The $300 Xbox Series S is Real.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S is about to get SPICY. 🌶
Our hands on of Xbox Series X:
Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5 gameplay:

Xbox Series S official announcement:
Xbox Series S leaks:

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Cherry Stone
Cherry Stone:
You will find out the PS5 price when the cashier scans it.
Xbox going with credit and not 6 months or 1 year but the best, most affordable 2 year plan. Too easy to pay off. A positive for them.
Raul Mendoza
Raul Mendoza:
Smart move from Microsoft. Perfect for me on a budget. I can enjoy nice graphics with out breaking my wallet. I'm a parent so most of my money goes to my kid.
Me watching this:

My xbox one s: don't even think about replacing me
If the Series S has the quick resume and more of the 'next gen' features, it could actually be huge with that price point.
Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson:
Microsoft: The Series S will be all digital!
People: Starts calling lawyers to sue Microsoft
Microsoft: And this next-gen console is only $299!
People: Starts bringing out their wallets
We have:
-The Toaster
-The Wi-Fi Router
-The Fridge
-The Speaker
Joshua September
Joshua September:
The Series S next to my OG Xbox One must probably looks like Kevin Hart next to the Rock.
Lol Xbox never can keep things secret!
Playstation: We will not tell you the price until after you buy it and play it for a month!
Joospinch The Fourth
Joospinch The Fourth:
Waiting for the XBOX Series E to finish the master trio: S E X
- Wait, I'm watching this video becauese it's trending
- Always has been
Xh1no 14
Xh1no 14:
I don’t currently own a console bc I didn’t grow up on the wealthy side of life, but I’m considering buying an Xbox for I can play with the boyz
Glitch 22
Glitch 22:
“More performance per flop”
Never thought I’d hear that. 😂
First, It was the Mini Fridge, The wifi Router, and the Toaster.

*Now, its the Bluetooth Speaker.*
"$300 isn't expensive"

Me who doesn't even have $5: -_-
As long as I can play Microsoft flight simulator I don’t care about performance
Don Gato
Don Gato:
This pretty much confirms that the next gen consoles won’t be 600$ as people were speculating.
Loran Cehack
Loran Cehack:
Get your pots and pans! WE can now cook on it in 1440P! Imagine gaming and make smores on that thing. Mmmm... Xbox Series Smores!
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez:
A moment of silence for the 10 yr old who will be given a “Xbox One S” for Christmas.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider:
$300 or £249 is a really good price point. Next gen performance for around the same price as a Switch. I mean, I don't even have a 4k TV, so this is a great option for me. Microsoft deserves a pat on the back.
Organ Snatcher
Organ Snatcher:
When the 4k monitor is going to cost as much as the series X
Austin: Praises XSS

Microsoft: Take the Console BOY. YOU ARE WORTHY!
Ryan Ringler
Ryan Ringler:
I’m immediately buying the Series X when the pre-order drops
Non-gamer: "Bro why can't i hook up to your speaker!?"
You: "lol dude thats my xbox"
My guess for ps5- digital edition; 400$. Regular: 500$
"series series"
Baljeet Tech tips
Baljeet Tech tips:
Series M and series A for “XMAS”
where is the "Hey Guys this is Austin"?
Jen Soon Ng
Jen Soon Ng:
$299 is cheaper than even a "midrange" smartphone
BMW Royal
BMW Royal:
I’m going with the series x coming from one X but ima wait, there’s no point buying since, flight sim, forza, and halo won’t be on it when it releases
Abdullah Shokair
Abdullah Shokair:
Microsoft : we introduce to you our newest, smartest and slimmest radio
Sony : But how we released the smartest router in the world
I’m not one for extremely crazy performance, so imma have to go with the series s
John Crow
John Crow:
Austin "Need to finally go sleep - it's late!"
......I can still see the sun in the window!
Its only 300$!!

I just bought the xbox one x I feel like a 2080ti owner rn.
Polar Penguin
Polar Penguin:
I think I'm going to stay with just my Switch for 2 or 3 more years
Great now I can’t wait for the ONLY Best Buy in my city to be flooded with people for the xbox series s and I won’t be able to get one....
El Diabolico
El Diabolico:
“S” for Speaker I guess...

“And I can’t wait for Flight Simulator, Halo, etc, etc” lol Wharf happened Austin, you can’t name 3 exclusives hahahahaha!
Fardan Madani
Fardan Madani:
Xbox Series X: Fridge
Xbox Series S: Speaker
PS5: Router
my router is sh*t let me buy a new one
*Tesla models : S 3 X Y*
999 Cyclxe
999 Cyclxe:
Trevor Costello
Trevor Costello:
These consoles are saving my life this year . Thank you Xbox
Series S has DirectML (Microsoft's own DLSS) meaning the upscaled games will look just as good as native 4k.
Those new glasses tho...
every squad got the:
mini fridge
wifi router
and the portable stove
Myles Mattsey
Myles Mattsey:
Austin: the Xbox series S is real!!
Also Austin: i already knew that because they pay me to promote their stuff and demote sonys stuff!
Micro Shoes
Micro Shoes:
I came back to this channel just to hear austin's voice on steroids
tunga markal
tunga markal:
Well considering the level of performance I would rather just keep my old console then get the s which is even more enticing considering cross generation cross play
When an additional 1TB storage drive costs 2/3 of the console, you know you got screwed.
Jabes Acierto
Jabes Acierto:
PS5 - WiFi Router
XBOX Series X - Refrigerator
XBOX Series S - Speaker
AR Choudhry
AR Choudhry:
When he said it's digital my heart fell
aka nyte
aka nyte:
Really need this to come out soon, my xbox 1 that i’ve had since launch day broke at the begin of quarantine and i really need to play smth
Juan Luis Arteaga Mantovani
Juan Luis Arteaga Mantovani:
every tech youtuber:
looking forward to that [email protected]
me: laughing in 720p 32''
Adeep Marini
Adeep Marini:
Am I the only one who sees the accessibility game controller when looking at the series s
Giarni Giovanna
Giarni Giovanna:
I forgot to mute my mic my whole class heard your intro at 100 volume
Bruh it should be free we’re eventually gonna buy 10 with Xbox gold 😂
As I see this I just watched the trailer for the series s lol
That Guy
That Guy:
“More performance per flop”
Sotero A. Gomez
Sotero A. Gomez:
“Leaks” 😂
I mean if people are willing to pay $1000 for a phone the series x or series s are looking pretty affordable
Fraelite YT
Fraelite YT:
The Xbox Series S does not have an Optical Drive:

I'm an offline player of the Wii: HARDLY BREATHING
Austin : Buying RTX 3090 seems like a bad idea
also Austin on Launch Date : Hello Guys and today we will be taking a look at the awesome RTX 30 series
So Groovy
So Groovy:
I plan on copping a series s alongside the ps5
Me: looks at my perfectly working Xbox 1
Xbox 1: *sweats nervously*
I can literally sell my current One X to upgrade.
Gabriel Alvarado
Gabriel Alvarado:
Dude I just need to convince my parents to get it for me then again they might just get me a Nintendo switch on eBay for like 150$
lil oof Capacitor
lil oof Capacitor:
We’re all still heavily undervaluing that new ps5 controller
Prashant the atheist
Prashant the atheist:
Xbox series S + Game pass now microsoft convinced me to invest in their hardware and software at the same time
Good work microsoft
adooly one
adooly one:
I only have 1080p monitors and Tv's so I'm going to go ahead and say something stupid(as a joke):

My eyes can't see higher than 1080p
Ah I can just imagine gta 5 and 4 on this.
Spiker_Rider 10
Spiker_Rider 10:
tbh i dont care about graphics so this is perfect
Lew H
Lew H:
Dude, you need to use some sensitive shaving gel because I can see a rash on your moustache area.
probir mukerjee
probir mukerjee:
Hey, Xbox series s is amazing
Adam Scott
Adam Scott:
I'd love to see people calling these the Xbox SS and the Xbox SX, the basic names feel like too much of a mouthful
William McLelland
William McLelland:
The series S with gamepass ultimate with xcloud is just awesome for 300
Waiting that Austin reviews it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Satiro Volante
Satiro Volante:
If series S has 120 fps even just with standard HD res, im buying dat right now.
Cosmics- Quantumize Evrything
Cosmics- Quantumize Evrything:
The vid was just released and 3 dislikes, it seems even the haters have notifications on lol.
Boris May
Boris May:
Xbox series S is a thing

Sony "come on we need to knock 200 bucks outa this thing"
Hamza Ayaz
Hamza Ayaz:
I switched to ps4 for exclusive game
But this:
joel the guy
joel the guy:
Dude there's already three new ones they're making them too quick
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz:
2:19 People been calling consoles a peasant thing because they run at 30 fps. Now they made consoles run at 120 fps
Nelson Rateau
Nelson Rateau:
I used to laugh at my grandmother getting confused about these gaming system names. Look at me now
I have to say this *ehem*
The S in xbox series x stands for speaker
Cesarion 3003
Cesarion 3003:
It promises the same experience, just lower resolution, and 1440p still looks great. It looks like a very good option for the average consumer.
matty biggz
matty biggz:
I'm getting Xbox series x for sure 450 pound in the UK easy money 💰
oof productions
oof productions:
I don't even like xbox but damn- that's a good deal :o
PS5 = Tall & Curvy
XSX = Short & THICC
XSS = Petite & Skinny

*Top Model Runway Console Wars*
Joy Stick Funer
Joy Stick Funer:
I am not waiting just for the guy at the register to smack me with a number i didnt expect
John NM
John NM:
NEWS: *The New XBOX Series S will Cost 299$*
ME: Speaks in Latin, Levitates And Violently Convulses.
XLR 8:
Me realizing I can finally afford a xbox s 😂😂😂😂
This is an awesome system and price, but I just realized, If this system and other digital only consoles take hold, used games will finally be dead!
or at least closer too it!
More money and power for the game corporations!
obaid faraz
obaid faraz:
I love the fact that 500$ is “pretty spicy “ , when people spend 1000$ every year to upgrade their iPhones
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance:
Hello, Humans. Riddle me this -
A is the brother of B. B is the brother of C. C is the father of D. So how is D related to A?

Johnny Souto
Johnny Souto:
I expected more impartiality on your part.
I’m getting an S. This is great for cross platform games.
Turtle Man
Turtle Man:
The series looks like a toy drum i had when i was 4
Rahbab Chowdhury
Rahbab Chowdhury:
Twitter: leaks everything

Xbox: Xbox Series S World Premiere Reveal
Soccer mums just found thier christmas gift.
Im getting SX and PS5 with Disc drive
Nalu Shordie
Nalu Shordie:
Who else is getting the x but running 60 fps on it🤷🏽‍♂️