That Atmosphere 😬 Thrilling End To Sampras vs Kuerten Final! | Miami 2000 Final Highlights

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35 comentarios:

Jake Lesser
Jake Lesser:
Man i do miss having 5 set finals in the masters series , made for some epic matches and got you looking forward to a final even more.
Gugaaaa. One of my childhood idols. What a charismatic player :')
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva:
Please do an Agassi - Miami special. 6 titles + 2 finals! He deserves it :)
Maximilian Riedel
Maximilian Riedel:
Sampras almost choked coming to the net on mediocre serves with immediate serve and volley.
Kuerten´s backhand is still a beautiful shot!
11 Masters titles, wow! What a record, surely will never be broken!
You don’t see too many clips of Guga obliterating a racket.
Jim Rolls
Jim Rolls:
2000 was a beautiful year for tennis. Varied court surfaces (not homogenised like it has been for some time), eclectic mix of styles, great battle between youth vs older players. That was great tennis.
6:23 "the first man ever to win 11 Masters Series titles"
Lmao that seems so weak now, all the Big 4 smashed this record
robin kalousek
robin kalousek:
I would have loved to see Prime Rafa x prime Guga in Paris on clay. That would have been awesome
I have a feeling this match would've had a different outcome with the Hawkeye/challenge system... 😏
Yan Zhu
Yan Zhu:
Guga was a very special player.
Coach Adrian
Coach Adrian:
Classic match up! 👍
Bruno Silva
Bruno Silva:
Agassi Vs. Sampras 1995 final in full would be Amazing!!
Leandro Baz
Leandro Baz:
Guga "won" that fourth set, he was mugged in front of more than 10 thousand people, with Sampras exhausted, I wanted to see what an eventual fifth set would be like, I regret Guga didn't come out victorious in Miami, the "fifth" Major, second biggest tournament from the USA.
yasmin sahi
yasmin sahi:
My childhood love and memory
Edison Subandi
Edison Subandi:
Well done match for sampras and guga.
Dhiraj Pallin
Dhiraj Pallin:
Bit of a SABR move at 5:36
Curious how Sampras won 14 slams but only 11 Masters titles
CH Uint
CH Uint:
1:00 watch in 0,25x and Tell me If this ball was out
0:01 SSABS :) semi sneak attack by Sampras
Suat Kaya tennis
Suat Kaya tennis:
At 3:01 , have Hubert Hurkacz traveled back in time ?
Arild Wiig-Fisketjøn
Arild Wiig-Fisketjøn:
6:22 Watch the kid in Brazil football shirt. Looks like someone is a bit mad :))

(If you don't see it, he is giving Sampras the middle finger)
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos:
Meteram a mão no Guga neste jogo
Robert Hurley Jr
Robert Hurley Jr:
Sampras looks uncomfortable in Miami
Ricardo Gonçalves Emiliano
Ricardo Gonçalves Emiliano:
Jogo mais garfado que vi.
Re Creation
Re Creation:
Just don’t understand why playing passing shots is so difficult… I always feel like Kuerten purposefully plays the ball to Sampras.
CH Uint
CH Uint:
I miss crandon park 😔
Sidnei Medeiros Vicente
Sidnei Medeiros Vicente:
Guga was ROBBED this day.
Grande Grande
Grande Grande:
First point. But but Federer and “his” SABR 🙄
David Evans
David Evans:
By today's standards this looks really poor
gosh, today's level is so much higher than this...
Even though Sampras is a true legend, this constant serve and volley thing is highly annoying to watch in my opinion