The Ezra Miller Allegations Are FAR WORSE Than You Thought.

Ezra Miller right now is facing so many allegations and today we will be doing a massive deep dive into those allegations and what Ezra Miller is being exposed for.

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This video is not fact and is a complete opinion piece.

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Rose Crocker
Rose Crocker:
This is one of the best, unbiased breakdowns of a situation I’ve heard in a while. Fantastic job, and I look forward to hearing more from you!
whether you think the first incident was staged or not, it’s clear that this is a pattern of violent behavior so it’s not really justified
"Leading a cult", at this point it would be crazier if they didn't lead a cult
Miss S
Miss S:
As a 26 year old who privately tutors young teens, dating a KID you knew as an adult as soon as they turn 18 is not normal at all. Even at my age any 18 year old feels way younger than me, Ezra can say they weren't close until this year but even if that's the case, they clearly have some level of power in the relationship. Gross.
Robin Silas
Robin Silas:
I'm glad that you're covering this up. The allegations against Erza Miller are wild and yet seems like most of people tend to disregard it and believe that they're some kind of anti-hero or something like that. Now I was a big fan of Erza's work but I just can't belive that "they did nothing wrong" that many times.
Tigerlilly 1313
Tigerlilly 1313:
The thing about the teen and Ezra is that if the teen was in a abusive home that makes them even more at risk of being groomed/taken advantage of by Ezra. In the sense of ‘see I’m not as bad as your parents, I accept you even if I hurt you’
Penny Wise
Penny Wise:
Mad respect for showing the info about Ezra possibly being in the USA at the time of the allegations in Germany. It's understandably not popular to show even a tiny bit of support for Ezra right now (aside from urging them to get help) but it's really important to show all sides of the story. Nearly all of this is hearsay after all. If we're going to talk about hearsay that's damaging to Ezra's reputation, but there's credible evidence that runs counter to the allegations, that's still important to share. It isn't sticking up for Ezra, it's sharing all the available info.
Let's just say all the abusive husband and bad parents were legitimate. Why is Ezra on the run, deleting all social media, ghosting Warner and cryptic tweets about how they can't catch them because they're in a different universe, why not just come clean and let the legal system handle it?
Marcelle Katri
Marcelle Katri:
Because I haven't seen this elsewhere, the reports of Gibson dropping out of "school" are not a mistake. College and university are still called "school" in the US, just the same as elementary and high school (or primary/secondary). Just thought I'd let you know since this was a bit of a mistranslation.
Also, it is not uncommon for people to go from one abusive situation to another. There are cases of teens/young adults who are trying to get out of an abusive family and are lured in by an older individual who seemingly want to get them to safety just for it to turn into another terrible situation. But then it's not abusive in the same way, so the person thinks that they are safer and in a better place.
I used to really want Ezra Miller to get help, as a fan of their work in stuff like the DCEU, We Need To Talk About Kevin (which showed their true colors), The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and Invincible. But now, I want them sentenced to life in prison! There’s no way they can have a Robert Downey Jr like comeback performance, they’ve killed any chance of that happening and their career! I don’t know what WB will do about next year’s Flash film that’s been delayed since 2014! I just wanna see the film for Michael Keaton, screw Ezra Miller!
Cliffside Permaculture
Cliffside Permaculture:
Thank you for being a safe place for a non binary person like me to learn what the heck is going on with all this without all the aggressive misgendering. I knew I could count on you ❤️
37:16 I understand the confusion in the situation but multiple truths can exist at once. Gibson could totally have abusive parents AND be groomed by Ezra Miller while being painted as a savior in the child’s eyes because he flew them away from that toxic environment. Abusers know how to select their victims. An abused child looking for a way out is an easy target for abuse
whoah an ant
whoah an ant:
Personally, verbal stuff is no justification for a physical reaction. They clearly have a habit of getting physical immediately.
Allison Gookin
Allison Gookin:
to me it seems like Ezra is exhibiting a pattern of taking advantage of people who are already in abusive situations under the guise of "helping them". the situation with Gibson actually reminds me a lot of past situations with Onision, where he took in teenage girls from abusive situations in order to groom them. in fact, it's super common for groomers to target people who are vulnerable in ways aside from just being a minor
Thank you for making the comment about stopping the trans hate, all this crap with Ezra has made NB hate way more visible-just when it couldn’t get worse. And it’s really hurting the community. The victims deserve justice and Ezra needs help and maybe jail time but people need to stop being transphobic
JD 13
JD 13:
So basically all sides of this situation are just fucked up?
garbageboy stinkman
garbageboy stinkman:
i remember back in the tumblr days when ezra was basically known as ‘haha quirky actor who wears pink mushroom costume’

