Stephen Hawking Transformation | From 1 To 76 Years Old

Stephen Hawking - From 1 To 76 Years Old | The Theory of Everything
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100+ comentarios:

This man outlived the doctor who told him he had two years left.
He had a girlfriend that didn’t love him for looks.
*and I respect that.*
Micah and me
Micah and me:
“People who brag about their IQ are losers” Stephen Hawking.
Stephen: I’m going to be a genius
Disease: I’m about to end this man’s whole c-
Stephen: *Pulls out uno reverse card*
dylan's second channel
dylan's second channel:
Hawking: died at 76
Einstein: died at 76
Hawking: died 14 march (Einstein's birthday)
He kept smiling until he couldn’t
He was so smart that God literally had to nerf him
Xopp Papap
Xopp Papap:
He only had 2 years to live are getting motor neuron disease but he managed to live up to 76 years.
And i call that a Miracle
I can't imagine just one day being diagnosed with something like that and living like that for the rest of their life.
Choose Goose
Choose Goose:
"When there is life, there is hope"
-S. Hawkings
I'm just glad we wasn't in a wheelchair his entire life. He got to enjoy his youth at least 😊
Brent Octaviano
Brent Octaviano:
*Seeing Hawking get slowly paralyzed over the years is the most horrifying thing I've witnessed.*
He was a legend. He will be forever in our hearts..
From a normal kid, to a nerd, to a family guy in a wheelchair, to a history and remembered person
Stephen Hawking in his later years looks like a completely different person to the younger/middle-aged Hawking. Or is that just me?
Irina Sweet
Irina Sweet:
He had lived full and meaningful life. Despite of all health problems he made the best of it and even more...
Chrono Cross
Chrono Cross:
I admire this man, he is one of my Heros.
Rico Reiss
Rico Reiss:
Poor smart guys

Imagine if he didnt have the disease, I think he will know almost everything about universe
CharlieRanger 04
CharlieRanger 04:
“Although my body is very limited, my mind is free to explore the universe.” -Stephen Hawking
Weird EnbyPerson
Weird EnbyPerson:
1:38 that pic looks like it was taken in these type of modern days for some reason
Salsa Pg3d
Salsa Pg3d:
He went from handsome to handsome but disabled
Absalon Garcia
Absalon Garcia:
Albert Einstein died at 76
Stephen Hawking died at 76
I feel so sad, I hope that he’s up in heaven running around, being his kids guardian angels :(
Gud Race
Gud Race:
Stephen would be the kind of dad that punishes his kids with math problems.
This man went out like a hero, a man who passed on 3.14
March 14
Or in other words
Pi Day! Can we talk about that?
Juan Manuel Tamayo Perez
Juan Manuel Tamayo Perez:
I'm just grateful to life that i lived on the same century as him.
"Although my body is very limited,my mind is free to explore the universe" -Stephen Hawking
Joshy Rae - Novob57
Joshy Rae - Novob57:
Hawk he educated over 10 million people, and handled his disease over 50 years. And it's a time to say good bye to our legend.
The Cast
The Cast:
8:53 he looks amazing!
Nephix Shiz
Nephix Shiz:
“How Difficult Life May Seem, There is Always Something You Can Do, And
Succeed At.
*It Matters That You Don’t Give Up.* ”
He never stopped smiling, he just smiled even more.
He never lost his *smile*
Lorik Shala
Lorik Shala:
“it’s been a glorious time to be alive“ Stephen Hawking.
lev Vieru
lev Vieru:
Imagine the life hawkins could of had if he wasn’t diagnosed with a disease. Either way he was still happy and that’s what mattered.

Rip a great human\hero (Stephen Hawkins.)
Cecilia De Casanova
Cecilia De Casanova:
Imagine wanting to do as many things as you could and life somehow manage to try to ruin you.
He’s the embodiment of resilience and kindness
Anton Lovric
Anton Lovric:
I'm confidently saying that he is the most handsome man in the world when he was 29
imagine giving birth to a baby boy who would soon become one of the smartest people on the planet.
The most amazing part was how long his wife stayed with him
The Imagineer
The Imagineer:
3:49 it is true the queen is really immortal
Jordan Mcgriddle
Jordan Mcgriddle:
“I’m not afraid of death but I’m in no hurry to die I have so much I want to do first” -Stephen Hawking
RMXX Studios
RMXX Studios:
Rip the legend we didn’t deserve ❤️
Dani Youhana
Dani Youhana:
I can’t imagine he lived so long sitting on a chair and passed away 😔. R.I.P Stephen Hawking
Ghost yt
Ghost yt:
Those smile will never be forgotten.
Rhonwen Western
Rhonwen Western:
He stopped having the ability to smile after 65 :(
However, one of the greatest legends we know and love!!
No caller ID Idiot
No caller ID Idiot:
“Remember to look up at the stars not down at your feet

- Stephen hawking
Jessica Partridge
Jessica Partridge:
He lived a full life 🥺
Blessed Fela
Blessed Fela:
This is now a human being.
I need to find out what I am.
jskjsncjdb job hdjdh hxhsbdhhsjdi
jskjsncjdb job hdjdh hxhsbdhhsjdi:
Did the guy is a legend . RESPECT.😥😥😥😥😥😥
A player1105
A player1105:
In the loving memory of Einstein and Hawking.

