SV Werder Bremen vs. 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 - Bundesliga Relegation Battle

Watch the best moments of the first Relegation Playoff
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The first match in the Bundesliga Relegation Playoff 2020 is over and we saw a huge battle! Bundesliga side Werder Bremen had to face Bundesliga 2 outfit 1. FC Heidenheim, threw in everything they had at securing a draw in the first leg. This intense 0-0 brings it down to the second leg to decide who's going to play in the top flight next season. Can Yuya Osako, Milot Rashica & Co. turn it all around? Or will Marc Schnatterer's underdogs from Heidenheim celebrate their first ever promotion to the Bundesliga? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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70 comentarios:

50% of my brain wants Bremen to stay.
50% of my brain wants Heidenheim to get promoted.
It doesn’t matter who I support in this relegation playoff. It’s going to be one unpredictable match!
I hope we can win the 2nd leg, really don't want us to go down to the 2. Bundesliga.
esan grahito
esan grahito:
I hope Bremen can survive from the relegation danger by a 1-1 draw or win the game at Heidenheim 💪💪
George Choria
George Choria:
I would like to see a new team in the Bundesliga, and also I love underdog stories, so go heidenheim
Lucas Pauls
Lucas Pauls:
Let's go Heidenheim
Niran’s Hidden Trim
Niran’s Hidden Trim:
Half of me wants Bremen to go down and dominate Bundesliga 2
But I also want them to stay bc they have good talent
Ruth Vinea
Ruth Vinea:
Go on Werder!!
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man:
I really hope Bremen win the second leg 🙏
Doctor JT gaming
Doctor JT gaming:
This channel makes me want to follow the Bundesliga more ❤️
Amy McFadden
Amy McFadden:
Heidenheim have only been in the 2. Bundesliga 1 time that is how small of a club they are
Bundesliga love the contebey
na ar
na ar:
Bremen's coach has to go.
Kwadwo Brobbey
Kwadwo Brobbey:
I need Bremen to stay they have players that don't deserve relegation
Total drama Ezekiel
Total drama Ezekiel:
Josh Sargent should start
upload the 1 fc nürnberg playoff highlights
Isara Th .
Isara Th .:
There is no Nordderby in next season for sure. We will stay on and on.
Omar Dabo
Omar Dabo:
Would love to see Heidenheim make history
Haha 2nd leg will be more explosive
Joel Lynch
Joel Lynch:
Claudio Pizarro will save Werder Bremen.
Endomal Gamer14
Endomal Gamer14:
Chi si iscrive al mio canale ricambio
FRITZEL not german
FRITZEL not german:
C'mon Bremen!
Zaid Khan
Zaid Khan:
C'mon Bremen
LüţhFı Hâmąži-Šalímí
LüţhFı Hâmąži-Šalímí:
Bravo Bremen I hope we can wins in second leg for play at bndesliga1. We not deserve relegated likes stutgart hamburg hannover96
How do these play offs work?
Devesh Mittal
Devesh Mittal:
I think wender breman wins the second leg against heidenheim
Vamos Werden Bremen por la salvación
Why do i try
HMD Hallosh
HMD Hallosh:
Candycobee 23
Candycobee 23:
Cmon Bremen
Maria Reis
Maria Reis:
Heidenheim 0 x 2 Werder Bremen next game
brian kelly
brian kelly:
I like heidenheim coach.....
The infamous John Cheech
The infamous John Cheech:
Josh Sargent don’t start again then kohfeldt deserves to get relegation and sacked
Ali 2030
Ali 2030:
Rashica ❤️
HMD Hallosh
HMD Hallosh:
1846 no 1848
Cemal Sarici
Cemal Sarici:
Is there away goals rule in this playoff matchup?
James Burrows
James Burrows:
Come on Heidenheim!
Ędgąrdįtø Rąmøs
Ędgąrdįtø Rąmøs:
Pena ajena por el SV werder Bremen :v
Tony Nacion
Tony Nacion:
Compadre retirete con la cabeza bien alta que dios te bendiga! Capitan!

Mon pote retire toi avec le menton bien haut passe une belle retraite! Capitane!
Samuel Ramirez
Samuel Ramirez:
Muy buen video
Alphonso Davies
Alphonso Davies:
Fact of the day: there can’t be 10000 forsts
In 2019 year Union Berlin was promoted for the first time in Bundesliga history now Heidenheim can do the same. Is this the new Bundesliga generation?
Over 2.5 or not ??
Shrey Sheth
Shrey Sheth:
haziqhuzaimi nasri
haziqhuzaimi nasri:
Lord lingard iş the goat
Ghulam Hussain
Ghulam Hussain:
6th comment
I wanted Bremen to be in the Bundesliga, but I want a new team like Heidenheim too. Either it's a win or lose game...
Jimmy Silvestre
Jimmy Silvestre:
Hey guys we need a new padernborn in the Bundesliga so go heidenheim
MS thesmart
MS thesmart:
Why matches don't call promotion play off.
Because FC Heidenhiem will be promoted if they win.
Moh Said Merfed
Moh Said Merfed:
Ooh lala
Robert Kindermann
Robert Kindermann:
Osako ⚽️🤙❤
Jaheim Raheim
Jaheim Raheim:
Bremen is trash if the cant win this team😂
Come on heidemheim
Roy Keane
Roy Keane:
Early squad
Anferb Lutus
Anferb Lutus:
FORZA Werder Bremen!!!!!
Duddd d
Duddd d:
Can someone please tell who is adminho
David Augustine Tan
David Augustine Tan:
I prefer Heidenhem to win. Bremen are super inconsistent.
Felipe Gonzalez
Felipe Gonzalez:
Bremen plays nothing. It will not be a surprise if Heidenheim gets promoted.
Joel joffrey Ricopa zarate
Joel joffrey Ricopa zarate:
Kareem Hajeer
Kareem Hajeer:
I love you Bundesliga you guys are the best I’m subbed to you guys that’s why I’m so early
chiner 28
chiner 28:
Long live Bremen
Judy Chen
Judy Chen:
What If the premier league have the relegation playoff then the one in the championship in 3 place or win the promotion playoff would face against the one in the premier league in 18th place
Hey Werder you were almost defeated by Heidenheim. It was a bad game, but I want to say you avoided the worst due to you didn't allow them away goals. Heavy rain, your arrogance and fear, Frank Schmidt and his loyal team... There were too many variables. Now you must accept that Heidenheim is not easy opponent and they want promotion as much as you'd like to survive. I really hope Flo and his team would show that they deserve to survive in Bundesliga. Or there will be no excuse for 2. Bundesliga. Fight and win, Werder! 💚💚💚
Pr8datar TTV
Pr8datar TTV:
Look at my pack luck
Bremen go down pls
Whip Clan
Whip Clan:
Isabis wazowski and IPhone Xl have no friends
heidenheim better win this
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
Magnífica Bundesliga 🇩🇪!
Vamos Botafogo 🇧🇷!
Protocolo bom é o que respeita VIDAS.
F M:
BVB should grab Sargent as a backup for Haaland next season.
We need to get Bremen out they are annoying