The Champions: Season 4, Episode 2

Frank Lampard gives Christian Pulisic a secret mission, and it quickly gets out of hand.

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Carolina Enthusiast
Carolina Enthusiast:
No one :

Christian Pulisic

*”Sergio Rawmos”*
Minh Dang
Minh Dang:
Sergio Ramos: “who else? No seriously who else would be the bad guy?” Lol The Champions got it every time
I like how he pronounces Sergio Ramos like a typical American
Subin Sherry
Subin Sherry:
Christian: they bought me all of these new cool gadgets

**proceeds to use new signings to open a door**
Suarez: “OoOoOoH fresh meat!”

Pulisic: “How about a taste of this Hershey chocolate!”
Nate Kang
Nate Kang:
1:16 I'm a Chelsea fan and that picture of Kepa getting hit in the face against Ajax in the background got me 😂😂😂
Yves Hermann Essan
Yves Hermann Essan:
Desperate's Giroud : there must ve been an easy way to do this XD
Ange Detty
Ange Detty:
"Please save us"
"Yes, we are so scared"😂
Judit N
Judit N:
Ramos: “ Who else is going to be the bad boy? 🤣”

The red car Knife 🤣
The Champions is the best part of 2020
Linos Tafireyi
Linos Tafireyi:
Who else is happy that they brought the series back after months of waiting
mashed potato
mashed potato:
“Cool new gadgets!”
takes out havertz, ziyech and thiago silva
KDG Kingston
KDG Kingston:
Suarez: "ouuuuuu fresh meaat"
Red Rings of Fire
Red Rings of Fire:
The accuracy of Queen Elizabeth II scares me
As an American, I love how they make fun of Pulisic 😂
Beastly Madness
Beastly Madness:
Ramos threatening queen(F.L) with a red card🤣.
Enzo Lolo
Enzo Lolo:
Missed details: 0:43 ucl final 2012 picture on wall to the left, 1:19 the picture of ziyech's of-the-post headshot on kepa on the table, 1:26 the "new gadgets" are the new signings, 2:20 idk what painting that is in the background,2:29 the "sacked" chelsea managers on the wall, 2:32 the zlatan bicycle kick vs England, 3:48 the boat is decorated with red cards, 6:02 picture in the top right is after terry missed the ucl final penalty, 6:04 the picture in the top left is from when drogba got mad at the ref after the controversial match vs barca. What did I miss?
Bobby Jamabo
Bobby Jamabo:
2:29 look at the painting in the back 😂🤣
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️
Infinity Music
Infinity Music:
Pulisic: Chelsea has much money to burn, they brought me so many new gadgets
*Goes on to show-off Chelsea's new signings*
Barca Addict
Barca Addict:
Ramos: seriously who else would be the bad guy🤣🤣
2:29 Haha Pulisic jumping around like Homer Simpson
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
Interviewer: Erling, why do you like the champions. Erling Haaland: Eh why not
Blabla Blablabla
Blabla Blablabla:
“I never cheated on my Italian citizenship test”-Luis Suarez 😂 😆
Trey Noble
Trey Noble:
Pulisic, the American, was chosen to be the British spy. Pretty Shtewpid innit
pulisic: '' my friends...... or sergio *Rawmos*''
odoi: bruv.... you can do both
Shikher Gupta
Shikher Gupta:
I was wondering why this video had so many dislikes. Guess dedicating half the video to making fun of Pulisic will do that.
Benj Smith Productions
Benj Smith Productions:
Really missed an opportunity for Pulsiic to say "what's a meter?"
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex:
Poor Keylor Navas got turned into a golden statue. Luckily he knows how to sit and wait completely motionless
Rattinella !!
Rattinella !!:
So you're saying that Pulisic's injury is just a fake cover up, and the queen sent him on a secret mission!?
2:38 gonna tell my kids that this was Unus Annus
Alfie Games
Alfie Games:
2:45 I thought they were on about a Spurs player
The Homeless Advocate
The Homeless Advocate:
🤣😂😂Voice actor sounds a lot like CP him good job all
“Welp, there’s only one way to sort this: completely!
Interviewer: Erling, why do you like the champions.
Erling Haaland: Eh why not
Mc Fionn
Mc Fionn:
I love the way that instead of a knife Ramos holds a red card to the queen's throat
beast gamer
beast gamer:
Good video i really enjoy it. And i love the art it’s Amazing.
Ibra can crush vidal, casemiro and suarez with his eyes closed.
Adobe Draw with Golden
Adobe Draw with Golden:
This is one of the best animated episodes in YouTube history
Washington Business Investor
Washington Business Investor:
Ole: On the wheel.
Jose: Parks the bus.
Lampard: Drives it over the ledge.
Usmon Manchester United ultimate fan
Usmon Manchester United ultimate fan:
4:14 Olivier: "please save us" odoi: "yes we are so scared" LOL you did it again
and their expressions lolololol
Roie 4500
Roie 4500:
We need 10 hours version of this
Last scene:
Kevin: "i'm gonna end football with the corona virus. Muahaha..... Keviiinn"
Aila Ramadhan
Aila Ramadhan:
The place where all football memes come to one show.
Liverpool Fan
Liverpool Fan:
Chelsea’s Bus: Crashes
Ole: *Now you feel my pain*
Hope in one of the episodes there will bd the Ferencváros, I think they were really good
Yash More
Yash More:
2:28 when you get the reply from that person you've been waiting for
Sane: Maybe this season we can beat Barça 9-2
*Spain 6-0 Germany happens*
This series is always amazing...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Enoc Ortega
Enoc Ortega:
“Welp, there’s only one way to sort this:

with an even bigger lie.” - Frank Lampard
Quality increased tenfold this season, kudos to the team
All That Jazz Show
All That Jazz Show:
Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, may all your dreams come true, may you be successful in all spheres of life, stay safe and have a wonderful day :)
Davinho 317
Davinho 317:
One of the best Episodes ever 😂😂😍
Samuel David Cirlan
Samuel David Cirlan:
When be come the episode 4,5.... (season )
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
*!! WARNING: This comment of mine contains a SPOILER, don't read it yet if you haven't watched the episode !!*

_I didn’t know up until this now that Christian Pulisic was actually a secret agent being undercover as regular Chelsea player_
"Please save us, yes we are so scared" killed me 😂😂😂
I really like that champion bgm❤️
Vine World You Tube
Vine World You Tube:
I love how Sergio Ramos was threatening to kill with a red card😂😂
Imam Malaysia
Imam Malaysia:
I can't believe that there are someone else who are brave enough to carry and catch Zlatan
Why didn't we see the other two Chelsea spies, Willian and David Luiz?
Elian Camargo Crvg
Elian Camargo Crvg:
Seria legal se tivesse versão em português porque a série é bem interessante e muito bacana de assistir
Sans the skeleton
Sans the skeleton:
The thumbnail reminds me of unus annus
Xola Rasi
Xola Rasi:
“Sergio Ramos who else” 😂😂😂😂😂
Exile -
Exile -:
"Chelsea's got so much money to burn that they bought me these cool new gadgets"
*Proceeds to use Thiago Silva as a ram*
No one:
Seriously no one
Christain: Christain, Christian Pewlisic
Szabó Melissza
Szabó Melissza:
So Pulisic used Chelsea’s players like weapons 🤨😂
Amazing MrBilll
Amazing MrBilll:
4:57 when he pulled out the red card i almost died of laughter
Adarsh Rai
Adarsh Rai:
Loved the moment when Ramos was infront of red cards wall😂😂
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed:
I swear Christian is like that one kid who is addicted to superheroes in your college class

Edit: how did this get so much likes lol
lefika makubate
lefika makubate:
"yes we are so scared"
This line ended me
I love this series and I'm glad it came back.
Oivv V
Oivv V:
loved the ending.. it needed that phone call :)
ma ng dang lai k
ma ng dang lai k:
I love how they find such va for the diff characters man
NSJ gaming experiences
NSJ gaming experiences:
Did anyone realise the red cards behind Sergio Ramos lair
Mr. Challenge
Mr. Challenge:

it was a mistake by Leroy or by "The champions"
Adobe Draw with Golden
Adobe Draw with Golden:
The twist at the end tho😲🤯
Lesole N
Lesole N:
That ending caught me lmao
Temi Adesina
Temi Adesina:
I thought bit was spurs that was turning humans into trophies 😂
Swathi S
Swathi S:
But seriously though, the funniest part had to be that part where Christian shows off the "gadgets", when he is showing off Ziyech, Havertz and Thiago Silva 🤣 at 1:26
Leon Appiagyei-atua
Leon Appiagyei-atua:
When you watch your favourite team's episode
Asher Atubra
Asher Atubra:
the way i was waiting for this last night !
Aïmana Ibrahim Issilame
Aïmana Ibrahim Issilame:
Amazing serie !! (I didn’t watch the previous seasons yet)
Stane Thedevus .K
Stane Thedevus .K:
Wow this one is simply awesome 😂😂🔥🔥
King Kong Beats Godzilla
King Kong Beats Godzilla:
Great quotes from celebrity footballers.

"I mean seriously who else would be the bad guy" - Sergio Ramos
John Wolf
John Wolf:
So incredible.. I love this animation
Fizzy pop
Fizzy pop:
2:29 former Chelsea managers in a sack race. On the wall painting 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Natalie Samaroo
Natalie Samaroo:
I love these episodes too much, love seeing vidal in the inter shirt
Pleaaaaaseeeeee, increase the length of each episode!!! 😩😩
Griffin Muhavi
Griffin Muhavi:
Sergio Ramos using the red card as a knife had me😂😂
This is so funny 😂😂😂
The red card had me dying😂
Julia Mazur
Julia Mazur:
This made my day :) . One of the best episodes, in my opinion
Federico Basili
Federico Basili:
I'm waiting for an inter appearance,
and Vidal appears😍
Διονύσης ντολλανι
Διονύσης ντολλανι:
The best episode !! Literally.. he used the new signings as gadgets (brilliant) and ramos was the bad guy 😂😂😂
Homesh Callychurn
Homesh Callychurn:
The most awaited Netflix show ever 😂😂❤❤❤❤
Jair Morales
Jair Morales:
Pulisic must watch this lmao
Million Maths
Million Maths:
I miss the champions, I haven’t watched this in a LONG time!
Sikandar Khan
Sikandar Khan:
Best thing I have watched today ❤️💙
Mary Anne
Mary Anne:
7 minutes?? All I wanted!!!❤️