The BEST Affordable Retro Diver - San Martin '53







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OK, so there is a fairly small pool of sub-$250USD retro divers to choose from, but that doesn't make this San Martin any less special. Seriously good looking, and beautifully made. The bracelet puts a lot of much more expensive Swiss Made stuff to shame. But why no Bond NATO? They missed a trick there. Cheers, Jody

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I have to say, that San Martin logo in the hexagon is pretty beautiful. The sterile dial version of this is rather appealing…
Pradyumn Singh
Pradyumn Singh:
No Sean Connery impression. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
San Martin Watches
San Martin Watches:
Hello everyone,
Happy new year!
From January 7-1 to 10, Customers who ordered watches in our San Martin Official Store,And leave a note in the order: Judy, Just One More Watch.
All of you will receive our random color NATO nylon strap and customized screwdriver with San Martin signature as gifts!
Darren Lau
Darren Lau:
Would love to see more <39-40mm smaller/slimmer divers on the channel! Thanks for the video on this :)
Now this is what a true homage looks like: evoking the style and feel of a reference that you simply couldn't get your hands on - unless you traded in your mother's kidney at a Philipps auction. And even then you wouldn't really wear the delicate original on a day to day basis, would you?
I've been waiting for this one. Thanks, mate!
Sam Bowmer
Sam Bowmer:
It's worth noting that the early 50's Sub that the Invicta is homaging (pencil hands, lollipop on the very tip of the seconds hand) is a different watch to the late 50's "Bond" Sub this one is a homage to (mercedes handset, counterbalanced seconds hand, etc).

I think it would make more sense to nickname this the "57" since that's the vintage of the Bond Sub.
Someone needs to send this watch to Seiko to show them how it's done.
Rich Paxton
Rich Paxton:
JODY: reviews the Invicta 1953 diver.
RESULT: It immediately triples in price and is sold out everywhere else.

JODY: reviews San Martin watch that looks exactly the same.
RESULT:... You can guess I’m sure.
Alias Steve Dan Watch Channel
Alias Steve Dan Watch Channel:
This one looks so good! No wonder it's such a hit back in 11/11. Better-looking than the Invicta one.
I just wish it didn't have mercedes hands, just like the original.
Hervé Chretien
Hervé Chretien:
Instead of San Martin, I will have Hodinkee printed at 12 o’clock and sell it on line for $6000 as a hyper limited, John Mayer approved edition.
Reminds me more of the Black Bay 58
Antonio Caputo
Antonio Caputo:
I love dive watches with no day/date and the ugly cyclops. This one is beautiful.
Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts:
"Don't tempt me Frodo!"

If the hands and bezel insert were more accurate to the 1953 I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
Still tempted.
Michael Cabiles
Michael Cabiles:
the salestalk of Jodi is incredible. he can even sell a piece of rock to anyone without question
Juan Forets
Juan Forets:
What a stunning little piece! -definetly a must-buy for the near future.
Just thinking, maybe the "San Martin" name and the Argentinian-flag Nato strap, is not a coincidence and is also an homage to the famous South American liberator (San Martín)???

