THE BATMAN Joker Explained: Barry Keoghan's Deleted Scene Breakdown | Origins & Backstory

THE BATMAN Joker Explained: Barry Keoghan's And Matt Reeves Version Breakdown | Origins And Backstory. We explain Barry Keoghan's Joker from the deleted scene and end of The Batman Movie, his relationship with the Riddler, how he got his scars and what this means moving forward with this Iconic Character.

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0:00 Barry Keoghan Joker Explained
0:48 Previous Versions of The Joker
1:09 The Batmans Joker Cameo
1:29 The Man Who Laughs
2:06 Matt Reeves Influences Interview
3:12 The Fixed Smile
3:56 The Jokers Riddle
4:30 Matt Reeves Original Joker Plan
5:47 The Batman meets The Joker
6:18 The Future of The Joker
7:41 Competition

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy who loves to put a smile on that face and this video we're breaking down Barry Keoghan's version of The Joker.

Appearing at the end of the movie, heavily cloaked in shadow he very much teases what could be happening in the next film and though his appearance lasts less than a minute he's a big talking point when you come out of the film.

Matt Reeves has discussed the character in a bit more depth than what we got in the film and it's helped to flesh out his take and also the basis for it. This includes a number of comics, films and lots of things we can look at to guess where it's all going.

Throughout this video we're gonna be breaking it all down but if you enjoy it then hit the thumbs up button like you've got a crowbar and it's jason todd's head. Don't forget to subscribe as we're your ace in the hole when it comes to videos discussing all the latest comic book movies and shows.

With that out the way, huge thank you for clicking this, now let's get into the video.

Ok so it seems like every other year we get a different version of the Joker. There's been Jared Leto, Barry Keoghan and if you think he'll be the last of it then you must be Joaquin. Like Joaquin Phoenix...anyway he's one of the most iconic characters of all time and though we've had many versions that have come and gone we all know that Gotham loves a comeback.

Now much in the same way that Batman Begins ended with a tease of the Clown Prince Of Crime, The Batman does too.

We find him in a cell beside the Riddler and though we can't fully see his face, we can tell that he's heavily scarred and we wanna know how he got them.

This is way more cut up than Ledgers incarnation and it actually has basis in the creation of the character. When developing the villain Bob Kane and Bill Finger based him heavily on the 1928 film The Man Who Laughs. This featured a man who had a rictus grin across his entire face that he was unable to get rid of. The Man Who Laughs title was late referenced in the Batman book of the same name which centred around Batman's first showdown with the clown Prince Of Crime.

Interestingly he killed several high ranking citizens in Gotham, attempted to murder Bruce Wayne and tried to destroy the resevoir in order to flood the city which is something that Reeves might have looked at for his story in The Batman. However in an interview with IGN he did talk about how the silent film and very much the roots of the character influenced his take.

100+ comentarios:

Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
The scene is now out, let us know what you think. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to see what Barry brings.
Frederick Nielsen
Frederick Nielsen:
Really can't wait to see his version! But I'm interested with court of owl & freeze too! The way matt described the joker being in the movie as an easter egg that symbolizes how gotham is never going to "change", deep down, and everytime batman's fighting another villain and puttin him down, we know there's always another danger lurking, like the joker
Christopher Lacy
Christopher Lacy:
I love how Reeves feels comfortable telling us that this is the Joker, and that he hasn't quite become the character that we know. Being so open about this makes me wonder what his future arc is going to look like, and how his final transformation will look and play out on screen.
Angilee Smyth
Angilee Smyth:
I actually want to see them introduce Jokers origin as more of a Batman: The Killing Joke arc because its one of my favorites. And if they do end up introducing Robin at some point, I think its finally time they did an actual Jason Todd/Robin/Red Hood story in live action that doesn't absolutely SUCK as much as Titans did.😎
Jordan Mews
Jordan Mews:
I feel like playing the joker has so much pressure after Heath Ledger’s depiction of the character then his passing. Every one since then will be compared to Ledger’s version so for them to take a different spin will be the best route in my opinion.
Cookie Ruiz
Cookie Ruiz:
I just really appreciate that Matt Reeves has a plan for the future of his Batman series. He comes off as an actual fan of the comics and makes me look forward to what he’s gonna do next, who the next Rogue will be and how Matt sees him or her.
jonathan byers
jonathan byers:
“its almost our anniversary”
i love that so much. im excited to see more of barry and reeves joker. it would be cool to have him be somewhat of a looming shadow over bruces shoulder throughout the series. maybe not the main antagonist of the films but is always the main villain in bruces mind. could be a really cool way of incorporating the joker into the series
B.M Phyrose
B.M Phyrose:
This new person, who isn't a fully developed Joker, literally looks like he had a chemical bath. That's the kind of deformity a chemical bath will give you. I really liked it. He's already giving a proper character vibes of the Joker like how he's obsessed with Batman and was getting under his skin, and how he's extremely smart as he nailed the Riddler character just by looking at his file.
I prefer the new Joker anyday over that AWEFUL Tattoed Gangster with a grill who they call a "Joker", Who has a "damaged" tattoo on his forehead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣, Who wants to give Batman a "reach around"?🤣
I don't understand, Batfleck is a cold blooded murderer as if he was the punisher, he was willing to kill Superman but won't kill Joker, the maniac who murdered his adopted son. If Batman actually crosses the line the Joker will be his first victim. The first thing Batman will scorch the entire planet and burn that clown to hell. A cold blooded Batman murderer not killing the Joker is PURE BS LAZY WRITTING.
Arya Pandey
Arya Pandey:
He looks TERRIFYING!! Really can't wait to see more of him. While I'm not sure if I want another iteration of TDK, I'm genuinely curious and excited to see how Reeves will utilize the character in his universe!
Albert Nel
Albert Nel:
Damn, this was EXCELLENT, well done Paul. Love how you did your research so thoroughly to really fill out the full story here. Great job, mate.
Daniel West
Daniel West:
I think Barry's version of Joker is incredibly exciting, but I don't want him to be the main villain for the next film. I would love to see someone we haven't seen before in the films. Clayface would be awesome. I know it could be Mr Freeze and I'd totally be down with that because he was butchered by Arnie, but I would love to see someone not done before like Killer Croc or Clayface.
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan:
Holy shit is Barry Keoghan incredible in this scene! I wasn't initially sure about his Joker but seeing him in a longer scene like this definitely makes me want to see this new, disturbing but ultimately Joker-to-the-core version of the character working extremely well as a side character who offers a criminal perspective in this trilogy. The way he gets into Batman's head and his laugh at the end definitely made me want to see a lot more of his Joker.
Piano Fish
Piano Fish:
I like this new version of the joker. I don’t mind there being other iterations. To be honest, I don’t really count Joaquin’s and Jared’s versions as potential competition. Also, this is an entirely different take. It would almost be a shame if joker didn’t play a part in Matt Reeves’ Gotham. And since The Dark Knight was released 14 years ago, I would love to see a solid joker character in this new franchise! The deleted scene is awesome, btw!! 🤡
camilla smith
camilla smith:
I love how they made Batman not “perfect” in all his skills. He is someone who is still learning; in the scene where he escapes the cops, he was clearly surprised by how high he was and then he didn’t nail the landing. So, this new take on Batman was really awesome and refreshing. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
I'm so curious to see Matt Reeves take on the character, even though there have been so many iterations of the joker, Reeves can do what he has done with Batman himself and apply that by giving us something that fits the narrative of the universe he's building. Can't wait to see what that looks like!
Edward Philip
Edward Philip:
Unpopular opinion, maybe: I feel like the Joker character has been done pretty well, especially since The Dark Knight, and I feel like it's time to bring some other characters to light, like a new take on Mr. Freeze. Loved Reeve's treatment of the Riddler and Pattinson's Batman was great. I really enjoyed this version of Gotham. I still want a Nightmare movie or two by Snyder.
Dawson Ford
Dawson Ford:
I can't wait to see more of this visceral version of the Joker. The grounded, gruesome Gotham Matt Reeves brought to life is beautiful yet dark, and I'm fascinated by how Keoghan's Joker will play a role in it, as well as among other villains. Personally, I love this take on the Joker but hate to look at him. The scarring and deformed fingernails, teeth, and hair is such a bold testament to the character's origin and motives for who he becomes, which hasn't been used so much as a factor of character development in previous Joker iterations. Bottom line: the universe of The Batman is a masterpiece and its future is definitely bright.
Chad Cognac
Chad Cognac:
I like the fact that he’s been brought in now and hopefully is referenced in the sequel, to come out strong in the 3rd.
He’s Batman’s greatest villain, so I like the idea of them having history built up and hopefully closing out the last installment on a super strong note.
William Lusk
William Lusk:
ALWAYS love the vids, Paul! Keep them coming, I'll take 'em all. I liked the amount of time Reeves devoted to this, but the thought behind it was much grander. Hope Druig-Joker is a good iteration should he see the light of day.
Herb Coswell
Herb Coswell:
As much as I love the Joker, and I think this version could be awesome, I hope they don't use Joker right away. I hope they use both/either Mr. Freeze and/or Hush as the villain of the next movie first.
With Joker being the villain in The Dark Knight and Joker 2 coming soon they definitely should save this Joker for the 3rd or 4th film.
Broadway the Lyricist
Broadway the Lyricist:
Paul! You’re the man. Congrats on your growing family. Loved the Batman, although it was a bit longer than it should’ve been. Looking forward to what they do next!
Less is more with the Joker going forward, make him be pulling the strings from the shadows and messing with peoples heads.. that would not only be a fresher take on a live action Joker but could also make him more sinister.
Joe Raine
Joe Raine:
Would’ve been interesting to see Jaoquin Phoenix’s Joker cameo in The Batman, given that (at the moment) they’re both standalone movies
Chase's Father
Chase's Father:
Omg, what a great take on the Joker. Had no idea about the silent movie. That dude looked creepy ASF. 😳 Could you imagine is they did the storyline of flooding Gotham although The Justice League has done it once or twice😄😄
Jamaal Sanderson
Jamaal Sanderson:
Love Matt Reeves depiction of the Joker. Much rather have pop in here and there for now. And save him for the 3rd installment
Hannibal Solo
Hannibal Solo:
I was looking forward to seeing your take on this particular scene.
The scaring is definitely intense and his character I kinda seemed like mix of Hannibal Lector and Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt’s character in 12 monkeys).
Patricia Choi
Patricia Choi:
I’m very exciting on how he’s gonna use the joker in the future. I would love to see other Gotham villains bc honestly, it has the best villains in my opinion. However, I wish Matt Reeves won’t take away the fact that The Joker is one of Batman’s biggest regret in his life. I hope they put that fact in his upcoming movies.
Oscar Bahamonde
Oscar Bahamonde:
Great video! Love the different inspirations for this joker and honestly, really do think he'll make a proper appearance one way or another in the next batman movie.
Rekha Nair
Rekha Nair:
Really loved the movie! It's even better than the Dark Knight trilogy, IMO.
His concept for Joker sounds fantastic! I can't wait to see the deleted scene
Marco Lewhite
Marco Lewhite:
I love how he actually would look like iff he fell in a bath of chemicals. That scene was really great. I wasnt sure about his Joker yet I felt it was pretty early to have a new one but after that scene Im sold man. Bring it. Dont make him the villain of the sequel, but bring it
Rob Grant III
Rob Grant III:
This was by far the purest version of The Batman. I'd love to just read the screenplay and watch the movie for the 10th time!!
Still sorting out my feelings about this latest iteration of Batman but interested to see where the story goes.
Luk Ahmad
Luk Ahmad:
I have this feeling that, it would be cool I think, if Barry's Joker just appear in the series, not in the sequel or later movies. So Matt Reeves can explore other villians more in the movies. The villian that we never saw in cinema, like Mad Hatter, Firefly or Hush.
Daniel Okesanjo
Daniel Okesanjo:
Matt Reeves has shown with this first movie that he can balance multiple villains in one Batman movie
I won't be surprised if Joker appears in the next movie even if it's not as a main villain
Ethan Ostroff
Ethan Ostroff:
Hoestly loved this movie even though it was so long. I feel like every minute of it was enjoyable and I really hope there will be a Pattinson trilogy.
Michael Willey
Michael Willey:
Fantastic breakdown of a great character and an awesome movie 👍🏼
I just love the passion Matt has for batman!
Childish is not a child
Childish is not a child:
Matt Reeves' joker concept is really interesting. Joker has always been intelligent but this version will show the more manipulative side of him and hopefully show trully how brilliant he is. Considering how he made the Riddler character a greater vilain than other tv shows snd movies, i have really high hopes for the Joker.
La' Onna
La' Onna:
Thank you for this video I can listen to Matt Reeves talk about his version of Batman all day long. Looking forward too seeing more of the Joker in the future.
Childish is not a child
Childish is not a child:
The Joker concept does give me high hopes, but versions of Joker are everywhere so i hope they introduce more Villains instead of just focusing on the joker. Villains i want to see like Clock King he had potential but wasted. in the hand of Matt Reeves he could transform this character the same way he did to the Riddler.

