Stephen A. thinks Serena is considering retirement with Naomi Osaka standing in her way | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Serena Williams losing to Naomi Osaka in the 2021 Australian Open, along with Serena's emotional press conference.

0:00 Stephen A. says Serena Williams losing is a bigger story than Naomi Osaka winning in their 2021 Australian Open matchup.
1:42 Stephen A. explains why Naomi Osaka might be the reason Serena Williams is considering retirement.
3:20 Max Kellerman argues that Osaka winning is the bigger story.

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0:00​ Stephen A. says Serena Williams losing is a bigger story than Naomi Osaka winning in their 2021 Australian Open matchup.
1:42​ Stephen A. explains why Naomi Osaka might be the reason Serena Williams is considering retirement.
3:20​ Max Kellerman argues that Osaka winning is the bigger story.
Georges St. Pierre
Georges St. Pierre:
Why First Take acting like they watch Tennis?
Osaka is just a young serena williams...its like when kobe was on the court with mj. Mj knew Kobe was a younger him and mirrored his game. Serena knows Osaka is her successor
Serena has people pretending they care or know anything about tennis🤣🤣🤣
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby:
Dude she’s playing at 39 and not likes she’s barely making it to the finals like tiger woods
Stephen A just want everybody to retire lol
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby:
To be going as far as she is at her age is still good
Even when Osaka wasn't standing in the way, she still lost to other players in Grand Slams over the past years.
Anthony Gibson
Anthony Gibson:
Stephen A: "I'm just guessing, I don't cover Tennis".....He could have wrapped it up right there
King Pineapple
King Pineapple:
Osaka is a beast give her the credit she deserves
Elliot Sobocinski
Elliot Sobocinski:
professional athlete does something bad
Stephen A: "They should retire!"
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner:
She’s still playing at a high level tbh
Nick Sewell
Nick Sewell:
I think Naomi is refreshing in the sport of tennis.
lou J
lou J:
Naomi is just built diff 💯
ipl epic
ipl epic:
Stephen A doesn't care about Tennis 😂😂😂
Remember in 2016 when Roger Federer lost in the Semi-Final at the Australian Open to Novak.
Headline - *Is It Time for Old Man Roger Federer to Retire*
Then comes back the next year & wins 2 Grand Slams plus the sunshine double.
Don't count out Goats
The MMA Connect
The MMA Connect:
Osaka is just the new generation, its her time now and she continues to improve.
Satori Prescient
Satori Prescient:
The only thing Serena is considering at the moment is : Get back to the top !!! Hopefully she will.
ruben kohn
ruben kohn:
I swear is it me or does Serena always lose to this same girl
Serena is already working out for the next run. She ain’t going nowhere.
Mike UK
Mike UK:
Osaka not only great player but such a nice person. Perfect for role model!
At 39 serena is still consistently getting to semis and finals... Sloane Stephens, a 20 something can't even make it past 1st round....... And serena should retire 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😏😏😏🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher:
Naomi time to take over has come. Serena still may have one good run in her though. I can’t count her out just yet
leave it to max to take a shot at brady during a tennis segment
Jesus Diaz
Jesus Diaz:
Everytime she gets beat the story gets turn to her cmon man she beat her 3 times she deserves her credit man
leslie gatlin
leslie gatlin:
"You know, I asked my uncle once how I'd know when it was time to stop. You know what he said? 'The youngsters'll tell you.'" - Cars 3
Ray Evans
Ray Evans:
Serena been trying to get that record for a few years now think she's getting frustrated she hasn't gotten it yet
Osaka has only beaten her 2 times in majors not 3. Osaka won in US Open 2018 and Serena won their next match in Toronto now Osaka won again in Australia.
Gun Monkey
Gun Monkey:
Listening to two people, who don’t know anything about tennis, try to make a point literally made my soul hurt. You both should never talk about tennis again.
Juanita Bryant
Juanita Bryant:
If she's hanging around for number 24, she can go to the house. Age catches up with everyone.
yaboy _matt
yaboy _matt:
serena’s still playing at a high level, but i don’t think she can get over the hump anymore. she’s the greatest women’s tennis player, but it’s osaka’s league now. i hope i’m wrong tho
Every time Serena loses to Naomi.... Serena is always the story..... Give Naomi her props man
Duane Isaacs
Duane Isaacs:
Serena has ran into her kryptonite
Stephen doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Like he said, he doesn’t cover tennis so they shouldn’t be talking about it. It’s not just Naomi that has beaten her in a slam 🤣🤣 Serena has beaten her in Toronto and handily. Stop talking about tennis without the knowledge please.
