The Celtics Advance to the Eastern Conference Finals | NBA on TNT

The Boston Celtics defeat the Raptors in a tightly contested Game 7 to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, setting up a matchup against the Heat.

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Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera:
Chuck said it right - Toronto got to 7 games through sheer heart, but they just had no go-to guy. They tried to split go-to guy duties between Kyle and van vleet....siakam was an absentee landlord.
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez:
Emotional abuse for anyone who’s a fan of these two teams. Amazing games.
Silver Animation
Silver Animation:
As a Raptor fan, I don't even know what to think of Siakam. The guy turned the ball over everytime he had possession. That contract is looking brutal right now and might handcuff us in the future. I hope Siakam doesn't become like a Bargnani 2.0.
Pipino Cuevas
Pipino Cuevas:
I take my hat off to Pascal Siakam. One of the best player in the Celtics by far. Tnx for the W.
Inactive User
Inactive User:
You gotta love watching games like this; two great teams just dogging it out.

Hella likes; appreciate it!
dustine andres
dustine andres:
how sad patrick mccaw lost his chance to have his 4peat 😭
That series was on Siakam and Nurse period. Siakam is not a number 1 option and should’ve been benched early in this game. Nurse didn’t play our bench at all. The bench that put up 100 points in a game 3 weeks ago. Our biggest strength all year was going 10-12 players deep
About Time
About Time:
Siakim, “Boston’s Sixth Man of the Year”
Get rid of Kyrie and look what happens lol
Jack park
Jack park:
lol Brown could read Siakam like a book. Drive, spin move, drive, spin move. Easy.
Basically if Siakim earned his pay Toronto would have won. Even if he scored 17 points. Something. Toronto shouldn't trade him though. Just make the team better.
BBQBlaze KyleG
BBQBlaze KyleG:
"That's one of the worst possessions I've ever seen" If anyone else said It it's whatever but Chuck just makes me laugh
Siakam playing like he just picked up his first basketball..smdh
Nelson Ibis
Nelson Ibis:
I feel sorry for TOR, they had a chance. Imagine if they still have Kawhi who can close out games.

Props to BOS.
Rapid Revolt
Rapid Revolt:
Kemba never getting to win a playoff series before this year and now he has two. Celtics vs Heat is going 7 games
Jaime Mattus
Jaime Mattus:
Most disappointing player of the year: Pascal Siakam
Barkley with the elephant in the room statement on Siakam....we are in a soft league and media era but have to call a spade a spade
Daniel Caldeira
Daniel Caldeira:
Pascal just needs to learn another move besides spamming spin move
jesse s
jesse s:
1. Raptors should have benched Pascal after the early turnovers in the 4th (and kept Ibaka in as he was dominating). It's game 7 ride the players that are playing well in the moment and worry about their confidence next series or next season.
2. Nurse should have called a time out before the Powell run to draw up a play to tie the game.
2b Powell should have kicked that ball back to Lowery or Fred trailing as Powell dribbled into three guys.
3. Nurse should have put his bigs in when Williams was at the line to ensure if he missed the second that you get a rebound
4. Nick nurse is a very good coach, but he needs to take a high level of accountability for this game 7 loss.

This is really a shame because I think we are better then the Heat and the only team that scared me in the East was Boston.
Anthony Norman
Anthony Norman:
Kyle keeping it real about his teammates getting paid. Gotta appreciate him authentically wanting the best for them, even though it'll probably mean them leaving.
Tigue The Spectacular
Tigue The Spectacular:
Bro how long had Marcus smart been on the Celtics it feels like he’s been there 10 years
Mark Himself
Mark Himself:
Marcus Smart is a Tony Allen with a jumpshot. Totally hard nosed and gritty and perfectly resembles what Celtics basketball culture is all about.
Doug Hanchard
Doug Hanchard:
Without a doubt, Siakam hit a huge wall. He's never faced it before. 4th year player thought he could do it on his own.

He'll bounce back a better player. Could Nurse benched 43, perhaps. But when a game is this close all the way to the end, you never know.

