THE FATHER Official Trailer (2020) Anthony Hopkins Movie

First trailer for The father starring Anthony Hopkins & Olivia Colman .

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Ironic that the character is a man who has trouble remembering things and he's portrayed by an actor who has probably the greatest memory in the history of Hollywood.
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson:
The most realistic portrayal of a dementia sufferer I have ever seen. Fantastic performance.
Will Morales
Will Morales:
Lost my Pops to Alzheimer's last year, I saw him slowly wither away from this awful disease. Hard to accept when they don't remember you anymore, emotionally hard, it makes you feel helpless. RIP Papa, miss you everyday. Love you always, your son!
Aisha Musharraf
Aisha Musharraf:
I saw this. His eyes, expressing that confusion. Like he did not even know he why he was confused. Brought me to tears. A WELL DESERVED OSCAR, SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS! CONGRATULATIONS!
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez:
Everyone is here because of Hopkins' Oscar win. Congrats!!! He deserved it 👏👏
Vicky 12
Vicky 12:
The man just won his second Academy Award tonight for The Father (so deserved) as the oldest Best Actor winner of all time! Can we take a moment!? 😲🙏🏻
graham kelly
graham kelly:
My fav actor. He just turns a movie into something so real and vivid, its frightening how good he is
Jo simon
Jo simon:
congratulations Anthony Hopkins for your oscar winning performance.
Hadeel Al-Shamari
Hadeel Al-Shamari:
Just finished watching this masterpiece. Anthony Hopkins has to win the Oscar. I haven't stopped crying.
Helen Lancaster
Helen Lancaster:
I love you , Anthony Hopkins. You are a wonderful actor and a lovely man. My Mother had Alzheimer’s and it was so painful to watch her slowly disappear over 12 years. “Remains of the Day” and Howard’s End” are both exquisite. And now “The Father”. I wept at the end. Bless you.
Matarese Circle
Matarese Circle:
One of the greatest actors of all time, Anthony Hopkins.
Jimmy Belc
Jimmy Belc:
The Oscar goes to Anthony Hopkins I want him so much to win
Who is here after Oscar winning performance
Jacob Schiller
Jacob Schiller:
I just realized that Anthony Hopkins' character is named Anthony, and is born on the same day Hopkins was, down to the exact year.
This guy Hopkins really deserve academy awards for best actor, 2021
Wake People Up.
Wake People Up.:
This film will be good... As an audience member, they probably want to let you experience the confusing reality of having Dementia. Or maybe Anthony is not crazy and his family is up to no good?? This is gonna be a good one guys
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned:
Having dementia has to be the most confusing and scary thing ever imagine not recognizing your own loved ones.
Adam Lempicki
Adam Lempicki:
this movie was brilliant. will make the viewers actually feel frustrated and lost throughout the movie. It literally makes you experience what people with dementia go through. Hopkins as always is amazing in it. I loved every minute.
A lot of young people in their teens and 20s will never understand this part of life for people who hit their 30s and 40s. Remember this movie is about the carer as much as about the cared.
thejanusproject32: going to be a tough movie to watch.
Ashley Machado
Ashley Machado:
My dad has dementia and me and my mom are his caregiver. This trailer sends shivers down my spine. So accurate
Jitti C.
Jitti C.:
83 years old and he still can make me weep! Long live the king. 👑
Ahmed Al-Maliki
Ahmed Al-Maliki:
My grandfather had Alzheimer's and he passed away few months ago, he have shown similar symptoms all the time, this made me miss him a lot. Rest in peace.
This movie should be released in multiple languages as it deals with an important issue of dementia.
Your Lord
Your Lord:
I have always enjoyed Anthony hopkins movies. There's something very intriguing about him that seems to make me want to watch his movies continuously .
I think the movie is to let everyone who watches this to try to understand someone living with dementia. My mom lives with mixed dementia everyday, and I gotta to say that it's though.
Mike UK
Mike UK:
Probably we are watching the history here, actor who everyone knows from his performances not Instagram etc. Long live Sir Hopkins!
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams:
I am currently in this situation with my 80 year-old dad. I'm rather astonished at how realistic this film looks. The vacant/dementia look in Hopkins's eyes is precisely correct and heart breaking to see in your loved ones. God bless the film makers.
AH is a living legend
Jennifer Wilkerson
Jennifer Wilkerson:
Oscar noms have been announced and for The Father: Best Picture, Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Production Design, and Best Film Editing (6)! Congratulations Good Luck!
