Story of the Game | Leeds United 3-0 Southampton | VAR penalty drama, our 200th Premier League win

An alternate look at our 3-0 win over Southampton at Elland Road in the Premier League, featuring our virtual mascots with Patrick Bamford, VAR penalty drama and three goals to secure our 200th Premier League win.

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54 comentarios:

Standman SK
Standman SK:
Leeds United is the best team at the world
I have to say Patrick Bamford has surpassed my expectations this season as a Premiership player. It is absolutely fitting that he has the honour of "leading" those kids out on to the pitch, considering what he privately did for their school. The tribute too at the end by the team for Kalvin and his family in tribute to his Gran Val was magnificent.
Facundo Miranda
Facundo Miranda:
How crazy is the fact that Bamford has scored the most goals this season if you exclude penalties...
I’ve watched all variations of this game’s highlights and this is the best one. Can we have more of this format please
Patrick Bamford. What a guy.
Sebz MB
Sebz MB:
What a team! 💙💛💙
L G:
Marcello is so very animated in these Premier league days...a pleasure to watch him !
Now Then
Now Then:
0:15 two from top left is me watching rapinha masterclass every week
david milliken
david milliken:
These lads deserve a crack at European football in the next season or two.
Darío Gutierrez
Darío Gutierrez:
Nicely put together.
Also, I can't believe that the commentators don't have proper mics! That explains the funny oversaturation every goal
Superb production, folks. From Patrick talking to the kids to Stuart talking about the 'group' and how if one hurts, they all hurt. Plus some cracking goals in between. Final shout to Diego for coming through 90 minutes safely and very effectively!
Nice game, Lads! Proud to be a fan for this club. Keep improving!
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown:
Look at the pace on raphina
Drew Priestley
Drew Priestley:
Best zoom ever🤗
Duy Tran
Duy Tran:
Love you Leeds
napathom napathom
napathom napathom:
It's been a long time , no see Leeds player drag the ball through the penalty area for one reason .
And Raphinha made it ....
I'm CRYING so good !!! ....
Bun Rong
Bun Rong:
Leed will play in Europe league next season 💥
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
Stuart Dallas player of the game in my eyes.
I love Happy Ending Stories ....
Jack Gilchrist
Jack Gilchrist:
Mr Jones
Mr Jones:
Touch of class by Bamford at the start with those kids. Class on and off the pitch
Tobyy _7
Tobyy _7:
Raphinha is the premier leagues answer to Neymar
Lisa up North
Lisa up North:
Aww Patrick! Love this. 💙💛 Super proud of this team.. and what they did for Granny Val. x
For Granny Val
Loving all the content.
Ibrahim saleh
Ibrahim saleh:
My favorite team now tot liv and leeds love u leeeds mesliar and bamford raphinha and alll love u
Side Before Self tv
Side Before Self tv:
Nah this team is so passionate about each other Rip granny val she had a unbelievable personality and star quality about her
Neil Bath
Neil Bath:
RIP granny val MOT
More of these please! ALAW
Weare Leeds85
Weare Leeds85:
Love this team
James T
James T:
“Lovely” hehe @3:15
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a:
Diego Llorente performance and I feel he is hopeful to stop conceding goals and help the team keep a clean sheet for the team. And he is doing very well
Leeds FC.
Yeah Yeah Hxnry 88
Yeah Yeah Hxnry 88:
Leeds leeds leeds
Mark Isbister
Mark Isbister:
Never get tired of watching these keeeeeemon Leeds United MOT🤍💙💛
Bone-No Hewson
Bone-No Hewson:
Lovely touch with the all the youngsters on the Tablet. Well done 👍 Patrick and the Boys MOT
Leo Dragon
Leo Dragon:
Worth pointing out that both assists came from our two much-maligned players, Roberts and Costa. Nice to see them both involved. And, LUTV, the music DOESN’T improve the video, it makes it much, much worse. DON’T DO IT!!
paul w
paul w:
Great format - very dramatic.
Danny Bowden
Danny Bowden:
Bless you Bam Bam; you're a top man! MOT
I like this Feature.
Zeta Zaku
Zeta Zaku:
We need open access vlog just like inter Milan YouTube channel, that give more insight on and off pitch aside the scoreboard....
Ollie Herrick
Ollie Herrick:
Want. More commentator cam
Makhdum Ibrahim. R
Makhdum Ibrahim. R:
Ohh eeerrrrraffffinnnhaaaa
Kev McNally
Kev McNally:
Llorente's marauding run and shot should've been in.
wbff s
wbff s:
Raphinha tá merecendo seleção brasileira tá jogando demais
Marcelo Rojas
Marcelo Rojas:
Vi el partido y lo sufrí hasta que llegaron los goles
David Edwards
David Edwards:
Pogger Georgie
Pogger Georgie:
You love to see it
Stuart Dallas man of the match.
Sinasi Korkusuz
Sinasi Korkusuz:
Hello in Turquie
Sean Gotts
Sean Gotts:
makes me chuckle how big teams are now saying there gonna steal raphina ... lmfao what makes them think we would sell him .. for anything less than ohhh lets say 70 mill .. otherwise dont even bother picking the phone up .. we dont need to sell so unless its a crazy offer take a hike
Lufc 1919
Lufc 1919:
Cmon boys
Robert Mutura
Robert Mutura:
Horrible soundtrack!
Alex el Shami
Alex el Shami:
Leeds won over Southampton and you upload 5 videos celebrating this, I wonder what you guys would do if we won the premier league