Susan Sarandon Broke Up With Hillary

Susan Sarandon explains why she is still feeling the Bern, and why the Hills have eyes.

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Stephen Colbert took over as host of The Late Show on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015. Colbert is best known for his work as a television host, writer, actor, and producer, and best known for his charity work teaching English as a second language on Tunisian date farms. Prior to joining the CBS family -- and being officially adopted by network president Les Moonves -- Colbert helmed “The Colbert Report,” which aired nearly 1,500 episodes and required Stephen to wear nearly 1,500 different neckties. The program received two Peabody Awards, two Grammy Awards, and several unwelcome shoulder massages. It won two Emmys for Outstanding Variety Series in 2013 and 2014, both of which appear to have been lost in the move. Colbert is pronounced koʊlˈbɛər, according to Wikipedia. His understudy is William Cavanaugh, who will be hosting The Late Show approximately one third of the time. Good luck, Bill!"

100+ comentarios:

Sometimes I get desilusioned by celebrities when they open their mouths on important issues but Susan is the real deal. Can't help but admire her beauty, talent and intelect.
Love how Sarandon breaks down Hillary's shadiness to Colbert and the audience like a grandma talking to her grandson why sugar is bad. So wholesome. All true.
Love this woman.

As for the man across the table, I would say I miss the old Stephen but something tells me he was always this dude - an actor, who doesn't really know which part of him is acting.
She held her own against Colbert. Intelligent with a kind heart. The kind of role model girls need. Not corrupted Hillary
Derrick Belanger
Derrick Belanger:
The hate Susan is getting is all undeserved. She's totally right
Ju M.
Ju M.:
Such admiration for her. Damn. It takes balls and intelligence to say those things and still keep everybody comfortable.
Karunjit Singh
Karunjit Singh:
Susan is super awesome. Love her. Brilliant actress and obviously an even better person.
Logan Richard
Logan Richard:
I gotta say, considering how this show's been in the past, I'm surprised that someone so vocally anti-Hillary was brought in as a guest

But seriously, she's awesome.
This interview was absolutely spot on. Kudos to Stephen for letting her speak.
I love her more and more, she's so unapologetic in her beliefs and in such a respectful way. Plus, she's a strong supporter if equality and isn't that what we need most in the world? I've realized this is extra sappy, and I'm sorry but oh my gosh she's so amazing
"You need someone who has the moral judgment beforehand, not when it's safe". She's right and she crushed this interview!

Sarandon Out!
The Truthful Channel
The Truthful Channel:
I like Susan Sarandon more after viewing this interview.
Haris Bokhari
Haris Bokhari:
most honest interview ive ever seen. not like any other celeb who comes on a talk show. fucking love her
Susan Sarandon has a good head on her shoulders! She rocks!!
Joshua Abell
Joshua Abell:
What is it with harassing Bernie supporters all the time about whether they'd vote for Clinton? Does Sarandon really need to be asked that, everywhere she goes? Is there any way that's possibly going to accomplish anything, other than being really annoying?
No Newfriends
No Newfriends:
The best thing to come out of this election cycle is Susan Sarandon
Gue Verdura
Gue Verdura:
One celebrity millionaire who actually does on the ground protesting using a personal touch to educate an out of touch celebrity millionaire who couldn't see corruption if it hit him in the nose.... she's the personification of class.
Master Joe Ker
Master Joe Ker:
I love Susan Sarandon more than most people.
Trish St Clair
Trish St Clair:
A woman with integrity. Nice to see.
Edward Shore
Edward Shore:
Six years later and it's still true: Susan Sarandon is always correct.
Indra Guillory
Indra Guillory:
she is an absolute class act! Love Susan sarandon, would love to have a conversation
YES!!!! A strong woman with a great head on her shoulders AND she's freakin' gorgeous?!!! Man I love her! SHE should be president!! She'd do a HELL of a lot better job than the pinhead puppets since Kennedy!
Kristina D Salas
Kristina D Salas:
I love her! I love how she speaks her mind-whether you agree with her or not. Celebrities are often so image conscious and usually go with what's popular. I see a beautiful older woman with her own beliefs and being strong about them. Love it!!
I've had a crush on Susan Sarandon for 40 years.
Jörg Kremer
Jörg Kremer:
Susan Sarandon is wonderful.
Love this woman. Genuine.
Zehra Jafri
Zehra Jafri:
A celebrity that deserve's the title. So compassionate and honest. So clear and transparent about her thoughts and beliefs. Love and Respect. 💛💛💛
She ages so gracefully. No botox or fakery. Still beautiful.
NathanSykes Nicely
NathanSykes Nicely:
I'm Canadian and I feel really depressed over Bernie rn. Reeeaaally been rooting for him 😪
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar:
I love her and Steven did a good job with the interview by letting her speak with out any insulting interruption
Chimp for Change!
Chimp for Change!:
An actor with a brain. She's got my respect!
Thank you, Susan Sarandon! Love her advocacy for the consistent, compassionate candidate.
That was so on point, I would vote for her.
Really though, she just tore right through the media blockade. I got goosebumps.
Oh my god I love her. If Bernie doesn't win and then doesn't run again in 2020, I would totally vote for Susan if she ran.
God she just reminds me how bought and sold Hillary is........and I love that she's not intimidated by
the number of people that keep trying to publicly convince her to vote for Hillary.
Berber Bro
Berber Bro:
My God Susan is everything in this interview.
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers:
Very honest interview & so well spoken on very valid points! It’s not about a celebrity opinion, it’s about the clarity-knowledge& a clear voice of a informed person. Neutral points with no mud slinging. Susan you are sooooo on these points. Thank you 4 it all! ❤️💋😘
Mariyum Abid
Mariyum Abid:
I'm in love with this woman and Stephen came across as such an brain dead corporate stooge here.
richard ramfire
richard ramfire:
A beautiful intelligent woman with integrity
Bettina Zwerdling
Bettina Zwerdling:
Sarandon reminds me of her generation's Lauren Bacall....and her political intelligence. Bravo and thanks for your work for justice and civil society and peace, SS.
Zbigniew Piesiewicz
Zbigniew Piesiewicz:
Stephen Colbert is the best talk show host - ever. By far. They're actual discussions, he's geniunely interested, gives room for the guest, has rhythm, has wit... Could go on and on.

