Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer | Netflix

Based on the beloved DC Comic, and Executive Produced by Susan Downey & Robert Downey Jr., Sweet Tooth is a post-apocalyptic fairytale about a hybrid deer-boy and a wandering loner who embark on an extraordinary adventure. All episodes of Sweet Tooth premiere June 4th, 2021, only on Netflix.

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Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer | Netflix

On a perilous adventure across a post-apocalyptic world, a lovable boy who's half-human and half-deer searches for a new beginning with a gruff protector.

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What can I say… this series is just brilliant. I was hesitant to start it because it’s just not what I would usually watch and tbh it looked silly… I read good reviews about it so I gave it a try and got hooked on it instantly. This one made me feel a lot of strong emotions and I have to admit I did tear up a bit. Just brilliant 10/10
Lord Spink
Lord Spink:
This has one of the most satisfying deaths I've seen in almost a decade, watched it about 15 times, cracked me up!
(horses don't like Karens)
I was expecting some cringe worthy acting from the child actor who played Gus, but no. He and the actress that played Pigtails did a really great job. Also the chemistry between pairs in this show was so good. Adi and Rani, Gus and Jepperd, Bear and Jepperd were all greatly written.
"Its the children's turn now. They're better than us. They are the good part in us. Nature doesnt want us back."

This is one of the best netflix series I've ever watched!!! I have always soft spot for babies and kids. These hybrids are just little innocent ones. They might not look like humans but they are still just kids. Imagine how scared and hurt they were feeling being abandoned and neglected in a world who thinks they are different and caused harm. They must be protected at all costs. They are the savior of mankind. Cant wait for season 2!
Just finished season 1 omg. One of the best Netflix original shows ive seen since Stranger Things.
I hope there will be a season 2! I love this show a lot (also I definitely gotta buy some of the comic versions)
Artikulate93 93
Artikulate93 93:
This show is absolutely amazing.. it has that magical feeling I had watching the very first Harry Potter as a kid, truly incredible.
This series was like a rollercoaster, this was my reaction for a lot of it-
"Awww, this is so sweet! I sure hope- *NOOOOOOOOO-"*
Vodka Rose
Vodka Rose:
This show is so good I watched it for 5 hours straight. Really interesting and entertaining. Can't wait to finish it.
Imagine your friends being a lion hybrid while you got stuck with being a pig
April Patterson
April Patterson:
Amazing new series!!! My husband, children (daughter’s 7, 12 & 15) and I loved it and hope to see a season 2 soon. Great actors, amazing story line and beautiful landscapes. It is adventurous, funny and so entertaining to watch. We were sad to see it come to an end. Please don’t make us wait to long for the next season lol
Just finished this masterpiece!!
The visuals, aesthetics everything was so amazinggg
I never expected it to be good as im not much of a sci-fi guy but dmn. This show blew me away. Masterpiece
Sean Binkley
Sean Binkley:
Really liked this series so much. I was also one of those who was hesitant to get started but once I did, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.
hilarious when Gus is sitting behind Jeppard looking "creepy" in the dark with his eyes glowing.
Twinkie Gurl
Twinkie Gurl:
Strange how this show also involves a “virus “ also, like wearing a mask & using hand scanner to check forehead temperature. So far so good. Reminds me of The Never Ending Story
Lindo Magaye
Lindo Magaye:
I finished this series in one day. That's how much I enjoyed it. Great acting, great storyline. can't wait for season 2. Gus has to find Birdie.
Rona Beringer
Rona Beringer:
This show was incredible. Please watch it. I absolutely loved every aspect of the characters, plot, and development of the series
T Smith
T Smith:
This was beautiful. No lie… I cried. Made my husband watch at least 15 minutes and I cried again. This series touched my soul.
Faryal Sheikh
Faryal Sheikh:
I just saw one ep yet and I can’t even explain my feelings in words about this series , how amazing it is.. 🥺😍
I am just tryna comfirm that this show is good enough to recommend, to people.
Jay Delana
Jay Delana:
When I watched this tv series. I feel like being a kid again. It's so thrilling. They did an incredible job them TV crew.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Sri Juhari
Sri Juhari:
Im hooked on this series. Now i need the 2nd season
I love this series! I watched all of them! I hope season 2 is coming. I bet Its gonna be hard work. It was was so interesting to watch, I mean- Just look at the emotions! So many emotions been through! At the end I was like- NOOOOO
This series is INCREDIBLE I can’t wait for season 2!
Tommy Bahama
Tommy Bahama:
Just finished watching and I absolutely loved it. Great acting and the theme of family in this show is awesome.
Chyenne Columbus
Chyenne Columbus:
I love this show so much please don’t cancel it like the other good Netflix originals 😭😭
Ka Va
Ka Va:
Finished it ! It's really great! the plot isn't as typical as the comments would lead you to believe. The acting is great and the landscapes.... just beautiful. Go watch it ;)
Sagar Dhanday
Sagar Dhanday:
Everything is so perfect in this series! Now I'm just hoping for 2nd season.
Incredible series. Superbly written. Amazingly acted. Stunning scenery and sets. Great music.
Cannot wait for the second series : I'm praying they do go ahead with it.
This series is on point. Been a while since I've seen a story come together like that in the end. Szn 2 let's go!!!!!!!
ArchTenshi Xue
ArchTenshi Xue:
Binged it with the family and sooo charming! Really hope we see a 2nd season as we are very invested now.
CastleByers 613
CastleByers 613:
As someone who never read the comic: this looks amazing.
This show is honestly so good! Can't wait for season 2!
DM Gibbs
DM Gibbs:
Just watched the first eight episodes (1st season), and I am really wanting more please! :) What a great little story and I love how the narrator even tells the story at times. This is a winner!
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard:
This show is amazing. Going to be one of Netflix’s top 3 shows in my opinion.
Amelia Charles
Amelia Charles:
This show took me back to my childhood. It was awesome, everything about it. Idk why but the voiceover made me feel like a kid watching my fav animated movie.
Dani Cruz
Dani Cruz:
Amazing series, beautiful in every sense! Now I need a 2nd season ❤️❤️❤️❤️
It’s one of those rare occasions where an adaptation actually benefits from not being faithful to the source material. The lighter tone makes it better and unique.
JfcvMEO TanayLGU
JfcvMEO TanayLGU:
Beautiful series. Worth watching with the entire family. Can't wait for season 2. 👍
This show is so good !! Hope there’s a second season for it.
I love it!! I watched it twice !! I need the next seasons 😭
Please Netflix give us a second season! This is such a good series, I watched this on one day. It's such a hearthwarming story and with so good characters!! I love her
Jack Day
Jack Day:
I don't care if the show's good or bad, this trailer is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen
I thought it’d be okay ish but I actually LOVED it. Well done on everyone that contributed to this awesome story.
Arist Debbarma
Arist Debbarma:
Just finished watching the series & I was literally crying the whole time 🥺🤍
“Gus” was the cutest hybrid here♥️
Alexa T
Alexa T:
Oh my god I just started watching this show last night. I was weary because I saw people who obviously didn’t watch this trailer making fun of it online. I gave it a chance and so far it is amazing- one of my new favorite shows. I encourage everyone to watch this. It’s great.
i love this series. Im waiting for season 2.
Johnny Flinn
Johnny Flinn:
I thought it was going to be absolute trash, and it was actually really good. Definitely rec it;I personally liked it more than Stranger Things! Hoping for a season 2 :)
Simply awesome. This series takes you to a different world ❤❤❤
Carefree Szn
Carefree Szn:
Thought of giving this series a try without reading the reviews, ended up on a straight 7.5 hrs streak! Keep coming back here to relive the series! Season 2 come soon please!!!! Gus needs to find Birdie and Bear meets Wendy!!
I need season 2 this series is amazing 🥺❤
Viyoel Coelho
Viyoel Coelho:
Awesome series 😍 can't wait for the next season 😍
Binged the whole season the day it came out. Absolutely amazing, truly heartbreaking and inspiring. I'm 18 years old and I always planned to just get a one way plane ticket out of my state and start new. This movie inspired me to do so. And you'll never guess where the plane ticket I bought is taking me in three days.