D Blok
D Blok:
You're still Compton's finest 💯💯💯🎾🎾🎾🎾
Jay Williams
Jay Williams:
Serena Williams will never win again unless she does two things how much did she weigh when she won her last championship how fast could she run side to side of the Court without getting out of breath she needs to get involved in track speed and track weight so she can run and not get out of breath she doesn't need to practice on her game she already knows what to do she just out of shape slim down and pick up speed that's it
Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker:
SAS knows nothing about tennis.
Marlon Ennis
Marlon Ennis:
The fact that Serena is almost 40 but still in the hunt is remarkable so just give credit for that no Tennis player ever will be this Good this Long and Dominant!!!!
Kyle McCann
Kyle McCann:
Serena is only 0-2 vs Osaka in majors(2-3 overall). Osaka isn't the massive wall portrayed here
Rishabh Madabushi
Rishabh Madabushi:
Serena Williams will be back she had excellent movement on the court throught the tounrment she is not even close to finished Naomi just played and incredible game with the precision of her angles on her shots but Serena will be back
GH Sense
GH Sense:
She can play until 45 and still be a top 10 player. She can still win a slam
X Hawks
X Hawks:
They don’t know tennis 😂
BingBang Radio
BingBang Radio:
Serena is wash up she dont have it nomore against the youngins
Steffi Graf won a Golden Slam! How can Max say that Serena had a higher peak?
Brock Attard
Brock Attard:
First take acting like they know tennis
Rahul Dravid
Rahul Dravid:
The end is near for Serena but she did it her way. 😉
Serena Williams my favorite now has to deal with the same thing she always did to Maria Sharapova. Osaka is a beast !!! I hope Serena hangs around to win another 2 but that's becoming harder & harder especially with Mommy Duties. I love this sport personally alot of heart.
The Influence of Many
The Influence of Many:
She's Serena's kryptonite for sure!
Anthony Wiggins
Anthony Wiggins:
Lol this was only the second time they played in a Slam 😂😂😂
Chii Ezikel
Chii Ezikel:
Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams. Old vs young 🎾🎾
Well done, Osaka!!! We are proud of you.
Why do we always discredit Osaka when it comes to her playing against Serena? Let the kid have her moments against the Goat
Robert Bell
Robert Bell:
Serena can still take out anyone. She has a lot more tennis in her.
Bryan Destine
Bryan Destine:
Yo why does everything need to end in retirement with this guy🤦🏾‍♂️😭
GMo G:
SERENA should be happy for OSAKA because that is another black woman that respects her.
Here goes the media overreacting like usual. When Serena is ready for retirement, she will retire. Stop trying to retire athletes and let them go out on their own. All the greats know when it’s time.
Did he just say similar to golf? Wow does this guy not know what he's talking about
Serena is no longer Osaka's hero.
Noms Mor
Noms Mor:
Since Serena had her baby despite being out of shape half the time, she has made the finals or semis more than any other player. So she's still the best player overall. If she keeps improving her court movement she'll win another major tournament.
outdoor fun
outdoor fun:
When you cover someone and constantly have to pick out they are a person of color that has nothing to do with the story. It simply means you are a racist person to begin with. Otherwise there is no point.
Mark C
Mark C:
It's not just Osaka but Bianca and Iga just to name a few, serena will be an underdog to these girls.
Bijan Rezai
Bijan Rezai:
Was just waiting for someone to say “box office” and it never happened...
Ellora Diehl
Ellora Diehl:
You need to watch her past 3 matches before Osaka. She didn’t even play the same game. Wrong opinion Stephen A.
Allen Lin
Allen Lin:
Steffi Graff won 22 Grand slam titles and retired at the young age of 30. She is the GOAT
Watched a vid about how Naomi Osaka is the NEXT global superstar and so far that seems to be the case
Jblaze phamtasmo
Jblaze phamtasmo:
She's not gonna retire. She's the female goat, she'll go out swinging or overcome the odds.
Spider Man
Spider Man:
Love them both but now Serena knows what it feels like to be over-powered by a young Serena (Osaka) the same way she used to do it to other players .
Dorian Arnold
Dorian Arnold:
Naomi Osaka vs Serena Williams..Osaka to Williams:When your Idols become your Rivals.
Cooking with Chef Dai
Cooking with Chef Dai:
I don’t believe it’s Naomi Osaka that is standing in her way, that’s a disservice (excuse the pun) to the other elite players that can beat Serena on their day.