*wtf happened*
DC and Warner Bros. nuked a Cyborg solo movie because Joss Whedon didn't like Ray Fisher and basically erased him from Justice League, they canceled Batgirl because of rough test screenings without any reshoots, and they still plan to release The Flash despite everything Ezra Miller.

At this point, they deserve the franchise dying.
Cat Cat
Cat Cat:
I really think that the reason that the people dropped the restraining order was because they may have gotten paid under the table, and same with some of the other that have said that Ezra assaulted them
Cam Boyd
Cam Boyd:
when you can critique someone and not misgender them...its super cool and shows you care about the person and who they are !!!
The question I have is why their manager, family etc. aren't doing anything about this except downplaying the situation. They are an active danger to themselves and others and need medical help. Whatever is going on in their head - a neurological issue, mental illness, if they really are being defamed - it needs treated.
While I'm very anti-Ezra, being charged is not the same thing as being convicted. People aren't guilty just for being charged.
This whole thing is very strange and I think there's definitely something going on that hasn't come out yet. I'm more inclined to think ezra may be experiencing some kind of psychosis, as I've experienced it myself and the "elevated being" comment sounds a lot like delusions of grandeur and the fighting could be because they are having paranoid delusions - maybe even hallucinations.
I get how stressful being a 911 operator is. I do. But these people on the other line are in crisis… the attitude in the operators voice is not making anything better. If anything it would make it worse.
I generally agree with iNabber, but I do gotta say the one thing I disagree with is about the age limits on friends. Yes, when a grown ass adult has a “friendship” with a child, there’s obviously a lot to be wary of there. But a young adult having friendships with people in their late twenties? That’s GOOD. Isolating generations from each other only leads to bad bad things down the line. Where I work it’s normal for your coworkers ages to be anywhere from 18-60’s and, just by the nature of our line of work, we generally all have things in common. It’s normal to want to hang out with other people who share your interests. And there’s a lot of mentor-friendships that go on of course. And that’s great! We all get to learn from each other.

I’m not saying that relationships can’t turn toxic and abusive, but assuming a 26yo just vibing with an 18yo with common interests is suspicious or has ulterior motives isn’t good either. Intergenerational friendships are SO important so that we are all able to support and educate each other. It just leads to really bad things down the road if we’re all divided.
It's really weird that after Ezra got mainstream all these allegations starting happening one after another. Idk, but if Flash wasn't dropped it's the movie makers choice. Me, myself and I think that we're nobody to judge Ezra when we don't even know what is really happening.
K. H.
K. H.:
I'm very conflicted.

On the one hand, they need some help. We have very limited information about the actual events, but they still need help.

The other is that I can't help but be reminded just slightly of Britney Spears. Being purposefully baited by people and then when you retaliate you get completely slandered.

Now I'm not suggesting Britney was ever violent with anyone, but it does surprise me that no one is intervening on Ezra's behalf.
Boopey Floopey
Boopey Floopey:
I feel like it’s ok for an adult to be friendly or just friends with a like teenager as long as there’s nothing sexual happens in between because I’m 15 and my cousin is 25 and me and 2 other of his friends who are the same age as him play games and hang out sometimes but there’s nothing sexual that happens between any of us so I’m comfortable with it and I like to hang out with them but if that sexual boundary was crossed then I would not be ok with it and would attempt to help someone in that situation in some way
Sizwe Shongwe
Sizwe Shongwe:
I honestly can't completely make up my mind on the allegations regarding Gibson (forgive me if I miss spelled that) because I order for me to finally be at peace is if this is all settled in court with Ezra, Anna, the parents and especially Gibson. Because I'm still a firm believer in "innocent until proven guilty" and by no means am I saying Ezra Miller is a good person, I'm just agreeing on so much of the conflicting evidence.