There's no question, the team has deep talent. The Raptors are a solid team that went up against a really good Celtics team. They hammered Siakam as they needed too.
TheTot Process
TheTot Process:
Celts better keep Taytum, Smart and Brown for good.
What hurts the most as a Raps fan is that we were grinding all series and all game to give ourselves a chance to win and that uber contested Vanvleet 3 was all we could muster for our last shot. I’m proud of my team for making it this far and never quitting but so disappointed that our season culminated into that moment.
D Prime Click
D Prime Click:
Ibaka over Siakam
Ahmed T
Ahmed T:
pascal just stared at vanvleet after he missed didn't try to get rebound lol
Jonathan Blaze
Jonathan Blaze:
Siakam couldn't handle the bright lights. He drove the ball to the basket so many times and just gave the ball to a Celtic, he really helped the C's win this game.
Burner Account
Burner Account:
Fred valet acted like it was the first quarter on that last possession
0:49 “Marcus Smart can play with me anytime.” That’s BIG Pause Chuck 😂
Lowell Tingne
Lowell Tingne:
Everybody knew Raps ain't repeating this year when Kawhi left, good job forcing game 7 against Celtics though.
its interesting to think how good they couldve been if siakam wasnt so out of rhythm or whatever in these playoffs. like they would probably be in the finals seriously contending for a 2nd ring with how well the rest of the team was playing. i thought theyd be decent this year but not nearly this good after losing kawhi.
Aik Castle
Aik Castle:
Kyle, Fred and Powell did good throughout, Siakam got exposed!
Pascal Siakam did not step up to the plate!! He's just not on that level yet!! or is he? or will he be?
Jazzy Jeff Real Talk
Jazzy Jeff Real Talk:
0:48 “Marcus smart can play with me anytime”, Whoa pause Chuck! 🤣
GoGo Reacts
GoGo Reacts:
Marcus Smart is so good. I'm glad we drafted him. I think he'll be a Celtic forever and rightfully so.
DemeG Official
DemeG Official:
All imma say is all these shots the raps be missing, miami got some real sharpshooters lol
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright:
Great game until that terrible last possession by Toronto. Left a bad taste in my mouth to end an otherwise good game
Tom Cuthbert-Sayers
Tom Cuthbert-Sayers:
no home team won during the entire series, right?
Jacob Martin
Jacob Martin:
Ecf rematch since 2012 heat vs celtics
Imagine Lakers vs Celtics in the finals.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
"That's one of the worst possessions I've ever seen" If anyone else said It it's whatever but Chuck just makes me laugh
Kamryn Stone
Kamryn Stone:
“Marcus Smart can play with me anytime.”
Ayo chuck?
Jay Cartwright
Jay Cartwright:
Marcus Smart finally getting the recognition he deserves !
Floyd9 Witter
Floyd9 Witter:
Y wasn’t ibaka in the game in the last 5min he was playing great
Oasis Orange
Oasis Orange:
I swear IF the Lakers and Celtics make the finals, the rivalry still continues where they left off!
Recruiter Dude
Recruiter Dude:
It's a nice sending off from the guys in the inside.

Good season.
1K subs, egg challenge with future videos.
1K subs, egg challenge with future videos.:
YT getting real comfortable with these no skip ads
Smack or Wack!!
Smack or Wack!!:
If this was WCW when the game was over Siakam would take his Jersey off and there would be a Celtics Jersey on. We Definitely saw the birth of Hollywood Siakam Tonight
Jimmy B
Jimmy B:
Serge should've been given Siakam's minutes and I think we would have stood a better chance
David Yen Jr
David Yen Jr:
And I love Ernie Johnson Jr, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal or all these guys.
Bangali Sanoh
Bangali Sanoh:
Oh yeah. henceforth , freaking spicy P just MILD P. Only one 20+ game in a game of 7 and you pose to be the go to man on the team.
Lawrence C
Lawrence C:
People are gonna hate, but they shattered expectations. But playoffs is tough when you expect your young players to dominate.
The Classic Manila-style
The Classic Manila-style:
talked about siakam not having the right mindset, how about jaylen brown outplayed him in this series,
why did the Raps abandon their rotation schemes when they literally made NBA record for scoring 100 points OFF THE BENCH in that closeout game against the Nets?
Ladaveon Flowers
Ladaveon Flowers:
Pascal Siakam got exposed, he literally has 2 moves on offense and a good coach like Brad Stevens had his team completely honed in on it and it really showed. This is also on Nick Nurse for that horrible last possession and not going to the bench that had been so great all year and playoffs??
Regie balasbas
Regie balasbas:
LBJ left Heat & Cavs = Lottery Team
KLaw left Raptors = exit 2nd rd game7
The Goats
The Goats:
Patrick McCaw's 4peat chance is still alive he got injured
Kou Lee
Kou Lee:
Charles: “Marcus Smart can play with me anytime.”
Everyone: “....”
Marcus smart fouled norman powell on top of the head during that fast break
Nickat Nite
Nickat Nite:
Great Sportsmanship by the Toronto Raptors team, and not blaming ot on the refs or anything else. 🏀
Boy I’m proud to be a fan of the Celtics. This game stressed me out, but at least this game was in our favor. ☘️☘️☘️☘️🏀🏀🏀🏀
Ralph Jenkins
Ralph Jenkins:
“Kember” Walker made his first Eastern Conference finals
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
1:52 - “oooh that could have been a groin injury” - Kenny 😳

