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Swagato Sarkar
Swagato Sarkar:
'Big games' are only hyped because those games happen once in a while
Vasudev Sharma
Vasudev Sharma:
Chelsea v Real Madrid won't be a big game anymore, it will be just be a game.
Soham Karmakar
Soham Karmakar:
Bro.....huge respect for mentioning Mohamaden sporting......all bengali 11 etc...
Being a bengali it hurts
Areeb Khan
Areeb Khan:
"if all nights are big nights then no night is really big"
Utkarsh Gupta
Utkarsh Gupta:
"Football is now all about money. There are problems with the values within the game. This is sad because football is the most beautiful game. We can play it in the street. We can play it everywhere." -
Johan Cruyff
Shamara Rana
Shamara Rana:
Nights like tonight, remind me of how proud I am to be an Evertonian.
Srijan Sinha
Srijan Sinha:
I got goosebumps when u said "Mohammedan SC" ... Atlst some one remembers
Mehran Gul
Mehran Gul:
"Why couldn't you beat a richer club?
I have never seen a bag of money score a goal.. "
Sir J. Cruyff
Ankit Grover class XE Grover
Ankit Grover class XE Grover:
My heart is literally crying.
yatharth atre
yatharth atre:
big up Bayern psg and Dortmund for rejecting this
Football Nukkad
Football Nukkad:
Ngl you had us in the first half
Avi Jake
Avi Jake:
What hurts the most is that the club I supported my whole life signed up for this shit 💔
johan cruyff would be weeping right now seeing this shit
feeling shame despite being a barca fan
Agniva Banerjee
Agniva Banerjee:
UCL is love UCL is life
Boycott super league tbh
People are saying PSG And Bayern rejected the Invitation We all Know They will Join This One Day
I still remember Leicester's road to glory in the premier league 2015-16. I watched every single game that season. That was my first time watching a underdog journey to the top. That was one of the best footballing experiences I've ever had. It's sad to see such dictatorship among the big clubs now
Ra V BhUzel
Ra V BhUzel:
The magic of CL football is the feeling of occasion when the giants come up against each other, having such games weekly will burn out fans, imagine if it was Christmas every single weekend.. that shit would get old real quick.
Nikhil Ochani
Nikhil Ochani:
Rip football
Rip the beautiful game
Rip new underdog stories
C u L e Forever
C u L e Forever:
If all nights are special,no nights are special.
The excitement of Champion Leagues and big games comes from the fact that they happen very few times.
If big clubs play each other week,,it will become very boring in 2-3 seasons especially with no relegation system.😔😔
Leicester City is mostly everyone's second favourite team because they're really good to watch and fairytale is a very big part of the emotion of football or any other sports.
S Kaushik
S Kaushik:
bhai thanks for mentioning that how i league is dying and no body is talking about it and yash thanks for mentioning it love you bro
Aditya Bhansali
Aditya Bhansali:
Bhai lekin haar hafte “big games” honge toh hype nhi rhega itna😭
Devanga Phukan
Devanga Phukan:
My respect for Bayern and french clubs have increased drastically 🙏
I'm hOpe
I'm hOpe:
I just don't have words to explain how much I'm dipressed and again the Super league
Playing against small and average clubs is also important, for players confidence, for giving big players rest and young players chances and for them to surprise fans of big club by defeating the big club and how their players will grow
We cared about iLeague. We are still against ISL they clearly shouldn't be a private league. But Amabani hai uske piche ham jyadase jyada tweet kar sakte hai aur kar bhi rahe hai
Dev Raj
Dev Raj:
He is fucking honest about Indian Football scenario 😪 (& we are dreaming that India will play in WC)
Jacinth Jose
Jacinth Jose:
Won't We Get Bored If We Get To See "Big Matches" Every Week.....??
And Won't It Kill The Hype And Excitement That We Have For All These Big Matches.....
My heart can't accept this feeling it feels too akward🤕
SE-A-77-Samvid Patil
SE-A-77-Samvid Patil:
You made me emotional on that Indian football part I was thinking the same yesterday
Yashodeep Patil
Yashodeep Patil:
I didn't watch football. But i here this trending news .And i found this video. I read many comment to understand it. I get many things. And really feel bad for all football fans. 😔
Hardik pandey
Hardik pandey:
Perez is saying that they'll make their own world cup tournament if FIFA don't let players to play world cup.
