Tennis Clash Billie Jean King Cup Qualifying Round [Challenger Level]

Let's play the Challenger Qualifying Round of the Billie Jean King Cup in Tennis Clash, a sports game published by Wildlife Studios. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel GamePlays365 if you like this video.

This qualifying round takes place between 15th and 16th of April 2021. This special tournament requires no entry fee.

More details in the video... Thank you for watching. :)

This playlist includes all of my Tennis Clash videos:

The rules of the tournaments are simple in Tennis Clash. There are 2 rounds to play, each with a limited number of matches to play (10 for the qualifying round, and 20 for the Tournament round).

Scoring is based on points made on each match. The more points you accumulate, the higher you will rank. Make it above the qualification cut to go to the next round.

You can win prizes of bags, coins and strings. Prizes are awarded to players who reach the Tournament Round. You should thrive to enter a higher level to win the biggest prizes. The higher the level you play, the higher the Tour of your prizes.

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35 comentarios:

San Man
San Man:
I was pleasantly surprised to see Omar get his first taste of tournament action. The team looked mighty fine and good luck in the final round. :)
Doctor STAR
Doctor STAR:
I will remember this tournament as my first challenger tournament...
Nishant Sharma
Nishant Sharma:
I qualified for challengers for the first time... Didn't even have to play 10 matches 😂
Supriya Kelkar
Supriya Kelkar:
well done on qualifiers and good luck with the final round :)
Prasad Kelkar
Prasad Kelkar:
well done on qualifiers and good luck with the final round :)
Pete Hypes
Pete Hypes:
It's like Leo was mentoring Omar and showing him the ropes of tournament play. Nice serve & volley team.
Decent score and great to see Omar's debut in challenger tournament :)
Asim K
Asim K:
Nice to finally see Omar on the court. Thanks for sharing your techniques and thoughts, helped me in the tour.
Abel Cubas Manayay
Abel Cubas Manayay:
Algun premio que valga la pena ademas de los bolsos?sabes?
Can you ask your club members who play one-handed in the tournament to share a few games that you analyze for us?
Leland Krane
Leland Krane:
I missed this live steam - hope to catch some of the j’me today
pheng yang
pheng yang:
Well done bro even though u did two rematches you got a really nice score.. I hope to do well enough to make the tourney round and we’ll see if we can match up.. so far I only played one game and won 7-5 using high serve big fh.. but I think imma switch to volley and see how it goes.. wish me luck bro and c u on the court... 😁
Shyamala Gopalan
Shyamala Gopalan:
Well played as usual. You make it look easy
Stan Msk
Stan Msk:
Nicely done GP. I will go with high serve, big forehand as you recommend for this clay. Wish u the best in the final round 👋
Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden:
Great score with using different playing styles and just maestro.
Guy Mechtinger
Guy Mechtinger:
a solid qualification round. it seems that leo serve is deffinetly the way to go
SaMeR ➂➅➄
SaMeR ➂➅➄:
First torment I missed
Because Ramadan time
So just now I'm watching
Omer First time not bad
Well played Bro as usual
Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands:
Qualifying is a formality for you now
Aditya Sanka
Aditya Sanka:
Well played with Omar at lvl 8.
Sheeth M Abdullah 12
Sheeth M Abdullah 12:
Wow pretty decent scoreee. 💯💯💯
The huge serve worked so well for you. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that this tournament is on clay and to 7 points. I guess the level of opposition was a bit lower again due to the free entry.
Jan Kelsey
Jan Kelsey:
Very nice score playing so many different play styles.
Andy Lee ATP
Andy Lee ATP:
So what do you guys think Omar relatively to Leo .Which one is better ?
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia:
Very nice matches. I always qualify in rookie Tournament with good score since last few Tournaments
Valci Porto Jr.
Valci Porto Jr.:
Great performance!
Enjoyed qualifying round. Good luck for final round.
James Lee
James Lee:
Wow, seems pretty tough for the most part in challenger with either high serve/high forehand or volley Leo. Leo serve is out of control!! :D
is a counter puncher with kaito a good style to play on clay
Abdullah Alsuwailem
Abdullah Alsuwailem:
Well played Benny good luck in the final 😉❤
Dr. Maya Sonigra
Dr. Maya Sonigra:
Nice matches sir. I took part in junior this time and qualified with 90 score 🤗
Shivam Poojara
Shivam Poojara:
Good score and good luck for the final round
Oreillio Bossman
Oreillio Bossman:
Omar growing up so fast but he doesn't look so smooth play with
Michal Adamovič
Michal Adamovič:
Always qualified easy.
Faisal khan
Faisal khan:
Well done bro 69 is so good
Chokri Dridi
Chokri Dridi:
O didn't open Omar chara yer Yet !!!