Also if they decided to have Mr. Freeze be the main baddie in the sequel, i want him to be more scientifcally accurate, and more realistic, because this batman universe is somewhat realistic and that's the uniqe thing about this new batman DC universe.
Gregorie Schmitt
Gregorie Schmitt:
I would absolutely love to see Snyder’s Death In The Family or Court of Owls run brought to the silver screen. My favorite Batman arcs of all time!
Anthony Vargas
Anthony Vargas:
I’m interested in this new joker at first I hated him because of the laugh. After hearing hamil, ledger, and Phoenix it’s a high expectation to live up to but I’m willing to give Barry a shot
First Last
First Last:
*I hope* they keep Joker as a Hannibal Lector figure who helps out with cases — I really don’t need to see him running rampant in Gotham ranting about Society again.
Matthew Carey
Matthew Carey:
I just learned so much new info! I still need to see the new Batman to get caught up. Great video, thanks for putting together. You also sound so much better unless you recorded this one beforehand. Anyway, hope you are feeling better, do some steam treatments, that is what helps me out. Stay healthy and thanks as always for the great content Paul!
Ross McKinnon
Ross McKinnon:
I am so intrigued by this version. Joker had been done to death, but they really have an opportunity to keep audiences hooked if they make this joker a recurring character but perhaps not the main character in the new show.

