The Europa League Winner will be _________

Predicting the 2022 winner of UEFA Europa League: West Ham, Barcelona, Lyon, Frankfurt, Rangers, Braga, RB Leipzig, Atalanta all in contention, but there can only be one winner....

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CCK Travis
CCK Travis:
13:47 Barcelona win the _Champions League?!_

0:00 West Ham vs Lyon
2:43 Frankfurt vs Barcelona
5:45 Leipzig vs Atalanta
8:04 Braga vs Rangers
11:09 West Ham vs Barcelona
12:50 Leipzig/Atalanta vs Rangers
13:34 Barcelona vs Leipzig/Rangers
14:23 Outro
Daniel A
Daniel A:
You guys really need to go to a Eintracht Frankfurt home game. A amazing atmosphere and amazing fans
Jack Baker
Jack Baker:
The GOAT that is Thogden and Thogdad are back with another prediction. Love you guys
As a West Ham fan and season ticket holder it would be amazing to win the Europa League I think all focus is on the tournament now it would be great for Noble to win a trophy in his last season before retirement ⚒COYI⚒
Soccer Canal
Soccer Canal:
Thogdad repping the Canadian premier league kit! Appreciate it! Greetings from canada 🇨🇦
I think the arteta auba thing was both peoples fault. I’m not sad about auba leaving, he wasn’t good for us, we’re better without him and cuts a lot of our wages. But I’m glad to see him doing well
Bojan Stamenkovic
Bojan Stamenkovic:
As a Red Star fan Rangers will win. amazing atmosphere, they surprise us.
Fan fact: we beat Braga in group stage and won second game vs Rangers
I’ve been a West Ham fan my whole life and I’ve had a season ticket since the move to the LS and that atmosphere won us the game and I think West Ham will win it ⚒
For the story I want West Ham to win it
Henrique Araújo
Henrique Araújo:
A tip for the Braga game. Watch out for Vitinha, our striker, when he gets the ball its just vicious to watch
Coming back to this after the Final and I'm glad it all went differently :)
Lovely to see thogdad with that Canadian premier league kit 🇨🇦🔥
alex w
alex w:
as a rangers fan, it’s mad to see us so highly rated. this is the furthest stage we’ve made in a while so even making it to semis then getting knocked out or to the finals is still good for me
Frankfurt recreating 18/19 when they beated arsenal and nearly got to final
You called it, Rangers are in the final 🤩
Tmi B
Tmi B:
Go to Barcelona next week!
Sge has 20k away Tickets and many more Frankfurter will be in the City (and in the main stands of Camp Nou)
It will be the most homelike awaygame of Europa league history!!
You wont regret it!
Vasco Gonçalves
Vasco Gonçalves:
Thogden I am from Braga and I would warn you to watch David Carmo he is a great center back also vitinha very good striker that gives it all and Rodrigo Gomes all three very young and very talented!
At the start of the knockout stages for the Europa League, I thought Napoli was going to win the Europa League
Hr. Sky
Hr. Sky:
Falls einer meiner Frankfurter Brüder oder Schwester das sieht. Wir werden gewinnen 🦅
Jackson Loy
Jackson Loy:
Thogdad rocking the Halifax Wanderers kit, cheers from Canada!🇨🇦🇨🇦
Mark Kushnir
Mark Kushnir:
As a Ukrainian, I'm backing Atalanta🇺🇦.
Oliver Hendry
Oliver Hendry:
aubameyang was the problem it worked out better for both parties but was sad too see auba go and him do so well but still happy for him
Absolutely fantastic video. Thogden, u smashed it with ur prediction fir semi 😂😂
Rangers West Ham Final!! "A Brit Fest 😊😊🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧"
RB Leipzig is going under the radar!

insanely good and talented players with olmo nkunku gvardiol simakan szoboslai laimer silva forsberg while also having a great depth and a good manager...

