Submarine ARA San Juan Simulation (Implosion + Sinking)

This is a structural simulation of the last moments of the submarine from Argentina you probably have heard of. The simulation utilizes new program code for drag and pressure simulation of water to reproduce the dynamics that have acted on the pressure hull. Physical parameters like scale, mass, pressure, density of the water, are accurately simulated.

The structure itself, however, was so complex that it has been discretized more roughly in order to keep simulation times practical. While volumes and connection areas of the individual elements are still accurately computed from geometry, joining structural elements like that can only be seen as an approximation of the real world and thus deviations are to be expected. Take this with a grain of seasalt.

Dev reel for the die-hards (long):

Some stats for nerds:
3D model - 6.3 million polygons
Simulation model - 3000 elements + 170k constraints
Simulation time - 10 h
Render time - It's just OpenGL, ~1 s per frame


Simulation & video by Kai Kostack

Submarine 3D model provided by Jaramillo Hector Sergio from Argentina

Music: 'Seeker' by Kai Engel (CC BY)

Made with Blender + BCB + Fracture Modifier + Air-Drag-Pressure (prototype)

Simulacion Animada De Lo Que Paso Con El ARA San Juan

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Can someone multilingual explain the amount of dislikes on this video? All the English comments I'm finding are pretty positive, but there's a lot of Spanish and Russian ones I can't read so maybe I'm missing something.
Sergio Silva
Sergio Silva:
Hermanos Argentinos estamos juntos! De um amigo brasileiro. 🇦🇷🇧🇷
American Patriot
American Patriot:
USS Wahoo(SS-238)

USS Thresher(SSN-593)

USS Scorpion(SSN-589)

INS Dakar

RFS Kursk(K-141)

ARA San Juan(S-42)

*On Eternal Patrol.*
Lord of Synthesia
Lord of Synthesia:
El año pasado tuve el honor de rendir homenaje al ARA San Juan en el lugar de su hundimiento desde el buque "Juan Sebastián de Elcano", ahora yo mismo soy otro submarinista, como ellos.
Dios les bendiga a ellos y a toda la familia submarinista, porque pertenecer a ella requiere valentía, honor, amor por tu Patria y estar hechos de acero.

Saludos de un militar español.
It's wonderful to see condolences from all around the world, as an argentine thank you all very much!
David A. Moore
David A. Moore:
From America, please accept our prayers & condolences to Argentina, the San Juan’s crew’s Families & Friends for all of the brave crew of The San Juan! R.I.P. : May the Sun Always Shine On Your Faces and the Wind ALWAYS BE AT YOUR BACK!!🇺🇸
Polar pelko
Polar pelko:
Rest in peace the warriors !!! Condolences from Russia.
My dad who served with the RN in WW2 said to me once "what ever ship went down yours or the enemy the crew felt a loss of fellow sailors" Respect and condolences from the UK.
Rodrigo Becerra Rozas
Rodrigo Becerra Rozas:
Con solo ver esta animación, me da tristeza pensar en todo lo que pasaron esos marinos, mis condolencias a las familias de los fallecidos , saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱
Karanlık Mavi
Karanlık Mavi:
I am a submariner from Turkish Navy. This video is upset me. We lost 81 sailors in TCG DUMLUPINAR submarine at 1953 as like your sailors. God bless all of heroes who sleeps under the blue depths 🇦🇷🇹🇷
RIP Brave Souls of Argentina. Salutes from Australia.
Edwin Llerena
Edwin Llerena:
Como Peruano cuando veo un Argentino lo siento como un Hermano. Como ustedes dicen Aguante Argentina ya llegará el día que recuperemos Malvinas y el sacrificio de los 44 héroes cobrará sentido
From a British yachty , condolences to the families , so very sad .
De un yate británico, condolencias a las familias, muy triste.
General Butt Naked
General Butt Naked:

I have one consolation that lives with me today.
That God is near to them, in his own special way.
So God in all Your mercy, keep near Thyself the soul,
Of every Submariner, still on his final patrol.

Lord, this departed shipmate with Dolphins on his chest
is part of an outfit known as the best.
Make him welcome and take him by the hand.
You'll find without a doubt he was the best in all the land. 

So, heavenly Father add his name to the roll
of our departed shipmates still on patrol.
Let them know that we who survive
will always keep their memories alive.