“Oh! if men were more merciful they would shoot us before we came to such misery.” From “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell.
Very cool that he is stating his real name and birthday for the film!!
Jubal Calif
Jubal Calif:
Wow ! Two icons: Olivia and Anthony ! Watching this will be like taking an master's class in acting !
Anthony Hopkins, the master, is going to hit it out of the park once again.
My paternal grandfather also suffered from dementia that gradually became worse and worse until he passed away. I don’t know if I’d be able to watch this film because of that 😔
Another Oscar for Sir Anthony coming up.
pak paker
pak paker:
The trailer makes me feel heavy. Dementia isnt a joke. I miss my grandma. The last I talk to her she didnt recognize me anymore. But I love her.
Agent Cooper
Agent Cooper:
Plot twist: Jodie Foster comes to interview him through a pane of glass.
Lewis Kelly Official
Lewis Kelly Official:
Pretty cool Hopkins used his real date of birth at the beginning Lmao.
Pharaoh Ramon
Pharaoh Ramon:
Anthony Hopkins is going to win Oscar 2021 as lead actor and Olivia Colman is going to win as supporting actress. Remember my words 🤞
(Spoilers?) The scene where he got slapped repeatedly broke my heart
Tce Haus
Tce Haus:
He is not leaving his flat, I repeat, he is not leaving his flat!!
Benjamin Stroud
Benjamin Stroud:
I just lost my father recently due to dementia/ Alzheimer's disease. This hits me close and hard
Zero Inifnite
Zero Inifnite:
I'm not sure I've ever felt the suffering of a character the way I did in this film.
abdelhakim Bek
abdelhakim Bek:
Seeing this, thinking about my father who's suffering from Alzheimer makes me deeply depressed. Especially that i can't see him since my country is under a lockdown for a year now... I can't imagine how what's in his mind now,how depressed, anxious and scared he must be now...
Wonder how joe Biden will react when he finds out they made a movie about him…
He deserves the oscar win 👏
Anjelo Carey
Anjelo Carey:
Thank you Anthony for breaking my heart yet again. What an amazing performance by the one and only. A living legend
Kel Valdoria
Kel Valdoria:
Anthony Hopkins is just one of those Best of All Time actors out there....anything he touches I want to see
This is going to be an incredible movie, I just know it. Oscar worthy. Anthony Hopkins, the next best leading role since Silence of the lambs
dora sind
dora sind:
Sir Anthony you deserve an Oscar for every movie you make.I saw only 2 minutes and I almost cried when he didn't recognize his daughter. I can't imagine how the whole film must be.Is it on Netflix?
Nefeloma TheTreeOfLife
Nefeloma TheTreeOfLife:
I love so much Anthony Hopkins!!! Greetings from Greece!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tabatha Rose
Tabatha Rose:
If Anthony Hopkins doesn't win the Oscar tonight, I will be having words!
Excellent film! I cried a lot. Hopkins and Colman played with their faces, their experssions, their silent moments. Everyone must watch it, even very young people. Anthony Hopkins is just a legendary actor even at his 80s, one of his best performances.
One of the greatest actors ever.
King Ttm
King Ttm:
Been my favorite actor since I watched Hannibal as a kid, his acting is intriguing
Critty Cothran
Critty Cothran:
Anthony Hopkins is amazing in everything he does
Love love love Anthony Hopkins, he’s such a talented actor.
Roberto Succi
Roberto Succi:
i feel like he may win something for this cause he is subliminal in this
Robert Chamberlain
Robert Chamberlain:
I'm genuinely anxious about watching this film. My grandmother had Alzheimer's from when I was around 8 to 24. It tore a gaping hole in myself and my family that will never be filled.
Stacy Reden
Stacy Reden:
Congratulations Anthony Hopkins for being the Best Actor on Oscars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
past Kid
past Kid:
Congratulations on winning the Oscar Sir Anthony Hopkins..❤️
M F:
Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman were amazing! I felt their characters' pain. It's a must-see.
Mai Ngọc
Mai Ngọc:
this will definitely drain out of your tears, just the trailer but we can all see phenomenon acting of sir Anthony and Olivia Colman .....
Peter Holdridge
Peter Holdridge:
Only one film has ever made me cry. This is the second trailer I have seen in a week that made me cry. (The other was the trailer for "Give Them Wings" which will be seen by a small fraction of the number who watch "The Father"). This trailer suggests an outstanding portrayal by Hopkins et al.