And I'm going a bit on a tangent here and say I don't mind people having minor relationships with other people that have a large age gap between them. Just as long as no real sense of sexual tension between them. Like me I'm 17 and I usually play games, read comics and talk about movies with my neighbor who is 28, but I've never felt uncomfortable or in danger when I'm with him cause he's a pretty chill guy, even my parents know him🤣

Either way thank you for showing bits and pieces of Information that just didn't line up or make any sense at all and not being bias at all.
Kate W
Kate W:
I'm concerned they may have been developing a mental illness. I'm not going to state what since I'm not a doctor and can't diagnose anyone, much less through news clips. However, there are several illnesses of which it is common to first experience symptoms in the mid to late 20s. So my concern would be with his gradually becoming more reclusive and more violent/short-fused over the past couple years.

This might just be my optimism wanting to see the best in people and understand why people do bad things. But whatever's up, I hope he gets help and is found guilty for any crimes he's committed and stops hurting people.
Tenebrae Queene
Tenebrae Queene:
Ezra is honestly unhinged and needs arrested. If he won't go to jail he at LEAST needs extensive therapy. Dude's got some intense trauma that he needs to get figured out. Preferably away from innocent people.
J B:
As a Native American, I think you need to take into consideration that we have a different culture. Our traditional family dynamic, religion and whatnot may not be the same as yours. I don't personally know a lot about this but from what I've seen just by looking at Chase Iron Eyes' socials he's religious in the traditional native ways. Now I think we can all agree that when the typical viewer hears "religious parents" they think some form of Christianity. All I'm saying is maybe have a little more information on Gibson and their family's background. Even as a native I wouldn't try and undertake explaining another tribe to anyone let alone an entire audience. This is a hard one to discuss when you don't have experience with the culture.
I think the first situation with the girl could go both ways, she looks like she really thought it was a joke, understandable, and he maybe really thought she wanted to fight considering they went into a back area + the words exchanged along with her going upto him. I think both views are valid in THAT situation. Only this one.
How do you manage to publish so consistently without sparing the quality! You're doing an amazing job and I hope you'll get 1million subs soon!
I'm so disapointed by this and what's likely to be (understandably) the end of their career - as a queer person Ezra was a huge icon to me, I even had a poster of them on my wall as they were one of the only very visible queer people in mainstream media when I was growing up :( also I'm ALWAYS sus when a celeb flies a kid to a party half was across the country, even though there is very likely context missed in the media in SOME cases...

Brilliant video though, definitely needs to be talked about & I wish Ezra had some support, they seem so filled with anger and it's hard to watch that happen to a fellow queer person who's also felt that anger at the world, albeit not violently (no, I'm not saying this absolves them of responsibility, just that it's important to offer support to people anyway, especially when people have been exposed to negative situations in the past, it just helps protect everyone involved).

