Taylor Swift - the 1 (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Taylor Swift performing “the 1” – off her album ‘folklore.’
Album available here: https://store.taylorswift.com

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David Koini
David Koini:
This isn't Taylor being sad, this is Taylor finally being herself.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
“how small do you want the letters?” Taylor: YES!!
Farhana Khan
Farhana Khan:
“Taylor Swift only has American fans”

Like if you’re from Mars
Soothing Relaxation Music
Soothing Relaxation Music:
Listening to Taylor s new song , drinking hot coffee in a café on the rainy
La da da da da dada
La da da da da dada:
Everyone : 2020 is the worst

Taylor : Oh wait
mdlynn J
mdlynn J:
The whole album is dedicated as if you’re sipping a hot coffee during winter season
She wrote this in 5-6 months...she’s carrying the music industry.
Ches Velasco
Ches Velasco:
This song will age like a fine wine.
This Random Person
This Random Person:
She's got a point, she's an icon, she's a legend and she is the moment.
2k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
2k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge:
*Although 2020 is a terrible year but this song still let us can get a trace of warmth, thank you so much, Taylor Swift*
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan:

TAYLOR: *Here have my whole album*
*Dear stranger whoever reads this:*
*Hope you and your family are safe and well* 💙💙💙
Selena Gomez: You might not be the one, but you look like fun🎶
Taylor Swift: But it would've been fun, if you would've been the one🎶
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia:
With "Cardigan" at No. 1 and "The 1" at No. 4, Swift is the first woman, and third act overall, to debut two songs in the Hot 100's top five simultaneously and the FIRST artist to debut two songs in the Hot 100's top four spots simultaneously. ~Billboard.
Lei De Guzman
Lei De Guzman:
i love that she named this "the 1" when it's the perfect song for your ex. like a very sweet ode to exes. what a great love letter to a past love. it's not angry, mad or plain bitter. well, you can only write this when you've already met "the 1"
dsdwarehouse222 fields
dsdwarehouse222 fields:
Who's have a Taylor marathon???

Duhh everyone....I mean its Taylor
Courtney Tafoya
Courtney Tafoya:
This song hits different when you and your significant other are breaking up simply because it’s the wrong time in each of your lives.
Fernando Garcia
Fernando Garcia:
Taylor Swift is the only female artist to have seven albums each sell at least 500,000 copies in a single week (Fearless, Speak Now, RED, 1989, reputation, Lover and Folklore).
Folklore stands out as the No. 1 album in the world with global sales over two million worldwide and over half a billion total streams on audio and video in just one week. It has reached No. 1 on iTunes in more than 85 countries. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 ~The Music Universe
Erudite Witch Everdeen
Erudite Witch Everdeen:
"How small do you want the letters to be?"
"As small as the pennies in the pool :))"
Ken Witter
Ken Witter:
This song is so beautifully written. It’s insane.
Flo Ra
Flo Ra:
Life's too short to pretend u don't like TAYLOR SWIFT
Ankita Gandhi
Ankita Gandhi:
"roaring twenties" and "the greatest loves of all time are over now" reminds me of Great Gatsby
Shannon Hood
Shannon Hood:
“how small do you want the letters?”
Taylor: YES!!
Moonlight .Z
Moonlight .Z:
"Tossing pennies in the pool"

The background looks like there are hundreds of pennies gleaming underneath the surface of water.

chan lee
chan lee:
No one:

Me: Eyes in front of the screen but still asking “where are the lyrics?” 😂
Niña Libunao
Niña Libunao:
How did you survive the pandemic?

Me: Mask, vitamins, and, Folklore album. ❤️
They say Taylor only has human fans.

Like if you're a penny
Big Nats
Big Nats:
Reputation: bad girl album

Lover: love girl album

Folklore: WISE girl album
Levi Ashtyn vlog
Levi Ashtyn vlog:
"but it would've been fun if you would've been the one" hits different
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
How can they hate this girl? She's talented, beautiful, she's close to perfection.
Chloé C
Chloé C:
I can't believe everyone was listening cardigan and Taylor was uploading the whole album
Gustavo Cornelio
Gustavo Cornelio:
taylor swift; “wanna see something cool?”
John Thang
John Thang:
You can’t convince me that this is not a song about Taylor talking with her oldselves about how she wishes they could be the one at where she is now without all the pains and sufferings she had to go through to get here.
plz help me reach 1000 subs without vids
plz help me reach 1000 subs without vids:
This comment is special only people who aren't from tiktok can like this
alida flus
alida flus:
This comment is special only people who aren't from tiktok can like this
GAMIT yuvraj
GAMIT yuvraj:
Reputation : bad girl album

