Stonewall Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ron Perlman Movie HD

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Stonewall Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Ron Perlman Movie HD

STONEWALL is a drama about a fictional young man caught up during the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Danny Winters (Jeremy Irvine) is forced to leave behind friends and loved ones when he is kicked out of his parent’s home and flees to New York. Alone in Greenwich Village, homeless and destitute, he befriends a group of street kids who soon introduce him to the local watering hole The Stonewall Inn; however, this shady, mafia-run club is far from a safe-haven. As Danny and his friends experience discrimination, endure atrocities and are repeatedly harassed by the police, we see a rage begin to build. This emotion runs through Danny and the entire community of young gays, lesbians and drag queens who populate the Stonewall Inn and erupts in a storm of anger. With the toss of a single brick, a riot ensues and a crusade for equality is born.

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100+ comentarios:

Katka Tran
Katka Tran:
some white dude didnt throw a stone, Marsha P.Johnson did
Oh HELL no! Did they really make some little white boy the STAR of the Stonewall riots? 😳
Lee C.
Lee C.:
Can't wait to see who will portray the imaginary white savior in the future movie about the Ferguson riots.
Dorothy Bellion
Dorothy Bellion:
they should name this move "sonewall" because they totally left out the "T"
Jina Lives
Jina Lives:
i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope someone will remake/make another movie about stonewall in a less white-washed and more honest way. That's all I want.
A trans woman of color threw the brick not this Danny character and that was a huge thing during stonewall was the brick thrown and they depict is as a male when it was a woman who threw that brick that was easy research for anyone to find if they wanted books Wikipedia even had it and so many other websites
Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant:
As soon as I saw the young man, I rolled my eyes. Yet another film with cynical, revisionist framing. I'm done with the White Savior trope. By most accounts, Stonewall is a story of drag and trans people of color. Period. Tell their stories or leave it the hell alone. We don't need an "Abercrombiefication" of these events. In 2015, this is maddening.
B. Hendry
B. Hendry:
It makes my fucking blood boil that they had the nerve to even make a story with this as the backdrop and have not even an ounce of truth to it. They should throw this trash out and restart it. This time with the REAL story.
Ricky B
Ricky B:
what's next? a white Martin Luther King Jr and a white Rosa Parks?
Joey McIntosh
Joey McIntosh:
I don't understand why the director took it upon themselves to make this movie LESS historically accurate. I don't even jump on the social justice band wagon anymore, but come on, you wouldn't make a movie about Civil Rights and cast a shadow over MLK, so why do it with the Stonewall Riots? Fuck this movie, it deserves no money.
Sarah Watson
Sarah Watson:
So they made a movie about Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera and Storme DeLarverie? Except they're not in it and have been replaced by a white boy? Oh...oh, ok.