they recently beat dortmund 4:1 and are in a very good form...
As a rangers fan I think we could win if there’s an upset and Barca don’t make the final
Andrej Bekan
Andrej Bekan:
Yesterday against palace I missed Aubameyang
But if we clutch top 4 we are bringing in a world class player next season
Γιώργος ΚΡ
Γιώργος ΚΡ:
Do one for Conference League too!
Shazzy VFX
Shazzy VFX:
Can you do this but with the conference league teams plz 🤞🏼😁
Daniel Fleming
Daniel Fleming:
Im backing my team West Ham to beat Lyon and id love for us to win the whole Europa league ⚒⚒⚒⚽️
Great video thogden and thogdad
James Docherty
James Docherty:
best duo act on youtube by far keep up the good work guys . Love from Glasgow
Z E U X is Trash
Z E U X is Trash:
11:51 This quote can also be applied when West Ham face Espanyol in the UEL.
Trip Lawrence
Trip Lawrence:
Thogdad loves his Wanderers!!! Both Bolton and Halifax 😁 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇨🇦
RS19 🔥
RS19 🔥:
Hey thogden i really like your videos keep up the good work
Lynne Bryson
Lynne Bryson:
I have a feeling braga have a 50/50 with rangers but good luck every team in the tournament
BJK 1872
BJK 1872:
Unfortunatley Celtic aren’t good enough for europe so rangers will have to continue to carry the coefficient
Peter Yuill camping tips
Peter Yuill camping tips:
Love the prediction I’m a rangers fan and thoroughly enjoyed the show 👌🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Manish Thapa
Manish Thapa:
Europa League Quarter Final 2022 Predictions:

RB Leipzig 2-2 Atlanta
Braga 1-2 Rangers
Frankfurt 1-2 Barcelona
West Ham 2-0 Lyon
Just a reminder, Lyon were 7th in the League when they eliminated Man City and Juve
The semi final and final will be very exiting in the europa league for once
I hope West ham win the whole thing 🙏
Miki Talks Football
Miki Talks Football:
It was neither Arteta's nor Auba's fault it was really just a player like Auba at his age he is not able to play in an active league such as the prem.
Lewis Rangers WATP
Lewis Rangers WATP:
Hopefully the ibrox crowd pushes the lads yet again in that 2nd leg 💪
General Roccs
General Roccs:
Honestly RB Leipzig vs Atalanta will be so close but I think you should have mentioned Giorgio Scalvini he’s 18 and I think he’s the 3rd best cb
Ethan Nicol
Ethan Nicol:
If rangers can beat dortmund I think they could win the whole thing!
Phlillip Anderson
Phlillip Anderson:
Devante Caprice
Devante Caprice:
As an Arsenal supporter it was probably the best move as we are not far off from top 4
As a West Ham fan I’m really hoping we can go on a European run to the finals
please do the Conference League too I am interested what you guys think about Bodø Glimt ...
Mason Clark
Mason Clark:
Arsenal fan hear I’m not angry auba scoring I’m happy I still love him sadly I think he just lost passion all of the sudden
Mr Murdoch Does Maths
Mr Murdoch Does Maths:
With Morelos now out for the season we will do well not to get hammered by Braga. So much of our good play relies on him running the opposition CBs.
Murray R. Scott
Murray R. Scott:
Morelos out until start of next season. Shame as we were on such a good run but I see it ending soon without a proper striker like him, especially with his love for the europa. Hope I am wrong tbh
DJ RussyB
DJ RussyB:
Unbelievable gents… I thought we were friends! 👍⚒
Love the videos thogden!
Sassy The Sasquatch
Sassy The Sasquatch:
Morelos is out until the end of the season. Just have to put faith into Roofe and Sakala to be scoring the goals.
I wake up in the morning to see thogdad stare in to my soul
King Druesen
King Druesen:
Can you do a Conference League one?
Sebastian Schou-Nilsen
Sebastian Schou-Nilsen:
Will you do the conference league as well?
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly:
I honestly think we can have a go at Barcelona and Lyon. We beat the 6 time winners of the competition so I don’t know why we can’t win
Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown:
West Ham beat Lyon 3-0 and Barcelona loose 3-2, seems like you’d wanna reconsider to those predictions lads⚒️⚒️
lord peanut
lord peanut:
Barca will win it but I'll love to see my team and west ham in the final
Josh Lewington
Josh Lewington:
Do a vid on the championship play off race and Luton !
Pegida Hogesa
Pegida Hogesa:
RB Leipzig - Atlanta 2-0
Braga - Rangers 2-1
Frankfurt - Barcelona 1-1
West Ham - Lyon 3-1
Europa league is getting instence with rangers Barcelona west ham braga I love the competition
Mask, Vaccine, Microchip
Mask, Vaccine, Microchip:
13:19 The greatest twist in the history of motion pictures.
4:27 if you gave koeman this swuad he woul've been third as well. Adama, auba, ferran fir xavi but when koeman asked for players there was no money such bs koeman def top 10 coaches itw xavi is the next pirlo mark my words he just has a good swuad thats all
Thogden knows the score, hope your flight to Seville is bookeddd
Isaac Iannarelli
Isaac Iannarelli:
ThogDad supporting the Canadian Premier league ❤️🇨🇦
Bvon Strat
Bvon Strat:
We're on our way, on our way, Sevilla, we’re on our way.
How we get there I don't know, How we get there I don't care,
All i know the Gers are on their way
Sulaiman Abid
Sulaiman Abid:
Leipzig gonna win this cup easily. You are underestimating their form now adays. Their short passing and formation is just unstoppable
5:26 he was so close..
Safwan Mostafa
Safwan Mostafa:
Europa league fixture predictions came to scene just because Barcelona is playing europa this season
It shows how influential Barcelona is & why it is arguably the biggest club of all time.
Barcelona will definitely win Europa League this season
Visça el barça 💙❤️
RB Leipzig to win the UEL for me. Their attack is too good
Vicky Vishwakarma
Vicky Vishwakarma:
Visca El Barca💙❤️
DRGpineapple18 _pro
DRGpineapple18 _pro:
Come on barca ❤️💙❤️💙
Eu Revikz
Eu Revikz:
I think leipzig and Barcelona have to be favourites but west ham have a chance
Connor United
Connor United:
I'm going to the Lyon game but omg if we got Barca I would pass out we would get battered but an unreal game
Stella Eriksen
Stella Eriksen:
That aged well
Andy Wraight
Andy Wraight:
Do league 1 3rd kit review pls I’d watch
Never ever bet against the Eintracht in the Europa League.
Clown Guy
Clown Guy:
When are you gonna do an updated prediction?!
Billy Edgeley
Billy Edgeley:
React to the conference league 🙌🙌
Zachary Cowley
Zachary Cowley:
Barcelona vs Leipzig is my final the score 2-0
Craig Horel
Craig Horel:
Sporting the Halifax Wanderers kit, nicely done!! However, when it comes the Canadian Premier League it is all about the Cavalry FC!
West Ham all the way COYI!!!
Sam Pamensky
Sam Pamensky:
In your next Premier league predictions do a big preview for the Huge game between Man city and Liverpool
Did he actually called Bergamo “burgamo “💀
Same video for the conference league pls
Insha allah Liverpool will win epl and ucl
13:47 Barcelona win the Champions League?!