Serena has the best chance to win at Wimbledon where Naomi doesn’t come close to her in ability. It will be more difficult for Serena to win on hard court.
Shanna Collins
Shanna Collins:
Osaka is Serena's successor and will only improve as time goes on. Serena's had an amazing run, and she and her fans are going to have a difficult time with the idea of retirement. I'm happy that a Haitian woman is next in line. 🔥🔥🔥
Body By PT
Body By PT:
Alright I'm going to say it, looking at this from a purely athletic physiological point, I believe Serena would benefit from losing some weight, the same way we say that of Zion.
Lachlan Kyle
Lachlan Kyle:
I love how they have to break it down in terms of mahomes vs brady lmao
David Shaffer
David Shaffer:
The williams sisters have nothin Left to prove. Time to call it quits enjoy your child and money made
Osaka fan here but let's be honest, the real test for Osaka was never Serena.. it was Barty. Now that she's out we might as well start celebrating the title
William Cooper
William Cooper:
She has one more. Serena has one more in her. And she will go through Osaka to get it. It will take everything in her heart to do so, but she will get it done. The Greatest always find a way.
Mubaraq Adedayo
Mubaraq Adedayo:
the only tennis matches i’ve ever watched are the 3 ones she played Vs Osaka
Ronnell James
Ronnell James:
I'm a huge Serena fan but I absolute love Naomi. I can I see her winning double digit grand slams
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud:
This is as if Kobe, age 21, went into his prime and MJ, at the age of 36, couldn't beat him in the finals. Serena ain't done just yet. I think she'll give it another try or two, and if she beats Osaka, she might retire with nothing left to prove or give to the sport.
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander:
I think Serena will get 24. I really do.
Alexo Chromatic
Alexo Chromatic:
I don't think either is the story. The story is "Holy bananas! Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka - on the same court" I feel like this is like when Jordan challenged Magic at olympics tryouts.
L hinkle
L hinkle:
whenever Serena losses it's big news. Serena do not retire keep trying I believe you still have it. She had a baby remember that.
Donovan Todd
Donovan Todd:
💐 Serena grunting intimidates, while Osaka silently assassinates 🎾
Wandering Aimlessly
Wandering Aimlessly:
They actually had a good first take on this one I thought!
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi:
Still think Serena is the better grasscourt player by far. Wimbledon is her best chance. Naomi seems fairly average on grass and clay imo.
Pedro Gibson
Pedro Gibson:
It's not just Osaka. In the past 3 years:
US Open: Lost to Bianca Andreescu in 2019 (Final) and Azarenka in 2020 (semi-finals).
Wimbledon: Lost to Halep in 2019 (Final), kerber in 2018 (Final) and Muguruza in 2017 (Final)
Aus Open: Lost to Pliskova in 2019 (quarter finals)
Sam Faldraga
Sam Faldraga:
I think Serena is great and GOAT but kinda weird how Smith keeps referring to Osaka as some kinda obstruction, she’s amazing and should be regarded in her own right not just as a wall for Serena
A-Train Travels
A-Train Travels:
Noway my girl Serena still has the power 🎾
Johnny Wong
Johnny Wong:
Congratulations Osaka!
SouthSide tv
SouthSide tv:
Serena loses 35 pounds and she’s back...she’s still making it to semis and finals of grand slams
“Woman of color btw” haha
J. Ramirez
J. Ramirez:
It took a lot for Serena to be at this particular tournament. She’s hit a point in her career where staying healthy is a big accomplishment in itself.
Kylie Krisp
Kylie Krisp:
Why must they yell everything? Never watching this channel again. Lol.
Jay Banks
Jay Banks:
This is great Marketing for Cordae 😂
Big Poppa
Big Poppa:
She's going through what federer went through. Still good enough to compete at a high level but too old to compete with the best around.
Sasha Moore
Sasha Moore:
Serena ain’t going no where
Take a seat 💺 more
Quarters semifinals and finals 2
Come .... keep it up Serena...
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson:
Serena The GOAT But Osaka Played & Beat A Great Tennis Player
Čađava Mehana
Čađava Mehana:
And yet nobody is talking about Djokovic going back to the AO final and have the big chance to 3peat AO
3:51 Roger would beg to differ on that one...
Luc Larbi
Luc Larbi:
Why is stephen a Smith talking about tennis
Max just finds anyway to bring up Brady vs. Mahomes.