The Biggest Game of All Time | Derby Days Superclásico | Boca Juniors v River Plate

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Quite simply the biggest derby in history. The match of the century. The derby to end all derbies. Boca Juniors vs River Plate in the Copa Libertadores final is like el clasico in the Champions League final with a bomb under it. Eli Mengem travelled to Buenos Aires knowing all this… but still couldn’t have predicted just how crazy this game was going to be.

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COPA90 Stories
COPA90 Stories:
We back.
En 55 minutos,ni una sola publicidad
Peter the 3rd Banks
Peter the 3rd Banks:
I'm Scottish and married to an Argentinian woman and have kids.. I been to Boca vs River and I laugh when Celtic and Rangers fans claim they have biggest/most passionate /best atmosphere Derby.. Celtic vs Rangers doesn't come close.. The atmosphere blew my mind.
Kenny Albert
Kenny Albert:
They could have made a Netflix Series out of that Copa Libertadores, one of the most intense one yet
AHMED Gooner
AHMED Gooner:
Thunder is heard..
European fans: shocked
Boca fans: that is God he is saying he is a Boca fan
I am Batman
I am Batman:
When these two fans stand side by side hugging and crying for someone, that's only for one man, Diago Armando Maradona 💔
Marcos Avila
Marcos Avila:
Este video pudo ser más épico incluyendo la final en Madrid.
Franco Rolleri
Franco Rolleri:
44:25 "VAMOS SALAH!!!!!" JAJAJAJAJAJA re descanseros los vagos, amé
abhishek sahu
abhishek sahu:
The best documentary on football
I talked to my therapist about it..

.. *but my therapist is a Boca fan too*
J V:
El gordo q lloraba por q River se fue a la B, me imagino como hasta el día de hoy q sigue llorando después de tremenda garchadas q le pegó gallardo
Vianney Sargenton
Vianney Sargenton:
Im a River Plate fan, im living in Spain and I saw the final. I cry everytime I see videos or photos about this final. I had to sell my PS4 in order to buy the tickets and it was worth it
The Keegster
The Keegster:
Dude, I was tearing up from this documentary. I knew the Boca-River derby is the craziest rivalry in all of sports, but I never expected anything like this! I’m glad your crew is doing alright. God bless you all!
Devraj Ray
Devraj Ray:
Imagine they had to do this during covid with no crowds.
Michal Mike
Michal Mike:
there is no point to do another episodes of "derby days"
that was the final boss - game over
Dylan Rees
Dylan Rees:
When I was a kid, I thought the North London was the biggest game ever. But now I’m like WTF
CHUCK Farlie
CHUCK Farlie:
As an American who doesn’t really follow soccer, this was a crazy, insane documentary. The last 30 seconds just sucked but for 55 minutes and 30 seconds, I was at the edge of my seat.
Santiago Lobos
Santiago Lobos:
Soy argentino, hincha de river y vi este video despues de casi 2 años de la final y me puse nervioso viendola no hay comparación posible en el mundo con nuestro superclasico
"No sé cómo van a lograr que pase el micro de Boca sin que haya incidentes" Lo pudo ver un extranjero en dos minutos, no lo pudo ver el secretario de seguridad, mejor amigo de Angelici, que trabajaba de eso. Por suerte los atendimos en un telo prestado.
Albert RR
Albert RR:
This is one of the most insane documentaries I've ever seen
Cacho Mendoza
Cacho Mendoza:
El boludo ese que dice, *la bombonera no late, tiembla* ,hasta yo que soy de River se que la frase es al revés, mamita.
I'm from Argentina and I've seen dozens of superclasico coverages, this is by far the best I've seen.
darprox brox
darprox brox:
Noviembre del 2018, es el partido más importante de la historia dijo el hincha de boca. Diciembre del 2018, el partido más importante fue contra el Real Madrid,.dijo ese mismo hincha jajajajajaja
Julio Tellez
Julio Tellez:
Ya me tiene las bolas que nos comparen con italianos 😅

