Terry Fox Marathon of Hope

Terry Fox's story of courage & commitment is an inspiration to anyone facing overwhelming challenges

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Sophia H
Sophia H:
He was pretty much another generation of Jesus. I miss him he is such a great role model!
sunshin gabi
sunshin gabi:
I keep crying and crying wherever i watch this video or remember him.. His a true Hero
Chip Olmstead
Chip Olmstead:
Terry ran 3,339 miles on one leg with tumors in his lungs; he never gave up...RIP True Hero.
Peter Unger
Peter Unger:
Canada will remember him
Kyla Sim
Kyla Sim:
Our school is doing a thing called marafun and I ran 5-6 laps every day so far I have ran about 24 laps within 2 weeks or so. And I do it for Terry. :)
an incredible Human Being & Canadian. God Bless his heart & soul...
Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonald:
Terry is my inspirational hero we will always remember you
He's a Martyr of Canada..
Jason Hamlin
Jason Hamlin:
Whenever I think life is hard I think how Terry ran a god damn marathon a day with cancer in all his body fighting until the end. I visited the spot near Tbay last year. Everyone please never give up, fight fight fight cancer Terry showed we just have to!
Waseem Shaikh
Waseem Shaikh:
you know that after watching this video I started crying!
Attila Nagy
Attila Nagy:
I m Hungarian, I have Multiple Sclerosis, I feel with hem, he give me power!🤗
this is a real hero whow
DatBoi YT
DatBoi YT:
Yesterday was my terry fox run i ran 19 laps for terry. I hope terry's spirit is still watching these kids with the cancer he had,and i hope cancer will stop. Thank you terry for raising money for me and these other people. Why did therry need to die. 😰😢
Christina Weflen
Christina Weflen:
Love you Terry. Thank you for everything you've done for cancer and Canada. 💕
Mary Ann gomez
Mary Ann gomez:
He’s a great romodel for young learners
Dess Silva
Dess Silva:
I’m crying and I wasn’t even born when he died that’s his legacy touch our hearts in warm and sweet way that we wants to be Like him .
Kayla Pie
Kayla Pie:
True story:my school got a letter from his brother saying he was happy we did the run around the block
Drip_Fuz ASMR
Drip_Fuz ASMR:
Terry is a hero
Thomas Lancaster
Thomas Lancaster:

hes a good man
pewdiepie lover
pewdiepie lover:
R.I.P Terry fox
kelsey morin
kelsey morin:
Such an amazing young man he is definitely a hero 💙
Zeid AlQumbarji
Zeid AlQumbarji:
i wtach this on school but im so sad that terry fox died :ccccc
I feel bad for him today we had our terry fox run and I ran 2 laps we had to run near Boston pizza and back I had to go to the bathroom so so bad because I bung my water bottle and I do terry fox run every school year now I am in 5th grade so I am the leader of the 4th graders my school ends a little latei start school at 8:30 and end school at 3:20 and I go on bus. our terry fox run and it was really fun

sorry this was really long so I am sorry for that. I hope you have a good day at night and remember that your beautiful just the way you are xoxo katelyn
ChristianandConnor Tube
ChristianandConnor Tube:
If terry or anything say run for terry I would do it
Hi. I'm Olivia. I live in British Columbia,Vancouver. My teacher once told me a story from her past. When she was 6 years old she she saw Terry Fox running accross her so she asked her mom. Who is he? Why is he running like that? Her mom said that he is one of Canada's hero. His determination to change something from the world was strong. Something we have to learn. Guys, we can do anything to change the world into better place little by little.
Kessang Bhutia Kessang Bhutia
Kessang Bhutia Kessang Bhutia:
Dr. T academy
Dr. T academy:
As a Canadian, I am so proud to have great characters such as Terry Fox in Canada's history. Only Terry would raise millions of dollars and not have a single dollar to his name to purchase a Christmas gift for his mother. A beautiful selfless soul the world can learn from.
damn man watching this teared me up because I remember watching this as a kid, they don't do things like this today anymore it seems like.
His brother came to our school last year and it was amazing!!
He's not dead, he'll live forever🙏🙏🙏
Hafsa Asghar Khan
Hafsa Asghar Khan:
Sleep in peace will alwaya remember you
It’s rick
It’s rick:
I'm a Canadian and I'm so proud of him 😢
Sophia H
Sophia H:
He was pretty much another generation of Jesus. I miss him he is such a great role model!
Jaylyn OSMOND:
terry. miss. you. very. much
Jesse Estrada
Jesse Estrada:
True Hero’s Don’t Die, Legends don’t die. Well Canada will remember you :) Always!
His legacy will never die. He left a mark.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow:
How anyone can thumbs down this is mind boggling.

Love you Terry.

PS: we are beating the battle of cancer.
Madison Bolden
Madison Bolden:
It's so nice for Ontario to do that but I know that Ontario is like that well I should because I Live there keep it up Canada
Aurora Robbins
Aurora Robbins:
I'll ever forget Terry Fox's dream
Is he a human? Beyond anything beyond anyone
Sunday Cookie
Sunday Cookie:
We watched a video of you in my school gym and everyone relied on you terry <:)
Shannon MacDonald
Shannon MacDonald:
i loved terry's way to run like "hop hop step" and my daddy saw him
K August
K August:
I remember when we wrote a letter to him at school when I was a little kid...