0:00 West Ham vs Lyon
2:43 Frankfurt vs Barcelona
5:45 Leipzig vs Atalanta
8:04 Braga vs Rangers
11:09 West Ham vs Barcelona
12:50 Leipzig/Atalanta vs Rangers
13:34 Barcelona vs Leipzig/Rangers
14:23 Outro
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy:
Morelos(s) is out for the rest of the season 😂
Nicolai ST
Nicolai ST:
Cmon Barca 💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️
Barcelona will be the champions mark my word🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯
There better be conference league predictions after this
Mark Albert
Mark Albert:
In 14:01 , it's supposed to be Europa league, not Champions league
Braga fan here🔴⚪️⚔️

We will suprise the world and reach the final :)
Sam Jenkins
Sam Jenkins:
Can you do an EUCL version
Sawyer Sinclair
Sawyer Sinclair:
If spurs make europa league next year, they will get grouped. 🤦‍♂️
The Dynamic Truth
The Dynamic Truth:
We do all the hard work in Europe to be given an automatic position for the Champions League, for Celtic to finish top to acquire the automatic position and then put on embarrassing displays against teams they should be beating.
Florian Föth
Florian Föth:
RB Leipzig vs Barcelona will be the final
Come on you iorns thogden your content gets better day by day
Barcelona win the champions league…
Yeah yeah not now but soon
Crazy how even people find it very weird to say barça and Europa that the champions league automatically comes out