Estoy orgulloso de ser latino americano y Argentino 🇦🇷🇨🇴🇺🇾🇲🇽🇧🇷🇵🇪
How many of you have watched this masterpiece more than once? I am not Argentinian, have zero connection to Buenos Aires and either of these clubs and yet I loved the insane level of passion and how well this documentary was done.
Sebastián Martínez
Sebastián Martínez:
Im Colombian and believe me , the tension of that match was so big that it felt here in Colombia and im sure that in other countrys as well .
Luis Xiao
Luis Xiao:
please search AC/DC at River Plate Stadium, then you thank me for making your day
Como argentino, este documental explica al 100% y con claridad absoluta la realidad del hincha y de la pasión que sentimos todos y cada uno
Takunda Malunga
Takunda Malunga:
Madness, this is hands down the best ever football rivalry.
SouthSide Ultras
SouthSide Ultras:
Who’s briliant Idea was it to move the final of the cup dedicated to those who liberated South America from Spain, to Madrid...
I’m Italian and I feel a lil proud
Edgar Kimani
Edgar Kimani:
The level of passion is astonishing! I'd watch this again, and again
River won the most importan match of the history
King Zar
King Zar:
i’m glad to have this masterpiece back
Curious Pug
Curious Pug:
this derby just made barcelona vs real madrid el classico like a child's play
Ale Peralta
Ale Peralta:
"El que pierda este partido se tiene que ir del país" _Mauro Zarate.
Thiago Reis
Thiago Reis:
Soy Brasilero pero vivo en Argentina, la pasión con que viven el fútbol acá es algo increíble
Evilásio Serafim
Evilásio Serafim:
Growing up in Brazil, I always thought we were unrivaled when it came to loving football. My whole fucking life I've been wrong...
River Termenzo
River Termenzo:


Mads Lorenzen
Mads Lorenzen:
Why tf am i not getting ads for this masterpiece YouTube??
One of the best documentaries I've ever seen on youtube.
"River Plate pour l'éternité"
Pablo Parra
Pablo Parra:
26:14 Dale flaco terminame el cortecito, me tenes media hora aca
Raze Raze
Raze Raze:
It’s back up and running again! Praise the Lord. Best sports documentary I’ve ever seen.
Can already tell this will be the best Derby Days in the history of Copa90.
Thompter S. Hunson
Thompter S. Hunson:
This is MADNESS!!! ❤ Greetings from Greece. Viva La Argentina!
The best pizza I've ever tried was in Boca, close to Boca Junior's stadium.
Miguel Quevedo
Miguel Quevedo:
Jamás jamás jamás, el superclásico más grande del planeta será superado! Ni en público, ni en pasión, ni en apuestas, ni en muertos, ni en ataques cardíacos, ni en histeria, ni en olor a culo y bolas. RIVER VS BOCA / BOCA VS RIVER, SEÑORAS Y SEÑORES, EL UNIVERSO SE DETIENE
Miodrag Jovanic
Miodrag Jovanic:
This is the Best derby in the world. Greetings from Serbia
Ahmet Goksel
Ahmet Goksel:
I am a Turkish guy , and a fan of Galatasaray. I have visited all the cities of the old world to investigate the world derbies. I am looking to forward to come to Argentina to watch this most fiercest rivalry alive after the corono virus. I have big big respect to both teams , but honestly please could the Boca fans FORGIVE ME , I have to confess that I do not like their colors as they are the same as our arch-rivals Fenerbahce ...
ThatNigga Smith
ThatNigga Smith:
What I get from watching thie video: Argentinians are crazy.
SebaF Arg
SebaF Arg:
Es la tercera vez que veo este video, increíble la pasión de la gente, solo en argentina puede pasar
Felipe Montoya
Felipe Montoya:
the best english speaking documentary that describes the insanity and the hearted feeling for la Copa Libertadores, that I ever watched
Jorge Insaurralde
Jorge Insaurralde:
La boca es un barrio humilde de poca plata. Y JUSTO EL CHABON EMPUJANDO EL CG TITAN 150 PARA ARRANCAR IGUAL QUE YO JAJA
VBI Concepts
VBI Concepts:
Argentinian football is a whole other thing compared to everywhere else. The constant bouncing and singing, it looks and sounds amazing.
Procrastinador Prodigioso
Procrastinador Prodigioso:
This is Copa90's Mona Lisa
Gustavo Pacheco
Gustavo Pacheco:
i am Argentinian and a River fan, excellent coverage!! Really good documentary. I would have liked to see the last match also as the conclusion, but It was a great job nonetheless
M Bak
M Bak:
Its really astonishing that this channel doesnt have many subs when they pump out quality docs like these......this series deserves to have millions of getting VIP access into the stadiums....capturing the raw emotions from fans.....going around thw world for the sake of guys are simply amazing.....HAVE A NICE COPA🎉🎉
Any Flores
Any Flores:
.River shows who Is the best...3 times below in the Score AND they brake it!! Glorious River Plate!!!!
Yago Fournier
Yago Fournier:
Mauricio Macri was the president of Argentina, and also president of boca. He didn't wants to play the last final in River stadium. lose this final was a hard blow for him. He "makes" the incidents, and the passion of people was the excuse. Finally the final was played out the river stadium with the fans of both teams. River wins, and Macri lose the elections in Boca. The mafia was the cause.
Jorge Lorenzo
Jorge Lorenzo:
Como te duele la colaaaa desde el 9 de diciembree ❤️❤️❤️🍻🇦🇷
david. one
david. one:
The best derby in the world! Much respect from Dinamo Bucharest fan, Romania!
madanmohan mintu
madanmohan mintu:
God : you only have 55 mins to live
Me : watches this video
Nico Chiko
Nico Chiko:
Greetings from Dortmund!!!
Humberto Sanchez
Humberto Sanchez:
32:47 Puedo jurar que ese señor dijo "ha la puta madre" no tengo pruebas, pero tampoco dudas.
I'm going to download it as mp4 in case it disappears again, just in case...
Bloody love that they just invite their taxi driver to watch the TV in their house. Diego, what a legend ❤️
T M:
Retire Derby Days, you can't ever top this
Luciana Chaves
Luciana Chaves:
The story why we are called 'millonarios' is wrong
Adrian V
Adrian V:
"Who won, who's next, you decide" jk aside, this is something at a whole other level, as much as I love football I really can't understand what's going on in Argentina
ultra boixo.
ultra boixo.:
Shrayan Chattopadhyay
Shrayan Chattopadhyay:
River fan here. Love from India🇮🇳
Stuart Saint
Stuart Saint:
I'd love to go to this but I think it would almost be an insult to take a ticket away from someone who would be so passionate about it.
Nuno G
Nuno G:
16:26 that’s f*cked up...
Jeffrey CISF
Jeffrey CISF:
8:31 Falcao 🇨🇴. De los mejores colombianos que han pisado el Monumental.
Alex Cockerham
Alex Cockerham:
So glad this is back, one of the best football documentaries I've ever seen!
I was at the stadium at November 24, that was a crazy. I from Argentina and never I lived similar situation, football in Argentina (south American too) became a business and that is too sad. Conmebol and AFA sold the football and they played with passion of the people, just for money. It's sad, very. Pero te ganamos en Madrid bostero jajajaj
I remember watching the Copa Libertadores when Boca lost to Chivas Guadalajara. They had to call the game because they were losing. The coach also got fired because he spit on a Chivas player. Insane.
Walsh D'Souza
Walsh D'Souza:
Rest in peace Diego Maradona..loved by all football fans all over the world..
Ezequiel Cabrera
Ezequiel Cabrera:
9/12/2018 - El día más feliz de mi vida. AGUANTE RIVER!
Leandro Bettinelli
Leandro Bettinelli:
I am a River Plate fan. When I went to the first Superclásico in 1987 and I was 16, in a few minutes Boca scored first and, seeing the opposite stands with Boca's fans celebrating it, I felt horrible. I said to myself 'I will never come to a Superclásico again'. Then Boca scored a second time and it was hell on Earth for me. Fortunately, in the second half, River scored three times. It was heaven. Then, in the last minute, there was a penalty kick called in for Boca, and Boca's star forward missed it. I will never forget that day and have gone to a lot of Superclásicos since then. Last year we beat Boca to the finals of the Libertadores cup, the Champions of South America, the first finals in history between the two arch-rivals. It was agony for Boca's fans and ecstasy for River's.
Boquita, aquí vamos de nuevo. No te vas a olvidar en tu vida. 9/12/18 🇦🇷 ⚪🔴⚪ 🇦🇷. Vamos River de mí vida!!!
this blew my mind, and Im not even a soccer fan
lizandro daud
lizandro daud:
"vamos a jugar de vuelta con el real" 8:06
El Pity: C A G A S T E
Hugo Greally
Hugo Greally:
Disgrace that the second leg was played in Madrid.
The Galactico
The Galactico:
Thank you so much for this incredible documentary! I just wanted to ask why did you not cover the second leg in Madrid? Greetings and thanks again!
Juan fernando Quintero
Juan fernando Quintero:
No existe la final en madrid de este canal? :(
Marko Garcia
Marko Garcia:
2:22 “the copa librrrtdrs”
Taylor E
Taylor E:
The guy who starts crying remembering River going down 😂💀
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts:
I remember watching Eli apply for this job on Copa90. So happy for him to get this far, doing an incredible job. What brilliant film👏🏻👏🏻
Jess ZR
Jess ZR:
Damn, this makes the Clásico look like just a regular match. That was intense.
Devraj Ray
Devraj Ray:
Hold up, did the presenter get to place the ball on the stand pre-kick off??
Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia
Ignacio Javier Kairuz Eguia:
6:01 Menos mal. Imagínate tirarle cereal (granos de maiz) a los jugadores de tu equipo.
Lucas Figueroa
Lucas Figueroa:
Gigante River de mi vida!!!!!! Te amo❤️❤️❤️❤️
Achan Kawac
Achan Kawac:
This great piece of art deserves an Oscar!
Lorenzo 1
Lorenzo 1:
I will never forget the great joy that us River fans felt when we won in Madrid
Y pensar que el Ex Club murió en Madrid el 9/12/2018. RIP.
Coach Carp
Coach Carp:
Good lawd this is insane!!!
Some days before match mexican journalist said river and boca final never claims attention around the world. Weeks later the final was a biggest event !!!.