Forget Conan (though he has his moments), never mind that god awful Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel.
Daniel Robertson
Daniel Robertson:
Finally someone summed up everything I like about Bernie and everything I dislike about Hillary on Television.
lemurian chick
lemurian chick:
I can't wrap my brain around this woman pushing 70 and looking so amazing.
Brandon Testa
Brandon Testa:
I'm not pro Bernie or Clinton, but I agree with everything she's saying about Clinton
Curious Wars
Curious Wars:
i like her. she has a very positive and bouncy personality. have her on more often steve!
"B-b-but Hillary ... I mean ... come on ... HILLARY!" - Stephen
Shanna Martinez
Shanna Martinez:
I love Susan. Such a real beautiful woman.
Sue Luppert
Sue Luppert:
Absolutely loved Ms. Sarandon. She clearly articulates why she broke up with Hillary - rather than Hillary saying "I decided my values were more aligned with the dems than Goldwater". She never checked off the list; she just said: "I decided". Thank you Ms. Sarandon. Hope your foot heals fast.
I would totally watch Susan Sarandon cover breaking news and politics.
Sawawi Dangala
Sawawi Dangala:
This women has gained my respect much much more during this whole election .
Mafalda M17
Mafalda M17:
GOD I could NOT agree more with her !!!
I love how straight forward she is. Nobody on hollywood is coming out and to speak whats right except her and Mark Ruffalo.
Jokers R Wild Studios
Jokers R Wild Studios:
Unfortunately, I think democrats and independents people are going to regret one way or another not going with Bernie. I know a lot of people who switched their vote to Bernie too little too late, but are bummed that pending an act of God, Hillary will be the nominee. And really in all seriousness: Tuck Frump.
Paul Drien
Paul Drien:
Every movie where Susan is playing, we need to watch it.
Now, even her friends are disappointed in her.
Susan is not the type to be brInwashed. Adorable, beautiful talented actress.
"YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THINGS YOU DON,T AKNOWLEDGE" what a great saying.Hillary needs to brake down admitting her mistakes but entirely. Maybe she w o Ulf be forgiven, but denying it does not help.
May it be God,s will.
Dizzy Lizzie
Dizzy Lizzie:
I love everything about this interview. 😂😄😍
Benjamin Decker
Benjamin Decker:
I finally figured it out. Colbert went from a caricature of a Republican to a caricature of a Democrat. edit: spelling
Taylan Ertan
Taylan Ertan:
After seeing how Trump is actually getting close to a nomination.... Isn't it time for US to rethink the whole 2 party system ? I mean it is already bad enough as it is...
Idontwant googleplus
Idontwant googleplus:
Go Susan! #Feelthebern
Notice how quickly he changed the subject from Sarandon's reasons for backing Sanders to discussing electoral tactics, because he realised he had no way to argue with her on the first score.
Fraser Bailey
Fraser Bailey:
Susan is such a hero.
Wow! She absolutely nailed it! Go Susan!
Nicki Piccione
Nicki Piccione:
Mad respect for Susan!
richard ramfire
richard ramfire:
1000% agree about Bernie. Seems we will never get Bernie. A once in a lifetime candidate
Keno S. Neal
Keno S. Neal:
Susan Sarandon making the most sense.. and yet they smear her so hard. What does that tell you about the ones doing the smearing?
Vorpal Blade
Vorpal Blade:
Susan is the real MVP.
If you don't understand why Bernie is popular, you are the wrong guy for this job.
Susan's a celeb in the finest ways. Thank you Susan!
She is fantastic!!! What a goddess! Smart and articulated
Herbert Wells
Herbert Wells:
I like that she says, "I'm not going there." Let's give California (and the other states) a chance to vote, at least. It's not over until it's over.
Kikifoun Unui
Kikifoun Unui:
Notice, when Stephen has Bernie supporters on (or Bernie himself) they talk policies and substance. But when he has Clinton supporters on he spends most of the interview on shallow and unimportant topics. WTF Stephen
Nettie Watkins
Nettie Watkins:
Susan makes more sense that anyone. I also voted third party. I. Want a third party as well. It is the only answer. A two party system has been our downfall
I love that Stephen is trying to talk to her about politics and she just avoids every single question
Carlos F
Carlos F:
The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.
