Supermodel Linda Evangelista claims ‘cool sculpting’ has deformed her l GMA

Evangelista opened up in an Instagram post, saying the cosmetic procedure left her disfigured and depressed, and turned her into a recluse.

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Enrico Gonzo
Enrico Gonzo:
I will never understand how people who are already physically attractive want more. It usually ends bad.
Annie MacLeod
Annie MacLeod:
I hope she gets some good therapy, buys a farm and discovers a whole other part of life that has nothing to do with physical beauty.
The Misfit Mama
The Misfit Mama:
What a friggen slap in the face to people who are actually “brutally” disfigured.
B D:
I'm so glad she's speaking out. Cool sculpting is often advertised as practically harmless.
Stephanie Mc
Stephanie Mc:
This is why you should never base your whole life and identity on your appearance
There’s a difference from “brutally disfigure” and “aging”. She wasn’t brutally disfigured.Her face definitely changed because of her aging which we can’t avoid, and looks does change as we get old.
T Marie
T Marie:
Good luck with that! Anyone that gets any kind of procedure, signs a form explaining possible complications and if you thoroughly read it, you are basically agreeing to risk it.
Y Z:
How depressing it must be that your value as an employee are your looks when looks eventually fade for everyone
Obama bin Biden
Obama bin Biden:
She was, in my opinion, the most naturally beautiful supermodel of the era.

Nothing is more pathetic than fading beauty desperate to hold on a little longer. There is dignity in growing old gracefully by accepting what each stage of life brings.
Keetah Brough
Keetah Brough:
I feel so badly for her. She has to be going through a serious identity crisis. She’s made an extremely good living exploiting her beauty. To not be able to do that just pulled the rug out from under her feet. It’s like a musician losing their hearing.
Cruising Mimi
Cruising Mimi:
Why didn’t they post a recent photo of her alleged “disfigurement” ?This sounds like misdirection of unhappiness that can only be solved from looking inside, not on the outside.
Ms. Linda can focus on her inner beauty. Most of us have to venture from our homes as ordinary looking people. She’s probably still very pretty. It’s hard to get older.
Yeah, looked her up now. She isn’t brutally disfigured. Looks like a perfectly regular person.
This is sad. But there's always a risk with any procedure. I hope she finds healing and closure. She's still beautiful.
Chandler Bing
Chandler Bing:
Wouldn’t get out of bed for less than 10k? Lol I can’t believe people built up her ego so much, personally I always found her odd looking. A lot of “super” models aren’t pretty, their unique looking. Definitely not the same thing.
At 56 years old why can't she accept the fact that she has aged just like everyone else? Sure, some people grow old beautifully, and some don't, and if she happens to be in the second group, tough luck! That's how random life is.
Lori g
Lori g:
50 million? She isn't getting booked like she did in her 20s. I'm sure she had some money stashed. Doing crazy body stuff is taking a chance. Grow old gracefully.
Vee London
Vee London:
"It was God who made me so beautiful. If I weren't, then I'd be a teacher" - Linda Evangelista 😏 Linda, maybe it's time to be a teacher!
First Name: Katy
First Name: Katy:
I guess she’ll have to wake up for less than $10,000 a day now. Welcome to the real world, Linda.
Notice Me Senpai
Notice Me Senpai:
When you get cosmetic surgery, you agree to take on the associated risks. Assuming she was properly informed about these risks (which I can almost guarantee she was), she doesn't have a leg to stand on.
Ivy Daimond
Ivy Daimond:
This happened to me and I’ve spent years attempting to file a suit with zero luck. Thanks Linda for shining a light on this. I will definitely be part of the class action!!
I'm sure she signed a waiver knowing the risks involved. Maybe she should accept her decision and be accountable.
Yea, Linda welcome to the real world where most people are not perfect and beautiful. You will survive you are 56 now so it's not like you are making your living as a model right now. But even if so you have all the resources to start a new simpler life until you can accept the fact that you are aging nobody besides you believes that you are "brutally disfigured". come on!
Inthe Sun
Inthe Sun:
Oh wow Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Birth Mark” comes to mind. Perfection can be deadly.
1) Did it disfigure her face or body? Because if it was just her body, she could still model cosmetics, beauty products, jewelry, etc, above the neck
2) If the website for the treatment, and the forms she signed, mentioned the chance of that problem, then she chose to take the risk
3) She was already rich in her early 20’s- one of the richest models in the history of modeling. Most models of her caliber make a ton of money at a young age, and can easily retire by age 35, before they naturally lose their looks. So unless she gambled it all away, she should be set for life financially and shouldn’t need to work.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane:
50$ million? A lot of us are depressed and still don't mess with our faces no matter what the expectation. Mother Nature is getting pissed
John Doe
John Doe:
When you base your personality on your looks, things start to crumble when you get older and things start to breakdown...