Psg is like Harry Potter's Snape 😁😁❤️❤️
Hail to dream league soccer game predicting today in advance
Arnav Khalati
Arnav Khalati:
I just cant stop listening to knaan 's world cup song
Samarth Shukla
Samarth Shukla:
The concept is good that biggest clubs will fight against each other but the main problem is that there won't be upsets(small teams beating big ones) like that in UCL and the value of all the other leagues will be null , no chance for small clubs
Aashish shukla
Aashish shukla:
i love it when teams like west ham, Leicester push for UCL qualification... i love the struggles of burnley, west brom, Newcastle to fight off relegation... Leicester winning the league and playing big european teams at King power stadium on tuesday nights.... am disappointed when my team(Man utd) stuggles to win trophies and lose to Sheffield utd at home but still love supporting my team... the joy of getting up after being knocked down is the very essence of any sports not just football... These so called Top 6 breaking away will destroy all this.... its not just about the super league... but the charm of all domestic leagues will be destroyed
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta:
@Yash - this has to be your best video till were bang on..the way u connected ESL with Indian football was impeccable..!!kudos bruh!! OP video & comments by u
Sougata Mukherjee
Sougata Mukherjee:
U made the main point same thing happened in India . Nobody cared for us🙃. Well said man
God's assistant
God's assistant:
Let's just move to other planet and start a new ERA of football ⚽❤️
Ankit Grover class XE Grover
Ankit Grover class XE Grover:
This time he is totally off. come on man the legacy of 70 years of champions league will be gone
Pranay Garg
Pranay Garg:
Mere thoughts bhi exact same hain.. Yaha to ho rha hai Aisa😂
Prajwol Bista
Prajwol Bista:
like Miroslav Klose said "The football I grew up playing is no longer there. Today, all players care about is their cars, their shoes with their names on, and their image. While for me, the only thing that counted was football. Nothing else." ...The bloddy money minded brats are just adding more fuel to this consequence and making it even worse.
M. D. Anish
M. D. Anish:
I was waiting for his video. Who else 🖐️
Ritu Rudra
Ritu Rudra:
Eric Cantor ki speech ajj smjh ayi .
Muzammil Hussain
Muzammil Hussain:
Spot on Bhai ...outrage is on spot but we as south asian fans don't care abt...west ham or villa...or..any other team ..
We didn't know we had snakes so close to us, now we know - UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin
Satvik Gupta
Satvik Gupta:
Yeah true i also started football since 2018 and loved it when ajax went ucl semis,atalanta and lazio playing there first ucl
baby yoda
baby yoda:
As an arsenal fan, more than ashamed and disgusted, it's just this huge ROFL moment, it's like getting into iitb just cause ur of the reserved category and u scored like 33/396 or something in advanced lmao
Ayush Kr
Ayush Kr:
It's the same situation when ISL was founded , indian football og fans were against ISL, they were saying it's all about money. But look at now the same Isl club Fc goa is making whole India proud in the Afc champions league 👍
Yuddhveer Singh
Yuddhveer Singh:
Man! Thanks Yash you literally told what I wanted to convey❤️
Rohan Kulkarni
Rohan Kulkarni:
This is going to be one hell of a netflix documentary!!
Make a video on FC GOA's performance in Asian Champions League 💥🔥💯
Shahan Ali
Shahan Ali:
Nothing can replace the beauty of ucl and excitement of watching a big game cuz its not played that often
Ankit Gamit
Ankit Gamit:
That very perfect point hats off to you brother
Bhai united ♥ 1958 memory lost
Aadeeshvar Singh
Aadeeshvar Singh:
Arya Sarthak
Arya Sarthak:
It will be an end of an era, people of the new generation will never experience the wildness of dark horses
Debdut Saha
Debdut Saha:
No one can feel light without Darkness .There will be no "Big" game without so called "Small" games .
zenith sahoo
zenith sahoo:
This is basically 12 "rich" clubs!
Glad to see u talking about the indian i-league.. Its indeed actually the same
chiranjib bajpayee
chiranjib bajpayee:
Seriously I'm depressed from this morning . !
shoaib ali
shoaib ali:
Sahi baat bhai leeds West ham athletic club Sevilla in jaise clubs ka kya hoga humein nhi chahiye har hafte Clasico Manchester derby humein competitive league chahiye
Hats off to PSG n Bayern Munich doutmund for rejecting this football ka matalab ab paisa h bhai
Rip football if European super league happening 😔🙏
Lord of Clash
Lord of Clash:
Today you owned a fan man..❤
Lmao I am a dortmund fan, and only because I somehow luckily by chance watched this one game on TV (dortmund vs hoffenheim) in 2011 - 2012. I have been supporting them ever since
Luffy D Monkey
Luffy D Monkey:
Bhai would you consider coming as a guest on 44two podcast? It's hosted by Azeem banatwalla. It would a really good crossover episode. Hoping it happens
gavin moras
gavin moras:
Imagine you win your domestic league get promoted to super League and then again finish bottom and back to your league suddenly premier League is become championship 😂😂
Shatadru Ray
Shatadru Ray:
This ESL coming from clubs who are doing much better than the other small teams in this pandemic era. Killing talent, killing the zeal, killing the spirit. Whatever it takes we gotta stop this... Absolute disgrace 🙃
This coming from Perez as a Madrid Fan am dying inside, heart broken 💔
Aditya Chordia
Aditya Chordia:
The thing that hurts most is FIFA said that those players who play in this super league will be banned from FIFA world cup
i.e. Messi and Ronaldo won't be playing their possible last world cup.