Lover : love girl album

Folklore : sad girl album
This song is beautiful, some people don't like Taylor Swift but her music holds a lot of a meaning...
M4U Originals
M4U Originals:
Who wants the crazy collab of Martin garrix and Taylor Swift
Ali Lafhal
Ali Lafhal:
every one: oh, she's an icon
me: sobbing
Dani H
Dani H:
Lover: 'I think he knows'
folklore: 'I guess you never know, never know'
Who else is gonna start listening to Folklore in order?
Raul Sandoval
Raul Sandoval:
This song debuts at No. 4 on Billboard this week.
Congratulation Taylor !!!!!!
Krys Stigg
Krys Stigg:
This makes me miss someone I've never met
50k subscribers with 2 videos challenge
50k subscribers with 2 videos challenge:
Taylor swift has only American fans
Like if your not an American
2k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
2k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge:

(Btw can you read my name lmao? Thanks a lot <3)
Miera Writes
Miera Writes:
"Do something productive."

Taylor: writes an album
Me: listen to taylor's songs and sleep
is real me This
is real me This:
“Best memory” has 10 letters
“The last time” has 11 ones
and you’re The 1 who changes it
"if you never bleed.. you'll never gonna grow" - Taylor Swift.
Dominic Garcia
Dominic Garcia:
“What color do you want the words to be” Taylor “clear”
Virwindica Bella Hinggis
Virwindica Bella Hinggis:
Coz of that, she's being called as Swift, she really is a genius musician
pancake boi
pancake boi:
Everyone: 2020 is the worst year
sponge bob
sponge bob:
“The greatest films of all time were never made” just like him and I😪
BlahBlah Blahblah
BlahBlah Blahblah:
“If one thing had been different, would everything be different?” Yes.
Paula Prata
Paula Prata:
This album is a truly treat for us! This one will only get better and better over time.
Merrylle Kaye Batalan
Merrylle Kaye Batalan:
Who else is having a hard time reading those tiny lyrics? 😅
Taylor not only gave us a single but a whole album, the fact that this album wasn't planned shows Taylor as the talented queen she is
(Edit: also she served bops, like how can one be so perfect? I'm in love)
The MidnightRose
The MidnightRose:
This song really resonates with me, absolutely adore it 💚
La da da da da dada
La da da da da dada:
Only people who didn't came from tiktok can like this
Kith Pthe
Kith Pthe:
This song makes me so much cry asf because it reminds me of my imaginary boyfriend I miss him so much
Steve Zack
Steve Zack:
this is such a sad song for me... so many memories come back because of this person who broke my heart. i guess he wasn't the one, would've been fun if he had been the one.....
Kimi Randhawa
Kimi Randhawa:
At this point she's just writing poetry.
Hafeez seeks
Hafeez seeks:
To everyone reading this:
Whatever happens to you, please do not give up on love and on your self too. Presumebly, you do not need whole world to love you. Maybe, you just need one person. Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. brothers and sisters, always you should take easy on your self, I don't know what happaned in your life but want to tell you one thing, life is a very beautiful thing. forget betrayers no matter, how big was hoodwinked you! And discover your self, it is the most beautiful thing and you're glamorous so don't cry on any blunders accept and don't patronize your self again! life is waiting to astound you again! Love will never hurt you but a wrong person will hurt you.......
Happy and Maartie
Happy and Maartie:
"And if my wishes came true, it would've been you" ouch that hurts😢
Sabhyata Singh
Sabhyata Singh:
Guys i think folklore is my new favourite Taylor Swift album...(nothing tops SPEAK NOW btw) I DON'T KNOW WHY I HAVE NEVER HAD TEARS IN MY EYES FROM A SONG BEFORE (except SYGB) not all too well, the last time, the archer... nothing! But this album idk why, It's something else 😭😭😭 i didn't cry cry but i only had small droplets in my eyes (i guess you can say my tears didn't ricochet)
miguel sarmiento
miguel sarmiento:
Taylor Swift Becomes the First Artist to Get Simultaneous No. 1 Debuts for an Album and Song
Everyone was distracted with cardigan as Taylor was releasing a whole album over here!
“You meet some woman on the internet and take her home”
It's sad that quality music these days amounts to, and depends on one person, but Taylor seems to get better and better.
sokin jon
sokin jon:
This song hits different when you and your significant other are breaking up simply because it’s the wrong time in each of your lives.
Airah Gatus
Airah Gatus:
Betty trying to move on, convincing herself she has to.
•And if you ever bleed you never gonna grow
And it's alright now
•And if my wishes came true
It would've been you
•We never painted by numbers, baby
But we were making it count
You know the greatest loves of all time are over now
suneil agrawal
suneil agrawal:
Track 1 — The 1
Track 7 — Seven
Track 8 — August

