Stephen Calls Bruce Willis A Liar... MISTAKE

Bruce Willis claims he does his own stunts, but Stephen isn't buying it. Then all hell breaks loose.

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anyone else completely not pay attention they were using stunt doubles the first time around watching. I just zoned out and enjoyed
Fun fact: Tom Cruise actually played both of them during the fight scene.
it took me a moment to realize those are stunt doubles. im so stupid xd
H-p Varis
H-p Varis:
Dr. Phil vs Justin Trudeau
Trashcan Hacker
Trashcan Hacker:
I know this is all acting and staged and shit but it's still hilarious
Top 10 Archive
Top 10 Archive:
Well that escalated quickly..
Leo B
Leo B:
That gladiator reference though
“are you not entertained?!”
Med Oujda
Med Oujda:
One of the best fight scene that has been caught on camera
Jacob Lamb
Jacob Lamb:
Actually pretty solid camera work for a late night show lol
Mind Universe Art
Mind Universe Art:
“That’s what I’m taking bout, Willis.” Hilarious.
An Odd One
An Odd One:
better than anything the wwe has done in years
Robert Burns
Robert Burns:
No dinosaurs were killed in the making of this video.
For a second I thought that really was Bruce getting thrown around.
Think how stupid this would have been to watch live while they keep switching out the stunt doubles.
Deniz Kendirci
Deniz Kendirci:
When the subject is doing your own stunts, hands down, the absolute best is jackie chan. Undisputed.
I really wonder what the live audience saw that night. Did they just suddenly watch the action on tv screens during the live interview?
[]•Ëlíşä Čøøk•[]
[]•Ëlíşä Čøøk•[]:
"that's what I'm talk'in 'bout willis" Did y'all catch that, that came from the catch phrase "watchable talking 'bout willis" from an old TV show called, Different Strokes.
Maddogers Tala Marshall
Maddogers Tala Marshall:
"Yipee kaya, william faulkner" love that voice from Willis 😍😎
Laura M.
Laura M.:
-Whose chopper is this?
-It's Stephen's.
-Who's Stephen?
-Stephen's dead, baby. Stephen's dead.
brian fagan
brian fagan:
Coalbert couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag.
"How Did You Get So Strong You Magnificent Bastard??"
* Capitalius *
* Capitalius *:
Imagine flicking through channels and all of a sudden, you tuned into this during the fight and sat there confused for a moment why Stephen and Bruce are throwing hands on TV..
flatearthlogic dot net
flatearthlogic dot net:
That's what I'm talking about Willis. LMAO
I think this became the eric andre show for some minutes...
Jeremy Jorgenson
Jeremy Jorgenson:
I love when he yells COLBERRRT as he throws him across the table. Classic
That last stunt was real, after the fighting was over when Willis admitted he doesn't do his own stunts. No stunt doubles there. "Ahhh! That one hurt!"
Bill Collins
Bill Collins:
"What you talkin' bout Willis?"
The Cowboy
The Cowboy:
Bruce Willis looks good with a little hair and a beard.
This how presidents should be elected
I didn't see that coming, quite refreshing 👏
Rich Mann
Rich Mann:
“It’s already begun!”
I thought I was losing my mind the faces kept changing till I realised it was the stunt doubles
Charlotte Dickson
Charlotte Dickson:
This is hysterical. I didn't see the whole thing before.
Mad Titan
Mad Titan:
“U looked tired Bruce, let me get u a chair”😂😂
[email protected]:
Looked great though. Totally entertaining. Had me going at first.
Jim M.
Jim M.:
Try-One VH#22
Try-One VH#22:
This is one of my best show from Stephen Colbert.....10/6/2019
Alan Morris
Alan Morris:
This was perfect! How many Talk Shows entertain their viewers like this anymore?
This 4 min fight scene > Die Hard 5
Artie Jackson
Artie Jackson:
...That was great! Just what I needed with my morning coffee.
i Mr. Jetpacks
i Mr. Jetpacks:
"That's what I'm talking about Willis" 😂 That line went over so many heads!
"Yippee ki yay William Faulkner. "
David Son
David Son:
Comrade *LENIN* putting up one hell of a Fight!
I noticed Bruce Willis was a stunt double almost immediately. Then I reached the end and realised I didn't pay one bit of attention to Stephen's.
Well this gives a whole new definition to "set up and the punch line".
I admit I "fell for it" (pun intended)
Bill Collins
Bill Collins:
Loved the facial expressions of the watching band members, that was nice flavor to the scene.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
Always wondered what the audience sees when they switch
Na bao Ken
Na bao Ken:
That's real to me best. I see so far good job..
Flynn Zero
Flynn Zero:
I could only hope to get into a fight with Colbert and turn his teeth into chicklets.
actually funny when there is no politics involved
Henry Dawkins
Henry Dawkins:
I'm surprised Steven was in such good shape. Great stunt coordinator.
Teresa H.
Teresa H.:
@ 1:35 SC takes off glasses and put on desk...then @ 1:45 not there.
Bruce's stunt double looks like Dr. Phil.
jazzy sophie
jazzy sophie:
I love Bruce Willis. He is the REAL ACTION man!!
James Flowers
James Flowers:
I genuinely thought they were about to throw down at first lol
Xibalba N7
Xibalba N7:
Wow. That’s the best “acting” I’ve seen from Bruce Shillis in years.
Generas Noone
Generas Noone:
Brilliant, both of you 2. one gets props for beeing honest, the other one for suprisingly beeing in shape. Chapeau Mr. Colbert, Chapeau.....
that's awesome Bruce agreed to do this, shows a good sense of humor
Joe Blow
Joe Blow:
When someone says"with all due respect" it actually means "with no respect"
Dinh Lam
Dinh Lam:
I spat my drink when i saw him ramming like that and he just misses
Ludmila Kotovski
Ludmila Kotovski:
This is one of the funniest shows I've seen for some time!
Nurfauzi Ahmad
Nurfauzi Ahmad:
I'm still bothered by the fact that there is a dining table with a full meal right there 🙃
anyone home
anyone home:
Colbert's stunt double looks like Dr Oz - would have liked to see Willis really thump him!
richard alspach
richard alspach:
There's no way bruce willis would be beat down in that way
Paul Talley
Paul Talley:
Damn bruce proving he still got it 😎
Yolanda Irizarry
Yolanda Irizarry:
I loved this in this madding world, this has made me laugh 😂.
Proud Kiwi
Proud Kiwi:
Probably the most elaborate guest/host sketch Ive ever seen.
This is the funniest show I have ever seen it’s hilarious
Karin Schuster
Karin Schuster:
Gotta give thing's up. Share as well.
azaan khan qadri
azaan khan qadri:
It's good that the world know that you're 60 years old long leaf Bruce Willis sir
Lance Lote
Lance Lote:
I was actually fooled by this. I really thought they were doing all of this....not stunts. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
The editing on this is phenomenal
This calls for Bruce Willis to do one more Die Hard film ever so he can finally allowed to do his own stunts for real this time.
John Rogan
John Rogan:
Yuppie ky aye ...William dangerous!
Mischief MakerStudios
Mischief MakerStudios:
Gotta admit, the band reactions was the best part!
blunt rapture
blunt rapture:
Best way to start your day is with a balanced breakfast and a fistfight between celebrities. Nice.
Adam Northwood
Adam Northwood:
Bruce Willis is fucking awesome
William Suarez
William Suarez:
Love it, love everything about it!
SoCal Kevin
SoCal Kevin:
Holy shit that was exactly how I imagined a fight between Colbert and Bruce Willis would go
Justin Trayah
Justin Trayah:
Damn it I wanted to see Bruce punch Stephen. I wish someone would punch Stephen.
Cdog inth'house
Cdog inth'house:
Bruce Willis' film, Death Wish, remined me of the remake of, the Equalizer films.
Krasen Maximov
Krasen Maximov:
3:36 Bruce willis pulled a Jeff hardy! xD
Dj OpaL
Dj OpaL:
i didn't see that coming :DDDD
Victoria Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez:
The ending kills me 🤣🤣🤣
Guys! That was amaaaazing!
Is Bruce Willis becoming James Lipton?