On another note, I find it very sad that many were afraid to have their names attached to the story - it says a lot about how people STILL treat victims who speak out.
Thank you for addressing all the weirdness. I believe Ezra has unaddressed mental health issues that are spiraling out of control and has done terrible and inexcusable things. There is also a lot of weird and contradictory information that never seems to be addressed and a lot of sensationalized headlines that only seem to support the other sensationalized headlines. Ezra has also done really good and big hearted things that also never seem to be addressed. Ezra is a pretty famous actor that participated in two different protests and drew a lot of attention to both of them. They were there for the Standing Rock protests against big oil putting a pipeline that could (and since has) polluted the drinking water for the native Americans living there with the other protest being in Hawaii where he stood with Jason Mamoa and the other native Hawaiians to protect sacred land from being developed over. I’ve also noticed the most recent scandals all revolve around Ezra being dangerous to children after the stuff that came out about Gibson and the circumstances around everything being just weird. The patterns are all weird. First was a lot of violent headlines about assault and breaking and entering then things go quiet for a while. Did they get help? Are they in prison somewhere? I don’t know! 🤷‍♀️ It would not be the first time big media has run a smear campaign but I do believe Ezra has done enough stupid and nasty things for it to possible that there is truth to what’s going on as well. Something that did strike me as strange was when during the call, the woman who’s head was supposedly bleeding profusely told the woman on the phone that she wanted the police not medical personnel. That is weird. They were talking specifically about stopping Ezra over getting a head injury treated. Ezra is very recognizable and in the case of a head injury that should be the big priority when your attacker is that well known. There’s just a lot of weird and conflicting information but the big media outlets have chosen there preferred narrative and are rolling with it for all they’re worth. I just think the way they outright ignore all conflicting information, testimonies, and behavior is suspicious and that is causing me to question a lot.
I'm so happy I could click on this knowing full well you would respect Ezra's identity and pronouns, even correcting articles that may have been before they came out. Honestly it's just nice that I know there is someone like you who I can see is covering a subject that centers on another enby person and know without shadow of a doubt that you will do what you can to get it right.

I think the only criticism to be had is that while his name may tip off that he is indigenous, it would be good to note if Cast Iron Eyes is religious in the sense of his tribe's beliefs vs something more commonly known like Christianity. Many indigenous tribes actually are very open and accepting of "two-spirit people" (those who would fall under what we consider the Trans umbrella), and could add a layer of strangeness to the overall case due to Gibson being enby/trans.
Ofc he may simply reject that anyways, but it is something to think about due to the fact that it's not something many people would consider when talking about "being religious"