Excellent video!!!
San Martin produce great watches . This is another fine example.
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell:
Damn it, man! I can't be spending $250 on a watch right now. What are you doing to me?!
johnny Bgood
johnny Bgood:
One of the nicest pieces I’ve seen for a while is that and size looks perfect for my 6 & 1/2” wrist.
The Truth
The Truth:
The Steinhart Vintage Diver is also worthy of consideration.
neil piper
neil piper:
I have a sterile homage to the 1963 Rolex 5513 with a domed acrylic crystal and a Seagull automatic movement. Hacks and handwinds.
Mercedes hands et al. £50. Love it.
I put it on a black leather Timex strap. How fitting I think.
Stan Topp
Stan Topp:
This thing along with the date just/day date homage look so good!
Steven Wymor
Steven Wymor:
I’m not a Rolex guy, but I like it. Dimensions and subtle design cues are a big plus. And yes, San Martin makes quality pieces.
Gef the Talking Mongoose
Gef the Talking Mongoose:
The problem with reviewing a watch donated to Jody by San Martin is we have no idea if this example has been hand picked at the Quality Control stage..?
Za Di
Za Di:
Oh man I've been waiting for this review! Thanks Jody!
Aleksandar Pavlović
Aleksandar Pavlović:
Man, you are making me consider wearing watches on both hands. Looking forward to the "Just one more San Martin" video.
Ok now this is a sweet piece!
Wish it has a date version. I know it looks better with no date but i think it is usefull.
Honestly a solid looking watch own one San Martin, may have to get another! Awesome video Jody!
Oh snap, a distance wrist shot. LOVE IT Jody.
My Affordable Watch Collection
My Affordable Watch Collection:
I am working on my review of this watch now, it really is very nice!
Love your shirt Jodi, just watched the first Mad Max, so wild how different it is from the later ones but so good in it's own right.
Douglas Rosser
Douglas Rosser:
I need another Roller Subby homage like I need another hole in my head. BUT - That crystal. That size. That dial and handset. Vintage knock-offs are so much less cringey than modern knock-offs!
Dylan Harrington
Dylan Harrington:
As someone with Black Hair (grey now), I've never liked gold tones on my watches or rings
I like the retro Divers, but they don't appeal due to the gold hands.
The same goes for Bronze too. They look good, just not on me lol.
The Connery rolex strap is black red and olive green I'm pretty sure. The gray and black is the Craig as a nod to it originally looking grey and black in Dr. No because of the clarity of the production or something
Patrick Gilbertson
Patrick Gilbertson:
I really really wanna see an all gold toned case and bracelet 👌🏻 and maybe an aluminium bezel. Great video!
Живое питание
Живое питание:
Great Watch! Very beautiful. It is on my hand right now and i am happy! ;))
another great t shirt
Dave Poole
Dave Poole:
What a fantastic retro / vintage style watch....
Jody...If you have to give that bad boy away..COUNT ME IN👍
Кирило Ігошев
Кирило Ігошев:
One of the best watches I've seen ever!
Carlos M
Carlos M:
I like the "pocket shot"! It's another perspective that adds a lot of info with just 5 seconds of video time.
Jay H
Jay H:
Great looking watch. San Martin is one of my favorites on AliExpress. They do a very good job on those Stainless Steel bracelets. Great review as always my good sir. Cheers!
Hey Jodi: I loved your review of the San Martin Submariner Homage. Your passion for watches and presentation enthusiasm is infectious. Please keep your watch review videos coming!
Cary Floyd
Cary Floyd:
Omg..jodi, how can i get that shirt you’re wearing?!
b eason
b eason:
Love the shirt!
David Frazier
David Frazier:
Ok ,You have the watch thing under control ,Now all you need is a Metal Detector (Lots of GOLD IN Australia) and a Les Paul Guitar :)
Anonymous Name
Anonymous Name:
I trust your reviews so much that I brought the watch before the video ended 🙂
Hrvoje Bartolović
Hrvoje Bartolović:
Not into homages but this one looks dope. Glad to hear there's a good QC present cuz they have some original designs that I fancy.
Youtube User
Youtube User:
Mine arrived a few days ago and it was even better than I expected. Am very pleased with it at the price.

