Tennis Channel Live: Rafael Nadal Battles Past Medvedev 2019 ATP Finals

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Shoty loves Stanimal channel
Shoty loves Stanimal channel:
0:55 hey, seriously...!?
It says "medvedev def Nadal"!!!
It's the opposite!!! 😂
mohammed mechennef
mohammed mechennef:
NADAL 🇪🇸 was phenomenal he still a Life
Umar Mumtaz
Umar Mumtaz:
Yeah, but he (Djokovic) lost.
Josh Heinink
Josh Heinink:
Nadal djokovic federer have very special mental skills
Rusdayati Idrus
Rusdayati Idrus:
Damed is still developing. This loss is only some part of the growing pain. He ll grow into a hulking n formidable giant one day n beat all kinds of players in convincing manners. His time will begin next year. We ll watch more great tennis of his game.
S. K.
S. K.:
Stupid Medvedev he was applauding when he was loosing points... Bird mentality