All in all, amazing job in the research and being so open in sharing how messy the narrative is! Everyone likes a clean narrative with a clear answer, but that isn't always the case and it's great you're willing to acknowledge that when so many would take the easy route and just ignore everything that is "pro Ezra"
Magdalene Hagey
Magdalene Hagey:
I think the fact that Ezra keeps ending up involved with others who have abusive families/partners is a huge red flag in and of itself.
When it comes to Gibson, I fear that their parents were not nice and Ezra took advantage of their bad situation.
Zane he•they
Zane he•they:
Very nice to see a fellow bisexual post another amazing video
Bethany Bluebird
Bethany Bluebird:
While I agree on most fronts; I think it's a bit extreme to say XYZ should never be friends under any circumstances. There are people I've worked with/been friends with whos kids and I are close; they jokingly call me grandma; but I refer to them as my friends in discussion because it makes them feel important/happy. I think Mr. Rodgers is a great example of an older person genuinely caring for and bonding with children as a friend/mentor. Seems like Ezra is a bit of nutbar; and I hope those kids are all ok.
The thing about the whole grooming situation - I think both could be true, that Gibson’s parents could be transphobic and abusive and that Ezra as an older role model could easily groom them since Gibson is in a vulnerable situation and could easily be exploited. I’m not sure honestly. Also the other stuff makes me think Ezra could have substance abuse issues, it really reminds me of stories of Johnny Depp assaulting people due to alcohol and other drug habits etc.
Thanks for sharing all the different angles of the story! as someone who has experience in journalism I get annoyed with all these 'information' channels sharing one side and accusing people without knowing the whole story. it does the case a lot of harm, since people get shoved one opinion and won't ever try to see that there is more to it besides 'they are evil'. I'm not saying Ezra is innocent, but there is definitely some misinformation going on with the goal of making Ezra sound like a total psychopath.
What I love so much about this video is that this is such a good example of the importance to check your sources and find out as much info as you can before you form an opinion on something serious. There's too much willing ignorance these days & people are quick to judgement before looking at every aspect & fact checking especially. Even if there's no clear answer. This was so well done thank you for making this for us!
oh my gosh, thank you SO much for explaining why it's important to respect everyone's pronouns even if they're a bad person. i see people too much using pronouns as like, a punishment, saying they don't "deserve" to have them respected and that immediately and automatically is putting trans people and nonbinary people on a gross pedestal and it's othering them from everyone else. it also makes me feel really icky thinking that if i said something someone didn't agree with, they'd immediately start to purposefully misgender me bc i dont deserve my pronouns anymore and "im making a bad name for the trans community" and that's not the woke take yall think it is. trans and nonbinary people, unfortunately, can be just as horrid as cis people and we need to stop acting like they can't.
Glam With Marti
Glam With Marti:
It could all be a set-up but HOW MANY TIMES can a person be set up! If you got into all of that trouble with Gibson (trying to help and get them out of a bad situation) why would you turn around and do the same thing with this other women and the kids? All of this fighting in bars and the Karaoke bar. Bro- that’s too many incidences from ALL OVER the world with one thing in common. Man, I really liked him. I was rooting for him.
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller:
So Batgirl and Supergirl lose their movies…but this clown gets to keep their movie? Talk about backwards logic.
As a resident of the Big island just had to say Hilo is pronounced He-low 😘
I hope they get some help as it’s sad seeing a talented young person throw it away instead of getting professional help
I believe that Ezra definitely has a pattern of violent behavior, but as someone who was in a similar situation to Gibson very recently, I 100% believe them. Religious transphobic parents will go to INSANE LENGTHS to try and maintain control over their children. Claiming the other adult is grooming their child is just one of the many tactics they use.
Athena Kolbeins
Athena Kolbeins:
I understand why the icelandic woman didnt want to be named. Iceland is a small country everyone knows everyone. 90% of the time when you ask someone “do you know this person?” They would probobly say yes or have seen them. I got assaulted and i didnt tell any of my friends his name because i know many of them know who he is and I didnt want anything that could happen to the charges
They are such a brilliant actor and talented as hell but they are also a really awful person who needs to go and get help bc its gotten way out of hand with them and if they don't get help its only going to keep getting darker.
Honestly I’m in my 30s but if a kid I knew through their family starts telling me they’re being abused, I’m absolutely going to be a friend to them. And in the trans community, it’s not unheard of to take someone in the situation being described in. It’s a dangerous world for trans kids, they need adults willing to help. There are appropriate times for grown adults to help out kids and young adults. And you might not want to leave someone in that situation alone, given their emotional state, so I could see why even someone that rich wouldn’t house them elsewhere.

That said, regardless of what happened in that specific situation, or even the other strange situations, it’s clear that Ezra is having some sort of breakdown and has chosen not to use their copious resources to get the help that loads of people could only dream of. They can afford the best treatments available, there’s nothing about not taking it that I could excuse.
Been waiting for someone to cover this bc its actually wild but no one really seems to talk about it?
Dani Needs A Nap
Dani Needs A Nap:
Thank you for using their proper pronouns!! Too many people covering this (mainly on TikTok) have been using the wrong pronouns. Someone can be horrible, we can dislike them, but they’re still a person who’s gender identity should be respected
Brianna Vore
Brianna Vore:
i really only knew ezra from perks of being a wallflower, a lot of fancasts as one of the mauderers(?) from harry potter, and the first fantastic beasts movie. so hearing all this shit they're getting into as been wild and worrisome. i just hope everyone who's been harassed and stuff are okay 💙
Alexis Jordan
Alexis Jordan:
Started as celebrity drama, ended as a whole mystery/ thriller movie saga
Dr. Worm
Dr. Worm:
Just cuz Ezra isn’t a respectable person doesn’t mean people get to misgender them. That’s a dangerous and harmful thing to do because it sets a precedent of misgendering people simply because we don’t like them. Sane people don’t call Blaire White a man just because she’s a complete traitor
Raye Johnston
Raye Johnston:
I know it's kind of the bare minimum, but damn do I appreciate you using their pronouns. So many people don't use genderqueer celebrities' pronouns, especially when criticizing them, and it's so refreshing for someone to have enough respect for non-binary folks to not suddenly 'forget' they're nonbinary
Potato that tickles his pickle
Potato that tickles his pickle:
The perks of being a wallflower is my favourite book and movie, and Ezra was perfect as Patrick in the movie. This whole situation makes me sad because it feels like my favourite movie is slightly getting ruined. I can't see the character anymore without thinking about what the actor has done
I have been waiting from someone to cover this. I'm glad it's you!!! Thanks love♡
Charlie Nowlin
Charlie Nowlin:
less than 10 minutes in and i just want to say thank u for respecting ezra's pronouns even tho u don't agree with what they're doing (obviously not it's horrible behavior) bc a lot of people don't give that courtesy (edit: oops u mentioned this lol, it really is the bare minimum)
Let's just take the time to consider all of this and WB still isn't canceling The Flash over the dozen or so projects they canceled.
ok, so… in the best-case scenario, Ezra is a menace while drunk and once choke-slammed someone. and in the worst one, they are a multiple-person abuser, multiple children groomer and just overall a terrible person. now, this is a huuuge gap… i honestly hope that they are a good person and all of these are just unfortunate circumstances, they seemed like such a sweet person a little while ago.