George Orwell
Vishal Singh
Vishal Singh:
She speaks hard truths y'all. How can ANYONE trust Hillary? But hell yeah to Susan for this interview, she kicked ass, what a boss!!
Iden Hakeem
Iden Hakeem:
Why is it so hard for Colbert to take the truth as it is. Hillary is possibly worst than trump and Bernie is 1000 times better than her! Please Colbert don't make me dislike you, please😞
Steven, he's not behind by 350, he's behind by 293. I know it's still incredibly improbable, but I just wanted to make that super clear. Also, he's likely to win at least 4 of the 5 states coming up in May, and also California in June. Not saying he's gonna overtake her in pledged delegates, but this is going to a convention no doubt.
I didn't think I could love her more than I did.
Steve l
Steve l:
I love Susan Sarandon!! What an awesome lady!!
i love this woman. She is committed to the cause and isn't afraid to burn bridges to do the right thing. And yet so endearing throughout. A role model.
smack daddy
smack daddy:
You could really feel Colbert's resistance.
Gemma Pettersen
Gemma Pettersen:
I actually disagree with her about a lot of things, but I love her personal approach to politics.
C A Campbell
C A Campbell:
Brilliant. Well done both of you!
Michael John Angel
Michael John Angel:
I agree completely with Ms Sarandon. As a believer in Bernie Sanders, I cannot understand how Americans can vote against free education, a $15 minimum wage and free medical coverage (as we have here in Europe)—not to mention a tonne of other things, such as taxing the rich. Bernie's critics poo-poo him as trying for the impossible (although many economists say that Bernie's plans could easily work), but even if what they say were true, we should try for these marvelous things, don't you think? It's far better than voting for somebody who says, right from the beginning, no, you can't have them. There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain by voting for Bernie. With Bernie, America could get a democracy, rather than the oligarchy (rule by the rich) that it has had for the last half century or more.
Mj Crowe
Mj Crowe:
I love you, Susan Sarandon, and am so glad I got to meet you in Augusta, Maine this winter when you stumped for him before our Caucus! #BernieOrBust forever and #NeverHillary, ever. Super Delegates - we will make you suffer if you do not support the candidate who won your state. Contested convention = yes!
This was a good discussion and I like the humor that was thrown in =)
Very impressed with her here. She is a person with informed conviction and frankly, Stephen's support for Hillary seemed a bit dogmatic.
Thomas Calleja
Thomas Calleja:
thank you Susan Sarandon!
Sean Monaghan
Sean Monaghan:
Got to love her. More movies please!
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali:
YAAAAASSSSSSSS SHE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD, also.. she might have a point with Trump bringing on a revolution faster. If you have the worst candidate ever as president with so many people against him... they're not going to just take it surely.
Alvaro Ramirez
Alvaro Ramirez:
Susan Sarandon a national treasure!
Cool Cat
Cool Cat:
Susan you aren’t a neo liberal Hillary robot ...good on you.
Stu VS
Stu VS:
She did call it when she said, we're going to be listening to a lot of people we haven't listened to before. I felt horrified at the Trump victory, but I am reading a lot of very different people giving very different reasons why this happened, and it's starting to make sense to me why so many are getting in place for a revolution. We couldn't of taken much more of the business as usual glad-handing. It's late Dec of 2016 and even Obama is having to get real.
Thank you, Susan! Feel The Bern!
냥이 Cube-Cube cat gatos y perros
냥이 Cube-Cube cat gatos y perros:
You're the best, Susan!!
Good for Susan!
Colbert is so pro-Hillary it makes me a little uncomfortable.
Bernie - for the people
Hillary - for the people at Goldman sach
Simple answer, we don't owe Hillary, the Democratic party or the DNC anything. #BernieOrBust
I would vote Dr. Jill Stein instead.
Dennis Hare
Dennis Hare:
Susan, you are fantastic. Please, the next time someone pressures you about voting for Clinton, just say no, you won't.
Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed:
#feelthebern 💜
Lyon Kennedy
Lyon Kennedy:
She's a true Patriot!