I was expecting Jon Batiste to also be randomly replaced by a stunt double for no reason.
call me roy
call me roy:
Too bad this was make believe! I would love to see little Stevie get his as* kicked!
Brad Suarez
Brad Suarez:
0:36 someone saw a spider in the audience 😂😂
Sunshine lollipops
Sunshine lollipops:
Wow, can’t believe all guests from now on are expected to do this
Jim Paea
Jim Paea:
I thought it was real in the beginning and then shit got me laughing
Dr. Phil works as a stunt double now?
Daniel Skelton
Daniel Skelton:
How'd you get so strong you magnificent bastard. OMG that's the best.
Arijit Ganguly
Arijit Ganguly:

I was literally terrified seeing what happened there. How did any of them survive the jump with their bones intact and what's with all the stuffs smashing into one another!!!!

Oh Dear Lord!!!!!
Dave The Rave
Dave The Rave:
This is hilarious 😂😂😂
Mario Hayek
Mario Hayek:
From the end: Enjoy every movie till the max...
Mr. Tulip
Mr. Tulip:
Oh My God, this should definitely become a thing whenever he has action stars on. This was fucking hilarious and surprisingly well choreographed hahah. Stephen has something here
Flora Morton-Woods
Flora Morton-Woods:
Of course it’s a joke, lol besides Bruce would have cleaned kimmies clock!
John Rogan
John Rogan:
Think Van Damme went too real in a movie fight scene and had to pay a hefty settlement!
Brian Aylor
Brian Aylor:
I did see the stuntmen, but it looked real.
this gave me heartburn