to whoever is truly responsible for all of this: karma always comes to bite you right back. sooner or later, justice will be served, and the universe will get even.
Mary Miranda
Mary Miranda:
I love this! Thank you so much for compiling everything that he's done and making it unbiased as possible. There was just so much happening with him that it was hard to keep track. Now if I have a friend who's asking about Ezra Miller, I'll simply send them this video. Thanks so much for this!
Karter Meijer
Karter Meijer:
Thank you for respecting Ezra Millers pronouns! It's good to be able to learn about the horrid stuff they've done without feeling unsafe.

For those complaining: if a cis person did similar stuff, you'd still use the right pronouns. Why not with someone like Ezra?
Around the time the couple dropped the case against Ezra Miller was around time Fantastic Beasts was coming out. So it's pretty likely Warner Brothers paid a couple off to drop to avoid bad press for a movie he was starring in.
I appreciate you acknowledging that 2 things can be true at once. Ezra may have provided a place away from abuse for Gibson, and may also be abusive too. Nothing is always black & white
I feel really conflicted about the grooming accusation. On the one hand, I never want to view an accusation of child abuse with skepticism, even when it's denied by the alleged victim, because I know first hand how hard it is to talk openly about your own abuse.

On the other hand, there is a history within the LGBTQ+ community of older members caring for and sheltering younger members in a 100% platonic almost parent-child or much older sibling-youngest sibling relationship. Queer people have been rejected, disowned, and threatened so often and for so long that we've had to learn to be a family to each other. I can 100% see Miller taking in a fellow trans person so that young kid can live their life as they wish, and the response of the transphobic parents are to say Miller's a ped0phile and a gr00mer because, "Our child was perfectly *normal* before meeting Ezra, but now they're trans".

Plus, there's a long history of straight people accusing members of the Queer community of being pedophiles and it being inappropriate for them to be around children. Because in many straight people's minds, of course, if a Queer person is involved, whatever they're involved in is now inherently sexual. It's all fucked up, and I wish people would just...not do this shit. I know that's a stupid thing to say, but you've got to admit, it would make life much easier.
If WB can throw out the Batgirl movie because of poor screenings, after spending 90 million on it, they can cancel a movie where an abusive, dangerous person plays the lead.
May or May not
May or May not:
This might be a case of Ezra doing bad things, and then people create more situations to fan the flames. It's hard to figure out what's what, but something is definitely going on and it's not great.
I'm not defending Ezra Miller at all, nor am I saying they are guilty. In the general situation though, if you were a family friend in your late 20s and an 18 year old contacted you and said their parents are making their home life terrible, possibly being abusive, you wouldn't give them a place to stay? I don't see any problem there