RIP from the U.S. 💔🇺🇸
My grandfather wanted to be a submariner during WW2 he was in the navy but his mother refused to let her son join. So he became a mechanic on the USS Antietem (CV36). He passed on 2/11/11. I miss him greatly. I admire the navy and the job these guys do.
Joshua Gibson
Joshua Gibson:
Condolences from the U.S.
Dariusz Hetman
Dariusz Hetman:
RIP from Poland! One of the 44 crew members on board the Argentine submarine that is missing in the South Atlantic is Eliana Maria Krawczyk, born in a Polish family.
john barthram
john barthram:
God bless all the sailors who died, love and respect to a former enemy rest in piece, love from the uk.
Ricardo De La Fuente
Ricardo De La Fuente:
en el último día el mar devolverá a sus muertos...QEPD...hermanos Argentinos...
José Silva
José Silva:
Cómo Argentina agradezco las palabras de aliento a todos. Es doloroso ver estas imágenes y pensar lo que sufrieron mis compatriotas.
Respeto y admiración por los héroes argentinos desde Cataluña. RIP
As an Englishman i know it will seem strange that former enemys can have respect for each other. I offer a prayor for the brave crew of the San Juan and for all those brave souls lost at sea. Be you at peace lads .
A todo pueblo argentino, siento por los bravos hermanos del ARA San Juan. Que Dios cuide de cada uno en su gracia. Saludos hermanos argentinos.
Beto Villa
Beto Villa:
Un abraso desde México y Dios tenga en su gloria a los héroes que partieron en el ARA San Juan cumpliendo un servicio a su Nacion
This is so sad to watch, literally sends chills to my spines, we lost many professional warriors in the deep sea, and no one seems to care anymore here in argentina.... so sad....
Jp Venegas Valdés
Jp Venegas Valdés:
Fuerza a todas esas familias Argentinas. Abrazos desde CHILE 🇨🇱
Tank The Pitbull
Tank The Pitbull:
God bless Argentina and your fallen sailors, respect from the UK 🇬🇧 🇦🇷
Sergio Brito
Sergio Brito:
Aqui no Brasil também nos associamos aos sentimentos do povo argentino por este trágico acontecimento.
Vespa Dude
Vespa Dude:
Rest in peace brave soldiers, from a Navy Family.
Pedro 1713
Pedro 1713:
Descansen en paz. España honra a sus Hijos
Sol Guardia
Sol Guardia:
It was a tragedy for all the families lost their loved ones. It is something that will never be forgotten. I know because my best friend's cousin lost his life in this tragedy. rest in peace we will never forget them💙
Nighthawk OC
Nighthawk OC:
I only can think about the last minutes of that 44 marines inside the San Juan. Its so sad. You make a amazing work. Greetings from Argentina.
Ultimate respect to all submariners, rest in peace 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Sad loss. The only mercy from a sub passing crush depth is that the sailors deaths came instantly. my condolences to their families.
Minerve S647 (France) went missing January 1968, and found July 2019. May they rest in peace brave sailors.
As a former U.S. Marine and veteran, I salute these men who perished. America did help in the search of the submarine which is always the right thing to do. No matter what country, we should all help in times of peace.
When i hear the notice that the Ara san juan was sink, i felt sad.
Rest in peace 44 Warriors.
Just see the stupid people that dislike this! 44 family lost his son/dad/brother or whatever.
Disrespectful people who dislike it.
Thank you for supporting Argentina!
CrisAntemo Ç.Ę.Ş
CrisAntemo Ç.Ę.Ş:
Se imaginan morir así?
Puta locura.

Mis más sinceras condolencias a los hermanos Argentinos.
Nicolas Simon
Nicolas Simon:
Mes pensées et condoléances pour ce tragique accident, j'ai un cousin qui sera bientôt sous marinier et j'appréhende, ça nous touche tous. De France.
May they rest in peace from the US. MY condolences to all the brave souls lost .
Walter Migueles
Walter Migueles:
Ara San Juan ...Eterno custodio de nuestro mar..., 44 heroes......dios los tenga en su Gloria....
V M:
Hello from Finland 🇫🇮, I find Argentine submarine San Juan sinking very suspicious. Trust is Very hard to come by. Rip respect to Argentina.
Noa Zuma
Noa Zuma:
I’m from argentina so sad 😢🇦🇷❤️
Leandro Ferreira
Leandro Ferreira:
Muito triste, desejo força aos familiares e a grande nação Argentina, O Brasil chora com vocês.
Donald Barden
Donald Barden:
My deepest condolences to the sailors’ families and the country of Argentina.
Bama Hammer
Bama Hammer:
As a retired US Navy Chief my heart goes out to the families and all of the sailors lost at sea in this tragedy. May you rest in peace forever.
shubham sharma
shubham sharma:
A very sad news for me as I am also a submariner knowing about all the difficulties and challenges which a submariner face . Condolences to the brave families of the sailors invicible beneath depth .🇮🇳
norman holland
norman holland:
Too slow, I test pressure vessels to destruction, it implodes in a millisecond when the shell fractures.
It makes me thinking about the meaning of this life
Jamas seran olvidados. Que en paz descansen y debajo la gloria de Dios. Saludo uno camaradas!🇦🇷
Jim H
Jim H:
From the USA may they rest in peace.
Alex Kid 79
Alex Kid 79:
Bravos militares.
Una Persona Comunista
Una Persona Comunista:
Bueno, Solo tengo que decir algo:

Fuerza Hermanos 🇦🇷🇺🇾
Juan Valle
Juan Valle:
Almost 3 years since this event happened, almost two years since the discovery of the rests, we still have noone to blame, noone to take responsibility.
Thanks for the respect everyone is showing to the lost souls from our country. But at the end, like some of you say, they were sailors and humans, so is beautiful to see that people around the world felt this as close as we do.
Hope you all stay safe in this times. Anywhere you are.
Alejandro DUrso
Alejandro DUrso:
Llevamos en nuestros corazones a los 44 tripulantes del ARA San Juan.
JuneJuly Animations
JuneJuly Animations:
I feel sorry for the sailors who lost their lives
Janosh von Dach
Janosh von Dach:
respect to all the brave people who died at this accident nice vid btw
Charles Pierro
Charles Pierro:
Meus pêsames para nossos hermanos Argentinos de Brasil😢
Steven Vaughan
Steven Vaughan:

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."
Lest We Forget
Marcelo Rodrigues
Marcelo Rodrigues:
Mucho trieste pelos Hermanos Argentinos minhas condolências a todos Hermanos Argentinos pelo desaparecimento do submarino Ara San Juan. From Brazil.
David Sirett
David Sirett:
rip to the crew
still on patrol
Romina Ramirez
Romina Ramirez:
Cada vez que veo videos del A.R.A San Juan no puedo dejar de llorar. Yo fui miembro de la Armada Argentina y salíamos a navegar a pesar del pésimo estado en el que se encontraban los buques. A los Comandantes sólo les importaba cumplir la misión y nosotros sólo obedecíamos órdenes. Cada navegación era una tortura y más para el personal de máquinas que sabían que iban a trabajar sin descanso...siempre era lo mismo. Cosas atadas con alambres, sacar un repuesto de otra Corbeta para arreglar la otra y poder salir y así fue siempre! No era lo mismo que un barco fallara en la superficie y quedara a la deriva a que un submarino falle los motores o baterías en el fondo del mar. El final era algo anunciado. Tarde o temprano iba a suceder una tragedia y lamentablemente murieron muchos camaradas. Impotencia, bronca y la profunda herida que queda en todos nosotros por saber que todo esto se podía haber evitado si hubieran invertido como corresponde.
44 Héroes! Que en paz descansen, gracias por defender nuestro País y dar la vida por el.
Till This Day
Till This Day:
Horrible way to go, that's for sure.
Jamondequeso ?!
Jamondequeso ?!:
Mis respetos desde Buenos Aires, argentina. 🇦🇷
Mike&Ash Experience
Mike&Ash Experience:
Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!🎒🙌🏻
Pedro Luz
Pedro Luz:
R.I.P hermanos. Do Brasil, com sinceridade. Deve haver um lugar especial no paraíso a quem morre pelos outros.
Heine Jr.
Heine Jr.:
Que pecado. Que estes bravos guerreiros do mar descansem em paz... Saudações desde o BR...
Adeson Apuk
Adeson Apuk:
Meus pêsames a todos os familiares dos tripulantes a bordo
Desde Brasil🇦🇷🇧🇷
Old Wisdom
Old Wisdom:
I atmosphere for every 33 feet down. At 600 there wouldn't have been time for a gasp.
adriano piredda
adriano piredda:
Gloria e onore a voi,audaci marinai! Riposate in pace
Knights Templar
Knights Templar:
Can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been, rest in peace 🇬🇧💙
Paul Fields
Paul Fields:
From an old Sub vet, Fair winds and following seas. I do remember this and all my brothers shared their plight on Facebook
Episodios Racionales
Episodios Racionales:
Honor y respetos para mis hermanos argentinos de parte de un español
George tz
George tz:
respect argentina for your warriors!!!! from Greece!!!!
tony t
tony t:
From someone who served in the Navy all I can say is rest in peace shipmates . 🇺🇸 ( De algien que sirvio en la naval solo quiero decir que mucho respeto y que descansen en Paz )
Rest in peace dear Argentina soldiers.Accept my condolences from Turkey.I am also submarine design engineer and currently i have been commissioned for submarine uppgradition program and we will begin sea trial in the beginning of 2020.I hope we will complete it succesfully.İf we will face the same problem in the deep of ocean dying is inevitable.I am scaring of diving with submarine.İf i will die please take care of this beautiful world.
Fair winds and following seas warriors of the sea. Much respect from the USA.
Muito triste oque aconteceu 😭😭
Mariana Ribeiro
Mariana Ribeiro:
Isso é um pesadelo muito horrível minhas condolências aos hermanos🇦🇷🇧🇷
Wicked Child
Wicked Child:
Que tristeza :/ que Deus conforte os corações dos familiares. Estamos orando por vocês, daqui do Brasil! 🇧🇷 🇦🇷
john murray
john murray:
Blessings to all the lost sailers and prayers to all their family members from Ireland rest in peace.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
patz 76
patz 76:
I knew a member of this submarine he was the father of a friend 44 héroes argentinos
Cocinando a la uruguaya con ro
Cocinando a la uruguaya con ro:
Uruguay quiere saber la verdad ellos merecen saber la verdad los familiares que tanto sufrieron.....
Verdad ya !
Descansen en paz . Abrazo a las Familias.saludos desde Chile.
Ashra Tempel
Ashra Tempel:
Dall'Italia una preghiera ai caduti e un abbraccio al popolo argentino.
Thibault Michel
Thibault Michel:
Such brave warriors ! God bless Argentina and their souls !
From an admiring frenchman 🇦🇷 🇫🇷
Luis Antonio Johonsom Di Salvo
Luis Antonio Johonsom Di Salvo:
A great tragedy. RIP, brothers, from Brazil.
Kabuki Kitsune
Kabuki Kitsune:
Based on other videos by submariners, as well as some of the comments, I suspect what happened was the following:

First there's a leak that gets to the batteries. This causes chlorine gas to start to emit, as well as a few volatile gasses. The sub suffers a minor fire, but one that damages some of the key internal workings, such as pump controls or depth control. The sub is going down at that point. The crew attempted an emergency blow to bring them to the surface, but either due to damage, or already existing flooding, there was nothing they could do. The point of no return has then been reached and passed. Then, it's only a matter of the crew trying to frantically get some measure of dive control back and power back up to the surface. However thanks to the damage in the batteries, they don't have enough power. Once they hit 'crush' depth, it's thankfully, quick. In the blink of an eye, before the brain even has a real chance to register anything. One moment you're there, the next, you're not.

If it's any consolation to the families involved, while yes it would have been terrifying getting to that point, once it happened, it was painless.
Daniel Medina
Daniel Medina:
Fue un desastre!!!! Nos solidarizamos con el pueblo argentino,! Saludos desde PERÚ
hullu mati
hullu mati:
i cant just stop imagine how people felt when they knew they were going to die like that.. feeling bad for all of them rest in peace!
thiago espinosa
thiago espinosa:
Está mal decir que fue una implosion cuando se sabe que los ingleses lo bombardearon :(
Blanqui G
Blanqui G:
Ay Dios mío, que tristeza pero también sólo con ver la simulación me dio mucho miedo. Saludos bella Argentina, desde cuidad de Guatemala.
Rhurb'Sta Falcon
Rhurb'Sta Falcon:
I have just seen the thoughts go out to family and friends and of course to the submariners too..
RIP lads...
Double D Artistry
Double D Artistry:
As a former submariner in the US Navy this video tears all the way through my core. I feel so bad for all those lost souls.

We know the risk when we sign up for sub duty, but we never want to admit that each time we flood all main ballast tanks we may never see the light of day agian.
Tommi Terävä
Tommi Terävä:
RIP brave submariners! Condolences from Finland.
Jason Gallego
Jason Gallego:
¡Todos mis respetos desde España!
When people first found out about that.everyone went crazy. Random ass explosion crippled the sub and then it silently goes down. But I guess this sheds light on it as obviously it's not as brutal in this video. RIP
This was very respectfully done. As an Argentinian I was moved and heartbroken all over again. Thank you. <3