She’s a genius wha-
Renee Hsu
Renee Hsu:
This new album is perfection.
It resembles the genuine purity of her first album,
the classic magic of Fearless,
the meaningful depth of Speak Now,
the struggle of discovering self-identity in Red,
the excitement of 1989,
the bite of Reputation,
and the endearing playfulness of Lover.
What a cumulative masterpiece of the nuances of life, love, and feeling. Taylor, thank you for making me feel so alive through your music as a vessel of your wonderful existence.
1950: "In 2020 we are going to have flying cars!"
2020: "How to wash your hands."
Katherin Lanza
Katherin Lanza:
"If my wishes came true, it would have been you"....that hit me deep.
quintessential quiantrelle
quintessential quiantrelle:
Can relate;in each MASTERPIECE ,i really can!!!!!!😃😁😂
João Vitor Brum
João Vitor Brum:
"if you never bleed, you're never gonna grow" WE DON'T DESERVE THIS WOMAN
I’m obsessed with this new sound. The lower register, the less poppy vibe, but the same incredibly touching/emotive lyrics that Taylor is a master in. It feels like she’s transitioned into a more mature era for her music. And I am HERE FOR IT.
According to wiki, Exile shall be released to adult alternative radio as the album's second single. Can u tell me what that means? Will there be a mv?? And Betty too..
bilias hour
bilias hour:
"roaring twenties" and "the greatest loves of all time are over now" reminds me of Great Gatsby
jayda huntley
jayda huntley:
All the songs on the Folklore album are so beautiful. Taylor is such a talented artist
Everyone: 2020 is the worst

Taylor : Oh wait
Lambder Perez
Lambder Perez:
hits a different mood whenever i listen to her album at 3am, or when its cold outside, or just when you're drinking coffee
Hosen Hosen
Hosen Hosen:
I love when she say Rose’ cuz it’s remained me to Rose’ blackpink:)
i am trying to get into the music, everything on my playlist lately is fast and up beat....usually i am a country music summer kinda guy, but just dance pop and nostlgic lol
3K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video
3K Subscriber challenge Without Any Video:
*For the 1% of the people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life!*
This year has completely sucked EXCEPT FOR THE MUSIC!
Jewel Mansia
Jewel Mansia:
i've only realized your presence and our compatibility when it's too late. lol it's been months, and i'm still suffering. no one saw me and my transparencies the way you did. i miss talking to you and calling you 'loooveee'. i miss you sagad haahhaahehehe
Natasha Cowan
Natasha Cowan:
She is a masterpiece. Queen of all genres.
Jithin Uthaman
Jithin Uthaman:
Taylor Swift fans?
A lot of the songs on folklore have an underlying involvement with scott and big machine records. how she describes her pain through storytelling is amazing. what a terrific album.
Tyron Montero`
Tyron Montero`:

TAYLOR SWIFT: New album, Folklore.

Edit: what? 1k+ thankyou.
Clement Ling
Clement Ling:
I have been listening to Taylor swift and only Taylor swift for a week now .
If Taylor Swift finally had a daughter,

—if it could've been me~
Jim Barnable
Jim Barnable:
I understand the times that we’re living in. And that’s what she’s Drawing from for inspiration
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Does anyone else think she's giving Ed a shout out when she mentions painting by numbers? Like if you agree:)
Janet Tung
Janet Tung:
Secret Secret
Secret Secret:
"When you are young they assume you know nothing"
Sewstyleshoot Insta
Sewstyleshoot Insta:
This song is sounds like "dress" in my opinion
The goth Tomato
The goth Tomato:
Oof I’m getting back into Taylor I used to listen in the country days and I’m hella excited
This reminds me of him. We were really something but we're not meant to be. If you're reading this right now, don't forget your promise that we'll meet again in the next life. I will always love you, ma cherie.