An 18 year old is an adult. The only thing that would make them actually dating weird would be that they had met when one was a child. Is there even any suggestion they were more than friends living together?
let’s talk about ezra miller from an addicts perspective. ezra is 100% going through some sort of drug addiction, most likely crack or ketamine. i believe that their actions CANNOT be excused because of this. when i was in active addiction i did crazy things and i excuse none of them. but this level of hatred that ezra exudes is absolutely bonkers. i think they have this joker complex. they enjoy the “crazy cult leader” that the news gives them. i don’t think sobriety would stop these actions, i just think it would happen more in private
Unndead Cat
Unndead Cat:
as an icleandic person, it's was very entertaining to hear you struggle with pronouncing things, and aslo, as an icleandic person who lives in iceland (and we all know iceland is like 2km big) i dont remember seeing ezra there, so obv fake 🤨

(... this is a joke btw)
Clare Brady
Clare Brady:
Thank you for looking deeper into this, Fraser! I had a feeling there was more to it that the tea channels were leaving out. Knowing background and context is important before passing judgement on any situation or person because life is complicated. Yes, some things Ezra has done are questionable and messed up but it does seem like some of his actions are at least coming from a good place even if the delivery could use some work. Maybe he's just a bit naieve and doesn't see the problem with having the kid in his house, maybe the kid didn't want to be alone? We don't know the full story and until they talk about it out in the open, we won't. I think it's important to give people the benefit of the doubt especially when they are willing to hold their hands up when they do do something they shouldn't as with the pleading no contest to charges. I mean, maybe he should be on meds or something but jeez, give the dude a break XD
I'm someone who keeps up with drama stuff mainly through videos (and even then it's more youtuber drama than celebrities) so thanks for compiling all of it into one video.
When a youtube channel has more journalistic integrity than actual journalists
I’m not justifying his behavior, but I believe he’s actually going through some internal issues building on anger. The worst part for it usually if they’re seeking help or not, for a person in his status usually finding help would possibly be difficult. After finding help through the wrong ppl and ends up not trusting ppl who claim they want to help him but instead take advantage of him.
Harri J
Harri J:
I really appreciate the disclaimer that their actions aren't an excuse to disrespect their identity. Almost everyone who I have talked to about this has decided that since they aren't a good person they don't deserve to be respected on a basic level. As a trans person this really hurts and undercuts our relationship knowing that as soon as I slip up I'm no longer who I am to these people but what they perceived me as originally.
Recently discovered you and subscribed! Love how you are completely transparent, witty and unapologetically yourself! Big fannnn so far 👍
Robin Cecelia
Robin Cecelia:
I don't think age gaps in friendships should always be seen as predatory. Having friends younger and older than you is good! You just have to be careful.
i feel for gibson because i was abused by my parents and groomed by an adult. abused children are great targets because we are alienated and unprotected, plus we have probably already been parentified in many ways and yearn to make adult choices and live in an adult world, and think we are ready for it despite being children. these adults give us a sense of control over our lives that we are sorely lacking. Gibson's posting online saying it's ok because it's their choice is a feature of the abuse... and an illusion. they will realize in many years exactly how inappropriate this all was
on behalf of nonbinary people named ezra who aren't like....this, i would like to apologize to the world
Sir Alphius Chaddington
Sir Alphius Chaddington:
That last bit falls apart completely if you try to imagine that Ezra did actually abuse Gibson.

If someone was abusing your child, you wouldnt like that person. I'm surprised the hashtag wasn't something worse than trash the flash
I like how easy u call them a "they" it really normalizes it when so many other youtubers I see make stuff on this, they really struggle with the concept of pronouns.