Also got the Corgeut Railmaster homage, which at a third of the price of the San Martin is a cracking watch too.
K Kasavu
K Kasavu:
They sent you the old bracelet??? 🤕🙈
Darryl Fraser
Darryl Fraser:
Can't wait for the San Martin GMT review.
ivan kerr
ivan kerr:
I see Sam Martin have just brought out a Black Bay Homage at a ridiculously high price.
phil spencelayh
phil spencelayh:
With every new watch we see during these times I realise just how important it is to have the date/day. It's been Saturday the ? since last March.
Just Jason
Just Jason:
Watching this with the SM retro diver on, just excited to see your opinion on it Jody! Such a beautiful watch
I ordered mine in November. I hope it arrives soon finally
Jason The Watch Guy
Jason The Watch Guy:
Love the look of this one. Very reminiscent of the vintage sub and who doesn't love that look?
I bought this one and i never want to take it off!
Richard Minnick
Richard Minnick:
Again with the friggin awesome T-shirt.
David Barclay
David Barclay:
I ordered mine. Beautiful. Notice that you could read the time all during your reflection test.
JRG drums and watches
JRG drums and watches:
38mm is just perfect. I love the Hilton Khaki mechanical and the new Certina DS Action Powermatic80 Diver, I wear these two more than other bigger watches. I ordered the San Martin a few weeks ago, should arrive in a few days 😁
I’ve been eyeballing this one. After you started talking about the quality I bought it. Selling the lorier...
Luiz Antonio Carlin
Luiz Antonio Carlin:
I Loved your Wall Clock ( at the left superior corner ) LOL !
Lord Bogus
Lord Bogus:
Such an incredible, lovely piece! The doming on the crystal could be a bit better but 240 bucks i cant complain!
Jack Room
Jack Room:
I think that’s a lovely homage without being too cut and paste with the different handset and different colour to the bezel details
Kevin Krajniak
Kevin Krajniak:
The Invicta 1953 with differnt colored bezels is now available on the Invicta website for $99 (USD). But they cannot compete with the San Martin '53 specs. Thank you Jodi for bringing such great watches to our attention.
J R:
5:00 Oh so true., even with the $1,000 Seikos you still have that problem.
Omair Arif
Omair Arif:
It actually originally said Automatic on the dial and then they switched it to Submariner. People complained and now they sell both options (though I assume they're just selling off the Submariner stock and won't make more of those).
Happy New Year, Jody! Thanks for all the vids
Didn't they make this with a PT5000 movement? Beautiful diver. San Martin is upping their game.
The watch Sean Connery wore as Bond was a reference 6538, the image you showed in the beginning was something different.
Alexander Artherhults
Alexander Artherhults:
outstanding review. I’ve seen just about every video you’ve published in the last year and a half, and this one is superb! you can visibly tell the quality of your videos improving with each new video!
Devon Jay
Devon Jay:
Just bought this watch, thanks for these reviews, this ticks all the boxes for me!
Ahh! They have fixed the bracelet issues with the micro-adjust I see!
Picked up a bronze 62mas homage from san martin a while back, beautiful watch, their customer service folks are extremely good too.
Dennis Kwok
Dennis Kwok:
Great review as always Jody.
However, I've heard that the bracelet can only be made small enough for a 6.8'' wrist and no smaller, which is a problem for lots of people.
As an idea for future reviews, could you please give the dimensions of how small the bracelet can be adjusted to. This is a very useful bit of information for those of us with small wrists and can prevent us from making an expensive mistake.
Watch The Time
Watch The Time:
Bloody hell, that bracelet looks as good as my Tudor bb58 bracelet but with the extra micro adjust hole i so desperately need!
Yet another watch review worth salivating over! LOL.
Henry Pannell
Henry Pannell:
Love the shirt!
Terrific review. Terrific watch. I'm a long-time watch guy, and have recently (re)discovered homage watches. Very impressed by some of them.
Chris barker
Chris barker:
This reminds me of the vintage Tudor submariners! Especially with the seconds hand.
Eja Kubauskas
Eja Kubauskas:
Sick T-shirt!
ABMO Rose:
Looks pretty nice on bracelet .Perfect watch if you meeting the bank for HELOC .
Good job 👍
I thought they were aping the Black Bay 58 at first. Cool watch! If I didn't already order their Sub homage, I'd consider this one.
Watch Me Build It
Watch Me Build It:
A great review Jodi and an epic watch. I really believe SM and possibly Chronos are two brands ripe for the ‘mainstream’ -
The fruits of Ali Express
Michael Iffland
Michael Iffland:
Just received my 6200 and I love it, only took 7 days from China to U.S.👍🏻👍🏻
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter:
I have an 8 1/2 inch wrist, it's just too small which is a great pity because I really like it.
Ummar Zafar
Ummar Zafar:
Beautiful 🤩 finally you like a bracelet in any watch 😂 i mean no complain about it.
chris penn
chris penn:
Nice looking watch - love the bracelet!
Mike V
Mike V:
Thanks Jody! I, too, love the size / fit of my SARB033 and other smaller watches on my 6.25-6.5 inch wrist. Ordered one of these up. Still in the honeymoon phase, but am loving it. Especially the size / fit, bracelet (it will adjust down to under a 6 inch wrist) and the crystal. Also the gold / vintage gilt coloring on the hands, dial, and bezel.
Frank Dirscherl
Frank Dirscherl:
btw Jody...the Submariner's Sean Connery wore in his Bond films all had mercedes hands, just like this San Martin.
dan kuettel
dan kuettel:
Sweet wall clock!
World Bodybuilding Archive
World Bodybuilding Archive:
To me it is the Lorier Neptune. Nothing more vintage 60s James Bond'esque wirhout being a hommage in any way 💪
P B:
Those NATO’s are randomly added as a bonus item I believe, I don’t think they match them to the watch, probably whatever comes out first when they are packing!
D Geetar
D Geetar:
Great video! What a beauty for the price 👍👍
frznrrfan. frznrrfan
frznrrfan. frznrrfan:
Thanks Jodi, think I found out were to spend that extra money I got for Xmas. I keep telling myself just one more watch..
Looks like a keeper... ⌚
Ordered one of these on the weekend so this couldn't have come at a better time. Confident I made the right choice. Great review 👍
Simon Adkins
Simon Adkins:
Iv never seen a watch that suits u so much
Good bye, Steed
Good bye, Steed:
OMG, Jody, that t-shirts! Waaay too cool for me to proceed to your watch review. Please do a separate discussion on your apparels and gears as well. And very best of the new year.
Prefer the pencil hands to the Mercedes ones and agree that an aluminum bezel makes more sense. I also think an acrylic crystal would be a great option. Still probably worth buying just for the bracelet though.