Britt G
Britt G:
50 million?! Girl bye. She has already aged out of her modeling career. 😂
Erika Guzman
Erika Guzman:
That's a 1st world problem..People don't want to age!😭🙁
L Gempet
L Gempet:
Linda Evangelista’s modeling career has been over since the 90s & she made SERIOUS money at the height of her career. How is it even possible she could be saying that Cool-Sculpting treatments (which she had much later in the timeline) impaired her modeling career? Models know their careers are based upon their looks so their careers often have shorter life spans than other jobs that don’t fully rely on looks. It’s certainly not fair but modeling is a career choice that people make & they know this “going-in.”
Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225
Jannah Bint Al Yusuf aka Jannah225:
God Bless her. I cannot imagine the depression and pain she has gone through. She will always be a “Supermodel” no matter how bad she thinks she looks. ❤️🥰
Truth Reigns Forever
Truth Reigns Forever:
Linda Evangelista has no one to blame but her own self for her decision. Period. And that can be said of all of us. Period
jeremy sans3lm
jeremy sans3lm:
With that side effect being listed, I don't know why a supermodel would decide to do it to her face. Anything but her face.
J Thor
J Thor:
She only looks like she’s aging like the rest of us. She’s still pretty, just older. I think she was hoping for miracles to stop the aging process.
She probably had multiple injectables and/or cosmetic surgery through the years that possibly caused complications to her 7 cool sculptings. I'm fine with people who undergo beauty procedures but there is a point when it's too much and your body can no longer handle it.
Ramla Ahmed
Ramla Ahmed:
This is what happens when u want to take the easy way out instead of working for ur body, and also a lack of self confidence
We have an image of our bodies as whole. Anything that invalidates this wholeness, whatever the reason, can become for the suffering person, a real tragedy. I feel for Linda. She was an exceptionally beautiful woman, she was a famous model and now she has lost both her beauty snf her career. I will leave aside the considarations of youth culture, social expectations etc because they don't change a thing in what has happened to Linda. It is a tragedy and I hope she sues their pants off. It is time the beauty industry is held accountable for its failures and for its butchering.
She doesn't even look deformed or disfigured, she simply looks like an average person and not a supermodel, oh boo hoo.
Wait, so she went ahead with a procedure that COULD cause the issue she experienced. Then when they offered to make it right, she sued them. She chose the procedure even though adverse effects were possible.
I don't get it. As much as a disagree with the procedure, I disagree with her ego based choice more.
If she consented to the side effect risks involved, she has no case.
T. Michelle Hauser
T. Michelle Hauser:
Linda was one of the most stunning supermodels of the 1990s ... So sad and probably these procedures were so not necessary!
Lolo Future
Lolo Future:
I’m on the doctors side. Patients have to sign waivers freeing them from liability from the possible adverse outcomes that are inherent with any medical procedure. She only has a case if this PAH was not listed as one of the possible risks you could incur with this procedure. if it wasn’t listed in the waiver that she signed then you can very reasonably argue that she did not have warning of this outcome and deserves to be compensated for her disfigurement.
Jo Simpson
Jo Simpson:
No one looks forward to ageing.
The more beautiful the face, the harder that loss becomes.
Lesson; don’t be defined by your looks. And don’t try any kind of cosmetic procedure - unless you are prepared to lose
fikinaturally_ Fikiswa
fikinaturally_ Fikiswa:
I thought we would see her picture so others who want to still go ahead can have an idea should things go wrong. Oh well I guess she is not ready for people to see or something - hope she gets better.
Aileen V
Aileen V:
I think this is a few downsides of being so incredibly beautiful in your youth. You get used to attention, to turning heads wherever you go, always getting your way and people being nothing but kind to you that once you start losing that it can be very tough on your mental state. I hope that she will realize that she is more than her looks and that she will still remain as one of the greatest in the fashion industry 🙏
M P :
This is why I'm really glad I was not born to be a super model. I could not imagine being so obsessed with aging. I am 48...and I'm all good with what God gave me. Wishing her peace.
Victoria Algra
Victoria Algra:
Beauty obviously fades and then when you start up with these various treatments ... let’s just say there are always possible side effects. Clearly a slippery slope. Aging gracefully and accepting yourself is the best self worth and love you can give yourself lesson learned ❤️
Dovesary Gray
Dovesary Gray:
Idk how that law suit is going to happen when they have it listed as a possible side effect. Only way she will get the win is if she pays for it.