Still one of my heroes.
Storay Ranzor
Storay Ranzor:
terry fox I ,am crying 😭
Warrio W
Warrio W:
can only respect him!
Rocky johnson
Rocky johnson:
Terry Fox, Lives in everyone of us!
Nigel John
Nigel John:
Reverence to this eternal champion Terry Fox,.... the truest heart of protector, selfless, giving and loving is Terry Fox,.. and to think he did this for the children. Champions like him are sooooooooo rare.
tybr1960 tybr1960
tybr1960 tybr1960:
hi is a hero to all of us
thomas missewace
thomas missewace:
You died as a hero Terry Fox I always love you in my heart
Adam B
Adam B:
I've been fortunate enough to travel across Canada with my family throughout my childhood. We always drove up the Kings Highway (Route 17) and we would always stop at the memorial site outside Thunder Bay. An amazing and selfless human being he is.
Yegen Chen
Yegen Chen:
Terry is my hero
Adel Sitaish
Adel Sitaish:
Rip terry true hero biggest role model towards me Canada’s true hero
Manfred Henkel
Manfred Henkel:
Thank you Terry Fox , You change so many Life's including my , I;m the Artist ho had the privilege to Sculpt the Monument in Thunder Bay .
hMyio_ -
hMyio_ -:
He's a legend We will finish the run for him
Fehad Bilgrami
Fehad Bilgrami:
Definition of resilience and mental toughness
Richard Oki
Richard Oki:
The most inspirational and poignant story I have ever known
Gamer 303 Games
Gamer 303 Games:
R.I.P terry
he never even playd roblox
Anthony Linares
Anthony Linares:
amazing, that terry fox is a guy with hope.
Wayne MacKinnon
Wayne MacKinnon:
I remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard that Terry had passed. God bless you Terry
Julia E MacDermaid
Julia E MacDermaid:
You are a real hero
Watson Delmick
Watson Delmick:
One of Canadas best heros for sure. We will always remember him
Shaylyn S
Shaylyn S:
I remember watching this at the assembly in elementary
John-Paul Nagel
John-Paul Nagel:
A Hero without Wanting to be One!!
R.I.P. 😇 Terry Fox
Nightmare s
Nightmare s:
My gr. 2 teacher saw him she showed me real life pictures of him
Waseem Shaikh
Waseem Shaikh:
i m missing terry fox
ENJOYbestvideoz Slm
ENJOYbestvideoz Slm:
It’s the google doodle image dedication that brought me here
He was really a rose
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks:
4:51 is when I cried the most
renaline repollo
renaline repollo:
Terry fox is the best
This video has 230,000 views meanwhile "Despacito" has 6.5 billion...
The word inspiration does not even come close. God bless you sir.
I cried while I heard this in school it was so sad 😢
Potion Seller
Potion Seller:
Well I guess I’ll watch this if I ever want to cry again
usman irfan
usman irfan:
rip terry cause his leg
• CandyCookie •
• CandyCookie •:
Welp I this school called forest glen we already watched him and he saved us and Canada.
R.I.P. 😭
Billionaires would give all their money away for a cancer research for Terry to have his success
Rafael Fregoso
Rafael Fregoso:
A true hero to be remembered for all generations to Come
God Bless You Terry Fox ❤️
Itz your gurl Strcwbvrry
Itz your gurl Strcwbvrry:
Thank you terry we all love you we will see you at haven ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your a hero :) we miss you love you and wish you good it’s sooo cool or amazing how you ran sooo far I can do this
what a great story!! I have been resonated with his story.
chetan vaidya
chetan vaidya:
Canadian should be proud having him💖💖💖💖💖
Wow when did this happen? I was a little kid when this happened, I remember seen this in the news when I was little
Fiona yu
Fiona yu:
Terry Fox....we believed u....ur out true hero...god bless u
His a true hero i miss him I was crying so much
Cookie Eater 1739
Cookie Eater 1739:
I’m starting to cry
My child's school encourages its students to participate every year in a Terry Fox run. It is an official thing with funds going to a local well-known cancer hospital. The hospital provides treatment to people at a subsidised cost, so it is pretty stretched.
Till date, I had only heard about but never watched any videos of Terry... And this was just incredible. What a beautiful resolve.
The statue and its significance is a wonderful, wonderful gesture.
That marathon continues today.
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks:
4:51 to 4:58 This made me cry😭😭
Sad, So sad 😭
Sophia Torres
Sophia Torres:
Thank u terry fox I have cancer and u have helped me I’m in stage 3 I cry every a time I see this video I still cry....
Pixie DixieTM
Pixie DixieTM:
kunal sharma
kunal sharma:
He has shown us...
with commitments and dedication, u can do anything.
Huge respect from India 🇮🇳
ur my hero
Bea Pauline Sedigo
Bea Pauline Sedigo:
Why is he dead 😭😭😭😭
Pal Kaposi
Pal Kaposi:
unfortunately for him a slovak superman from harvard won at the finish...
tim g
tim g:
Thank you for eveything terry god bless
Suela Playz
Suela Playz:
I am in Canada right now a today at my school we where talking all a terry fox
Adam Lord
Adam Lord:
I remember riding my Bike in Elementary School doing the Terry Fox Run, Every year I Do the Terry Fox Run because I Never give up and I Never will because of one Man Terry's Journey Changed my Life!!!!!!
Jacob Taylor
Jacob Taylor:
There is no greater motivation for runners or athletes in general, than knowing Terry's story. Next time you're out for your jog, remember what Terry did and you'll find the next few miles come easier.

But the healthcare professional in me must stress to not continue running when dealing with severe pain.
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy:
my grade 1 teacher saw terry fox in person run past my hometown
Alexis The Trash Can
Alexis The Trash Can:
I came from Canada too
When I was in kindergarten my school was talking about this guy it was a long time ago... My school is called St Barnabas I really missed that school but years later my mom and dad wanted to go back to the Philippines cause that’s where they were born.. if your asking why they wanted to go in Canada before.. So that they can have work whenever I sleep I think about my friends and other people I miss in Canada I’m glad I found this video this brings back so much memories Thank you for reading :)