‘man up’ - Shaq
Ghost Dad
Ghost Dad:
I thought Shaq was about to say Icy Hot. 🤣🤣
Uncle Jrue
Uncle Jrue:
*Ring, Ring*
Drake:"I know when that hotline bling, it only means one thing."
*Post-Call Drake flying back with the team*
"Just hold on we're going home."
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu:
Kyle keeping it real about his teammates getting paid. Gotta appreciate him authentically wanting the best for them, even though it'll probably mean them leaving.
Josh LeVert
Josh LeVert:
We live in a universe where THE bill Russell called out Charles Barkley via twitter
Inder Rai
Inder Rai:
Despite the terrible coaching by both sides (by two great coaches) both sets of players really made it good series
Robert Follows
Robert Follows:
"When they need a basket, they didn't go to their best player. they went to kyle lowry, or fred"

Lowry is the raptors best player though, Chuck
Romell H
Romell H:
One of my favorite teams ever, they believed they could go back to back without Kawhi. They fought hard ever night nd they're hearts was in it. Happy alot of them guys gonna get paid 🇨🇦
Fernando Lopez
Fernando Lopez:
The champs had a great season. Second in the East, swept a KD-Kyrie less Nets team, got a lucky GW shot from OG and took the Celtics(the better team in the series) to a game 7.
B Y:
So, ya'll thought Kyle Lowry was going to lead the raptors to a championship? Mkay. Anyway, Miami in 6. Dont @ me.
Clark Space Wayne
Clark Space Wayne:
Heats vs Celtics will be fire 🔥
3:00 I agree, that was just a bad possession but not the first one in this game alone, without another mid range option besides Siakam who was struggling they relied too much on their 3 pointer and also they had a lot of TO due to careless passes
Bill D
Bill D:
We gonna talk about the Celtics at all ?
Gerard Razul Carim
Gerard Razul Carim:
Lots of talk about Siakam not performing like an All-star in this series. But no mention of Jaylen Brown who made Siakam look ordinary.
Greatest thing Boston did in a long time is draft Tatum. Dude is hella great already and just getting started.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
muster for our last shot. I’m proud of my team for making it this far and never quitting but so disappointed that our season culminated into that moment.
g m
g m:
1:41 "Man up that Icy Hot groin"

(Double Pun intended)
Ilsa Gutrune
Ilsa Gutrune:
from Celtics fans everywhere... "we love you Marcus!"
4Lo And One
4Lo And One:
siakam has too predictable of a move to the basket every time. dribble dribble spin right then block.
Kade Christie
Kade Christie:
“Marcus smart can play with me anytime “😳 that that boy sus
Devin Gilliam
Devin Gilliam:
Between Jaylen Brown locking up Siakam, and Smart playing out of his mind along with Tatum we got it done.
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez:
"Marcus Smart can play with me anytime"
- Sir Charles Barkley
Still I Rise
Still I Rise:
1:53 I thought shaq was going to say ICY HOT!!!
El Dio
El Dio:
Marcus smart was by far the best player in this series
Firas Yassin
Firas Yassin:
Why’d Shaw say they were down 3-1 they were only down 2 0
“Marcus smart can play with me anytime”🤨
well deserved
Proppa Music
Proppa Music:
*Siakim playing skills are LIMITED **#ProppaMusic*
Rich Ə Wrych
Rich Ə Wrych:
0:48 chuck finally comes out the closet
Jasave Simmons
Jasave Simmons:
Cut Siakam some slack he is like 1994 Scotty Pippen when Jordan went to play baseball. His Jordan is on the Clippers now.
Paquette Stephen Brett
Paquette Stephen Brett:
Great series raptors giving me much stress throughout, knew this was gunna be are hardest challenge on the way to a titlmuch more confident now about winning it all
0:49 this play right here let me know we were winning this game. Smart just straight up out hussled Powell and Lowry here
Joshua Black
Joshua Black:
Always loved Lowry, and that team fought with heart and pride 💯🔥
Leland Devlin
Leland Devlin:
Has anyone seen The Hills? It’s a mtv show and it is drama filled. They should put reruns of it on TNT
Potus Forus
Potus Forus:
Bill "The G.O.A.T." RUSSELL
Stefan Tiosavljevic
Stefan Tiosavljevic:
Whoever come from East in Finals gonna lose from West😂
How many game 7s did lowry and toronto played this season???