Mahdi Sultan
Mahdi Sultan:
But bro the fact is that the big games are big games because they're rare.. Man utd Vs Real Madrid saal me ek baar bhi mushkil se hota hai na.. iske baad saal me 3-4 baar hoga toh uski jo speciality hai vo kum hori hai na. Abb agr el classico 5-7 baar ho toh special kese rhega yaar
Sounak Sengupta
Sounak Sengupta:
goa vs al wahada analysis petition👇
Akash Mishra
Akash Mishra:
Quite Informative 🔥🔥 Good Going 🤙🤙
Ayush Sharma
Ayush Sharma:
Thankyou for being honest! ✌🏼
Arghya Mazumdar
Arghya Mazumdar:
Fantastic video man !!
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma:
Been waiting
Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh:
Abhi Tweet just video se phele Barca is one of the founding clubs as well i mean Itna dispointment hua hai kya batao Abb laporta ne sign kiya ya bartomeo karke gya wo nhi pata
inamul hassan
inamul hassan:
Proud to be a Bayern Munich fan ❤️
Surya Man Gurung
Surya Man Gurung:
Vsdk i just found u here on youtube !!!! I thought u were just on facebook
Harpal Upadhyay
Harpal Upadhyay:
Yash be like jldi jldi dudh khtm kr leta hu . Badme 3 video ka content ek me dalna bhi to hai
Mithun Nair
Mithun Nair:
Bro so good🔥💯❤️
Sagar Singh
Sagar Singh:
I Am Giant Arsenal Fan❤️🤍💯✅
You Are True Bro🙏
FSDL pe video banao YASH bhai
Abhishek Nirmalkar
Abhishek Nirmalkar:
Bhai fifa u 17 world cup pe bhi koi video bana jisko India ne host kiya tha
Subhrajeet Biswas
Subhrajeet Biswas:
Itne saal sirf Showoff ke liye logo ne Joker ke quotes use kiye, Aaj Time aaya hai ki log Joker Banne ki koshish kare and Enjoy the Chaos, ESL bane ya na bane, Current Situation dekhne mein bada maza aa raha hai. You've put very well Man, hats off.
Mihir Mitkari
Mihir Mitkari:
If this video was recorded a few hours later..... Mourinho sacked😑
Aditya Bhattacharya
Aditya Bhattacharya:
💯 agreee broo
A point you missed Yash any team that just accepts the invitation will get 300 million euros so that actually justifies why teams like barca and real have accepted the proposal this money could help them clear their debts
Lav Agarwal
Lav Agarwal:
Yash ke Awaaz meh Dard dekho
Raaj Jaiswal
Raaj Jaiswal:
Was waiting for analysis.. Muze achese samjhna tha yeh cheez....
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma:
Bhai khaa ji rhe ho EPL ki all 6 teams ne ESL se withdraw karr liaa h thoda update raho 😁
Omkar Barve
Omkar Barve:
Bhai, start ki honesty sahee thi.......I admit everyone loves big games, but the it's death of football and small football clubs jyaada promote nahi honge, yaa won't be great clubs for multiple reasons...... And abt ISL yaa I league, woh mistake thi but its better not repeated again in Europe
Priyangshu Das
Priyangshu Das:
Bhai south asian fans ko separate q kar rahe ho ? One thing that i have learned from football is that its inclusive and aaj aagar saare fans unite na ho to kahe na inclusiveness..
Karma Tashi
Karma Tashi:
if ESl comes in india on which channel will it be telecast .
Wily kath
Wily kath:
Best way to save footbal n bring back football lovers coz nowadays football hardly excite them n seeing their team play with this big team will always trigger their excitement
Rajiv George
Rajiv George:
Bro you make really great football videos, use a mic ❤️
God's assistant
God's assistant:
3:35 We need to care bcoz it's a source of Entertainment , we also supports our country and ISL but cricket 🙄
Abdul Hafeez Rustamani
Abdul Hafeez Rustamani:
Yr watching underdog play is the most exciting thing.