The Devil All The Time Ending Explained Breakdown & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review | NETFLIX

The Devil All The Time Ending Explained Breakdown & Full Movie Spoiler Talk Review | NETFLIX. We review, recap, explain and discuss the deeper meaning of The Devil All The Time On Netflix September 16th. The film stars Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and More.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Title Meaning
1:00 Willard's Story
1:56 Coincidence Or Divine Intervention?
3:21 Willard's Story
4:06 Lenora's Story
5:44 Sheriff Bodecker
6:04 The Preacher
7:44 Arvin Goes On The Hunt
8:27 Sandy And Carl
10:49 The Devil All The Time Ending Explained
12:24 The Devil All The Time Review
13:17 Outro

The Devil All The Time Title Meaning

Ok so the title of the film very much ties into the religious aspects that we see laced throughout the piece. Set primarily on the bible belt of America in West Virginia we watch as interconnecting stories all join together to form one overarching narrative that feels like a true American gothic horror.

Though the film feels extremely bleak, almost relentless in its depiction of life and death it does end with a glimmer of hope that suggests there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

Initially, we join a world war two veteran named Willard who has just returned from war. After his wife is diagnosed with cancer, he becomes obsessed with prayer and forces their son to do this almost every day down at a makeshift log which is viewed as HIS church. In the book and the movie, it's remarked that he prayed so much to God that to his son it seemed like he fought the devil all the time however, the movie goes far beyond that.

The Devil All The Time Ending

Arvin discovers the photographs that Carl had kept of his victims and he flees. The pairs bodies are found and Bodecker burns the evidence of their misdeeds, further taking the choice of hiding things instead of doing the right thing.

The exposure of these crimes could've given a lot of families sympathy but Bodecker hides them and attempts to go after Arvin.

He correctly guesses that Arvin would return to his father's 'Church' and the character does this to bury their dog which is a promise that he made as a child.

He accepts that the dog needed to go with his mother but this moment is quickly cut short. Bodecker arrives and Arvin manages to kill him. Man Sebastian Stan looks so much like Mark Hammill...just cast him in a Luke Skywalker movie or something please....

It's tragic because all of this could've been avoided had the Sheriff arrested his sister but instead he gave into his desire for power.

The Devil All The Time Ending Explained

Arvin is picked up on the road and he finally gets a chance to rest. Now though we don't know what happens to the character for definite, he does get a moment of clarity in which he sees his entire life almost made out in an instant.

There are some brief cuts that actually demonstrate what will happen to Arvin and this ending should sort of be seen as his life flashing before his life all at once. We realize that the police discover the truth about Bodecker and also Preston which Arvin hopes will show that he had his reasons if ever he's caught.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
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Justin Hargett
Justin Hargett:
Spider-Man killed Batman and the Winter Soldier.... we really are in the darkest timeline.
Andrew Kent
Andrew Kent:
“Some people are born, just to be buried.”
Arvin was doing the work of God without truly knowing it. Killing devils on earth while still dealing with his own demons and overcoming them. Great film.
Jukic 123
Jukic 123:
Am I the only one who feels sad for Arvin's dog Jack ?
Ashmit Bajpai
Ashmit Bajpai:
This was a ride, I was invested in all the characters and was never once bored. It managed to make us understand the true meaning of devil. It had it's badass moments and it slowly showed all the character growth in a matter of 2 hours. The way it all came together neatly was spectacular and engaging. It was slow paced but never got slow. It is one the best movies i have ever seen.
Aamir Qureshi
Aamir Qureshi:
why would someone criticize this movie for not having jokes. Its not a comedy, not every movie is a comedy
Crisan Johnston
Crisan Johnston:
I thought this would be one of those, “let’s throw all these A list actors in a movie and hope it holds up everything.” And man oh man and I am so glad I was wrong. This movie is beautiful storytelling. Not only did ALL the actors act their asses off. But the storytelling and directing were just top notch. Well done. Just well done.
Black Spider
Black Spider:
Tom Holland's a good actor, he should play Spider-Man or something
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
endgame:the biggest crossover ever
the devil all time: hold my beer
Michael Lane
Michael Lane:
I knew Pattinson was a good actor but his performance in this movie blew me away
Awan Movies
Awan Movies:
The Devil All the Time (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E | HD Movie

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??........wpc..........
JP theGR8
JP theGR8:
“God works in mysterious ways the movie” will become the title of my memoirs all because of you. I will ensure you receive proper credit.
Annmarie busu
Annmarie busu:
One thing to mention. It was after his fathers beat up the guys his wife gets sick. He did the same thing and it led to the preacher having his opportunity 🙂
Kingsley Fox
Kingsley Fox:
Netflix described it as a "slow burn" I was invested from the start didnt touch my phone etc.