Hayda Hakim
Hayda Hakim:
My dad is early stage of dementia, me and my siblings are so scary what will happen when he can't long remember us, or help himself, it break my heart to see dad painful and slowly disappear in fornt of my eye. i wish NO family ever go through dementia or Alzheimers
Maisie Freeman
Maisie Freeman:
Olivia Coleman AND Sir Anthony Hopkins? Sign me up. I could watch both of them endlessly.
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin:
He could win an Oscar for this. The reviews have been thru the roof.
Xaocc C
Xaocc C:
Congratulations on the Oscar Sir Anthony Hopkins! Well deserved.
Julian Morgan
Julian Morgan:
Incredible actor. One of the absolute best. Possibly even the best.
I've lived this movie in real life with my father. I wept watching the trailer. I miss my dad.
A n e x i a
A n e x i a:
This movie was so hard to watch, because my grandfather, who was born the same year as the man in the movie, died to dementia last year. It was a hard time for me and my family, but to see him slowly forget how to do anything and everything was the hardest. By the end of it, he didn't know anyone, and it made my heart break. At least now I know he's resting with my grandmother.
I’m crying just watching the trailer. So many of us have been through this.
Hopkins n Olivia together.
Wow okay
Congratulation ! to Anthony Hopkins for winning Oscar Award in Best Actor Category.💐💐💐💐
Temporarily lost my job due to covid and now I'm a full time caregiver of my dementia grandma. Thank you so much for making this kinds of film, this really means a lot <3
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia:
One of the greatest actors so glad he won
Chocolate UrFav
Chocolate UrFav:
Anthony Hopkins is my pop pop on my Head! Geesh he never fails 2 give the performance of a lifetime. He does everything with FEELING, GRACE, N LOVE. I'M DEF WATCHING
babar cheema
babar cheema:
The phenomenonl acting by SIR ANTHONY hopkins.. he actually acted like he has dementia. most accurate portrayal of dementia sufferer. And in the end when HE said "i want my mommy" instead of calling "ANNE"
very curious and enraged
very curious and enraged:
He just won an oscar..yayyyyyyy
Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali:
Boy do I love Anthony hopkins. The man is a school. My favorite actor of all times
A. St.
A. St.:
Congratulations Sir Anthony Hopkins for winning the Oscar. Absolutely phenomenal performance also from Olivia Coleman.
My dad had Alzheimer’s, passed in 1982 at 72 from a sudden heart attack, he was losing it but I could still reason with him to a large extent. At the time his sudden death was a blow as I’d hoped for a cure before he got much worse...but almost 40 years later there still isn’t one.
Chef B's Creations
Chef B's Creations:
Anthony Hopkins is a LEGEND !!! He is by far my favourite actor of all time. He is truly gifted and it mesmerising watching him do what he does. 😍🤩
Greta Bi
Greta Bi:
I got chills from the first lines he delivered and he wasn’t even in the scene, none of the younger “actors” are this good, NONE OF THEM, chapeau Mr Hopkins, you’re a gift to the acting universe.
Dean Ryan Martin
Dean Ryan Martin:
Congrats Anthony Hopkins for the #Oscars win.
Eric Tingkingco
Eric Tingkingco:
i feel you, i work before in a nursing home. i can relate to this.

This is the reality of life.
elsa dias
elsa dias:
I cry to much in this movie the way this man portrait the ppl with Alzheimer is very touching and sad
Seen this today and definitely Anthony Hopkins should win the best actor award. He was brilliant here (as always)
Jerrard Butali
Jerrard Butali:
This stuff is horrifying. This life just takes from you, your loved ones then your mind.
hair raising performances by Anthony and Olivia,may both of them win.
I just love Anthony Hopkins❤️ He's such a passionate actor
Can't wait till it's available in my country and I sincerely hope I will be allowed to watch it on a big screen when the time comes, it truly look amazing!
Can I really watch the whole movie? The trailer itself brought me to tears , momeries of my Father😥😥 may he rest in eternal peace
Jason J
Jason J:
Anthony Hopkins deserves an Oscar for this role.
WOW! Sir Anthony Hopkins... And to think, this is not a thriller nor suspense, yet this trailer had me on the edge of my seat.
larlitha sri vidhara
larlitha sri vidhara:
A well deserved Oscar ❤
The comments are so deep, I cried.