We will never forget you guys...
Randy Rodriguez
Randy Rodriguez:
The doctors told him he had 2 years of life but look how long he lived for really inspirational.
Braylin Jace
Braylin Jace:
Only if he was here He could have saved us from corona
Enola Holmes
Enola Holmes:
Tbh he was not even bad looking he was very kind,cute looking gentlemen❤️ love him alot
Stephan Stefanus
Stephan Stefanus:
He looks so good as a young adult what the hell.
Priya Asthana
Priya Asthana:
8:47 Sheldon and Hawking 😍
Even like this , he continued to keep smiling.
may we surrender for this legend everyday

edit: salute!!, damn autocorrect
ANONIMO flores
ANONIMO flores:
I feel so bad for him that he got diagnosed with something so bad
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto:
Against all odds his determination kept him going ! That is really inspiring to me !
Lipton Red
Lipton Red:
Stephen still did his things to fulfill even tho he had a rare disease while Im still here laying in bed with a headache.
Weibo Hu
Weibo Hu:
He always tries to smile no matter how hurt he is on the inside.
He held up so well, he is so strong..
He keeps smilling no matter how difficult the situation he was facing at those current moments.
Tacomatterbruh Bruh
Tacomatterbruh Bruh:
Imagine how the world would be if he didn’t have the disease that he had. Watching this is emotional for me
JokerJames 2006
JokerJames 2006:
It’s crazy how the doctor said that he doesn’t have long to live anymore and he had a long life with many accomplishments. What a great man
He never got to see the first image of a black hole 😤😤😣😣😖😖😖😫😫😫😭
The greatest mind of our time. He will be remembered for the rest of human existance.
bean :}
bean :}:
‘Not only does god play dice, sometimes he throws them were they cannot be seen.’
-Stephen Hawking
The awesome man that always smiles no matter what
Kienmar Cafe03
Kienmar Cafe03:
When he was in his 40's he looks like me in my teen age years
steven rios
steven rios:
6:05 hawkings in a stare off with an emu, easily my new screensaver
More respect for this man than anyone else on the planet, because he is beyond this planet.
.. literally.
Daniel Jacobo
Daniel Jacobo:
It’s like he goes every where but you would only see that chair

And that smile
In its whole life at the wheelchair he acctually smiled even when he cant
Zurtron D
Zurtron D:
Imagine having him as a teacher
Doods Blanquera
Doods Blanquera:
Stephen Hawkings smile is priceless(this kind of priceless is no one can buy)
Let’s admire how they developed his wheelchair for like more than half of his life
he still did what he loved no matter his disabilities and that's what counted so sad
Hamza Ifleh
Hamza Ifleh:
He has a really good cheerful smile.
What a genius and a legendary who will never lose his smile
Flynn - Roblox
Flynn - Roblox:
What a wonderful and inspiring man, he really proved no matter how you look or what you can physically can do you can be one of the most intelligent and talented, inspirational man alive
Nils Deco
Nils Deco:
The thing i love about him the most is that he smiles in every pic😊
Tacitus Kilgore
Tacitus Kilgore:
One of the most powerful and vibrant smiles I have ever seen and probably ever will see.
He was a handsome man that made amazing achievements in his life span his death was by far the worst loss we had in the decade
mica jovanov
mica jovanov:
65 years old is the happiest years he lived :)
Steph Sancia
Steph Sancia:
I think to all the trivial crap we ALL flip out with on a daily basis and think it would help to bookmark videos like this for those "THROWING TOYS OUTTA THE PRAM" moments of ours when life doesn't happen fast enough for us ✌️🙃 Stephen Hawkins = Pure Charismatic Genius ❤️
Saint Steven
Saint Steven:
This poor man and all like him. I hope the find a cure. It didn't stop him through. An inspiration for all!
Nargis Sadiya
Nargis Sadiya:
He was a brave soul😇 RIP Stephen Hawking
Nhi Yen
Nhi Yen:
he never lost the smile on his face
This guy really dedicated his life to taking pictures of this dude
R.I.P. Sir Hawkins 🥺😢😔😢💔
juliana lalrinfeli
juliana lalrinfeli:
the fact that he never stopped smiling breaks my heart even more
Zaain 12roblox
Zaain 12roblox:
He couldnt move but he moved the world R.I.P Stephen Hawkins aka the reincarnation of Einstein
Prabhas Bhat
Prabhas Bhat:
Felt so emotional watching an entire life unfold before my eyes😢
Anime Kid
Anime Kid:
This guy as your teacher man you about to be the smartest class in the school and get to hear his theory’s
Queen Jessica Paige
Queen Jessica Paige:
Is it wrong to say that this is sad? He looks so happy before he got ALS, and since that he got it, it feels like torture that something terrible happened to a brilliant man.
Rin Reborn
Rin Reborn:
It sadden me that a man in this status can do so much SO MUCH MORE than me, when i still can walk and do stuff
Legends never die.
DailyChallenges 5
DailyChallenges 5:
At 40-50 he was sad then after 50 he started getting happier again, I know at 40 people start getting sick
Ahmad Shoaib
Ahmad Shoaib:
I like that he was always smiling and happy with his life