If you think about it this movie perfectly represents the mainstream gay rights movement...PoC's and women do all the work. White gay dudes get all the credit.
I'm so glad to see you all dragging this movie and educating people.
Brian Vill Kiss You
Brian Vill Kiss You:
Look at ALL OF THOSE WHITE PPL! It's like every color under a bleached rainbow :D
Lacey DaGhost
Lacey DaGhost:
Well well well another movie centered around a cute white boy... where is my Marsha P Johnson?
Kurt Ramos
Kurt Ramos:
THIS MOVIE IS DISGRACEFUL to the legacy and memories of MARSHA P. JOHNSON & SYLVIA RIVERA who were put on the sidelines even further for a re-written adaptation by the director of 2012, just so they could replace these heroines with a cis straight white male actor
Turtle O'Brien
Turtle O'Brien:
I think I saw exactly one black person
Em Mestre
Em Mestre:
Where is Marsha P.Johnson portrait in this movie?SHE WAS THE ONE WHO THROWED THE FREAKING STONE,being replaced by a white cis cute abrecrombie model boy?Ridiculous....they are trying to whitewash the real history behind  stonewall.
LeBron james' ass
LeBron james' ass:
I feel like this movie was made for straight people who will believe anything
Was it really that hard to have a black transgender female throw the first brick? If you wanna use some white guy to sell a film fine, but at least have some respect for the actual event.
So a black trans woman is being represented as a straight white male. Seems legit.
Morticia Moonflower
Morticia Moonflower:
Yall. Whitewashed or not I had literally no idea what the stonewall riots were before this movie. That stuff isn't taught in standard history classes.
this makes me so sad. i hope this movie doesn't even get released.
Dmitri A. Baldwin
Dmitri A. Baldwin:
How can you rewrite the history of Stonewall and cast all these cis white men to play the roles of actual lgbtq+ members of color who died for this cause??? This movie is bullshit.
Danny Groblewski
Danny Groblewski:
This is receiving hate because of its inaccuracy and political agenda
Hugo Frimodig
Hugo Frimodig:
I'm offended that they used a white male instead of a true representative of the day, and also the movie. Neglecting the strong, transgender black woman who actually throwed the brick is disgusting. Maybe Hollywood thinks it would be way more boring to watch someone who's trans rather than a white hunk. Who knows?
0:30 Pardon my reflection - Motion
1:15 Hard times - Seinabo Sey
21 Phanicingpotters
21 Phanicingpotters:
Congratulations Hollywood, you've managed to white wash an lgbt+ (mostly) POC event in history
Graydon Buchleiter
Graydon Buchleiter:
This movie was a very entertaining piece of fiction.
Matias Seguel Meza
Matias Seguel Meza:
Rob Williams
Rob Williams:
The topic interests me, but the movie trailer puts me off.
wildflower ASMR
wildflower ASMR:
Unbelievable... I have a feeling this clip will be the new most disliked video on youtube.
Emily H.
Emily H.:
Loving the comments on here. Preach!
The irony of having "unsung heroes" as one of the tag lines in this trailer
Anna Skill
Anna Skill:
i like how it litterally sais "ABOUT THE UNSUNG HEROES WHOS CURAGE BROKE DOWN WALLS" while making sure the actual heroes remain unsung and invisible by just straight up replacing them
Carmen Flores
Carmen Flores:
This is a joke, a mockery, a disgrace. Tell the TRUE story, I hope a remake is made and actually displayed the true events that occurred. Out of here with this petty shit.
Well, at least they got the bloodied lesbian egging the crowd into action part right. 1/5 stars just for that.
Tadeh New Vages
Tadeh New Vages:
This is so inaccurate
jupiter tovar
jupiter tovar:
Throughout this whole trailer you can count the people of color on one hand sad sad sad!!!!
there's actually a petition to boycott the film and it only needs about 2,000 signatures left :)
Ethan Z
Ethan Z:
I want accuracy in my lgbt history!!!
BUZZFEED brought me here ...
betty boo
betty boo:
"But it was Marsha P. Johnson!"

A movie with a historical inaccuracies? Shocking
Liberal Jeroen
Liberal Jeroen:
if your going a movie based on such an important event you have to do it right
Savannah C.
Savannah C.:
buzzfeed brought me here
abbi -
abbi -:
wasn't a black woman the first to throw a brick at stonewall?
Yvette Berner
Yvette Berner:
The unsung heroes? Oh.