Centigradz2 Centigradz2
Centigradz2 Centigradz2:
She's probably done a lot of procedures and it's no surprise that on one occasion it fails. Nearly all of these models do this procedure. Nothing new. The industry wants youth. These women are only appreciated in the industry from their teens to late 30s. After that work dries out. Paulina said it was so hard to get a job now that she's 50. Vanity is her issue. Linda can't accept the fact that ageing happens. She should live her life and not b swallowed by the standards of the cruel fashion industry. But glad she admitted to having these procedures. Otherwise the world thinks that these women are naturally that beautiful and age beautifully. Look at how many procedures Paulina gets done. It's scary. Look at Janice. Plus Linda made a ton of money and probably gets spousal support from her rich ex. She clearly doesn't need to work anymore. She was gloating in the past like she was better than everyone. Maybe now is the time to b humble.
Mary P
Mary P:
There’s no magic pill or magic machine for weight loss. Diet, exercise and better nutrition is the answer.
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes:
Usually these procedures require you signing a contract agreeing to the possible side effects. If this was the case I doubt she could succeed. If her lawyers can find that the doctors were professionally/medically negligent in perfroming the job then maaaybe she can win some damages but this is looking like a tough one altogether.
Ageless Inspiration
Ageless Inspiration:
Well, maybe she suffered some kind of adverse effects from treatment, but she’s definitely put on some pounds which has contributed to the difference in her appearance, plus of course she’s gotten older and around age late 50s is when we all see a major change.
Wow, I didn't know about this side effect, most offices do not advertise this...thanks for letting us know!!
I literally think she is the most beautiful model in the 90s, but it happened for a reason …I hope she can move past it she have a fulfilling life. Her attitude was also a large part of why she was so attractive, hopefully she still has that ❤️
She signed the paperwork,made the choice and took the risk 🤷‍♀️
Emi Marie
Emi Marie:
They have disclaimers on this procedure. So there is that. Additionally, there are worse disfigurement that people did not choose.
Sonder Expeditions
Sonder Expeditions:
Wow, I had similar experience. Glad she spoke up. 💖

Edit: oh yes, I was warned about that issue that happened to her. I had opposite where it took too much fat 😶
Tegwen Jaimes
Tegwen Jaimes:
When you go through surgery. It’s a risk! There’s no such thing as a completely safe surgery
Buddha Fang
Buddha Fang:
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Sa B
Sa B:
I wouldn't say brutally disfigured....the mindset of that lifestyle and pretty don't know what brutally disfigured even means...
It makes me so sad that we live in a world where women risk their lives to stay young looking and slim. 😔
She's 56 years old, how many cat walk models do you know in their 50's (except Niaomi) try worrying more about your personality than your looks.
Mz Kitty M.
Mz Kitty M.:
She had 7 procedures. After 2 I would've stopped. Hmmmm, why continue if she wasn't getting good results.
Most women would say "I got fat" but Evangelista calls it 'horribly disfigured', LOL.
Tommy Alice
Tommy Alice:
Nahh she’s only getting older that all. Lol why blame the cool sculptors
Carla Blue
Carla Blue:
I was considering this procedure so I did my research!! I learned of all the problems and decided against it.
Cyn D
Cyn D:
Seems to me she CHOSE to do several risky procedures due to her own vanity and deserves nothing for it. Much less $50 million! 🙄
Elize Van eeden
Elize Van eeden:
Sorry i don't understand, is most cosmetic surgery not your own personal choice? Would be another matter if it was medically required.
Danielle Mendoza
Danielle Mendoza:
She was already paper thin… why did she need this? 🤦🏻‍♀️ with any cosmetic procedure there are always risks and she signed that waiver before hand.. guaranteed.
Sami Just
Sami Just:
She was a household name. 30 YEARS ago!
In the beauty business when you’re old, you’re old- I highly doubt it was the cool sculpting that ended her career.
50 million for a 56 year old that can’t be made to look 20 again.
V Star
V Star:
This is what happens when you try to interfere with the natural aging process. No sympathy for someone’s vanity.
Askare Bast
Askare Bast:
So difficult to care about these people with everything going on in the world.
Psych hyperfocus
Psych hyperfocus:
It's unfortunate this happened to her, but when you go into being a model instead of a field that doesn't revolve around your looks, I don't feel that bad for models since they stooped to being shallow
Anna the Evavgelista
Anna the Evavgelista:
Not sure why this was recommended to me. Are we supposed to feel bad because she was so vain that she disfigured herself? So glad I quit watching MSM, this is a prime example.
Janet Wood
Janet Wood:
*Linda Evangelista once famously said, "It was God who made me so beautiful. If I weren't, then I'd be a teacher." (So, now that she's ugly, is she going try to become a teacher? Oh, wait. Teachers are INTELLIGENT and have a BROAD KNOWLEDGE on various subjects!)* 😘
Supermodel is being thrown around nowadays too easily. Now Linda is an actual true supermodel.
