Supermodel Linda Evangelista Has Been "Brutally Disfigured" by Procedure Done 5 Years Ago | PEOPLE

Linda Evangelista is speaking candidly about why she has stepped away from the public eye in recent years.

On Wednesday, the 56-year-old supermodel shared in a post on Instagram that she underwent a CoolSculpting fat-reduction procedure five years ago that she says left her "permanently deformed." She has now filed a lawsuit against Zeltiq Aesthetics — the parent company of CoolSculpting.

Representatives for Zeltiq and Evangelista did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

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Supermodel Linda Evangelista Has Been "Brutally Disfigured" by Procedure Done 5 Years Ago | PEOPLE

78 comentarios:

Trisha Smith
Trisha Smith:
She was my favourite model in the 90’s love her wish her well💚
Ted Timothy
Ted Timothy:
Sometimes I think it is best to just let nature take its course. I think Ronald Reagan looked better when he was President then when he was a young actor
Linda Evangelista was born in Ontario, Canada on May 10, 1965, to Italian immigrants from Pignataro Interamna. She was one of the top supermodels from the 1990s
Kelli Lynch
Kelli Lynch:
Ladies just age naturally and gracefully. You are all beautiful!!!!
Mya Bell
Mya Bell:
Be happy with what you have already. When you get older you may gain weight and aren't able to do anything about it, it happens.
I've always thought she was cool for leaving the business and looking like a regular woman of her age. This sob story is going to tarnish her legacy. Plus, "Cool-Sculpting" didn't make her face puff out. Life happens.
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
the procedure is Old age Nothings going to help you , just let it happen Your life is over only if u let it , just stay home or find a actual job That requires anything other than modeling.. You can also be an older model lots of old people products that need modeling.. It's called life lady we don't stay young forever...
Dennis F
Dennis F:
Wow, some of the bitterness and insensitivity in the comments. It took Linda a very long time to share her story, and it’s evident as to why. She’ll always be my favorite model of all time and one of the few models who earned the true title of “Supermodel!” Before you judge, try kindness first.
Your Mother
Your Mother:
She's responding to tabloid journalists who photographed her at an airport, calling her "unrecognizable". She's being mutilated by the press. It's not her fault that she is under so much pressure and stress. Stop blaming her.
Logical Dude
Logical Dude:
It's almost as though freezing your face and cutting it open is not a smart thing to do.
Aimee Friedman
Aimee Friedman:
It would help to know WHERE these fat cells grew. I ask bc it seems Linda had gained a lot of weight as her last photos.
Was she trying to remove fat that was due to diet, instead of losing it the right way? When I hear disfigured, I think "face". Was she trying to get rid of fat cells around her face and neck? If so, the Dr should have never even done the procedure in the first place. He should have said"Linda, you gained 30lbs and that's why you look heavy. Lose 20lbs and THEN, let's see if you've got deposits of fat".
Centigradz2 Centigradz2
Centigradz2 Centigradz2:
Disfigured is not what that is. All the binging and purging for years, baby daddy problems, pregnancy and menopause can wreak havoc to your body. her other model friends still starve to look skinny. But maybe she finds it difficult to starve. She's a big boned lady and weight can show easily on her body. She's done these procedures for so long and this one time it failed. It happens. Plus with age and emotional issues she must b finding it hard to lose weight. She had help from the richest men on earth to stay in the industry but with that comes breakups and hurt and fights. So emotionally it takes a toll on you. It's hard to b anorexic everyday. She has to eat. And once she was no longer working daily the binging stayed and purging stopped. Just like kfed. It's a vicious cycle. And baby daddy issues were nasty. She probably relied heavily on these cosmetic procedures to look great but they do fail. Look at Janice and Paulina. Starts with Botox and liposuction at 20 and ends with ruining your body. It's a vanity thing forced on her by a vain industry. She has tons of money. She should live her normal life and b happy with what she has. Especially when ppl are dying from a pandemic.
w rsg23
w rsg23:
Are any of those photos supposed to show the disfigurement? She looks great in all of them unless the aging process is considered a form of disfigurement.
Ed C
Ed C:
She is still beautiful ♥️🙏🏼
Thyroid issues. She is still VERY striking.