Despite whether Miller is guilty or not I think the bigger problem here is celebrities getting away with problematic behavior
Ebony Knox
Ebony Knox:
My question is how Ezra is meeting/getting in contact with all these people that just so happen to be going through bad times
Ezra also has a pattern of violence, and signs of escalating

Idk, I'm not going to watch the flash movie because he's not at all like Barry Allen- i guess that's the writers fault but regardless not going to see it, its like how im not going to watch a superman movie if jesse eisenburg is Luthor
chris gaines
chris gaines:
The sad truth is that so many artists are terrible people...Jared Leto or R. KELLY anyone? Honestly heartbreaking to find out that artists can be like this when the fame they hold in their hands could be used to do so much good. Love and hugs to Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves and Michael J. Fox for being actors I can actually look up to.
Gothly Moor
Gothly Moor:
As always you try to remain unbiased and give as much context and I always appreciate your breakdowns of these current issues. The thing with the Gibson situation seems very complex. Maybe Gibson’s parents are abusive and maybe Ezra did groom them as well. Both things can exist at once. I hope this isn’t the case for Gibson, but a lot of times children that grow up in abusive homes are more likely to be victimized and preyed upon by groomers/pedos. It’s extremely sad, but it’s a reality for a lot of people. So I could easily believe that Ezra saw an opportunity to prey upon Gibson. Furthermore, groomers are very skillful at turning their victims against their loved ones and isolating them. So Gibson could be under Ezra’s manipulation and believe their parents are abusive when they in fact weren’t. I just think there are a lot of unknowns going on that I can’t completely take a full stance besides the fact that Ezra seems very suspicious to befriend a 12 year old child no matter the contexts. If Ezra was really concerned for Gibson, Ezra should have gone to authorities and reported abuse and allow professionals to handle the situation.
Jen C in RGB
Jen C in RGB:
Your content has improved and continued to grow so much over the last couple years man. I really love what you're doing.
This was such a great summary for those of us who couldn't be arsed to even Google them right now.
Francis Arts
Francis Arts:
I just don’t understand how Warner can keep Ezra Miller and Amber Heard employed and yet just toss Johnny Depp as soon as a single allegation came out about him (I’m not going to say that Johnny is a perfect person but legitimately how are they going keep someone who has a clear history of violent behavior???) ((sorry for the messy ramble, this whole thing really bothers me))
having seen friends and family members go from loved and adored by so many to hated by so many because of drugs... idk im not saying they are but their behavior adds up :/
Steffie Derozin
Steffie Derozin:
It’s sad what’s they are going through. And I hate the people sweeping in under the rug. I would love to see them in more projects like the DCU. They are talented.
Kristen Chesley
Kristen Chesley:
You continue to be unbiased and unproblematic! I enjoy and look forward to your content so much
Broke Girl
Broke Girl:
I think Ezra perceives bigotry and reacts with violence.
Layla B.
Layla B.:
Thank you for this non-biased reporting, it is always good to question everything
Saffron Azrael
Saffron Azrael:
Has anyone considered a substance abuse issue with Miller considering tbe multiple bar/party incidents? I wonder if he's one of those who has an alcohol issue. The Iron Eyes issue...seems awfully personal that probably doesn't need to be in the public eye.
lillith Lawless
lillith Lawless:
To be fair I'm a 35 year old married woman with 2 teenage kids and I have friends that range from the age of 18 and up. We all met through college last year a couple of the older girls I met in the 2 years of college before as most of us have been on the same courses for 3 years now as we are all going into the same field.
Kyoko R
Kyoko R:
Hearing the caller's fear of Ezra getting away escalated.
No disrespect to the dispatcher, I'm sure they're overworked. But I was picking up that she didn't understand that it was one individual that assaulted her.

As someone who is nonbinary and can pick up on those micro emotions, I completely understand her misgendering to Their "default" gender.
Please don't express hate towards her for this.
Cristina Ortiz
Cristina Ortiz:
Wow, thank you for covering this and doing the homework! We can tell there's a lot of love and research that go into your videos. 💙

Have you seen SLOAN's video on Ezra? If not, I recommend checking him out.
P.S. : Love the spy background music 😆
Soooo... We Need to Talk About Ezra?
Sasa K
Sasa K:
My unevidenced guess is that substance abuse is involved. It sounds like their behavior is very erratic and id attribute it to mental illness or that, and drugs are quite common in Hollywood.