Goes to show when you have the right stars, script and filmmaker. It works.
Ziggy Gunz
Ziggy Gunz:
I was totally waiting for the guy that picked him up to reach over and shoot him in the head right before it cuts to black at the end lol
JR Quinn
JR Quinn:
I found this scary on how some people interpret religion.

I find it unsettling how some people put so much energy in waiting for a voice from above to tell them what to do, then to use the free will that God gave man and live his life the best way he can.

God even threw in 10 commandments to give use a good starting point and even told us what deadly sins to avoid.

And yet some people rely on a voice that never comes and spend their lives in doubt and uncertainty.
Mehul Kalra
Mehul Kalra:
I will think twice before getting in a stranger's car
👀 The Devil All the Time (2020) HD
𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 :

Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоrytrigyf
It is our delusions that lead us to believe this was a good movie. DELUSIONS!
The movie was fantastic Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson both have bright futures in cinema
Anthony Scrivner
Anthony Scrivner:
Am I only person that thinks the driver that picks Arvin up at the end not only looked like Charles Manson? The driver was heading to Cincinnati which is where Manson grew up and rumored to have been seen during the mid 60’s and the movie deals so much with having one’s belief system being manipulated and used against one’s self.
Epiphany *
Epiphany *:
Interesting that Arvin means "friend to all." Amd Willard means "Brave and strong" (germanic). Lenora means "God is my light." Preston means "village of the priest. " Ironically, Sandra's name means "defender of man."
Bathroom Boyz
Bathroom Boyz:
This was a solid 9.5/10 for me. I wish it would’ve been a miniseries, just because I feel like Sebastian Stan’s character could’ve been fleshed out more. That is my only complaint. I freaking love this movie
Gold Tomlin
Gold Tomlin:
This was a pretty damn good film, if you into Dark Crime Thriller films then this one is for you.
Water Sheep
Water Sheep:
Pennywise, Spider-Man, Vengeanceman, Dudley, Bucky, and Alice in one movie? Well sign me up
Mahir Gangwal
Mahir Gangwal:
Peter: The hell are you supposed to be?
Bruce: I'm vengeance.
You know I can see how that last guy picks up Arvin, and when you said he looked a bit like Jesus ot reminds me of a bible verse where Jesus says "Come to me those of you who are weak and tired". It could be another reason why Arvin might have definitely gotten his "salvation" when he was able to rest.
Don P
Don P:
Honestly best movie i have ever seen in years.
draken page
draken page:
"Ya I saw her on her bike, Wheeling home."
Preacher: have you been-
Arvin: *Shoots preacher for making his sister kill herself*
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
I didn't expect it to be that good!
It was slow paced on the beginning but on the final hour
3 different person's stories came together and made this movie a good one!

I thought it was gonna be a boring bad netflix adaption but I was wrong it's very good!
Great perfomance by Tom Holland! Pattinson was good but the accent was kinda bad
This movie is a must watch! The final fight kinda made me nervous which is the first one for me because I never get thrilled on movies this movie gave me a great experience! I'm glad I waited for this!
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
i didnt know batman and spiderman were friends
Anthony Scrivner
Anthony Scrivner:
Am I only person that thinks the driver that picks Arvin up at the end looked like Charles Manson? The driver was heading to Cincinnati which is where Manson grew up and rumored to have been seen during the mid 60’s and the movie deals so much with having one’s belief system being manipulated and used against one’s self
Jill DeGuia
Jill DeGuia:
Mahir Gangwal
Mahir Gangwal:
Imagine all the "I'm Vengeance" memes that will flood the internet o'er the days
Margo Bce
Margo Bce:
The story begins slowly, they introduce the characters, and the tension is moe and moe palpable across the movie. Until the last hour we’re all the characters fates met. All the stories of every person are mixed and it becomes THE story of Arvin. Even If I read the book I was so curious of what they were going to do.
I felt so many emotions :sadness, proudness, madness, revenge, respect and love with the Russel.
Disgust, weirdness, craziness, fear, a weird feeling, and un unhealthy atmosphere all along the scenes with Carl and Sandy.
The whole movie was a weird but good experience during this adventure in the 40/50/60’.
Bravo for creating this impression of bad atmosphere.