She is and will be very beautiful!!
Some people don't understand they will grow older. Get older is something natural. There is NOTHING so far, you can do about it.
M. Nelson
M. Nelson:
No case.
She sought out this treatment.
It's a practice, not foolproof.
Disgruntled Bystander
Disgruntled Bystander:
So she had cool sculpting all over her body and her face? I thought it's only the stomach that you use that on and it's the only place that gets bigger but how come in her pictures she's big all over?
Gerard Satamian
Gerard Satamian:
She'll always be beautiful
rey hebron
rey hebron:
...she is not disfigured to the extent that she can no longer do what she was able to do when she was younger.. well... firstly, she is not younger.. she is already 56 years old.. next.. got fat and that procedure was supposed to remove the excess fat she has developed thru the years.. and finally, she sign a waiver when she undergo the procedure, which is exactly this suit will not go anywhere.. but cmon linda, be honest, your modeling career have been over a long time ago.. you can do a lot more things than continue to be a model.. you know that when you became 30.. so lets not kid ourselves here.. just move on.. & in my eyes, you are still a supermodel..
Father time wins again.. 🏆
Monoh Fassad
Monoh Fassad:
"Brutally disfigured" my ass! It's called GETTING OLD.
Sarah Helmer
Sarah Helmer:
Wasn't she the supermodel that said she wouldn't get out of bed if she was getting paid less than 10,000 lady we have world problems
rosa spanjol
rosa spanjol:
She looks her age; she’s just so darn vain ,it’s ashamed!… you can’t fight Mother Nature; she knows is time for you to age,period.
N Angel
N Angel:
Must be awful to realize you can gain weight as you age just like the rest of us common folk. The procedure was not necessary but she elected to have it and all procedures carry risk. Lost what income? Who was knocking down her door to sign her at that age? Such entitlement and blame-shifting. Sick of the rich and privileged whining.
Sweetest One
Sweetest One:
She put on weight because at 56 she's probably menopausal, but nah, she's definitely not disfigured!
DragonSky Lords
DragonSky Lords:
How to remove fat: Daily exercise and eat a pure diet consisting of foods from the earth.
How NOT to remove fat: Go to some quack surgeon that charges you thousands of dollars.
Md Masud
Md Masud:
Congratulations and good wishes.
S called getting old.we all do it 🙄
Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red:
I wonder what this is actually referring to? None of the images here show a 'disfigured' face - she just looks like herself only a bit older and heavier. Even models get old and go through the menopause, yes it's hard to accept, especially if in your younger days you were told a 100 times a day how stunning you looked. Isn't she the one who famously said she 'wouldn't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day'? At least she is still rich.
Solitaire 514
Solitaire 514:
Should have left well enough alone.
Arbeli Rozenberg
Arbeli Rozenberg:
Linda Evangelista is actually Milla Jovovich. Don't let them fool you.
She got burnt of some chemicals on the Biohazard movie set
hapa mama
hapa mama:
She could have done her research before the procedures as well?! Wow! I've seen hack jobs online, etc. She looks the same, attractive, great skin. Just older? Did it make her gain weight? That's why she's freaking out?!🤷
I didn't realize she still modeled? I haven't followed her since the 80's, early 90's🤷
Mad Max
Mad Max:
I wonder why she didn't just try a diet and exercise regime. Or the supermodel diet of cigarettes and wine??!!
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear:
She looks beautiful. Where is she disfigured? GodBless still lovely..♥️🙏🏼
khadija Adam
khadija Adam:
Linda my friend you will always be beautiful..however bad it doesnt take away from the linda I knew have a great we age as you know whether it's like me an auto immune condition and time we change..the only thing important is you surround yourself with people who love your inner beauty and know you...we love and support you..stay strong
Dawny kz
Dawny kz:
Oh my lord!!!! A supermodel from 90s didn't want to age!!! Her procedure left her looking like someone her age. Fuck climate change, someone get on this case immediately!!!!!!! SOS!!!!!!
Fuck Google
Fuck Google:
Now she looks the same on the outside as on the inside, good
Lora Pence
Lora Pence:
Oh well. Grow up and face life. Beauty is fleeting.
Gabriela Moncayo Zerga
Gabriela Moncayo Zerga:
Omg ! :(
Mad Max
Mad Max:
Sounds kind of like Carrie Underwood and her horrific upper lip scar.
Jude Adeline
Jude Adeline:
Self centered and never having enough.