Of course, no one remembers the attractive white cis male, he's obviously the unsung hero here.
"based on the true story"
OH OK SInse when?
You should see the directors next film about Martin Luther King Jr., a middle-upper class white man who all the POCs looked at with awe as he saved the day and was totally accepted by everyone.
Mao Trash
Mao Trash:
holy shit at 1:34 they actually say "unsung heros" meanwhile they erase Marsha P Johnson a black trans woman who was *actually* the one to throw the first brick
Thanks for erasing real, important history for the LGBT+ community, Hollywood.
Arturo Costa
Arturo Costa:
What pride are you talking about in this movie??? #justiceformarsha
This is suppose to be about equality and yet they white wash the shit out of it. Definitely not seeing this
chloe watson
chloe watson:
"inspired by the incredible true story of unsung heroes" yeah like marsha p johnson
Adam Harmsworth
Adam Harmsworth:
Remember Marsha P. Johnson!
How come there are no trans /gay blacks in this movie? Milk was more convincing then this bs . Midwest white kid saves ny gay scene? Don't make me laugh.
Leif Siegrist
Leif Siegrist:
The accurate depiction would have included more diversity. SO disappointed.
Drew Gars
Drew Gars:
You know, if this was fictional story about a gay man who fights for gay rights and set in modern times, I would've given this a pass. But the fact that this is centered on a fictional Caucasian gay man and not the main people involved in one of the most memorable historical events in the 1900s, it's pretty mean spirited and insulting.
Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Remember the names.
Aubrey Ross
Aubrey Ross:
If you're excited for this film, I assume you're straight.
Nicola Emmanuel
Nicola Emmanuel:
Nah nah, who tf is Danny?
Choir song at 00:07 - 00:25? Do anyone know?
annie withaheart
annie withaheart:
I am honestly so disgusted by the absence of trans women of colour in this film.This does not tell the correct story. Stop appropriating the triumphs of a minority group just so that you can make up some bullshit movie that does not portray any of the characters correctly. I am so utterly disappointed and disheartened that this is the story that the world is going to hear about, some white washed tale of little significance that does not hold any truth
abbi -
abbi -:
when stonewall was made a national monument I didn't even know what it was. it should be taught in schools.
Iestyn Freeman
Iestyn Freeman:
basically the American Pride then :-/
Yes yes yes
Yes yes yes:
What's the music playing in the trailer?
Mr. Pearl
Mr. Pearl:
Edwin Vazquez
Edwin Vazquez:
This is kinda sad, that they made up a white male gay man that this story did not need.
Ameerah J
Ameerah J:
Yes so accurate
Marsha P.Johnson didn't throw the first brick of course
It definitely was a handsome, white, cis male
Of course
Ortega C
Ortega C:
Oh my god! If you gonna make a movie, do it right! Another stupid movie....
Leif Siegrist
Leif Siegrist:
Terrible representation. Stonewall was almost all Trans women of color, queens, and homeless youth.
Nikolas Sakkas
Nikolas Sakkas:
Seinabo Sey <3
bryan araujo
bryan araujo:
lmao they lost $17,000,000 because of the movie.
randolph martz
randolph martz:
We didn't have riots in Charleston, thank you; however more died here than there. I was at the Stonewall once; though I rather guess that no one wants to hear about that
can I just say.......... Yikes.
DeeJ Alex
DeeJ Alex:
will not watch this one...PASS.
smith chippie
smith chippie:
Your typical example of the media white washing history.
It's honestly sickening that I could count all the black people on my fingers in this trailer
Jalisa B-N
Jalisa B-N:
Honestly I really hope this movie bombs and gets awful reviews because if they can't even respect the people who were involved in Stonewall. Then, they deserve no respect themselves, this is bullshit its not okay to white wash history to fit into societies stupid rules of what the ideal person is.
Maggie Crisp
Maggie Crisp:
I am obsessed with Jeremy Irvine so this has made my day!
Roberta Striscioni
Roberta Striscioni:
Thank you Tumblr for educating me because if I randomly saw this trailer without knowing all the whitewashing that happened I think I would have been excited to go see this at the cinema
Cikal Prakarsa
Cikal Prakarsa:
Is that soundtrack from Galantis - Friend (Hard Time)?
aida hernandez
aida hernandez:
Here I was excited to watch this
deegy TF
deegy TF:
I was expecting to see marsha p.johnson.
This is disrespectful
Alfie Jones
Alfie Jones:
Punk Wave
Punk Wave:
This mess 💅🏿
T Ramdien
T Ramdien:
what's the name of the song at 1:50?
Dustin Stewart
Dustin Stewart:
No one actually know for sure who through the first brick (if there were even any bricks at the scene). What matters is what Stonewall represents not the color of the skin of the person who started it.
Sarah Hambridge
Sarah Hambridge:
I'm insanely excited to watch this!
whats the song in the start "i sould never have listened to you"
When when I can watch this ????
This film could have been so good, and just from the watching trailer I would definitely have enjoyed it. But it is so problematic that I cannot support it. It is so important to bring light to LGBT History, but whitewashing history in the process is not acceptable. Hey Emmerich, how about telling the TRUE story?
Karen Smith
Karen Smith:
genre: science-fiction
Espero que pronto salga en español latino... En cada marcha del orgullo gay, ahí, ahí sigue vivo el Stonewall.
I love how they say this is based on a true story when the main character is a work of fiction because they don't know how to represent trans men or women in the film Industry.
Deutschmann 123
Deutschmann 123:
Thank You Heroes of Stonnewall!!!✌
prettyboy Ian
prettyboy Ian:
fist O saw the Normal Heart now I gada see this :D
ya boi
ya boi:
I liked the movie either way I'm srry