Bill Skarsgård as Willard Russel is incredible because it gives you the beginning of the whole story and of all the characters. Willard is a complex man who was traumatised by the war, and he needed Charlotte to face the reality of the life. The movie didn’t show us how broken he was at the end in the book, but it was enough to see that he was a man with principles and traumatised but the war. He wasn’t this broken when Charlotte was alive because she was hiding this part in him. We can see that he has a good life, takes care of his family and then when his wife got sick, his mind got sick too. And that’s really interesting because he was almost the only good exemple of what a man has to be in the whole book and movie. And they took it away.
So yes, Willard Russel is the fondation of this story.
And he’s REALLY important because Arvin is based on his father : he thinks like him “there is a lot of not good son of bitches out there” . He never really recover from his traumatism of losing his mother and father in these conditions. Everything he does has a link with what he did with his father.
Really well portrayed by Bill.

I loved Tom Holland’s interprétation. We can feel his presence. He gave life to Arvin, to his feelings and his story. We lived with him. He’s struggling between his morality and his desire of revenge. He’s stuck between the past with his father, and the present with his family. Every character has his own personality and story.

The music and the landscapes took us there. It was a jump in the time and I felt like I actually was in the movie sometimes.

So : The story is disturbing, weird, audacious, you’re so curious all along, A really good adaptation of the book. I didn’t expected this from a Netflix movie and I was a little afraid of this, but I’m incredibly impressed.
Wow, crazy that Jake Gyllenhaal produced this
agent 14
agent 14:
Glad to see people realizing that Pattinson is a phenomenal actor,he was so great in this movie and tenet!cant wait to see what he brings to the table for the Batman!!!!
Thr 33
Thr 33:
If you loved the book just know that the author is narrating the whole movie which helps because this movie has many characters.
The chicken liver looked delicious, btw.....
Sofia Marinou
Sofia Marinou:
I freaking love Tom Holland even more now after this movie... He was AMAZING!!
I really enjoyed the film, I'd give it a solid 9/10. I wasn't that much of a Tom Holland fan before, but after that film I was really sold on him and his character. I found myself relating to his character most of the time. Even though Pattinson is my favorite actor, it was a tad bit hard to see him in his role, but that's my only criticism (but I really can't think of any other actor filling up that role). Overall, I loved the movie because of the storytelling aspect.
Kastiel G7
Kastiel G7:
When he is on Carl's car, we saw that he's Spider sense is tingling
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy:
Damn mate u are fast, thanks for this mate and it was a great movie
Just saw the movie, Tom Holland was a badass throughout who felt real and grounded! Great engaging film!
Roller Girl
Roller Girl:
Ok I missed the “Bratwurst” scene??
Kolby Goyens
Kolby Goyens:
I don’t think the visions Arvin sees as he’s drifting off are his life flashing before his eyes, I think he is leaving his entire life behind and pondering what kind of possible life waits for him outside of Knockemstiff. The images seem to show the life his father could have had and his own childhood if it remained intact, a boy, a dog, a man that lives to grow old. Then he thinks about himself in the Vietnam war just as his father had been in WWII but says that he doesn’t want to do that, probably because he knows how it affected his father. Arvin’s future is intentionally left ambiguous.
Rockstar 1996
Rockstar 1996:
I enjoyed it very much, genuinely shocked it’s a Netflix movie seeing what kind of movie it is, but so glad it exists. Pattison and Holand are really soaring right now. But the full cast was great
Ilich Bezares
Ilich Bezares:
Pattinson looks like a creepy weasel:(
caria slaw
caria slaw:
Full Movies (2020) All Subtitles ⮘