Cerne Uffington
Cerne Uffington:
Never heard of her until now.
If you chase shallow goals, you'll always be left disappointed.
Even if the surgery had gone well, it would have only been a matter of time before she returned for more and more.
She should look at this as a positive. Now she has a chance to see the world through the eyes of someone without beauty, and it will help her to develop her personality.
Doctor Nawar Sabah
Doctor Nawar Sabah:
No you've just got old!
c'est la vie
c'est la vie:
So having some body fat is considered brutally disfigured? It's a bit insulting to average folks and those who have actually been disfigured. Most women in her age range are fat or not stick thin anyway. It's ok. I get she's in Hollywood and for her looks are very important but she looks like an attractive person with jowls and some facial fat. So? Anyway, it's not like she's in her 20s and her career is just starting.
She looks good in these photos. Are these not recent photos?
anahi martinengo
anahi martinengo:
De sempre le gusto la plata se levantaba de la cama por menos de 10.000 dolares al dia
James Belcher
James Belcher:
Don't get plastic surgery.......
Rody Le petit cid
Rody Le petit cid:
Narcissistic, these people only talk about themselves, about their little personal problems. Who cares about her life, whether she takes on her act that cost her thousands of dollars. Millions of people are dying of hunger and our planet is dying.
😂😂😂😂😂 well deserved
C H:
Why would she mess with her face in the first place?? Especially after COVID, many women have embraced their real look instead of constantly trying to look 35. Too bad for her but lesson learned the hard way I guess.
Olga Kim
Olga Kim:
Thought her modeling days were over decades ago.
Fernando Garotti
Fernando Garotti:
Bonnie Tolin
Bonnie Tolin:
Maybe she'g going thru Menipose?
Didn't she once say she wouldn't get out of bed for less than 10k?
Judy Ann Lemay
Judy Ann Lemay:
OMG!! That is So Horribly SAD & Cruel…Linda WE LOVE Ya!! Your So Gorgeous inside & Out ;] I am Very Proud of you…This Company Knows Now, as does the WORLD, Knows Now that you are Gunning for Them. What a Terrible SHAM Company…They DID NOT Research Fully the effects & Complication that can Occur. Everyone of your Colleges Linda will RallyAround you & Give you Their Full Support…You are LOVED by The FASHION Industry & Much Respected & LOVED. For Me…I Think your a Beautiful Hero on a Mission!! GOD BLESS Ya Beautiful Lady!! ;] I see Things getting Better for you Girl. Sending you a Grreat BIG BEAR HUGG!! “Grrrr!!”
Carlos Eduardo Da Silva
Carlos Eduardo Da Silva:
Second return of saturn 🪐
GM pick
GM pick:
Someone remind me why I should care
pablow pikazzow
pablow pikazzow:
so much confidence in youre self brings you to this🤔🤔... AND YES SHE WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD BUT money sestroy her carrier SHE LOVES MONEY .😊😊😊 THAS WHY SHE GOT PREGNATE FROM THAT RICH FRENCH GUY..😁😁
DC News
DC News:
Some people, these days, cannot accept the reality of aging so they make up drama because it makes for more interesting reading. Meh.
Dudeacious Monstrosity
Dudeacious Monstrosity:
It's actually called Getting Old Disease. We all get it.
Dave A Driffield
Dave A Driffield:
She's just getting older like us all
She should have worked out like other people do o she’s rich and old probably deserves everything she gets
Gisele Gallie
Gisele Gallie:
Boo hoo
D’ James Woodring
D’ James Woodring:
Next time exercise and eat healthy.
Eric Miller
Eric Miller:
Vanity is a sin.
C Goad
C Goad:
Lol who cares
Boo hoo. You took the unnecessary risk, cry us a river.
Erick Acuna
Erick Acuna:
You better hope I'm not the type of person on the jury for you're lawsuit cuz I'd laugh at you
Successful plans have arrived and in full effect salemwandavid
D C:
Welcome to the world of normal people. Shutup and get on with life.
Gl Gl
Gl Gl:
So she was a model that said in the 1980s she wouldn't get out of bed for less than $80,000 because she was that hot now she's not so she's going for the sympathy vote just like that other model that's out there in her 50s complaining about how she doesn't get in any attention anymore your time has passed get over it
Whine, whine, whine. Not satisfied to be rich, famous and beautiful, she does something stupid.
Who cares; she should know all procedures have a RISK. R-I-S-K! I don't have sympathy for stupid people! We all take a risk if modifying a body! It's your fault for not getting all of the information you had internet!
nriezedi chisom
nriezedi chisom:
Still unable to detect how she is horribly deformed. She is very pretty and don't know why she is doing this other than to create publicity for herself for something that is obviously not there