Colorado here I come.
The cinematography is incredible in this one.
Kamakayla Network
Kamakayla Network:
I finished this series in 1 day and kept watching it over an over again :D- I truly have been waiting for this- i need season 2 have been Watching the whole series 23 times
Mrs. Wooders
Mrs. Wooders:
This was one of the best series I have ever seen a must see for any family...
Started watching this today. Finished the whole season. 10/10
I loved it.
Joseph the Movie Reviewer
Joseph the Movie Reviewer:
Sweet Tooth has great character performances that are both innocent and sad, a concept that is both hopeful and tragic, and a story that is both eerily familiar and fantastic.
Blink Riffia
Blink Riffia:
This show was fantastic. Netflix better make season 2 !!!!
Violet Reyes
Violet Reyes:
I love this show!! Got me crying laughing ! Plz more!
Sandra Biju
Sandra Biju:
Omg it's such an amazing series♥️♥️. I want a season 2.
Castro Studios
Castro Studios:
Just finished this series… i was hooked from the get go, and can’t wait for season two.
Zaa zza
Zaa zza:
From beginning until end of episodes , i cried 😭 its worth to watch this movie ♥️
Tamires Nunes
Tamires Nunes:
Cadê os brasileiros que amaram a série?
Yamile Garcia
Yamile Garcia:
i finished this series in a day.
cant wait for season 2! im glad i found this show
Keshia Anders
Keshia Anders:
Those hybrid babies are actually adorable.🥰
They kind of look like a line of baby dolls I once saw in the early 2000's.
A very very different, interesting concept and plot. It has kept my attention and I love the fact that the trailer didn’t give away too much! - This is a must watch!
This tv series is so good I'm ready for season 2 ..Gus is just too cute 🥰 they all are in their own little way of 🥰🥰🥰
Matt Essency
Matt Essency:
I swear if Netflix cancels this series all people need to band together. And demand they continue otherwise we all cancel our subscriptions. There are other streaming services.
Lynn Wilson
Lynn Wilson:
Oh my God I want season two soooooooooooooo bad it’s so good I know that it will take along time but I really love these episodes.
Aleza Joy Abedejos
Aleza Joy Abedejos:
We just finished watching the series with my grandmother and it is too short! We need season 2 Netflix please 🥺 It’s too short for me and my grandmother :(
Notorious 26
Notorious 26:
This show is what we needed since stranger things! Waiting for season 2 sometimes around the next autumn
Erik Morgan
Erik Morgan:
This is a brand new extremely well made story book type of series..
I think it's heart-warming to watch the bond grow between Big Man and Sweet Tooth..
To watch a rough ex football star, who also happens to be African American, and he's taken under his wing of protection a ten year old Caucasian, who's part deer to top it off, helps bridge the gap in any racial divide in America.. It shows we can all love each other, and help each other no matter the shade of skin color..
Most already know this, but some people are very set in there being constant divide.. I love the ears on Sweet Tooth.. They seem to actually move with his thoughts and emotions like real deer ears..
It's weird, but that's what I get a kick out of the most in this story, are his ears..
Looking forward already to next season..
Something tells me, there's going to be a lot of seasons, because it seems as though we were just getting started at the end of the first season..
Ayen Nicole Eusebio
Ayen Nicole Eusebio:
I love this series so much.
Pegarro,Scott Andrew Stephen Y.
Pegarro,Scott Andrew Stephen Y.:
Just finished this incredible show straight today. Gus is so cute. Can't wait for season 2.😊
Abby Hughes
Abby Hughes:
Omg just finished the series. The hug at the end 🥺😩😭 so cute! Just waiting for season two
Nashi_ Kun
Nashi_ Kun:
Good show! Just finished it today hoping for a season 2 soon :D
Al Tinsley
Al Tinsley:
So how long do I have to commit to living so I can see the next season? Absolutely amazing.
Fede Lombardi
Fede Lombardi:
This is by far one of the best tv shows I've seen on Netflix...by far, and I'm not easily impressed.
Saw the series and I loved it, what we need is season 2
it was amazing, cant wait for season 2!
I loved this season cant wait for another one
A Sh
A Sh:
Please make a season 2 as soon as possible 😢❤️
Watched it all in one day. I LOVE IT!!! Deer baby is soooo cute!
an owl
an owl:
This is a beautiful series... It's a silly idea and I was certain I wouldn't like it. With the great writing, soundtrack and great visuals they proved any idea can become a beautiful show
434 E
434 E:
They should really make a video game for this series that would be awesome especially if it was free roam and you played as all of the main characters of each camp figuring out a cure and taking down bad guys
I just finished it can someone please tell me they won’t end it this way 😭😭I need a season 2
I love the series! There has to be a second season! Hatet the end of the first
serbia love
serbia love:
Amazing show! Love to watch. 💚
i love the movie cant wait till season 2!
Kinda gives you the " Strange things " vibes, but overall great show , beautiful story and aggressive twist in the end , beautiful colors ,great lil actors، hope season 2 will continue this strong , the show will be easily in top 10 shows of the year !
ItsMe Malaiya
ItsMe Malaiya:
Me and my siblings finished this all in one day- CANT WAIT FOR SECOND SEASON❤️‍🔥
j t
j t:
A very awesome series . I can't wait for season 2. All you with the covid-19 thoughts in mind. Give it a rest .
Brendan Hayes
Brendan Hayes:
This was one of the most endearing television shows I've seen in years. Brilliant performances from protagonists to antagonists, charming in a multitude of ways, eerily similar to life itself and a beautiful message to anyone who describes what they're not as "Different". This is just what we need right now in so many ways.
Amara Winchester
Amara Winchester:
Just finished watching. 10/10. It was sad, adorable and so real at the same time. I loved it. If anyone touches Gus or Bobby I will hurt them really bad BTW! I don’t know why but they are the cutest next to Baby Yoda for sure
Luka DonGOAT
Luka DonGOAT:
Why this series is so emotional? 😫 The story was so cute and very well played ❤️ this is one of my favorite ❤️
johan towmhas
johan towmhas:
Imagine being a cheetah hybrid or a zebra , eagle - geneticist- make this happen!!
Tisk Tisk
Tisk Tisk:
Loved it as it was something Completely new and just a Great Story ..Roll on Season 2 🙂
Lime Rence
Lime Rence:
I just finished watching this. Love it specially the cgis or practical effects if there any. 💕