I wonder if Barry was with Colin when he ordered a coffee from Starbucks wearing all his prosthetics too.
Asiyah Khan
Asiyah Khan:
Perfect timing for the breakdown of the deleted scene of you know who. I have seen this movie twice. So I can say that I have really enjoyed this movie. Thanks much for this video.
Teague Cogdill
Teague Cogdill:
I really like the joker. I’m excited to see more. 🤡
Michael Silvas
Michael Silvas:
I hope that they add this scene when they drop it on HBO Max, or release a directors cut!
Christa Hotle
Christa Hotle:
I can tell right now...I'm gonna feel all the feels...I like forward to the reaction vids from all the reactors.
Jay Quiroga
Jay Quiroga:
Definitely looking forward to seeing how this Joker will be portrayed
Nice take, can’t wait to see how it all plays out!
Cameron Bukhsh
Cameron Bukhsh:
It’s going to be so awesome 😩 cannot wait for the sequel!!!
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman:
His role will probably be limited to being a Hannibal Lecter esque villain.

He looks terrifying, this version of the Joker has the potential to be the most horrific and twisted iteration that we've seen yet.

A real psychotic serial killer, it has immense potential. Can't wait to see the build up to the Joker being one of the main villains of the third Batman film.
I feel like we have Joker fatigue at this point have him be a background villain maybe for the 3rd film but I’d like to see the other villains that don’t get enough shine.
Zeb Olden
Zeb Olden:
Great video as always! I do like your sense of humour.
Allan Moore
Allan Moore:
The movie is a masterpiece, cant wait to watch it again 🙌
Honestly I was blown away by The Batman! So excited to see what’s to come
Amy Adegbamiye
Amy Adegbamiye:
loved the film, cant wait to see what else barry does
Ready to see what other charcters they have in mind I am hoping for more than just a trilogy.
Cliff Cota
Cliff Cota:
Reminds me of the scene between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter from Manhunter / Red Dragon. Also, In my opinion they could have caught the Riddler using the actually PHOTOS as well as the murder weapon from the 1st crime scene as physical evidence like Manhunter/ Red Dragon (From Riddler's room the photos were taken from the same advantage point as where the shot came from)
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan:
Holy shit is Barry Keoghan terrifying in this scene! I wasn't initially sold on his Joker because his laugh seemed off, but seeing him in a longer scene like this where he gets in Batman's head and we hear more of his laugh definitely made me want to see a lot more of his Joker.
All I can say of the new guy is that he nailed the laugh I hear in my head when I look at a Brian Bolland's Joker.

Spot on.

Time will tell

From Montreal with love 💪🏼🇨🇦👊🏽🚛📣
Chris From SouthAus
Chris From SouthAus:
I love the idea of Batman having a certain begrudging respect for The Joker.
I watched the deleted scene, and I do like the way he laughs, it makes him feel familiar while also fresh.
Phoenix RR
Phoenix RR:
Why is it everytime the scoring plays in the background of this movie, I got the sense of horror and chills, and also got the Tim Burton vibes but they leveled it up a notch, which is perfect. And I just watched the deleted scene of Joker, the scoring makes the ambience so perfect...can't wait for the sequel.

