The Champions: Season 5, Episode 1

Lionel Messi is having trouble sleeping at Barcelona.

Maybe it’s time to try another club?

The next episode will drop on Monday, 3 May 2021, at 5 p.m. ET.

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Jordan Music 268
Jordan Music 268:
Everything the writers do in this show is extremely calculated. This should be longer and on netflix
Richard Hart
Richard Hart:
“Hey you Hungry?”
“No actually I just..”
This was one of the best and most intelligent episodes of the last seasons
Oluyinka Ogunnaike
Oluyinka Ogunnaike:
Who else saw Ederson save the guitar from falling😂
“Ever since Suarez came to Atleti he sleeps like a teething baby”
Marin Pirović
Marin Pirović:
The references are amazing. Messi saying he wants a team around him and Neymar immediately standing in his shadow hahahahahha
khaled khateb
khaled khateb:
"every night i check under the bed for monsters"
*Tax Law shows up under the bed*
Sihle Mkhabela
Sihle Mkhabela:
De Bruyne being there to "assist" just in case they need anything was genius
Cuber 21
Cuber 21:
I like how Messi was walking alone looking very sad around portraits of key players who left Barcelona.
Oakley Hinds
Oakley Hinds:
Even as a city fan, it got me when pep turned on the crowd noise
Ashwin Sarathi
Ashwin Sarathi:
Pedri with dark circles under his eyes is just genius from B/R. The kid actually needs a break lmfao
Gamer Doodo
Gamer Doodo:
3:23 man city crowd sounds 😂 savage
Malcom BAH
Malcom BAH:
The funniest part is when koeman removed the 8 and the 2 on the clock 😅
3:50 Neymar: "... they even fly your sister out to sing you lullabies ..."

OMFG B/R isn't holding back 😂😂😂😂😂
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
This is one of the best cartoons ever. Not just parody cartoons
Benjamin Tahiri
Benjamin Tahiri:
neymar standing behind messi’s shadow had me in tears 😂😂
Gustavo - Kun
Gustavo - Kun:
Since Dani Alves came to Brazil, no one at Europe talked about him... :(
Caleb Charles
Caleb Charles:
Ever since Suarez came to Atletico he sleeps like a "Teething Baby"...can we take a moment to appreciate this dig at Suarez.
Яков Фесечко
Яков Фесечко:
"We take the finest fish and potatoes and fri them till there's no food left" so damn accurate xdd
No U
No U:
“I’ll leave you with some soothing crowd sounds to help you sleep” *Man City crowd noise* TOOK ME OUT 😂😂
Cheikh Houzi
Cheikh Houzi:
The Best part is "Agueeeeeroooo"
Then Aguero gets injured when moving out 😂. Genius
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh:
Barcelona group chat was so cute.
"Look what you did to Pedri" 😅😂
I almost forgot you exist 😂
Joel Ramírez
Joel Ramírez:
OMG!!! That part of Pep calling Agüero was hilarious!!!!!
Liam Powell
Liam Powell:
That Neymar moving out of Messi’s shadow moment was genius
Georgekutty NS
Georgekutty NS:
Sergio Ramos alarm clock's hand hour has a red card😂 0:43
It's pleasure to see Messi speaking english 😂😂
Owen Faul
Owen Faul:
I swear if there isn't an episode between KVB and Bruno I'm mad
Nate Thompson
Nate Thompson:
Who else has been waiting for this
3:14 What a save by Ederson :D
Indrajit Barman
Indrajit Barman:
When pochhetini said" What do u want Leo?" -- it was little bit emotional🙂😅
Supre Me
Supre Me:
That Man city crowd noise got me😂😂
The "AguerooOOOOOOAAAAAHHHH" kills me everytime Ahaha
“I am the first and only super league manager to get sacked”- Jose Mourinho
The Retarded Genius
The Retarded Genius:
These guys don’t miss, the AgueRrrooooooOOOOOO has me dead😂😂😂
Jsh the great
Jsh the great:
1:20 Every night I check under the bad for monsters **taxes**
AC - 06DJ 845830 Dolphin Sr PS
AC - 06DJ 845830 Dolphin Sr PS:
pedri crying is the saddest thing ever :(
Mitchell Ratowski
Mitchell Ratowski:
"of course of course. Aguero, get that shit out of here" Im dying....
Hanna Afesa
Hanna Afesa:
Pep Guardiola ordering food: "Agueroooooooo" 🤣 Genius
Charlie Ackla
Charlie Ackla:
1:18 "We have removed stress elements from his sleep environment." 🤣
Vivek MURMU:
Pep: "We have unlimited money"
Pochettino: "So do we"
Me: understandable, it's an oil thing, 👌 🙂
Sebastián Baltodano
Sebastián Baltodano:
They took the phrase "It's all about the details" to a whole another level! Just too good!
Muhammad Ansaar khan
Muhammad Ansaar khan:
Okay we need a Netflix series of this now 5 minutes ain’t enough
Gemma Fitzpatrick
Gemma Fitzpatrick:
Messi: “Why do I have to carry you everywhere?”
Griezmann: “I can carry you!”
This episode just hit different.
Caleb Eden
Caleb Eden:
The man city crowd noises kill me 😂😂
lil 17bruh
lil 17bruh:
Neymar moving out of Messi's shadow was pure genius move. This is the smartest episode I've seen yet
Cady Elsharkawy
Cady Elsharkawy:
Hand puppet: “Have you thought of sleeping in the bed in Argentina?”
Me: *turns into a tea kettle*
I love how flick was only there to banter messi while everyone was trying to sign him
bro, neymar in messis shadow still has me cracking up 😂
Manchester is Red
Manchester is Red:
Pep got the Man City crowd noise spot on 😂
Ties Jaja
Ties Jaja:
Simeone with the small eyes😂 accurate
Alexandru Barbu
Alexandru Barbu:
That VARdrobe bit, priceless
Declan McCarthy
Declan McCarthy:
No one’s talking about the “Manchester City crowd sounds” that was hysterical 😂😂
Almost a million views in 2 days.... shows how much people really missing this series~~~
Kenan Marvel
Kenan Marvel:
There’s way too many Easter eggs and references 😂
Houssin Sghaier
Houssin Sghaier:
the Aguero scream cracked me up
Edson Joel Quevedo Ortega
Edson Joel Quevedo Ortega:
- AguerooooOOOOOAAAHHH!!!
-Pep Guardiola.
ha ha ha :v
Marianita MR
Marianita MR:
"You think it's all about the money?!
Well, it is a little bit abt the money"