Winkie Blink
Winkie Blink:
How can a NON invasive treatment based on pressure and temperature Disfigure ??? Unrecognizable? I think the corrective surgeries were the problem.
Jerry Atricks
Jerry Atricks:
This is why I will never get any procedures that aren’t necessary.
Ro E
Ro E:
I would think that with all the money she made in her youth, since she wouldn’t get up for less than 10k a day, she should be all set for life. These kind of people are greedy.
Indigo Avatar
Indigo Avatar:
Oh poor Linda😊 was beautiful so why would she wish to do plastic surgery?! Guess we all have to learn someday to love and accept ourselves as we are. I don't feel sorry for her personally
Aww so it was Linda that was identified as the one who said “I don’t get out of bed for less than $10,000..”. Sorry this happened to her. Odd that this came up in my feed…wish she had the eyes to recognize she never needed it. She is still exquisite.
strike lee
strike lee:
Every procedure will have some forms of side effects and she should have known that which isn't rocket science. But oh well she did it to herself and if only she would have just aged gracefully but unfortunately we know that'll never happen. Lol
Monica C
Monica C:
Love Linda!! Fav model from the 90’s. I hope she wins her lawsuit
I would never have a procedure done to get rid of fat. Eating normal and being active and exercising always work for me.
Random Person
Random Person:
That’s devastating, I hope she finds a solution
I mean she’s 56. I think that’s just aging complications. You can’t be like “Oooh! It works! So if I try this a few more times, I’ll look even more younger!”

Oh well, all the best of luck for her.
E Smith
E Smith:
I'm so grateful that my body responds to exercise. I'm currently overweight, but when I get on my abdominal crunches kick and do my abdominal exercises in the morning before work, my abs look decent. My heart goes out to those people who's bodies do not respond to exercise or who have injuries that don't allow them to.
AE Nixon
AE Nixon:
I really wouldn't expect to see Linda Evangelista not aging a bit in the 21st CE after watching her as a judge during the selection of Elite Model Look-Philippines in the 90s.
You can’t look like that forever. I guess it’s a risk one takes any time they try to artificially preserve their looks. Still, I am surprised that a seemingly non-invasive product would cause that much damage.
Pedro Leão
Pedro Leão:
That's what happens when people don't accept that our bodies are not perfect like a cover of a magazine and that it's ok to have little flaws, we're not worthless because of that and we don't need to risk our life and health with unnecessary surgeries. Even the most beautiful women like her cannot accept it.
Cat's paw
Cat's paw:
Well we want to change time , when
Been researching cool sculpting for months and came across just a few articles that mention PAH and of course several reviews from women that are suffering from this and it sounds horrible. So I’ve put off getting the procedure done this video popping up in my feed is a sign that I shouldn’t get it done at all. Cause if someone who’s as high profile as Linda Evangelista is going through this then it could happen to me.
Angela Hall
Angela Hall:
I would like to know how many other people have had this similar side effect
caren Webb
caren Webb:
So she chooses to do cosmetic surgery which isn't necessary and wants to sue
I've always thought she was cool for leaving the business and looking like a regular woman of her age. This sob story is going to tarnish her legacy. Plus, "Cool-Sculpting" didn't make her face puff out. Life happens.
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty:
🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Why can’t people just accept growing older.
Money can buy a lot of things…. contentment not being one of them.
Andi Cantu
Andi Cantu:
Her eyes bulged a little when she was young which might indicate she had a hyperthyroid. Coolsculpting might have damaged her thyroid if they moved it around her neck. Now she might have hypothyroidism, a very slow, damaged thyroid which makes it easy to gain weight, difficult to lose weight and lots of puffiness in the face from inflammation caused by the damaged thyroid. The normal tests run by general practitioners won’t catch this. She might have to go to a specialist who practices natural healing instead of putting her on medication for the rest of her life.
Tiffany Sky
Tiffany Sky:
Ever since I had cool sculpting, I’ve had a bit of occasional pain in my lower abdomen. My dr said that it’s “hernia like”. Never again will I do this procedure.
Aliyah Smith
Aliyah Smith:
I was thinking going through coolsculpting. I even talked to a doctor who’s going to perform it on me in about a month. However, she warned me about the risks in regards to Adipose Hyperplasia. Right then and there. I decided to not go through it. It’s not worth it. I’m sure her doctor warned her about it but went through anyway. I could be wrong though 🤷🏻‍♀️
Nigel Seaton
Nigel Seaton:
This is a very upsetting thing too hear. I hope t hat Linda realizes that, she can't give up, there is always a way too come out of a difficult situation, and your attitude towards a problem can help, or hinder. But let me tell you this, Linda Evanglista walked past me on the street in Soho aN.Y.C., circa1990, red hair, decked out in Versace, on a photo shoot, with a bevy of male models.That face was snatched, for the gods. Beauty.