Muhammad Abdul Malik
Muhammad Abdul Malik:
The characters in this movie are absolutely fascinating and have so much depth...
Tom Holland’s got a movie coimg next year called cherry where he plays a mentally damaged war vet who slips into addiction and carries oust a string of bank robberies to fund his addiction
I’m so so happy toms finally getting into darker roles he can sunk his teeth into and prove his acting skills to people who think he’s the problem with mcu Spider-Man, loved him and RP in this movie has to be a 8.5 out of 10
Darshit Malavia
Darshit Malavia:
I thought the last guy was Charles Manson. He looked like him and was going to Cincinnati which is where he was born. Anyone else?
Saffi is the best 123!
Saffi is the best 123!:
The truth has been revealed... Pennywise is Spider-Man’s father 😯 😯 😮
I feel dumb af for some reason I kept getting Harry Potter vibes from Roy and I was like oh yeah thats Neville. Watched this video and you said Dudley and instantly felt dumb lol. Dude lost a lot of weight.
Antonio Jenkins
Antonio Jenkins:
I found it funny that at the end when Tom Holland character was being picked up and he asked the gentleman with the long hair where he was going he said Cincinnati which accidentally is the home of Charles Manson as title tells us the Devil all time I wonder if Tom Holland character became a person of misfortune events as all the characters in this movie 🎥
Severus Snape
Severus Snape:
All I know is that Robert Pattinson's voice was pretty hilarious.
spoilers in four fragments: great performances. tense direction. truly despicable villains that get their just dues. and an insane level of coincidence that can't be overlooked
Mamata Rai
Mamata Rai:
And I was crying.. When Tom finally buried his dog..
parth techno
parth techno:
holland's gun was always accurate 😂
Adam Starcaster
Adam Starcaster:
Spoiler: but on 2:50 it would of been flipped that if the seat weren't taken, he would of found another model. And ultimately would of been the same result.
Muriel Tapia
Muriel Tapia:
I’m still shocked that’s Dudley.
San Do
San Do:
How you put together the pieces of the “butterfly effect” was awesome! Why I am a heavy spoilers/definition fan.
Miguel Pabello
Miguel Pabello:
I really enjoyed this one. I love the intersecting storylines and the theme about faith and retribution. Oh, and EVERYONE in the movie was excellent. More like this please, Netflix!
Gabriel Aliaga
Gabriel Aliaga:
Honestly loved this movie especially with all the performances
I’m so glad they kept the tone of the movie serious. I thought it was so well done! Love it!
Devil all the Time was def an interesting and thought provoking film
It was an extremely good movie, but the weenie scene will always haunt me.
Lauren Bardoner
Lauren Bardoner:
I love this movie! All the performances were great loved, Tom Holland's character Arvin Russell.
There's some common ground between this film and the season 1 of True Detective.
Can’t believe no one is talking about that dog going crazy during that Bill Skarsgard fight scene lol.
Plus Phrames
Plus Phrames:
Such an amazing slow-burn movie. I was invested the whole time and never got bored. The acting is fucking phenomenal. It seems like things never get better until the last minute of the movie. What a wild ride.
Ong Hunhoe
Ong Hunhoe:
"No matter how dark things seem, there's always tomorrow." this remind me the end of The Last Of Us Part 2.
Noah Corona
Noah Corona:
10:26 I think he forgives his dad because he realizes that his dad just had to follow his wife. Don’t think it’s about his dog haha
A duder Reviews
A duder Reviews:
This film has stuck with me a bit *the crucified dog? Wtf! The acting across the board really elevated the film and Tom 'Spidey' Holland and Rob 'Bats' Pattinson acted their socks off! Great breakdown as per!
patchy tha pirate
patchy tha pirate:
can’t get through 2 minutes of this video without getting 2 ads
Danny Litten
Danny Litten:
Literally all hinged on that opening moment in the diner. That blew my mind. Great Movie.
Screaming Wind
Screaming Wind:
This movie is way better than CUTIES and MULAN combined
Mikey Guadarrama
Mikey Guadarrama:
Maybe it’s just me but when watching the scene where Arvin is burying his dog, he thinks back to his father when the narrator was talking about how Arvin knew his father would do anything to get his wife back when through all the blood, and there’s a scene of Arvin’s father just staring at him blankly. I thought this was a nod that he actually debated sacrificing Arvin for his wife and I entertained the idea that Arvin actually killed his father before he got the chance to kill him first. Just a fun thought that I noticed.
zack king
zack king:
I never get too caught up in movies at all. But for some weird reason I just felt so uncomfortable and uneasy and tense the entire movie. It literally started when what's his face poured a jar of Spiders on his face. I was having none of that. But I stayed all the way through the end, I, I don't have a real opinion on this, I agree all the acting was really really good. I think they stepped up there game with this. Its just, my god, that feeling I had through all the scenes. Which its 3:09 a.m too, I just finished watching it, I had my headset on full volume watching it on my Xbox. So maybe that had something to do with it. All I know is I never felt so..... Off during a movie. I lived in Ohio most my life and I live in West Virginia now. And it felt too close to home on that as well. Maybe that could be it too. Idk. Regardless I'm a fan of all the actors in that film, I'm just going to calming not watch that ever again and that's that.
Guardian Watcher
Guardian Watcher:
Only the weak of mankind becoming faithless when bad things happen to them over and over. Cause they're under some misconception and grandeur that God owes them a easy run. By God's grace in the gift of free will he bestowed upon man. This means , things can go wrong and have a domino effect on a person it happens everyday. God is in full control but he assigned a Guardian Angel specifically for you. Your Guardians existence is to help guide you if you know how to listen and see the signs.
Didn’t expect to enjoy this as much as I did. I wasn’t sure as I was watching whether the Narrator was supposed to act like some sort of voice of god but some of the narration felt very on the nose and distracting at times. Tom Holland’s performance was fantastic though.
Crystal Holdefer
Crystal Holdefer:
I really enjoyed this movie! Dark, at times and bleak, but a great pace. Really interested in the book.
I live an hour away from coal river. The preachers and Christians around here truly are the exact way you see in the movie. It’s crazy.
This movie was really good. I could not stop watching, it kept me wanting more. All the actors where fantastic. Robert Pattinson was unregonizable , which was a good thing, he really mad me believe he was this sleezy preacher. Tom Holland was also fantastic, I really enjoyed his performance, he is a very talented young man. Bill skarsgard was also unregonizable, he was really good.
Begum Karan
Begum Karan:
Couldn't recognize him as Dudley when he was skinny lmao
So much great character building in this for the amount of them, I felt like I'd just binged watched a series afterwards. really well done, even for characters with not a lot of screen time.
The Laughing Man
The Laughing Man:
Hollands accent was solid but Skarsgards was not good at all. Being from the south/midwest all of Skarsgards scenes really took me out of it. Great actor but his accent was way off and barely audible sometimes very grating. Pattinsons was okay a little over acted but it fit the character, skarsgard's accent felt like it was dubbed over by someone entirely different who didn't understand a "country accent" and tried to Mix Christopher Nolans Batman with an old western film voice. Solid performance by Holland tho was very impressed and a good movie overall.
I'm gonna say that the guy that pics him up was a nod toward Charles Mason. He looked very similar and owned a vw bus
Bella Novela
Bella Novela:
I wish this was a miniseries ,,, there was so much to explore
Rituparna Sarkar
Rituparna Sarkar:
Omg!! I thought it was just me who thought that guy looked like a thin grown up dudley !!😂😂
Just finished it and I fkn loved it man!!!
She Can Do It!
She Can Do It!:
I absolutely loved this movie, and will more likely read the book. It reminds me of Winesburg Ohio. The small town portion of it and the "six degrees of separation" idea. This was a beautiful movie and too serious to have jokes filtered throughout. In fact, that would have annoyed me. Anyway, thanks again for a solid review.
D P:
All of the actors were brilliant and the characters were so believable. Definitely liked this filn. I hope the actors land more big gritty roles
Ireland Robinson
Ireland Robinson:
I love to think that the viewer is also God knowing every character's story
Eden Garden Labs
Eden Garden Labs:
If only he used Jesus blood that would for sure work on saving her
MCM Movie Reviews
MCM Movie Reviews:
The devil all the time Was a work of art one of the best movies of 2020, Robert Patterson was unrecognisable 💯
Eric Flores
Eric Flores:
It was such a good movie! I've watched it twice so far! Solid acting all-around great story!
It reminded me more of a place beyond the pines rather no country for old men. But I enjoyed this Movie it's one hell of a ride.
leo juarez
leo juarez:
One of the best performances by Tom Holland✊🏾💯