And of course great video, but please...for the love of the sidekick heroes lives, leave out the crowbar jokes...geez
Benjamin Yslas
Benjamin Yslas:
Intriguing with what’s to come with another joker and Batman feud! Too excited 🤯
YK 2K:
Defo the most sinister depiction of joker in live action yet . cant wait to see what they do for the sequal!
As much as I like joker, I really hope that Reeves explores other villains in his world
SithCareBear [Josh]
SithCareBear [Josh]:
I think Reeves will save Joker for part 3. I think we will get even more new villains in the sequel with it culminating in an Arkham breakout of everyone for the finale of his trilogy.
anoni miti
anoni miti:
Although this version was very terrifying and amazing, I hope we get a Robin before they make Barry's Joker the main villain of a batman movie
Asim Alshamri
Asim Alshamri:
Amazing movie, and in the next movie i want to see the Robins and the others villain that didn't show before.
Kev Barron
Kev Barron:
Your killing it with the Easter egg quotes!!
Jonny Wilkinson
Jonny Wilkinson:
Really like the idea of a Joker that’s just watching Batman from inside Arkham gathering his own sort of profile on the vigilante to later use to psychologically dismantle the bat in a few years to come
Matty Boy B
Matty Boy B:
Love Keoghan as Joker. Can’t wait to see that deleted scene. .
Damn, we just really can’t get another good and comic accurate Joker again, pretty sad.
I love it all and cannot wait to see what happens!
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan:
I'm ultimately glad Matt Reeves cut it as it would've probably been awkward pacing wise and it feels redundant and less detective-like for Batman to learn this information that he discovered about the Riddler naturally in the film to have it spelled out to him by Joker.
After watching the killing of a sacred deer and joker 2019 I wrote everywhere I could that Barry Kehogan would make a great joker. I swear I kinda predicted it
Lincoln Keyworth
Lincoln Keyworth:
Saw the movie in 4DX and it was incredible, can’t wait to see what they do with the penguin show and future sequels
Law Burn
Law Burn:
Nicely done! I can't wait to see the movie now.
Rob Vel
Rob Vel:
This one gets the joker stamp of approval good stuff. Hope it’s not too similar to Hedgers though.
Melo EL
Melo EL:
Awesome video! Keep the great content coming!
this scene woulda been crazy good in the theatres, it’s atleast a pretty good tease for the asylum series for sure
Quinn Shannon
Quinn Shannon:
I can just imagine a scene in a future film where after he breaks out of Arkham and gets the life beaten out of him by batman but gets away is just him looking in a mirror laughing while putting on the iconic joker face paint finally declaring the joker persona
Wesley Cipriano
Wesley Cipriano:
Iv only seen the batman once and iv seen the dk trilogy many times but I'm also fresh of the movie so the excitement is high but atm I think Pattinsons batman is more interesting to me. There's more going on there and I love it. I feel like the mystery and detective parts of this movie are part of the world and its just a nice change from recent depictions. Atm I'm not sure witch iteration is my favorite but after I can get my hands on the movie and watch it back to back with dk I'm deffinetly gonna have a hard time choosing. Great video as always thx for the great content!
Nate N
Nate N:
These filmmakers built a really cool world, I can't wait to see where it goes next
Mathis Steacy
Mathis Steacy:
I love the Batman movie so much it was actually really good Batman movie I actually kind of liked it better than that no way home but I have only seen the way home once and will barely cause I was like sleeping but I’ve heard good things about it
Thomas Calamari
Thomas Calamari:
So interesting I can’t wait to see more with the new joker
jomeo trash god
jomeo trash god:
One of the scariest joker moments for me is him joking while torturing Jason todd in the arkham games where Jason is screaming no and joker walks into darkness and you hear him chuckle
I think Barry as the Joker is absolutely phenomenal
Great video, Spoilerman. I am still cracking up over "You must be Joaquin".
David Burris
David Burris:
Would love to see Reeves’ Joker!
Darko Mikulić
Darko Mikulić:
Thank you mr Reeves for making a superb batman movie,salute
Ryan Faganallo
Ryan Faganallo:
I think Joker will escape Arkham at the end of the spin off series that will lead to the third movie with the possibility of the war between Joke’s and Riddles as the plot.
Cripp Ninja
Cripp Ninja:
I really liked the Batman movie although I do have some critiques but it was still great. I don’t know why they left out this scene it would’ve been great if they left it in. I guess it makes seeing them at the very end of a lot more heart heading for fans to get them excited for what’s to come. If that was their intention then it worked does I totally flipped up in the theater as did everybody else
Darren Cole
Darren Cole:
I think that should use a slow burn with this Joker. I like having him in some form in the next film but not the main villain.
Mc Carthy
Mc Carthy:
Well done mate for getting Barry's surname right... Absolutely stoked a Dub is going to be the Joker in the Arkham series and hopefully the sequels. Without a doubt this is a testing of the waters... Love to all Heavy Spoilers fans from Dublin 🇮🇪 ♥ 🤡 🦇 👍