥
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin:
Lakers will come out of the West, but if Utah has homecourt advantage in the WCF it might be tough to come out of the West but seeing what LeBron did against Tatum and Horford in Game 7 against the Celtics in TD Garden, the Lakers are coming out of the West.
I'll Play The Devil’s Advocate
I'll Play The Devil’s Advocate:
LeBron after the game, "I'm 36!!!!"
Känoë The artist
Känoë The artist:
It’s too early to call it
Perry Len Punsalan
Perry Len Punsalan:
"real recognize real" stop max
Gee, so S A is once again flip flopping on his NBA Final picks. What an expert!
Nicholas Tejada
Nicholas Tejada:
2:30 wow, great point. Max is actually a smart analyst (besides the iguodala moment lol), unlike stephen a
Jaden Doyle
Jaden Doyle:
We going to the Finals”no question about it” -Stephen A. Smith
"the kid is spectacular" his 28 my brother
Goliath Berry
Goliath Berry:
TLC I love his game!
Terel Edmunds
Terel Edmunds:
Did Stephen A. say "the kid" because he knows Kyrie didn't like that ish when Bron did it? 🤔
Same old BS Stephen A, what happened to " I'm not going to read to much in to a regular season game" to now the Nets are the favorite to when the chip. He seems to have trouble every year remembering playoff basketball is completely different...
Antonio Vaughn
Antonio Vaughn:
I gotta stop listening to Stephen a he doesn’t know what he is talking about
Jaden Candelario
Jaden Candelario:
How you go from telling kyrie to retire and then talk about how he is amazing.
Chris Campese
Chris Campese:
Notice the title just says “Stephan A reacts”. They seen those Twitter posts lmao
NBA Updated
NBA Updated:
I hope nobody takes him serious he switch his picks every other day
“That’s Your Best Free Throw Shooter?” 💀
- Kyrie Irving
Byron Rainer
Byron Rainer:
Another “prisoner” of the moment.
Stephen “Irving needs to retire” Smith
The Modern African Mystic
The Modern African Mystic:
:56 Kyrie had LBJ spinning around like where he go where the ball go. Reminds me of that African politician spinning on the table like MJ in Parliament amidst a riot. 😂 😂
The Stewarts
The Stewarts:
Brooklyn in 5! I said what I said 💪🏾💪🏾
Eli Schieffelin
Eli Schieffelin:
I’d like to see these teams healthy before we make these types of proclamations but we gotta get headlines
Harold Green
Harold Green:
Go Brooklyn Nets! It's a Brooklyn all nighter!!🔥🔥🔥
Dimitris S
Dimitris S:
Only had 7 points in the quarter? Since when that is bad? Last time I checked 4x7 equals 28
Jackson Stevens
Jackson Stevens:
Stephen A “prisoner of the moment” Smith
One game and that makes the Nets the favorites? Hahahahahahhahaa
Ron B
Ron B:
You gotta keep in mind , any of those 3 guys can turn it on anytime. Especially KD ! He never struggles to get buckets.. But when that shot is on early, he can drop 60 easy ...
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell:
Premature take. Y'all peep Stephen A. call Kyrie "the kid?"
One of Stephen A.’s predictions we’re finally right.
Dibakar Chowdhury
Dibakar Chowdhury:
Man I was excited prior to AD, KD, and Schroder being out. I really wanted to see the fully loaded match up smh. But I'm happy those two are nursing their injuries though.
Africa Is Rising
Africa Is Rising:
Oh, now Nets are the favorites, like really!! they create these expectations, and when they choke in the playoffs, they call it the biggest choke in NBA history. these two to me sounds like the dumbest analysts when it comes to team sports. They rarely talk about chemistry, being loud doesn't make you good analysts. Chris Broussard is the best
sirr hill
sirr hill:
we already know he going to say bet the favorite and when the laker win the championship he going say laker was all way the favorite 😂😂