Perfectly accurate
“I’d 8-2 think you’re having trouble sleeping leo”
Brilliant 😂
Tshegofatso Morake
Tshegofatso Morake:
Please don't ever stop providing us with this type of content.
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy:
4:26 Messi after watching PSG vs Man City match 1st leg: Amma move to Manchester City.
Nari Blane
Nari Blane:
Taking out that 8-2 was iconic
Илия Макаров
Илия Макаров:
Been watching since S1. This is getting better and better. Brilliant writing, spot-on refferences, perfect humour - funny, satirical but not too harsh or offensive. The creators deserve much more attention for their work.
Fahim Miftah
Fahim Miftah:
Man city's crowd sound was the best 😂
Bogdan Ivanescu
Bogdan Ivanescu:
"...anyway, here's wonderwall!" =))))
Desire Ogbeh
Desire Ogbeh:
4:56 Neymar leaving Messi's shadow was hilarious 😂😂
Owusu-Ansah Yaw
Owusu-Ansah Yaw:
0:50 Diego Costa's shirt is amazing 🤣🤣🤣
Mike Centellas
Mike Centellas:
I thought they lost touch a bit in Season 4, but this episode was hilarious!!! I so love these videos!
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
Soothing sounds, Man City empty stadium noises 😂😂😂
Cristobal Zambrano
Cristobal Zambrano:
2:20 who else noticed Brendan rodgers reading Messi´s future??? I think his fortune is three letters long...
Gato Ajato
Gato Ajato:
Tinha que ter as legendas em português, gosto muito dessa série
Rishikesh Sreekumar
Rishikesh Sreekumar:
*The fact that u let Messi's ball talk is genius*
Zeev Visochan
Zeev Visochan:
When you come at the king, you best not miss ! - King quotes king
2:21 Gattuso is wayyy back there lol
James Mantil
James Mantil:
I loved PSG's one. Pochettino as the stepdad trying to bond with the older son, Mbappe as the little sibling trying to say hi to all his older brother's cool friends.
Blind King
Blind King:
Suarez Hannibal Lecter reference got me in tears
R H:
Messi’s ball: “Have you thought about moving back to your old bed in Argentina?”
*both laugh*
Newell’s Old Boys: 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Hand puppet: “Have you thought of sleeping in the bed in Argentina?” Me: turns into a tea kettle
the joke is funny but what he really wants isnt a team built around him, but rather a team that recognizes his value
Deden Haedar
Deden Haedar:
"He sleeps like a teething baby" shit that one had me lmao
andres olivares
andres olivares:
I can’t stop watching pep screaming AGÜEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Pedri: Wake up Messi, wake up!
Ansu Fati: Yeah, take us to breakfast!
Messi: Why do I have to carry you everywhere?
Gam - ination
Gam - ination:
I'm still having nightmares on how you made Haaland look.
Farouq Olalekan
Farouq Olalekan:
The part where the Coach said I 8-2 see you've trouble sleeping😂😂😂💔
ML Editing
ML Editing:
„Just try one night in Paris“ 😉
Jared McLaren
Jared McLaren:
"I kind of just want to sleep..." 🤣🤣
santiago diez
santiago diez:
"We tried removing stress elements" - Crossing the eight and the two out of the clock....
It killed me 😂😂😂
Patrick Reyes
Patrick Reyes:
Did anyone else have to pause on the picture of Pedri crying eating cake because they were pissing themselves laughing
NotSoPro Guy
NotSoPro Guy:
I like how guardiola is calling in aguero to bring some food for messi
Whoever made this is a legend
osman zubeir
osman zubeir:
“You come at the king u best not miss “ Omar
Zlatko Bedžetović
Zlatko Bedžetović:
They capture Pep so accuretly. NO PRESSURE but like all the pressure. Plus the crowd sounds 😭😭
3:17 I love how Aguero injures himself
fandy sanjaya
fandy sanjaya:
man city crowd sound is so on point👌🏻
Abdullah Gad
Abdullah Gad:
The Aguuuuerrooooo part killed me😭😂
Jansen L
Jansen L:
"Milner can put anyone to sleep."

BR FOOTBALL literally took the idea of "messi don't talk too much,his football speaks for itself" lmaoo xD